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Magnificent Seven "Haunted" pt.27
Buck was about to step out of the alley when Ezra’s voice drifted back to them.
“Nobility has its place,”Ezra was saying,”But not here,Mr. Dunne. You’re
right someone has to pay for that little girl’s death but not you. There was a man on the roof of the building next door.It was his weapon that fired and hit the girl,not yours.”

Buck ducked his head briefly as relief washed over him.
/Thank God this nightmare was finally over./Buck thought as he glanced over at Chris,/Now if they could just get the kid to believe it./

Vin cursed silently as Cooper suddenly stepped in front of JD blocking Vin’s shot at the rope.
“I don’t know what you have against my family,Mister,”Cooper replied as he glared at Ezra,”But I don’t take kindly to liars.”
At Cooper’s nod five of his men moved forward slowly surrounding Vin and Ezra.

Ezra’s green eyes narrowed but he held his ground,”I assure you Mr. Cooper what my colleague and I are saying is the truth.”

Buck had just pulled out his gun when a strong hand clamped down on his left shoulder.
“Shooting oneself in the foot is not the best way to handle this situation.”Josiah’s quiet baritone said from the shadows as he released his grip on Wilmington.
Chris nodded at Josiah’s statement,”He’s right Buck. If we go out there with gun’s blazin’ JD will likely get killed.”

Squinting against the morning sun recognization flashed across Martin
Cooper’s face,”Well lookee what we have here,boys. Part of Larabee’s mighty peacekeeper’s. Make sure they have a front row seat, they’re just in time to watch justice be served.”
JD closed his eyes as he fought against the wave of fear that threatened
to overwhelm him.
He didn’t know why he was afraid.
He had been preparing for this moment since the trial.
He should be ready to face death......but he wasn’t.

Cooper roughly grasped JD’s left shoulder as he shoved the boy
forward,”Open your eyes! I want the last thing you see to be the place where you took my little niece’s life!”
JD’s foot slipped as he stopped at the roof’s edge nearly toppling over in the process.
The youth had just regained his balance when he heard a gun hammer click.
“You lay another hand on that boy and I’ll make sure you and your niece
are reunited.”Buck stated quietly as he leveled his gun at Cooper’s head.

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