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Test your TV IQ! :-)

Think you know a lot about TV,well try my quiz.(G)
I'll start you out with an easy one.(G)
1) On Highlander: The series what is the only way to kill an Immortal?
2) On Hercules:The Legandary Journies, Hercules's sister is who?
3) On Forever Knight Detective Donald Schanke thinks the world's perfect food is this?
4)On the Young Riders what dime novel writer started Jimmy Hickock on his famous life as a gunslinger?
5)On ER Doctor Mark Greene is from what city?
6)On Xena:Warrior princess Xena's horse is called?
7)On Black Harbour who did Kit's mother have a long time affair with?
8) On Star Trek:Voyager Tom Paris's middle name is what?
9) On Forever Knight how did Natalie and Nick first meet?
10) On Lovejoy (above) what was his business?
11) On The Adventures of Sinbad why can't Rungar talk?
12) Renee O'Connor plays Xena's sidekick Gabrielle as they travel around Greece but the actress is orginally from where?

Click here for the answers!: