~ and~
         when & where: Margaret's parents' back-
         yard in Texas, May 4, 1996. "My mother's
         garden is so beautiful in the spring. I
         couldn't think of a better time of year or
         place to get married."
             met: On a United Airlines Los
         Angeles-to-New York flight, one serendip-
         itous day when Margaret, a flight atten-
         dant, was not on her usual route.
         the bride wore: A Wearkstatt silk gown
         with a gold organza train and Kenneth
         Cole cream-colored MaryJane shoes
         the ceremony: Performed by a judge
         whom Margaret had known since she was
         a very young child. It was followed by a sit-
         down dinner for 130. Her mother made all
         the centerpieces from garden flowers.
         the groom wore: An Armani tux with globe
         cuff links, a travel-theme gift from the bride.
         the attendants: Margaret's friend Alison
         wore a periwinkle-blue long dress by
         Nicole Miller, and David's iz-year-old
         daughter, Greta, was in a blue Miller dress
         as well. Margaret's niece Lauren, 2, tod-
         dled up the aisle in a cream-colored dress
         and a crown of flowers; Margaret's father
         served as best man.
         the rings: Hers is a narrow gold band with
         channcl diamonds; his, a keepsake ring of
         fabric woven by daughter Greta.
         special traditional touch: The "something
         old" was a pair of antique earrings that all
         the women in Margaret's family have worn
         on their wedding days. "It felt great to have
         them on," she said.
         the music: A jazz band with Cole Porter's
         "Night and Day" for the first dance.
         the cake: A four-tier French vanilla cake
         with raspberry cream-cheese filling and
         white frosting, plus a special chocolate
         groom's cake with espresso icing and
         strawberries on the side.
         (photo cation) A single tent served as both 
                chapel and reception area. During the 
                changeover, guests greeted the newlyweds         
                and sipped cocktails.

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