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Star Trek Fanfiction

Page last updated 5/27/03

Star Trek: Enterprise Fanfiction

(5/27/03"The Devil's my Friend" pt.1 Q visits Enterprise. Trip/Hoshi shipper fic.

"Comforts of Home" Spoilers for 'Catwalk'--Five days into their catwalk stay Hoshi's clausterphobia starts to get the better of her

"Firestorm"--Tension between Vulcan and Starfleet have the Enterprise caught in the middle

"Gift"Post episode fanfic for "Shuttlepod One". Trip has unfinished busniess

Star Trek: Voyager Fanfiction

"Second Star to the Right" Voyager gets a visit from Q. Set while Kes was still on board.

"Midnight Tide" A SeaQuest DSV/Voyager crossover. While on an Away mission Tom gets slingshotted back to Earth but is he in the right century?