SeaQuest "Stranded"
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"Now,this is how to spend a winter."Doctor of Areophysics,Cassie Wilson said with a contented sigh as she settled back into her lounge chair.
"You're from Illinois,right?"Ben Krieg said tossing a hot pink volley ball at her,"I would have thought you'd like the cold."
Cassie stared at him,"I'd take this any day.I remember one winter when we thought forty below was a heat wave."She shuddered despite the eighty degree heat,"No thank you."
"So,how soon do we leave?"Seventeen year old Lucas Wolenchez asked,excited despite himself.
"You'll get the same answer I told you five minutes ago."Doctor Kristen Westphlan said shoving the volley ball at the blond,blue eyed teen,"Here,use up some of that energy."
Lucas grinned at her and served the volleyball.


With the Seaquest working with a skeleton crew,thanks to a new strain of flu.Commander Jonathan Devin Ford frowned at the VR screen.
"What kind of enemy just fires and runs."Ford thought out loud.
"Commander,"Katherine Hitchcock called out from the Sensor station,"The Sub was registered to....."
"Marilyn Stark."Ford finished.
"How did you...."Katie asked.
"I can smell her stench from here."Jonathon said with a grim smile.
"Commander,"Lieutenant Tim O'Neil said from communications,"There's an incoming message from Stark."
"On screen."Ford ordered.
O'Neil shook his head,"Its coded.Only Bridger can access it."
As if on cue a handsome man in his mid-fifties appeared on the Bridge.
"Access what,Mr.O'Neil?"Nathan Bridger asked.
"Message from Stark."Ford replied.
Bridger stared at him,his blue eyes turning to ice,"I thought we finally put her in jail."
"We did."Ford confirmed.
"On screen,Mr.O'Neil."Bridger ordered.
Marlyin Stark's usual angry,bitter image appeared on the screen,"Hello Nathan.I'll make this short and sweet."
"Sir,its a recording."O'Neil reported.
Bridger almost laughed,"A recorded threat.Just like her."
"By the time you hear this I will have planted a bomb on the space station.It will go off in seventy-two hours.Two years ago you took away what was most precious to me,now I'm returning the favor.Have a nice day,Nathan.."
"Lucas."Nathan whispered as he thought of the two people most precious to him,about to board that station,"O'Neil!Get me Noyce!"

"Cool."Was all Lucas Wolenchez could manage,as he stepped through the airlock.
"That's one way to put it."Ben Krieg said,Completely awestruck.
"Welcome,my friends."Cassie Wilson said,"To my world."
Space station Freedom a project originally started in the early 1990's. The project was besieged by setbacks,money problems and a corrupt government.Freedom was finally completed and operational in 2007. The station was smaller than the original design,due to numerous budget cuts.
"To be honest with you,Cassie."Kristen said,"I never thought this station would get off the ground."
Cassie led them through the greenhouse module to the crew quarters,"You aren't the only one,Kristen.To be totally honest,neither did I.This project went through so many administrations and budget cuts."
After stepping through another airlock Cassie said,"I apologize,but you guys are going to half to bunk together.We're a little short on space up here.Kristen,if you don't mind you can bunk with me."
Kristen smiled,"That's fine."
"I'll let you guys get settled.Then I'll give you a grand tour."
An admiring smile lit up Ben's face as he watched her leave,"Now there's an amazing woman."
Kristen laughed and shook her head as she started toward Cassie's quarters.
Ben was still staring dreamily at the airlock door.
Lucas sighed and threw Ben his duffel bag.


Nathan Bridger paced the bridge.This was going to be the longest trip back to Pearl.O'Neil had tried to raise the station,but kept getting some kind of weird interference.
"Katie,any sign of Stark's ship?"Ford asked to keep himself from pacing.
The auburn haired woman shook her head,"Not yet."
"Noyce wasn't of much help."Jonathon said in frustration.
"He has his hands full as it is with all these Border wars popping up.He is going to use his influence with NASA so we can put some pressure on them."
"Mr.O'Neil,anything yet?"Bridger asked.
Tim shook his head,"I've tried everything.I'm still getting that weird static.She must have put some kind of communications black out."
Bridger nodded and began to pace again.

Ryan Anderson,Freedom's computer specialist caught up with Cassie Wilson as she was about to enter the crew module.
"Cassie,we've got a problem."The red haired,green eyed thirty year old said anxiously.
Cassie frowned,"Another one?"
"This one is serious.I can't raise Houston or Kennedy.I even tried the UEO and all I got was static."
"The communications satellite is probably down again."
"I checked that.Computer says everything's normal."
Cassie smiled grimly,"There's probably just a hurricane blocking transmissions.Keep checking on it."
She and Anderson exchanged a grim look,they both knew that something was terribly wrong.

Cassie went looking for the Seaquest crew and found them staring out the observation module.
Kristen saw her first,"I hope you don't mind.We couldn't resist doing a little exploring."
Cassie's warm hazel eyes met Kristen's brown ones,"That's fine.No one up here ever gets tired of the view."
Lucas,Cassie,Kristen and Ben enjoyed the spectacular view.Lucas using the Hubble telescope VI to study the moon.Everyone was enjoying the silence when a voice said:
"Space,the final frontier."All heads turned to stare at Ben Krieg who continued,undaltured as he dropped his voice and spoke into an imaginary microphone.
"These are the continuing voyages of the starship Enterprise.Her mission to explore strange new worlds.To seek out new life and new civilizations.To boldly go where no one has gone before."
Ben finished his performance and stared at the three astonished and amused faces.
"What?You guys never watch Star Trek?"Ben asked with a wide smile.
Kristen and Lucas just exchanged an amused glance.

After a light dinner,Cassie showed them the Command module;last stop on their grand tour.
Anderson pulled her aside,"I ran a complete dinosgistic.I can't find a reason for the block.I even checked the weather service,no hurricanes.Not even a tropical storm."Ryan hissed in his soft Texan drawl.
"I think I got communications back up!"Steve Carter,an African American not much older than Lucas shouted.
Cassie cast an anxious glance at their guests,and was relieved when they didn't ask.
"Good work,Steve.Let's see if anybody's listening."
As if she had been waiting for the perfect cue,Marlyin Stark's image appeared on the huge virtual reality screen.
"Well,isn't this a cozy picture.UEO and NASA's best in one place."
Cassie Wilson whirled around,"Who are you?!"
Kristen stepped closer to the screen,"You don't want to know."
Cassie glanced at the two women,"You two know each other?"
"You could say that."Ben Krieg said tensely,almost in a whisper.
Kristen,however,was only seeing Stark's smug face,"We put you in jail.Nathan threw away the key himself."
Stark laughed,"No jail is one hundred percent escape proof.Besides I have a lot of friends."
Kristen's brown eyebrows arched,"Oh?Is that what you call them?"

Cassie was looking from one woman to the other and back again,"Will somebody please tell me who this woman is?"
Ben filled the awkward silence,"Meet Marilyn Stark.Former Captain of the Seaquest,turned outlaw."
Stark's sharp blue eyes found Ben,"Outlaw?Mr.Krieg I'd say that's a strong word."
Ben's brown eyes narrowed sharply,"There are a few others I would like to use."
Cassie glanced at the Seaquest's crew member's faces,she knew this woman was trouble,"Well,Mrs.Stark,what can I do for you?"
Stark laughed at 'Mrs.Stark',"Nonthing,Dr.Wilson,but know you are part of my revenge."
Cassie's hazel eyes narrowed,not liking where this conversation was headed.
Stark's eyes flashed to Kristen,"The good Doctor will fill you in on why you and your crew must die."
Stark's words chilled Cassie to the bone,"What do you mean,we must die?"
Stark smiled,"One of my colleagues planted a bomb on board your precious station.It will explode in less than forty eight hours."
Marilyn Stark's smile finally reached her blue eyes,"Have a nice day."
Stark's face winked out replaced by NASA's symbol.


Nathan Hale Bridger paced the hallway of the UEO headquarters.It had been two very long hours since a closed door meeting on Lucas,Kristen and Ben's fate had started.
Nathan's blue eyes glared at the oak doors,behind them sat Noyce,Paul Stevens;head of NASA and U.S. president William Fitzgerald.
"You're going to reach sea level pretty soon."Jonathan Ford said with a smile as he leaned against the beige wall.
Nathan glanced up,just remembering Ford was there,"What?"
Ford's grin widened,"The hole you're digging."He said gesturing to Bridger's pacing.
Nathan began pacing again,"I still don't understand why we aren't in there.We know more about Stark than anybody."
Jonathan moved away from the wall,"I think they're more concerned with your relationship with Kristen and Lucas."He said softly.
Nathan glared at him,knowing he was right.
As if on cue the oak doors opened and the men spilled out.Stevens and Fitzgerald filed past Bridger and Ford without a second glance leaving William Noyce to deliver the bad news.
Admiral Noyce frowned,"Nathan you might want to sit down."
Nathan glaced around the charirless hallway,"Where am I going to sit,Bill?Just give it to me."
Noyce looked uncomfortable,"There not going to do anything."
Ford's brown eyes widened in shock,"WHAT?"
Noyce saw Bridger's temper start to boil,"Nathan,they think Stark is a terrorist.And the U.S. still has a policy not to deal with terrorists."
Ford saw that Bridger was far to angry for words and stepped in,"Didn't you tell them that Stark isn't a terrorist,just a maniac willing to blow up a space station in order to get revenge?!"Jonathan asked.
Noyce glared at th e young blac man,"OF course i did.Unfortunately,its an election year and the hot topic now is to take a hard line on terrorism."
Bridger calmed down enough to find his voice,"They're willing to sacrifice ten lives and a billion dollar station for a few votes?!!"
Noyce winced,but nodded,"They may be willing,but I'm not.Come on,the UEO still has a few friends in Russia."
Nathan and Jonathan exchanged a curious glance as they followed Noyce down the huge hallway.


Doctor Cassie Wilson ordered that everyone on her team drop what they were doing and do an all out search for Stark's bomb.
"As soon as I saw Stark's face,I knew we were in trouble."Kristen Westphlan said tensly as she sat in one of the many empty chairs in the command center.
Cassie sank down into a beige chair across from her,Lucas and Ben remained standing,"Will somebody please tell me who that woman is?!"
Kristen leaned forward,"Marlyin Stark is an angry,bitter woman.I'm just sorry you got caught in the middle."
Cassie sighed and turned to Ben,"You said she was the captain of the Seaquest?"
Ben nodded,but Kristen took over the story before Krieg could open his mouth.
"When Admiral Noyce talked Nathan Bridger out of retirement and asked him to take command of Seaquest.Stark was furious to be relieved of command,just because Bridger decides he wants his ship back.Marilyn vowed revenge against Nathan and has tried several times to get it."
Lucas glanced at Kristen and she silently agreed.There had to be a way to keep Stark from hurting innocent people.Plus keep Stark from setting the space program back to the days of Challenger.

Jonathan Ford was having a hard time hiding a smile.Noyce had donned a furry gray Russian hat to protect his bald head from the harsh Russian winter.
Jonathan glanced at his captain to see that Bridger hadn't even noticed Noyce's hat.In fact,Ford noted with concern Bridger hadn't said much of anything since they left Pearl.
"You okay,Sir?"Ford asked as they crossed Red Square on their way to Russia's new headquaters for their space program.
Bridger nodded absently,lost in his memories.

A block later the three men reached the turquoise and tan glassed sky scraper that housed the Russian space program.
A white model of their crowning achievement,MIR II was suspended above the front doors.
Nikoli Berichov,greeted the men in the light blue tiled entreway,"Welcome,my friends."
"Hello,Nikoli,"Noyce said warmly,"Thank you for seeing us on such short notice."
Berechov smiled,"Anytime,my friend.What can I do for you?"
Noyce's feet shifted as he glanced at Bridger,"We need to borrow your space station."
Berechov raised one black eyebrow.


The stations crew returned to the Command module frustrated and fearful. A bow to stern search had yeiled no sign of Stark's bomb.
"Maybe she's bluffing."Ryan Anderson said trying to keep hope in his voice.
Kristen,Ben and Lucas seemed to shake their heads in unison.
"Stark doesn't bluff."Kristen said firmly.
"She still has a communications black out.We can't even contact MIR for help."Ryan Anderson said his brown eyes staring out the small view port.
Lucas suddenly had a flash of insight,"What about MORSE code?"
Steve Carter shook his head,"No good.I can't even get a radio ban."
"We don't need to,"Lucas said standing,"Use the lights.They can see us from here,right?"
Carter nodded and started toward the engineering console.
Before the young black man could reach the key board,the electricty flickered and went out.
"That's why we couldn't find the bomb."Cassie exclaimed into the darkness,"Its a computer virus and if we don't destroy it soon;Stark won't need to blow us up.The virus will slowly sufficate the station."


Lieutenant Commander Katherine Hitchcock's pretty face frowned as she stared at the VR screen,"Any news,Captain?"Even though she would never admit it,she was worried about her ex-husband,Ben Krieg.
Bridger's blue eyes lit up for the first time in days,"Yes,the Russians have been gracious enough to let us use MIR to try and reach Freedom."
Katie's green eyes were bright with anxiety and fear,"Bring them home,Captain."
Bridger nodded,before signing off Bridger told Katie to continue with the Seaquest's current misson,just in case somebody was checking on them.

Nathan Hale Bridger was flattened back in his leather seat feeling the full force of the three G's.The American space plane New Hope roared through the Earth's atsmosphere.Yes,American.Under tremondus pressure from the UEO and other nations NASA had given them use of their brand new space plane.
With an effort Bridger turned his head to look at the person in the seat next to him.
Jonathan ford only had a remote trace of discomfort on his face as his brown eyes took in the view with excitement.
Bridger grinned,as he felt the pressure on his body lessen.
"Sir,look!"Jonathan exclaimed as Freedom came into view,"All their power's out."
Bridger frowned,"That's not a good sign."
Nathan's thoughts were on Lucas and Kristen as the plane passed the darkened station on its way to MIR II.


Lucas Wolenchez struggled to get any computer screen on the station to come up,but Stakr's "bomb" was an extremely powerful computer virus. In slight frustration Lucas whirled on Freedom's crew in the emergancy lighted command module.
"Doesn't anybody have a computer that isn't hooked up to the main system?"
Half the crew shook their heads before Steve Carter spoke up,"I have a portable computer.I bought it my last trip down to Earth."
Lucas's blue eyes lit up,"That'll work."
Carter rose to go retrieve his mini-computer as he was leaving,"I don't know how long the battery pack will last."
Ben Krieg's face was grim,"Unfortunately it doesn't have to last very long."
Freedom's crew silently agreed as they glanced at the red numbered chronometer just above the front view screen.
They had less than twenty four hours to defuse Stark's "bomb".

An hour after New Hope docked at MIR II Nathan Bridger found himself watching a news report on Freedom's plight.
The blonde,brown eyed reporter's face was grim as she reported what Bridger already knew,"No known terrorist group claims responsibility for the bomb planted on space station Freedom.The U.S. insists that a terrorist is behind the threat to Freedom and is sticking to their hard line on terrorism despite heavy criticism from the UEO.As we previously reported three crew members of the Seaquest are trapped on Freedom.UEO has yet to release their nam...."
The preporters voice trailed off as Bridger hit a key shutting off the Com screen.
He turned as Ford came up behind him,"Anything?"
Jonathan shook his head,"It seems Stark's communications black out is effecting them too.Not as much as Freedom,they can still get transmissons in and out.""
Bridger nodded,"See what you can do about getting O'Neil up here."
"O'Neil's still out with the flu,Sir."
Bridger's temper flared,"I don't care if he has the plague.Just get him up here!"
Ford winced slightly as Bridger's voice rose on every word,"Yes,Sir."

Ten minutes later Jonathan Ford was looking at a very sick Lieutenant Tim O'Neil.
"Commander,how's the view up there?"He asked weakly.
"You're about to find out."Ford said,slightly sheepish.
"AH-CHOO!!"Tim O'Neil let out a loud sneeze just before the 3 G's of the Earth's atsmosphere hit his body.
"You,okay,back there?"The young mexican piolt of New Hope asked with concern as Tim sniffled.
"Fine."Tim croaked out.


Nathan Bridger glanced at the airlock of MIR II as a loud sneeze vibrated off the walls.
Bridger exchanged an amused glance with Peter Volkov,Commander of the Russian space station.
O'Neil nodded in greeting at the russian commander before turning to Bridger.
"Captain."Tim began,but his sentance was cut off by a persistent sneeze.
"What can I do to help?"Tim asked with a sniffle.
"MIR only has a partial communications black out.See if you can cut through that and contact the station."
O'Neil looked miserable,but tried to get out a 'Yes,Sir' before another sneeze attack set in.


Lucas Wolenchez was engrossed in trying to come up with an anti-virus program when he felt someone watching him.
The blond,blue eyed teen glanced up to find Cassie Wilson,Ryan Anderson,Steve Carter,Ben Krieg and Kristen Westphlan all staring at him.
Lucas sent a pleading look to Kristen and without Lucas having to say a word Kristen ushered them all out of the Command module.
"Come on,let's see if we can find some flashlights."Kristen suggested adn everyone seemed to get the message.
"Yea,I'm sure with all the billions of dollars NASA put into this thing you'd think they'd supply a few flashlights."Ben Krieg said as they walked through the air lock and even in the darkness,Cassie Wilson could see the wide grin on the Lieutenant's face.


Nathan Bridger shot up out of his seat by the view port and began to pace.More than anything he hated being helpless.
Jonathan Ford was standing a safe distance behind MIR'S Communication station when a horrifing thought struck him.
He approached O'Neil,"O'Neil can we tell how much oxygen they have left?"
Tim glanced up in shock,then sneezed;recovering he punched a few keys.
Ford frowned as he stared at the small screen.He had to tell Bridger they had a new deadline.They had less than four hours before Freedom's oxagen ran out.

In her small foxtrot submarine,dead on Target Marlyin Stark grinned wickedly as she spun around in her command chair.It was time to glat a little,have some fun,"Mr.harrison,get me MIR.Its time to get my revenge."Her blue eyes sparkled as she stopped the spinning chair to face the small viewscreen.


For once in the past forty eight hours Tim O'Neil's nose didn't sneeze.In fact for an instant his whole body froze as a familiar face appeared on his small screen.
"CAPTAIN!!"O'Neil yelled his brown eyes not leaving Stark's face.
Stark laughed,"Yes,Mr.O'Neil call your dear captain."
Bridger and Ford were instantly at his side.
"Stark."Nathan growled out the word.
"Greetings,Nathan."Stark purred rising from her chair,"Jonathan."
Ford's brown eyes narrowed sharply at the use of his first name.
Bridger's blue eyes glanced at O'Neil silently telling him to run a trace,Tim answered him with a sneeze.
"Oh,don't bother Mr.O'Neil."Stark said gleefully,"With all the interference from the sun and all those satilites."
Tim's fingers froze on the keys,"She's right."He said reluctantly.
Bridger knew it was useless,but decided to stall,"You want me,Stark?Fine.Name the time and the place."
Stark let out a loud cheerful laugh,"Of course I want revenge on you,Nathan Bridger.But I know the best way to get that is through the two people you love the most."
Stark laughed,her blue eyes the color of ice,"What is it,one of those ancient playwrights said?Revenege is sweet?Yes,my dear Nathan revenge is very,very sweet."
Before Nathan could say another word Stark ended the transmission.

"Gotch ya!!"Miguel Ortiz shouted from his sensor station.
Katie Hitchcock was instantly looking over the Cubanís shoulder,"Where is she?"
Ortiz grinned,"Where we should have looked in the first place."
"Iceland."Katie and Miguel said in unison.


Just as he was still steaming over Stark's "message" Katie Hitchcock's face appeared on the screen.
"Commander?"Nathan prompted.
"Captain,we got a lock on Stark's sub.We're enroute to Iceland,now."
"Iceland?"Ford repeated,"That fits."
"Don't provoke her,Commander."Nathan ordered,"Just let her know you're there."
"Aye,Sir."Katie replied,"And if fired upon?"
Bridger's blue eyes were the color of ice,"Blow her out of the water,Commander."


Doctor Cassie Wilson double blinked as the station's lights came on,then went off,flickered,then finally stayed on.
"DAMN!!"Lucas's shout echoed through the airlock.
The airlock door rolled open as Cassie rushed into the command module,"What?!"
"I can only get power back up."Lucas explained turning toward her,"Stark's 'virus' won't let me into life support."
"So we're not out of the woods,yet."Cassie said grimly glancing at the chronometer:


A loud sneeze from O'Neil brought Bridger's attention back from his memories.
"Mr.O'Neil?"Nathan prompted.
Engulfed in a sneeze attack,O'Neil could only point at Freedom.
"Jonathan!"Ford was instantly at his side,"Their power's back on!"
Nathan turned to his second in command,"Get Volkov,see if we can take a shuttle over there!"Bridger ordered thankful to be able to do something.


Lieutenant Commander Katherine Hitchcock now realized why Bridger and Ford paced so often.It helped you think.
"Commander,"Lieutenant Helen Williams called out from communications,"She's hailing us."
"Time to play cat and mouse."Katie muttered,"On screen."
Stark's smug face appeared,"What can I do for you,Commander?"She asked her hands folded behind her head.
"Under the authority of the UEO,I'm placing you under arrest for terrorism and attempted murder."
Stark laughed,"I don't think so,Commander."
Katie found herself furiously staring at UEO's symbol.
"Commander,"Weapons officer Jim Benson yelled anxiously,"She's flooding torepdo tubes."
"Flood two through six,"Katie ordered,"Don't fire untill she does."
"INCOMING!!"Paul Hansen shouted from Sensor,bracing himself.
Katie stumbled as the torpedo rocked Seaquest,"FIRE!"
Benson's fingers flew over his console sending three torpedos streaking away.
Katie whirled on communications,"Lieutenant,open a chennel!"
"Channel,open."Williams replied.
Katie cleared her throat,just as two new torpedos from Stark's sub,"Stark,surrender.You know we have you out gunned.You know you can't out run us."
Seaquest rocked from Stark's reply.
Katie gripped the arms of the command chair,"Mr.Benson,fire at will!"
Six,seven,eight torpedos streaked away from Seaquest.
Four found their marks.
"Two direct hits!"Hansen called out,"Enjineering and weapons.She's dead in the water,Sir."
"Good,"Katie began rising,"Let's fish her out and contact Bridger."


Kristen Westphlan leaned havily against the white wall of the space station.She double blinked when spots appeared in front of her brown eyes.The whole crew was begining to feel the lack of oxagen.
The hallway started to spin,Kristen fought to stay on her feet.She knew as a doctor if she fainted she was as good as dead.
Just as she was about to hit the floor,two strong arms caught her and eased her against the wall.Her eyes focused and she was surprised to see Nathan Bridger.So surprised she almost chalked it up to a halucination untill Nathan pressed a plastic breath mask over her nose.
"Nathan?How?"Kristen asked starting to remove the mask.
"Long story.Just take deep breaths,Doctor."
Ford removed his mask,"I have the anti-virus disk,O'Neil copied.Which way to the bridge?"
Nathan glanced at Kristen to see if she'd pointed to the left of the hallway.
Ford nodded and took off at a run.
Nathan took a deep breath from his mask,before asking,"Where are the others?Where's Lucas?"
Kristen took off her mask,"I'm not sure.Last time I saw him he was in the Command module."She replied still breathing heavily.
Nathan looked in the direction Ford had gone,he wanted to make sure Lucas was all right,but he didn't want to leave Kristen,"I'm going to go find Lucas.Will you be alright by yourself?"His blue eyes were filled with concern.
Kristen would have laughed,if she wasn't so out of breath,"I'm still a Doctor."She said forcing her biggest smile.
Nathan returned her smile,"I'll be back as soon as I can.MIR has another shuttle coming over."
Kristen nodded and leaned back against the wall,closing her eyes.

Nathan Hale Bridger entered the command module,almost tripping over Ben Krieg's still form.
Nathan quickly checked him over.He let out a sigh of relief to find Krieg was alive,just unconscience.He fished out a breath mask from a sack he was carrying.He pressed it against the Lieutenant's face as he started to come around.
Then he saw Lucas.Ford had propped the teen up in a chair.The boy looked extremely pale,but otherwise unhurt.
Nathan placed a hand on Lucas's shoulder,"Are you all right?"
Lucas's blue eye's showed surprise at seeing Bridger,but he nodded.
Bridger smiled and began to go see how Ford was doing when Lucas removed his mask.
"Stark?"Lucas asked his voice hoarse.
"Crocker has the whole security team guarding her."Bridger said firmly.
Lucas visibly relaxed.
Bridger tossled the teen's hair and peered over the Commander's shoulder.
"How's it coming,Commander?"
Ford removed his mask,"Almost got it,"Jonathan said punching a few more keys,"Got it!"
There was a tense moment of silence,then a distinct whir as all of the station's systems began to come back on-line.
"Good job,Commander."Bridger said clasping Ford's shoulder.
As Bridger took a deep breath of fresh oxagen Ben Krieg stood on unsteady feet.
"Captain?Commander?How?"Krieg asked,his brown eyes confused.
Ford glanced at Bridger,"Its a long story,Lieutenant."Nathan replied with a smile.


"Where do you think you're going?"A strong British voice said,stopping Lucas cold.His hand on Med-Bay's door.
"Doc,I'm fine.I just want to see Darwin.I haven't seen him in two months."Lucas protested.
"He'll still be there tommorrow.Kristen admonished prodding the teen back to the bed,"Now get back in that bed.You're still weak."
"But,Doc....."Lucas began,squirming out of her grasp.
Nathan Bridger took that moment to walk in,"How's the patient,Doctor?"
Lucas's blue eyes sent him a pleading look,"Captain,will you please tell her I'm fine."
A huge smile spread across the Captain's face,"I'm not getting in the middle of this."
Lucas scowled and sank onto the bed.
Kristen laughed,then her face sobered,"Any word on Stark?"
Nathan's face hardened,"Noyce just told me that Stark was just dropped at Alantic 2."
Lucas let out a low whistle,"Alantic 2?They aren't taking any chances this time."
Alantic 2 was the world's maximum,maximum security prison.
"I hope they leave her down there to rot."Kristen said,her brown eyes flashing.
Bridger nodded and turned to stare out the porthole,"So do I,but I have the feeling we haven't seen the last of Marilyn Stark."