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(11/2/8)CSI "Fragment"

Nick/Catherine friendship. Spoilers for "For Warrick"

(11/2/8) CSI:NY "Something Sweet"

Flack/Stella.Fluff. An afternoon off and icecream.

(6/25/8)CSI: NY "Fancy Free"
Summary: Fluff. Flack gets Stella to kick up her heels.

CSI/Without a Trace "Mutual Comfort"

Coda to my 'Barely Existing' series. Sara and Danny talk about recent events. Spoilers for Endgame, Grave Danger,and Bodies in Motion.

"Whirlwind" CSI: Miami--Calleigh disappears can Tim find her in time? Tim/Calleigh

(2/5/06) Epilog added "Home is Where the Heart is"

Sara quits her job without a word to anyone. Can Nick track her down? Nick/Sara

(Finished)Faith of the Heart--sequel to Barely Existing. Grissom and Sara go to NYC

"Barely Existing" A CSI/Without a Trace crossover. After "Play with Fire" Sara vanishes. Grissom calls in a favor.

"Gone" A CSI/West Wing crossover. Donna disappears while on a vacation to Vegas can the CSI team find her in time?