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"Jinx" A SG Atlantis fanfic
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Warning: This story contains adult sexual content.



Title: Jinx

Author: CindyRyan

Pairing: Sheppard/Keller

Timeline: Spoilers for season four. AU timeline….Michael is still a threat but Teyla was never kidnapped. Keller/Sheppard relationship started after episode Missing.

Summary: John had always thought he was a jinx with relationships. His divorce had confirmed that.

Until Jennifer Keller had changed his mind. Just when they had the professional/personal sides of their relationship worked out fate threw in a monkey wrench.


“I want to take you off that mission tomorrow.”Colonel John Sheppard said softly.


Jennifer Keller sighed as she snuggled closer to Sheppard’s naked form as they lay in her bed. It’d been such a nice romantic night…..quiet dinner, hot sex. Perfect date combo when you were involved with John Sheppard.

They’d had precious few of those over the last couple of weeks. Between the Wraith and Michael and the Replicators there had been no down time for anyone.


Jennifer gently traced John’s right hand that lay across her left breast. “I thought we agreed not to talk shop tonight.”


Sheppard tenderly turned her to face him. “I tried, Jen, I did.”


Keller smiled softly as she cupped his face with her hands. “John, what are you going to tell Sam as to why you’re pulling the chief medical officer off an urgent supply mission?”


“I’ll think of something.”


“We’ve been over this…….”


“I know,hon, and we have kept our relationship quiet……but being out here there are just times that you’ll have to trust me.”


Jennifer melted under his touch, she always did. Her resolve almost melted too, but these people needed her help.


“I do trust you, but you have to trust me as well.”Jennifer replied as she removed one hand from John’s face and let it trail down his chest. “I can handle myself on missions. Teyla and Ronon have taught me a few moves.”


“It’s not that I don’t think you’re capable.”John moved onto his right side propping his head with his hand. “I just got a bad feeling about this one. There’s too many unkowns.”


“There are always unknowns…..part of being out here.”


“It’s too close to Michael’s territory.”


Jennifer leaned in and kissed him. “All the more reason to get these people on our side.”


John lapsed into silence for a few moments.One finger absently tracing a circle around the hard nipple on Jennifer’s right breast.


Jennifer moaned; he always knew what to do, where to touch.


After a minute John removed his hand, wanting them both alert and coherent for what he had to say. When her brown eyes focused on him, John took a deep breath.


“You know my past. My track record with relationships has never been good. Part of it being me, part of it having a military career. It seems like every time I start to trust something….something good… disappears. Jen, you changed that.”


Jennifer waited knowing how hard it was for him to open up.


A huskiness crept into Sheppard’s voice as he continued. “I love you. I love what we have. I trust this……us.”


Jennifer took his hand in hers and squeezed it.  “I love you too,John. I’m not going anywhere.”


Doubt crept into Sheppard’s eyes.


“I’ll be careful, I promise.”


“You better.”


“Besides I’ll have Rodney with me.”


John laughed as he rolled onto his back. “Oh, that makes me feel so much better.”


Jennifer grinned. His laughter was one of her favorite sounds and she didn’t get to hear it often enough.


“I think I have a way to make you feel better.”Jennifer said coyly as she straddled her legs across his slim hips.

His errection was already hard.


“Really?”Sheppard replied with a wide smile as he gripped her hips inching her back just slightly. “What would that be?”


Jennifer leaned forward and kissed him hard as she thrust down on his long cock. Sheppard groaned releasing into her almost immediately.

Jennifer rocked her hips, once, twice, three times before her orgasm came.


Afterwards she collapsed down onto John’s chest. He encircled his arms around her. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. He was still inside her.


Even as John felt her fall asleep he was reluctant to withdraw from her body. He needed to feel close to her.

Needed to feel all of her.

To be continued