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Cindy's Fanfiction Page

Welcome to my fanfiction page

Here you'll find stories I've written over the years based on my favorite tv shows

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This page was created on 9/21/02

Last updated on 11/2/08


(11/2/8)Complete! Lorne/Keller friendship. AU after Kindred. When another team member disappears will it push Major Lorne to the breaking point?

New! (11/2/8) SGA "Vigil" Missing scene for Inquistion

New! (11/2/8) CSI: "Fragment" Nick/Catherine friendship. Spoilers for 'For Warrick'

New! (11/2/8) SGA "Romance" Sheppard/Keller. The Sheppards find some time for themselves.

New! (11/2/8) The West Wing "Remembrance" Ten years later Sam returns to Rosslyn.

Coming Soon

StarGate Atlantis "Faith"

Summary: Sheppard/Keller Future fic. Married for barely a year John is captured by a new enemy. The IOA declares him K.I.A. Not believing her husband is dead Jennifer enlists the help of Cameron Mitchell....can they find John in time and bring him home?

Star Trek Enterprise "Ship in a bottle"

Summary: Sequel to 'Firestorm'. A war is brewing between the Andorians and the Vulcans. Hoshi and Trip's friendship strengthens as she recovers from the crash. Seeing this Malcolm questions his relationship with Hoshi. Meanwhile the High Command recalls T'Pol back to Vulcan.

Disclaimer: Only the characters I create are mine. All others and situations linked to those characters belong to the powers that be that created them. No profit is being made, no copyright infrigement is intended this site is purely for fun.

Please let me know if there are any broken links


(11/2/8)StarGate/StarGate Atlantis



(4/27/8)Misc. Fic (NCIS,Young Riders, Nero Wolfe, Due South etc)



SciFi (Roswell etc.)


The Magnificent Seven

Star Trek

(11/2/8)The West Wing


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