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The West Wing 'Karaoke Blues '

"Karaoke Blues"
Notes: This is my first attempt at writing from a first person pov.
Post episode piece for Somebody's going to Emergancy, Somebody's going to Jail.

"Yoooooooooou'vvvvvve llllosttt that llllloooooovvvviiin feeeeeelllllliiiinnng"

"Who's idea was it to go to a Karaoke bar?"I whisper as I try to find a more comfortable position on the stool. I don't want to look at the source of the painful noise I just heard....but it's like a train wreck you can't look away.

"This isn't a Karaoke bar."CJ replied her face mirroring mine.

"I thought you took Josh's copy of Top Gun away from him the last time they did this."Toby muttered as he came to stand next to me. By now the whole bar is quiet except for that sound.

"I did."I reply as I glance across the bar. Noting that Josh and Sam have now made their way to the front of the bar. This can't end good.

"Are there any press in here?"Toby inquired glancing at CJ.

CJ kept her gaze fixed on her third glass of white wine. "I've been trying not to look, Toby."

"Isn't that part of your job?"Toby replied as he took a sip of scotch not really tasting it by this point.

"You're head of communications."CJ shot back trying to curb her headache.

I risk a glance at least he's smiling....with the week he's had I hadn't seen too many of those gorgeous smiles of his.

"Donna."Toby prods my attention back to him. "I think its time to reign Josh in."

"Nnnnnnooooow itttttt's gooooooone, gonnnnnnne, goooooooonnnnnneee wwwwwwhoa, ooooh, whoaaa."

I cringe at the off key voices and meet Toby's gaze. "He's past the reigning in stage, Toby."

"No, he thinks he's on a stage."CJ countered the wine starting to affect her.

I glance from her to Toby and back again and wonder how scary it is that out of the five of us Toby Ziegler and I are the soberest in the place.

"Bbbbbbuuuummmmmm, bbbbbbbuuuummmm, bbbbbbbuuuuuuum baaaaaaa aaaa bbbbbuuum."

Toby shoots me a pleading look. "Now they've lost the words."

"What do you want me to do, Toby?"I ask looking at Josh who was now using a beer bottle as a microphone."Wrestle him to the ground?"

"I think you could take him."


"You're the only one who can ever get through to him, Donna even when he's drunk out of his mind."

I sigh and stand looking longingly back at my half full margarita. "If I'm not back in twenty minutes send in some backup."

Toby grinned slightly."Backup? You watch cop shows?"

"Leave the girl alone, Toby."CJ admonished as she finished off her glass of wine.

I don't hear Toby's reply as I push my way through the crowd which has started talking again. The singing duo looked like they were arguing over what song to butcher next.

"Joshua."I call out as I reach their side.

Before Josh can reply I feel a tug on my arm and suddenly find myself in Sam's embrace.

"Have we danced, Donna?"Sam asks quietly and as I look into his eyes I see they're starting to clear.

I smile and pat his shoulder gently. "Yes, Sam, we've danced."I look over at my boss. "Josh, Toby's cut you off."

"Toby always cuts me off, what's your point?"Josh replies and I can't help but notice that his gaze lingers on me a little too long.

"Alcohol wise, Joshua, alcohol wise."I clarify trying to hide a grin.

Josh looks hurt."I'm not drunk."

"You never know when you're drunk."I counter as I try to pull away from Sam. Sam lets my waist go but keeps a lose arm around my shoulders.

"She has a point, you know."Sam agrees as he grins at his best friend.

"I wasn't drinking alone here tonight, pal of mine."Josh replies as to my relief starts to inch his way through the crowd back to the bar.

I follow Sam close behind.

"I know when I'm drunk."Sam insists his speech slurring slightly.

I reach back and take his hand in mine to keep him from tripping over anything.

"Josh, I'm commandeering your vcr."Toby informs as we reach the bar.

Josh looks at him blankly. "Why?"

"Because you can't sing."

"What does that have to do with my vcr? And I can to sing."

CJ stifles a laugh and nearly chokes in the process. She meets my gaze for a moment and motions to her cell phone. I get the gesture....she's calling a cab a drill she and I have done many times over the years.

As we make our way outside I realize that Sam's still close behind me. I turn to face him.

"Thank you for today, Donna."Sam states quietly as he shoves his hands into his pockets.

"For what?"I ask thinking I had only made his week worse by bringing Stephanie to his attention.

"For listening.....about my parents."Sam replies and looks away quickly.

"I'm here whenever you need me."I whisper as I wrap him in a hug. As I pull away I glance to my left and see Josh watching us strangely.

"See you tomorrow, Sam."I say as I turn and walk toward Josh just as one of the cabs pulls up.

"Want to share it?"I ask when Josh doesn't say anything.

"Sure."Josh replies as he gets into the cab and I slide in next to him.

Short of Josh telling the driver our addresses the first half of the cab ride is silent. Then as we get within two blocks of my apartment he says something that completely floors me.

"Sam's a good guy."Josh states looking past me out the window. "He'll take good care of you. Treat you like you deserve to be treated."

"Josh, what are you talking about?"I ask even though I know from experience that trying to talk to drunk Josh is a losing battle.

"You and Sam."He replies as if that clears everything up."You look good together. You'll probably have cute dark haired one blonde...."

I swallow hard wondering how long he's been under this assumption."Josh, Sam and I are just friends. He's had a rough week....I was there to listen, that's all."

Josh's face brightens and he reaches for my hand. "I-I wasn't going to stand in your way...."

My heart rate triples....did he mean that or was that drunk Josh talking. "There's nothing to stand in the way of, Josh....Sam and I are just friends."

"Good."Josh replies softly and just when I think he might actually say something about this thing between us I can see the alcohol finally take full affect. His eyes drift closed and he rests his head on my shoulder. I wrap my arm around his waist and pull him close.
After a moment the driver pulls the cab up in front of my apartment complex. He asks if there was anybody at Josh's apartment to let him in.
I shake my head and open the door. I tell the driver that taking Josh home isn't necessary....I'll take care of him just like always.