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Welcome to my fanfiction page!

Yes I've finally found a place to upload my stories.(G)

Last updated 7/25/98

Note: I've added quite a few stories to my seaQuest fanfiction page.

The first story listed is my way of wrapping up the awful series cliffhanger Fox left us with when they canceled "Space:Above and Beyond". :-)

The Profiler story is set between "Crisis" and "Blue Highway" and deals with how the close bunch at the VCTF especially John Grant react when Samanatha Waters is shot at a crimescene.

DISCLAIMER: None of these stories or orginal characters can be used or archieved elsewhere without my permisson.:-)

I hope you enjoy these stories. Please email me with your comments. This site will always be under construction and updated often.:-) ************************************************************

Coming soon

Sliders: Set first season. What happens when Quinn and company land on a world where tv characters are real?
Nash Bridges:"Mistaken Identity" Nash's daughter Cassidy is brutually murdered. As the SFPD scramble to catch her killer Nash learns that the events surrounding his daughter's death may not be what they seem.
SeaQuest DSV/ST:Voyager: "Midnight tide" On a routine shuttle run to pick up some much needed supplies Tom Paris's shuttle suddenly vanishes. Tom's back home but what century is it? Set first season seaQuest.

Forever Knight: "Knights of Toronto" My answer to wrapping up the debacle of the last episode. Javier Vachon finds the still form of Natalie Lambert in Nick's ransacked loft,but is he in time to save her?

Pt.1 of Wild Cards Reshuffle the Deck:
Pt. 2 of Wildcards Reshuffle the Deck:
Pt. 3 of Wildcards reshuffle the Deck:
Pt. 4 of Wildcards Reshuffle the Deck:
Pt. 5 of Wildcards Reshuffle the deck:
Pt. 6 of Wildcards reshuffle the deck:

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Profiler Story Heart and Soul :
Forever Knight Story: Set during season 3. Nat is kidnapped by the Enforcers. Can Nick get to her in time?
ST: Voyager By Cindy Brewer and Shalee Stewart: Q plays cupid and three Voyager couples are left with quite a challenge. Sequel coming soon.
Buffy: The vampire slayer (new as of 2/2/98): Willow is kidnapped by Spike's thugs who mistake her for the Slayer. Can Xander get to her in time? This story is set between the episodes "Ted" and "Surprises"
Buffy:TVS "What goes around comes around" : Its the year 2010 and the gang reunites for their ten year reunion
Prey: Love Comes Once (new as of 4/6/98 ): Set after 'Veiled'. Sloan is kidnapped can Tom and Ed get to her in time?
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Cindy Brewer