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Lost Future 2 "Bermuda Lost" pt. 1/2

Lost Future series
"Bermuda Lost"

By Cindy Brewer


Captain Katie Hitckcock Ford stared warily out the window at the Hurricane that was gaining speed on the H.R. Clinton.
Katie tucked a stray auburn hair away from her face as she glanced at her watch.

"Ooops."Katie said softly as she scurried through the busy bridge for the nearest vidphone.She had promised her husband of nearly a year that she call him two hours ago.
Katie steadied herself as the gray floor rolled underneath her feet.
She smiled as her husband's handsome face appeared on the screen.

"Hi."Jonathan Ford said softly.

"I'm sorry,"Katie said quickly,"Things have been hetic here."

"You okay?"Jonathan asked with concern as he saw Katie struggling to keep her footing.

Katie's blue eyes glanced at her crew,"Fine.We just hit a patch of bad weather."

"Bad weather?Katie from what I've heard Hurricane Kyle is one of the worst storms we've seen in at least 20 years."

Katie jumped involuntarily as a bolt of lighting hit the water less than a hundred yards from the ship.

Katie glanced back at the screen to see static criss crossing Ford's face.

"Jonathan."Katie began but she was cut off by an alarmed shout from her sensor officer.

"CAPTAIN!Torpedo coming in at mar 3,5!"

Katie saw Jonathan's face turn serious as she whirled to face the red haired man in his thirties.

"What?!I thought we were the only ship on this route!Where the hell did it come from?!"

Lieutenant Colin Webster studied his screen,"Sonar might be getting interference from the storm.We have impact in 7 seconds....six....five!"

"Evasive manuvers"Katie ordered as she could now make out the dark shape hurtling at them,"NOW!"

Jonathan's concerned voice filled her ears as the H.R.Clinton struggled to get out of the way.

"Katie,you're breaking up.Are you all right?"

Katie didn't have a chance to answer him as the torpedo found its mark


Commander Jonathan Devin Ford paced his quarters on the Seaquest II as he waited for Katie to call him back.Their call had been disconnected.
After half an hour had passed,and Katie still hadn't called,Jonathan became worried.He went up to the bridge where some of the crew was testing out some new equipment.
Jonathan came up behind Tim O'Neil,head of communications.

"Tim,can you raise the H.R. Clinton for me?"

"Sure,Commander.You having trouble getting through?"Tim asked,his slim fingers flying over his console.

"I was talking to Katie when we got cut off."Ford replied,his brown eyes filled with worry.

Tim smiled slightly,"You know those old aircraft carriers don't have the best communications equipment.And with Kyle right at her doorstep...."Tim trailed off as his computer told him something was rong,"That's weird."Tim said rerouting the call.

"What?"Ford demanded.

Tim tried to raise the ship at least three more times,before his suspions were confirmed.He slowly turned to face Ford,"I'm not getting any signal from the H.R.Clinton."

Jonathan felt his face pale as he quickly left the bridge in search of Nathan Bridger.

"Don't show off Darwin."Doctor Wendy Smith admonished the dolphin,"Just toss it,gently."

The bottlenose dolphin spotted Nathan Bridger coming toward the 'moon' pool.

"Bridger,play."Darwin commanded with a child like voice.

Nathan smiled as he ran a hand through the water,"Not right now,my friend."He turned to Wendy,"How's your study going?"

Wendy grimaced,"Slowly.Darwin seems to want to play,more than concentrate."

Nathan smiled as he motioned the dolphin over to his side of the pool,"You,come here."

Darwin looked at the captain warily,then swam over to Nathan.

Nathan rubbed the dolphin's head,"Now I want you to cooperate with the doctorHow about we strike a deal?"

Darwin swam in a circle,"Deal."

"You cooperate with the doctor and I'll play with you later.Okay?"

Darwin seemed to smile,"Okay."

Wendy smiled,"Thank you,Nathan."

Nathan nodded,then he frowned as he saw Jonathan Ford approaching him.

"What's wrong,Commander?"

Ford pulled him to the side of the room,"I may be jumping the gun on this by being an overprotective husband....."

Nathan was instantly concerned,"You think something's wrong with Katie?"

Jonathan began to pace,"I was talking to Katie when our call got disconnected.Tim tried to raise the H.R. Clinton but couldn't get a signal at all from it."

Nathan started walking toward the bridge,"Where is she,Jonathan?"

"About 300 miles off Bermuda."

Nathan whirled around,"Then she's smack dab in the middle of Kyle."

Jonathan nodded as he stepped on the Mag-Lev,"There's one more thing,Captain.The last thing I heard before the call was cut off was the sensor officer saying a torpedo was incoming."

"Torpedo?"Nathan repeated,"Let's get Noyce on the phone see what he knows."

As the lift rose Nathan could feel Jonathan's worry.
"I'm sure she's just fine,Jonathan.If if one thing I learned Katie Hitchcock can take care of herself."
Jonathan nodded,absently fidgeting with his gold wedding ring.

"The H.R. Clinton?"UEO Secratary William Noyce repeated from the busy Command room,"She was due in Bermuda at 1300 hours."Noyce absently glanced at a nearby chronometer,"Which was an hour ago."He frowned,"I see if she docked.I'll get back to you."
UEO's symbol flashed back on the small screen of Seaquest's conference room.

Jonathan fiercely paced the large room.He never thought he could feel this much love for someone,but he did.Just the thought of something happening to his wife.He couldn't go through that again.Not again,"Nathan,I'm getting a really bad feeling........"

Nathan knew what the young man was feeling,"Paitence Jonathan.It hasn't been that long.I'm sure their communications were just knocked out.O'Neil said those ships had bad connections....."

Nathan's sentence was interrupted by Noyce's return call,"Nathan I need to talk to you alone."

Nathan closed his eyes briefly.

Jonathan fought the lump of fear rising in his throat,"If this is about my wife,I'm staying."

William Noyce looked awkard,"We need the Seaquest for a clean up operation."

"Oh,no."Nathan breathed,feeling the tirade of emotions from Ford.

"Any survivors?"Jonathan croaked out,his eyes closed.

Noyce hesitated for a long moment,"No.Jonathan I'm sorry, but Captain Hitchock was among the crew that was lost."

Jonathan quickly left the room,not wanting Noyce or Bridger to see the tears that threatened to show.

Nathan watched Ford leave,his blue eyes filled with sadness,"Not even a year."He whispered sadly.

The Seaquest Captain turned back to Noyce,"Bill,are you sure there's no chance?"

Bill Noyce shook his head sadly,"Nathan,I've never seen a ship torn apart like that.It was almost torn in half,right at the bridge."

Nathan closed his eyes,making a mental note to call Kristen Westphlan,"Bill,what the hell happened.Ford mentioned something about a torpedo being fired."

Noyce shook his head,"We're still investigating.At this point we can't tell if a torpedo or the hurricane destroyed the H.R.Clinton."


There had been countless knocks on his door,but Jonathan Ford had ignored them all.He just sat,curled up in a far corner of his quarters.Jonathan just didn't seem to have the energy to talk to anyone.

Ensign Loni Henderson met Security chief Jim Brody as he was walking away from Ford's quarters.

"Is he in there?"Loni asked,her brown eyes concerned.

Jim Brody shook his head,blond bangs falling on his forehead,"I know he is,but he's not talking to anybody,not even Bridger."

Loni frowned,"Maybe he'll talk to me."

Brody glanced back at Ford's closed door,"Its worth a try,but I don't think he'll let anybody in,untill he's ready."

Loni tentatively knocked on Jonathan's door,"Jonathan,its Loni."


"I know you don't want to talk to anyone right now,but when you're ready."Loni turned and started to leave,when she heard the door slowly open.

"Oh,Jonathan."Loni said softly as soon as she saw the pain and grief on Ford's face.

Jonathan didn't say anything,instead he just turned and walked slowly back into the room leaving the door open.

Loni tentatively followed him in,not really knowing what to say to him,but hoping she could at least give a shoulder to lean on.

"Jonathan,I'm so sorry."Loni began as Jonathan took a heavy seat on the small couch.A framed photo of his wedding sat on the cofee table.

"You know we were planning to meet in Honolulu for our anniversary in June."

Loni knelt so she was eye level with him,"Do they have any idea what happened?"

Jonathan shook his head,"If they have they aren't telling me about it.Guess they figure I'm to close."

Loni opened her arms as she saw tears creep into Jonathan's eyes,"Come here."She said softly pulling him into a hug.

Jonathan started to lose his composure,but pulled away from her."I'm okay."

Loni shook her head,"No,you're not Jonathan.You can't keep it bottled up inside."

Ford placed a gentle hand on Loni's shoulder,"Thank you for your concern,Loni.I'm fine.I don't think its sunk in yet,but when I need a friend I'll know where to turn."

Loni smiled slightly,giving Jonathan a supportive hug and quietly left the room.

Jonathan felt tears begin to stream down his cheeks as he picked up the photo of his wedding.What had he done in his life to deserve losing her twice?

His com screen beeped,invading his solitude.Jonathan slammed his hand on a button,"I'm not talking to anyone."

Tim O'Neil sounded awkward and sympathic,"I'm sorry,Commander but I thought you might like to take this one.Its Kristen Westphlan."

Jonathan,"You're right,Tim.Put her through."

"Aye,Sir."Tim replied.A few seconds later Kristen Westphlan's sad face appeared on the small screen.

Kristen looked at Jonathan,her heart breaking for him,"Jonathan,I don't know what to say."

Ford slowly walked around his quarters,"You don't have to say anything,Kristen."

"Is there any chance Stark could have her?"

Jonathan shook his head sadly,"I don't think even Stark could conjure up a hurricane."


Katie Hitchcock was jerked awake,with a harsh slap of salt water.Gasping and coughing Katie eyes opened to find herself clinging to a piece of wood in the middle of nowhere.
Katie glanced around to see another human form bobbing in the dark waters.As she came closer she recognized her sensor officer.

"Colin?"Katie called,but her voice was too weak.She licked her lips and tried again,"Colin?"She called over the waves.

Colin's red head jerked up,his green eyes looking befuddled as he took in his new suroundings.Then he saw her,"Captain!What happened?"

Katie paddled closer to him,"I was just about to ask you that."

Colin scanned the horizon,"Where's the ship?"

Katie's blue eyes fell to the ocean bottom far below,"I think we're the only survivors."

Colin Webster lapsed into a shocked silence,thinking of friends,crewmates lost.

Katie turned to him trying to take command of the situation,"Colin did you get any idea where that torpedo came from?"

Colin frowned as he tried to remember,"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Katie's blue eyes sparkled slightly,"At this point I'll believe anything.Try me."

"It looked like a Japanese sub."

Katie nodded,"That's not unusual."

"Katie,there haven't been Japanese subs made like that since 1941."


Jonathon Ford heard a soft knock at his door followed by Bridger's voice,"I thought you might like to know,Jonathan we've arrived at Bermuda."

Jonathan didn't reply as he moved toward his viewport.Several minutes later he felt the Seaquest surface.
Jonathan's eyes widened in shock at the sight that met the Seaquest.To Jonathan it looked like the whole Navy fleet was there.Metal wires and hoists kept what was left of the H.R. Clinton from sinking.
Jonathan closed his black eyes briefly.He could almost feel Katie's pain if that were possible.He shut his mind off to feelings and headed toward the bridge.They weren't going to shut him out of this one.

Commander Jonthan Devin Ford felt a whoosh of air from the clam doors as he stepped on the bridge.He instantly felt all eyes on him.His eyes searched for Nathan and found him talking to Lucas.

They both looked up as he approached,"Captain,premission to return to duty?"

Nathan looked him up and down,then nodded,"Granted."

Lucas's blue eyes were full of sadness,"Commander,I just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about Katie....."

Jonathan nodded and turned to Bridger,"Status?"

Bridger began to fill him in,"They're transfering the survivors of the Clinton onto the SQ.To be honest,Jonathan I think they're completely baffled.They've never seen a ship torn apart like that.Especially one the size of the Clinton."

Jonathan closed his eyes briefly,pictureing his wife,"I want to talk to the survivors."

Bridger hesitated,"Jonathan,I don't think....."

Jonathan cut him off,"I have to talk to them,Captain.I have to know what happened."

Nathan still hesitated.

Ford gestured to the viewport,"My wife was on that ship!I will find out what happened to her,with or without your help!"

Nathan's voice halted Ford at the clam doors,"They're down in Med-Bay."

Ford nodded and stepped onto the mag-Lev.

The first survivor Jonathan talked to was the Clinton's doctor a Thomas Hallaway.

Jonathan could feel the glare from Wendy,but approached the man's bed anyway,"Doctor,I'm Commander Jonathan Ford."

Recognition flashed through the older man's blue eyes,"Katie's husband."

Jonathan nodded,"Yes,I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions.If you're up to it."

The forty year old man struggled into a sitting postion.His right arm in a sling.Gray tinted his blond hair,"Yes,of course.I don't know how much help I can be.I was below decks when we were hit."

"Do you remember anything before the impact?Conversations between crew?Was there a red alert?"

The doctor shook his head,"I don't think she had time for a red alert."

Jonathan nodded sadly,"Thank you,Doc.Get some rest."
Halloway's voice halted Ford,"Commander,I was debating about telling you this since Katie's dead.I found something in Katie's medical exam that I felt you had a right to know."

Jonathan whirled around coming back to the doctors bedside,"What?Was she sick?!"Ford demanded,his black eyes anxious.

Halloway cleared his throat,"Nothing nine months wouldn't cure."

Jonathan felt his face go white,"Nine months?"He repeated.

"I'm sorry to tell you this,Commander you've already lost so much.Katie was three months pregnant.I didn't even get a chance to tell her.I was on my way up to do just that when we got torpedoed."

Doctor Wendy Smith grasped tightly to her desk as an intense wave of pain and grief hit her.She whirled around to see Jonathan Ford sink to his knees.She scurried over to him.

"Jonathan,what is it?"

When Jonathan didn't answer her,she glanced up at Halloway who only looked at Ford with complete empathy.

Wendy put her arms around the Commander's shoulders and helped him to her office,"Come on,Jonathan.Talk to me."

Half an hour had passed when Nathan Bridger rushed into Med-Bay.Wendy Smith stopped him before he reached her office.

"What happened?"Bridger demanded taking in Ford's almost comatose appearance.

Wendy's brown eyes were wide with concern,"He won't talk to me.But I did finally pry something out of Halloway."

"What?!"Nathan demanded when Wendy turned to stare at Ford.

"Nathan,"Wendy began softly her voice full of tears,"Katie Hitchcock was three months pregnant."

Nathan felt his jaw drop as his blue eyes stared at

Jonathan with complete empathy,"Good Lord."He paused struggling to capture his thoughts,"Poor Jonathan,not only to lose a wife,but his first child....."

Wendy turned to face him,"Is there anybody who could talk to him,bring him out of this?"

Nathan rubbed his full beard,"If this were any other situation I'd say Katie Hitchcock,but now I'd have to say Ben Krieg."

Wendy almost gaped at the Captain,"Her ex-husband?!"
Nathan only nodded,his blue eyes fixed on Ford.


Ben Krieg felt the strong Atlantic wind ruffle his dark brown hair as he stepped off the helicopter.
Wasn't it just yesterday he had received a call from Ford saying she was still alive?Now he had received a different call from Bridger and was back on the Seaquest.

Nathan met him on Sea deck,"Hello Ben.I'm glad you could come."

Ben shrugged off Nathan's comment,"I had some vacation time saved up.How is he?"

Nathan shook his head,"Not good.Ben,I don't think he knows how to deal with a loss like this.He's just shut down."

Ben clasped a hand on Nathan's shoulder,"Don't worry,Captain.I'll snap him out of it.Where is he?"


Ben nodded and started toward the Mag-Lev,but Nathan's voice halted him,"Ben,there's something I didn't tell you over the phone.Katie was three months pregnant."

Ben whirled around all color draining from his face.


Jonathan Ford's mind just didn't seem to comprehend what he'd just heard.He had barely begun to deal with never seeing Katie again,but a child?He just didn't know how to deal with that.
Jonathan opened his eyes to find Ben Krieg standing there.

"I must be pretty bad if they dragged you down here."Jonathan said wryly struggling to his feet,then collapsing into a nearby chair.

Ben knelt so he was eyelevel,"They were worried,and it looks with good reason."

"Ben,Katie's dead."

Ben shut his eyes briefly,"I know."

Jonathan tried to form the next sentance,but couldn't.

Ben paced a gentle hand on Ford's shoulder,"I know about the baby."

Jonathan finally broke down,"Oh God,Ben....she didn't even know she was pregnant."

Ben didn't know what to say,"I'm so sorry,Jonathan."
Krieg paused for a moment as Ford struggled to regain his composure.
"I saw her ship,do they have any idea what happened?"

Ford wiped tears from his brown cheeks,"The last thing I heard before our call was broke off was the sensor officer saying a torpedo was incoming."

Ben stared at him,"Torpedo?We aren't at war with anyone."

"Well,it looks like somebody wants to start one."

Ben shook his head in amazement,"You okay for a few minutes?"

Jonathan nodded,trying to smile,"Yeah,thanks for coming Ben."

Ben nodded and left Smith's office to talk to Bridger.

"Did you make any headway with him,Ben?"Nathan asked,concerned.

Ben rubbed a tired hand over his face,"I think he'll be okay once he deals with it."

Sadness flickered across Bridger's face as he remembered his own losses,"I know how difficult that is to do."

"I better get back I don't want to leave him alone too long."

Nathan nodded as Ben glanced at Wendy's office to find it empty,"Where is he?"

Nathan glanced around,"He couldn't have gotten far."

Loni Henderson was just finishing an audio letter to her parents when someone pounded at her door.

"Just a minute."Loni said her voice muffled,her teeth clamped on a pen.

Her brown eyes widened when she saw Jonathan,"What happened,Jonathan?"

"Can I come in?"

Loni opened the door all the way,"Of course."

Jonathan sat down on Loni's bed.He shot up quickly when he sat on something.He pulled out a stuffed bear.One he had seen so many times on the Bridge.Addison.

Jonathan smiled slightly,"You know how many times I wanted to confiscate him?"

Loni sat down beside him,"Did something new happen,Jonathan?"

Jonathan gently cradled the stuffed animal,"You could say that."

Loni was silent waiting for him to continue.

"You know I probably would've given my son or daughter something like this."

Loni's eyes widened as she realized what he was trying to say,"Oh Jonathan,you don't mean?"

Jonathan nodded,tears starting to flow,"She was three months pregnant."

Loni's hand flew to her mouth,"Oh Jonathan,what can I do?"

Jonathan couldn't reply as sobs racked his body.
Loni's own eyes began to fill.She never thought she would see the day where Jonathan Ford lost control.Loni quickly pulled him into an embrace,and gently began to rock him.

"Its okay,Jonathan."She whispered patting his back like a small child,"Just let it all out."

Jonathan just let the intense pain wash over as he let Loni rock him.


"Loni,how is he doing?"Wendy Smith asked over the intercom,"I can come down and give him a sedative."

Loni turned to look at Jonathan curled up on her bed.Addison clutched to his chest.

"He's finally asleep,Wendy.I don't have a shift today so I think I'll stay with here until he wakes up."

"Okay.Let me know if you need anything."

Loni picked up the gray blanket and pulled it up over Ford.Tucking him in.Loni smiled softly wishing she had a camera.

Katie shook herself awake.She didn't know how long she and Colin had bobbed in the warm water.The sky overhead was a strange shade of pink.
Colin's shout ripped her away from her thoughts.

"Katie,look!"Colin clung to the piece of wood with one hand and pointed to the horizon with the other,"A ship!"

Katie's blue eyes whirled in that direction.There in the distance was a ship.It looked like an old battleship.At this point Katie didn't care if it was the S.S. Minnow.Just as long as it got them home and back to Jonathan.


Loni Henderson got up to make her third pot of coffee.It was about two a.m. and Jonathan had been having nightmares.Several times Addison ended up on the floor.
She hadn't realized she had fallen asleep until Jonathan's cries woke and quickly crossed the room.
Tossing and turning,Jonathan's arms flailed.

"Katie!"Jonathan called out as he thrashed back and forth,"Katie!No!"

Loni sat down on her bed and tried to calm him.His voice tore at her heart.She didn't know what else to do for him.
Just then Loni remembered Wendy's suggestion.She quickly went to the intercom and paged Wendy.
Loni didn't need to explain the situation.

"I'll be right there,Loni.Try to keep him calm."

Loni went back to Jonathan who seemed to have quieted for the moment.

"Oh,Jonathan."Loni whispered softly as she tried to smooth his ruffled hair.The poor man had lost so much in just a short period of time.It just wasn't fair.Jonathan Ford was a good person,he deserved to be happy.

Wendy took that moment to knock on the door.Loni rose and let her in.
Wendy took a sprayjet from her med-kit.She quickly injected the sedative into Jonathan's forarm.
Ford's body tensed,then relaxed.His breathing normal.

"He should rest for at least six hours."Wendy said putting her equipment away,"Maybe you should too."

Loni nodded and as soon as Wendy left she took a spare blanket and curled up in her chair.


Nathan Bridger blinked sleep from his eyes as his vidscreen came to life.He knew it was Noyce before the man's voice filled his ears.

"Nathan,I wasn't completely honest with you before."

Nathan struggled to a sitting position,"What you get a stab of conscience?"

Noyce ignored him,"Nathan,the Clinton wasn't the only ship."

Nathan's sleep filled mind wasn't following,"Wasn't the only one what?"

Noyce glanced around him,"The Clinton wasn't the only ship torpedoed."

Nathan sat straight up,"What?!"

"Nathan,at least ten ships have been completely destroyed between the area of Melborne,Florida,Pureto Rico,and Bermuda."

Nathan was instantly wide awake,"The Triangle?Why has this been hushed up?"

Noyce looked at him like he should know better,"If the press were to get a hold of this they'd have a field day."
Nathan stood and began to pace,"Forget the press,Bill.I have a first officer who's in shambles because his wife was on that ship."He paused and moved closer to the screen,"Katie Hitchcock was a close friend of mine,if you're hiding something from me Bill you better spill it because you'll know I'll find out anyway."

Bill Noyce looked like he was struggling with his conscience,"Alright,Nathan.Its been hushed up as you put it because frankly we have no idea what's destroyed those ships.We don't know if the triangle's behind it or some renegade shipping fleet."

Nathan headed toward the shower,"You'll know now."


Seventeen year old Lucas Wolenczak shifted the box as he manuvered to knock on Loni's door.It came out more as a thump.

Lucas blew his blond bangs out of his eyes as the door swung inward,"Hi."

Loni looked half asleep,"I'm sorry,I forgot what time it was.I just have Katie's things and didn't know what else to do with them."

Loni was instantly awake remembering what Jonathan had gone through,"Oh Lucas,not now."

Neither of them had noticed Jonathan as he approached them,"Its okay,Loni."He stared at the cardboard box sadly,"So this is what happens.Your life fits into one cardboard box."

Lucas exchanged a concerned glance with Loni before saying,"I think I got everything.The room was pretty much in shambles....."

Jonathan gently took the box from Lucas,"Thanks,Lucas."

Jonathan turned away from them his friends and began to sift through the box.

Lucas and Loni could only look on in sympathy.

"I'll check back later."Lucas said,his blue eyes concerned.

Loni nodded,smiling at him as she shut the door behind him.She turned to see Jonathan holding up a silver chain.As she got closer she saw a tiny sea turtle attached.

"That's beautifal."Loni said crouching down.

Jonathan smiled sadly,"I got this for her in Tahiti.Our honeymoon."He placed the silver turtle so it was standing in his palm,"Katie was probably one of the main reasons these little guys finally got off the endangered species list."He traced the outline of the turtle,"God,I miss her."

Loni instantly was beside him,her arms around his shoulders.Trying her best to comfort him.

"I can't believe I'm not going to see her again."Jonathan turned to look at Loni,"Why her?Why Katie?Loni,what did I ever do to deserve losing her twice?"

Loni's heart just melted at the pure anguish that was in his black eyes.She pulled him into a hug,"No,Jonathan its not your fault."She began to rock him,"Some things just happen that we have no control over."

Jonathan knew he was asking questions Loni Henderson had no way of answering,but he had to ask them,"Why did He give us the baby if He was only going to take her away from me?Why,Loni?"He could feel the tears starting to form again.

"I wish I knew Jonathan."Loni said rubbing his back,"I wish I knew."

Nathan Bridger took that moment to throw open her door,"Sorry to interrupt Loni,But I need to talk to Jonathan for a moment."

Loni nodded and grabbed a towel from her closet door,"I'll go take a shower."

As soon as Loni left,Nathan took her seat on the bed.

"Jonathan,Katie's not dead."

Jonathan stared at the cardboard box beside him,"Captain,please....."

"No,Jonathan its not wishful thinking.Noyce just called he had a stab of conscience and told me that the Clinton was only one of ten ships torpedoed within the last month."

Jonathan stared at Bridger as if he had gone
crazy,"Captain,I still don't follow...."

"All the ships were somewhere between Melbourne Florida,Puerto Rico and Bermuda."

Ford's mind finally grasped what he was saying,"The Triangle?"

Nathan headed toward the door,"Come on.If my theory's right you might just be able to give that back to your wife."

Jonathan Ford stared at Nathan Bridger not daring to believe as he followed Nathan to the Bridge.


"Henderson set a couse for Melbourne,Flordia."
Loni looked puzzled,but replied,"Aye,sir."

"What's going on,Captain?"Lucas Wolenczak asked,his blue eyes bright with curiosity.

"A rescue operation,Lucas."Nathan replied taking his seat in the Captain's chair.

"Rescue operation?"Lieutenant Jim Brody repeated,puzzled.

"Who's rescue?"Miguel Ortiz asked,slightly amused that one question could be repeated so many different times.

"Captain Katie Hitchcock"

Stunned silence spun around the room.

Lucas looked at Nathan like he had just said the world was flat,"Katie's dead,Captain."

Nathan smiled,"All questions will be answered momentarily."

Ford turned to Loni,his expression not revealing anything,"Henderson,what's the ETA on Melbourne?"

Loni studied him for a moment,then down at her readings,"At current speed we should be there in four hours."

Jonathan nodded in approval still not quite understanding Bridger's theory,but if there was even the remote chance Katie was still alive he'd do anything.

Lucas crept up to Loni's station unnoticed.

"Any idea what's going on?"Lucas whispered.

Loni shook her head,"None whatsoever."She turned to look at the teen,"Do you really think she's still alive?"

Lucas shook his head,"But for Ford's sake,I hope so."

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