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Lost Future #4 "Vacation"

Seaquest DSV
Lost Future

By Cindy Brewer


Commander Jonathan Devin Ford poked his head into Lucas Wolenczak's quarters,"Come on,Lucas.Let's go."

Seventeen year old Lucas Wolenczak sat at his computer.His bag not even packed,"I'm not going."

Ford rolled his eyes,As he pulled Lucas's Florida Marlin duffel bag off the bed and began to throw clothes in it.

"Look,I know you're not thrilled about you're father's invitation,but we all need a vacation."

Lucas began to tap away at his keyboard,"Trust me,it won't be a vacation if my father's there."

Jonathan paused in his packing,"I thought you and your Father were getting alone better?"

Lucas laughed bitterly,"Oh he tried,I guess.But something was always more important than spending anytime with me."

Ford shook his head sadly.Now that he had a son,he still couldn't understand Michael Wolenczak's distance from his
son.It was like Lucas was an inconvenience to the scientist.

Jonathan threw a few more shirts and magazines in the duffel bag and zipped it closed.

"Come on."Jonathan said,turning off the teen's computer,"Katie's waiting on the launch."

"You two go ahead.I'm sure my father will be a perfect host."

Jonathan sighed and yanked the teen up by his right arm,"You're going to go on this trip,even if I have to order you to."

"What did you do,Jonathan?"Katie Hitchcock Ford asked with a smile,"Kidnap him?"

Jonathan laughed as he prodded Lucas into the Seaquest's launch,"Close."


"I'm glad you all could come."Doctor Michael Wolenczak said warmly as he offered Jonathan Ford a hand up onto the dock.

"Thank you,Doctor.I'm sorry the others couldn't ame it,"Jonathan began as he helped his wife out of the launch,"But somebody had to stay on Seaquest."

Katie laughed,"I had to practically drag this one,away."

Jonathan glared at his wife,"I wasn't that bad.I told Lucas we all need a vacation."

Katie turned to find the dock behind her empty,"Where is Lucas?"

Jonathan whirled around,"He was right here."

Michael Wolenczak sighed as he stared out at the clear blue water,"He didn't want to come,did he?"

Jonathan sighed as his black eyes scanned the white sand beach,"Not exactly."

Katie Hitchcock Ford stepped into the spacious mansion that they would share for the next few weeks.Lucas never spoke much of his home,and Katie always assumed he never really had one.But this house........
She turned to her right to see a closed door leading to Wolenczak's research lab.Katie shook her head,the good doctor was never far from his work.

"Please,make yourselves comfortable.My home is your home."He paused as his black eyes searched the house,"I'm sure Lucas will show up eventually.Or when he's hungry,whichever comes first."

Michael headed toward his research lab,but Katie's voice stopped him,"Doctor,would you mind if I use the phone?"
Wolenczak smiled,"Of course not.And its Michael."

Katie nodded and started toward a small vidphone on the coffee table,but Jonathan snagged her.

"No,you don't."

Katie squirmed as Jonathan turned her around,"Jonathan,I just want to check in with your mother.Let her know we arrived safely."

Jonathan's strong arms encircled her slim waist,"I called her from the launch.Joshua's fine.Now will you relax,this is our first vacation since our wedding."

Katie's blue eyes widened,"Has it been that long?"

Jonathan laughed and kissed her,"Yes."

"Don't you too ever stop?"A familiar voice said causing the couple to whirl around.

"About time you showed up."Jonathan Ford said with a grin,"Where did you disappear to anyway?"

Lucas didn't smile as he walked past them,"Anywhere was better than being in this house."

Katie shook her head sadly as she watched Lucas walk toward the beach,"If these walls could talk."


Ben Krieg wondered what Noyce had been thinking when he picked him for this undercover job.He wasn't undercover material. And Noyce knew full well how he felt about the Green Berets.
Ben's brown eyes narrowed as he remembered his honeymoon.Or should he say lack of one,since he and Katie had walked smack dab into a hostage attempt.He closed his eyes briefly as he remembered how they had taken Katie hostage. All those days of not knowing if she was still alive.

Ben shook off the memory as the Beret's leader came into the room.'You have to let her go.'Ben told himself firmly,'She's happy with Jonathan.'

Ben's mind knew Katie was happy and now had a son.He just wished his heart would listen.

Noah Carver's brown eyes glared at Ben,"Hey Krieg,I've got a job for you."

Ben tried not to look too curious,"Yeah,what?"

"You were with the UEO."Carver began as he held up a rolled blueprint,"Ever here of a scientist named Wolenczak?"

Reconigzation flashed through Ben's eyes as he sat up.Lucas's dad?What on Earth did the Green Berets want with him.


Carver smiled,mischief in his brown eyes,"Because you are going to lead a team over to his house."

Ben stood,feeling the small boat rock slightly,"What do you want with him?"

"You don't need to know,Krieg."Carver said bitterly,looking out the porthole at the Bahama coastline.


Katie felt Jonathan wrap his arms around her as they watched the beautiful sun set.

"Do you think Lucas and his Dad will ever be happy?"

Jonathan sighed,"I don't know,Katie.That man has broken Lucas's heart a lot of times."

Katie snuggled closer to him,"It makes me wonder what his mother was like."

Jonathan tightened his hold on his wife,"Maybe I shouldn't have dragged him here.Too many bad memories."

Katie looked up at him,"No,Jonathan.You did the right thing.We all desperately needed this vacation.Lucas needs some time just to have fun."

Jonathan's black eyes stared at the horizon,"I hope you're right."


Lucas Wolenczak ran a hand through his short blond hair as he stared at his old room.He hated this room.
He hated this house.
He had mistakenly thought that being on the Seaquest,he would never have to set foot here again.
He was wrong.

Lucas sighed as he went out on the small balconey.In reality it wasn't the house that he hated.It was the events that had happened in it.
The fights between his parents.The divorce.His mother's death.
Lucas's blue eyes flared.He still blamed his father for her death.He probably always would.

He glanced down at the strip of white sand and saw Jonathan and Katie making their way back to the house.
Lucas knew they were only trying to help him,but they never had to live in this house.
With a father who was never there.


Katie had just rounded a curve in the winding driveway when she felt an arm snake out from behind a palm tree.A hand clamped over her mouth.
Jonathan who had been a few steps ahead,whirled around at her stifled scream.

"Katie!"Ford called out,starting toward the man.Then he froze seeing the gun against his wife's head.

"Let her go."Jonathan demanded calmly.Only his black eyes betrayed his worry.

The twenty year old with Hispanic features glared at Jonathan,"You are in no position to make demands,Commander Ford."

Jonathan's eyes widened.

"Yes,Commander I know who all of you are."

Katie winced as the man pressed the gun harder against Katie's head.

Jonathan started to move but the man waved him back,"If you want your wife to stay alive,Commander you'll stay where you are."

Katie's blue eyes narrowed,"What do you want?"

The man almost laughed,"Only to spend some quality time with you good people."He shoved Katie roughly forward.So roughly that she stumbled and fell,"Get moving."


Ben Krieg entered the lavish mansion through the upstairs balcony.The last person in the world he expected to see was Lucas.

Lucas's blue eyes widened in shock at the sight of Ben Krieg in fatigues,armed with a gun.


Ben Krieg did his best Dirty Harry impression,"No questions,Lucas."He prodded the teen with the gun,"Just move."

Lucas studied Ben's face as he started out the door toward the stairs.Ethier Ben Krieg had snapped or he was undercover.
Ethier way,Lucas knew this was going to be a very interesting vacation.

As they entered the house Katie felt the man's grip loosen.She tensed her body,and waited to the last possible second.She whirled around and attempted to kick the man where it counts.
Unfortunately Katie's boot missed its mark.The man caught her foot,twisting it painfully.
Jonathan winced as Katie landed on the marble floor,hard.
Katie was dazed,but not dazed enough to miss the gun being pointed at her.

Before Jonathan knew what he was doing,Jonathan found himself diving in front of Katie. Everything seemingly going in slow motion as the gun fired.
His body jerked as the bullet slammed into his chest.Blackness closed in,as he fell to the hard marble floor.

Katie heard herself scream as Jonathan fell into her arms.
She looked at her husband's handsome face and was shocked to see it was already.....she hated to use the phrase deathly pale but that's how it was.
Katie took her right hand off his chest and was stunned to see it covered with blood.

"Oh,God."Katie whispered as she franticly felt for a pulse.
Relief flooded her face as she found one.

Katie began to rock her husband,"You stay with me."Tears started to stream down her cheeks,"You hear me,Jonathan?Don't you even think of leaving us."

Katie jumped as a hand was gently placed on her shoulder.

"How is he?"Lucas asked,fear on his face.

Katie felt her voice choke,"Help me get him to the sofa."

Lucas nodded and as gently as he could,lifted Jonathan's legs.Katie taking Jonathan's upper torso.

They both froze as the gun's safety clicked off.

"Nobody moves."The man's black eyes were as cold as lacquer.

Katie's blue eyes had a tint of cold steel,"Shoot me if you want to,but I am going to do whatever I have to,to save his life."She turned to Lucas who for some reaso kept staring at the assault rifle,"Lucas,move.He's losing blood quickly."

That seemed to snap Lucas out of his trance and he quickly moved Jonathan over to the white sofa.

"What the hell is this?"A familiar voice yelled,causing Katie to whirl around,"I thought I told you no shooting!"

Katie felt her mouth drop slightly as she saw her ex-husband coming down the stairs wearing fatigues and carrying a gun.

Ben took one look at Katie's pale,tear streaked face and knew Jonathan was in bad shape.He approached Martinez looking every inch an outraged leader.

"You don't call the shots,Krieg."Martinez snarled advancing on Ben.

Ben took the younger man off guard with a sharp right hook.

Martinez crashed hard into the far wall.

"And neither do you,Martinez."Ben said shaking pain out of his hand,"Carver said no shooting."

Martinez grinned slightly,"What could I do,man?He jumped in front of my gun."

Katie's voice was ice cold,"That was after you tried to kill me."

Ben's glance flew from Katie's furious face to Martinez,"You tried to kill her?!"He advanced threatenily on the Beret.

Martinez put up his hands defensively,"Hey man,chill.She attacked me."He smiled,"I was only defending myself."

Now Ben was really outraged,"Defending yourself?!By
shooting her husband?!"

Martinez stood,"He jumped in front of the gun,man.I was aiming at her."

Ben felt his right fist ball,and forced himself to calm down.It wouldn't do Jonathan or anyone else any good if he blew his cover.

Ben pointed his own gun at Martinez,"Go look for Wolenczak.He has to be here somewhere."

Martinez glared at Ben slightly but left the room.

As soon as Martinez was out of the room,Ben Krieg was bombarded with questions.Most coming from Katie.

"Ben,what the hell is going on here?!Have you completely snapped or did you take a drastic career change?!"

Ben stared at Ford's pale face,"No one was supposed to be hurt."

Katie's blue eyes flared,"Well,somebody did.Now we're going to get him to a hospital."

Ben placed a gentle hand on her shoulder,"Katie,we can't."

"Can't?"Katie repeated,"What do you mean we can't?Ben,I'm
not going to sit here and let him bleed to death!"

"Katie,if I let him leave,I'll blow my cover and get us all killed."

Lucas walked over to them,"You're undercover?"

Ben straightened slightly,"Yes.Noyce thought I was undercover material."

Katie would've laughed if the situation wasn't so serious,"Noyce?As in Secretary of the UEO William Noyce?"Katie shook her head, in disbelief.

Ben's brown eyes turned serious,"Katie,trust me.I'll get the two of you out of here."


Michael Wolenczak froze as he heard the gunshots.His right hand fumbled for a small white button under the labtable.Finding it he sent a silent alarm.
Martinez burt into the lab, assault rifle pointed at the doctor,"Wolenczak.There's someone who would like to have a word with you."
Martinez waved the gun,leaving Michael no choice but to follow.


Lieutenant Jim Brody glanced at his screen on the Seaquest II as a small light came on.

"Captain!We've got trouble."

Nathan Bridger whirled to face the young man,"Where?"

"Wolenczak's lab.Bahamas."

Nathan felt his face pale slightly.His first thoughts being of Lucas.If that man had gotten him into anything.

Nathan ran a hand over his full beard as he turned to Tim O'Neil,"Mr.O'Neil raise the lab."

Tim pushed his wire rim glasses back up his nose,"Aye,Sir."

A few minutes later Tim shook his head,"There's no response,Sir."

Bridger felt his fear creep in,"Henderson,set in a course for the Bahamas."

Ensign Loni Henderson nodded,"Aye,Sir."Her slim fingers flew over her consol,"ETA in fourteen hours."

Nathan nodded as he watched the ocean zip by.He prayed they didn't arrive too late.

Night had fallen on the beach resort nation. Lucas was growing concerned about his father,who Martinez had taken away from the others.

Lucas paced the living room,listening to the waves crash on the beach.He didn't know why he was concerned.He knew that if they had taken him,instead of his father.Michael Wolenczak would've returned to his lab without a second thought.

Lucas walked back to the couch to check on Jonathan,who by some miracle was still hanging on.Hours ago he had moved an exhausted Katie to a nearby chair.

"Hang in there,Jonathan."Lucas whispered as he doublechecked the Commander's bandages.

Katie stirred,then as her memories came back jerked awake.

"Jonathan?"She called out sleepily.

Lucas crouched next to the chair,"Katie?He's fine.Go back to sleep."

Katie sat up,the blanket sliding off,"I can't sleep.I'm sorry we dragged you into this,Lucas."

"Its okay.You were only trying to help."He smiled at Katie,"This is some vacation."

Katie nodded as her gaze fell on her husband,"Has he woking up?"

Lucas shook his head,"No."He stood and walked back to the open French doors.The warm tropical breeze ruffling his blond hair.

Katie watched the teen for a moment then followed him,"You're worried about him,aren't you?"

Lucas's blue eyes remained fixed on the horizon,"Who?"

Katie forced herself not to roll her eyes,"Your father."

Lucas shrugged,"I don't know why I am,Katie.He wouldn't."

Katie wanted to assure Lucas that his Father would be concerned.But after what she'd seen of Michael Wolenczak she wasn't so sure.

Instead Katie put her arm around Lucas's shoulders,"Ben,will keep an eye on him."

Lucas only nodded, continuing to watch the waves.

"Katie?"A weak voice called out causing the two friends to whirl around.

Katie scurried over to Jonathan,"I'm right here,Jonathan."She assured him,using her shirt sleeve to wipe the sweat of his forehead.

Jonathan's eyes were on focused as he fumbled for his wife's hand,"Are you alright?"All he could remember was her on the floor and the gunshot.

Katie felt tears coming to her eyes and she blinked them away,"I'm fine.You're the one I'm worried about."

Jonathan tried to smile,"Hey,you know it'll take more than a vacation to do me in."

Katie tried to smile,but couldn't,"You get some rest."She ordered her husband as she pulled the blanket up around his shoulders.

Jonathan Ford quickly fell back asleep.

Katie quickly left the room.Needing some air.She found herself on the balcony.
Not being able to take it anymore,she let the tears esccape.
She jumped as fatigued arms grabbed her shoulders.

"Relax,Katie.Its me."

Katie let her wall go down as she heard Ben's familiar voice. She let the tears flow.

"Its okay,Katie.Just let it out."Ben said softly,turning his ex-wife around.

Ben felt her shoulders shake as he gently rocked her.

"Ben,I can't lose him."Katie's voice was muffled,"I just can't."

Ben Krieg patted her back slightly,"He's going to be fine,Katie."

Katie pulled back from him,"How can you be so sure,Ben?He's dying from a gunshot wound and I can't even get him to a hospital."

Ben pulled her back into his arms,"He's young,he's strong.He's got you.Why wouldn't he?"

Katie just buried her face in Ben's chest,as he continued to rock her.

Ben knew this was the wrong time to say what he was about to say.Very wrong,but with Katie back in his arms he couldn't help himself.

"Katie,I know this is the wrong time to say this."Ben began looking out at the horizon,"But I can't help it.I still love you."

Katie stepped back from her ex-husband.Her blue eyes wide with shock,"You what?"

Ben's brown eyes looked deep into Katie's blue ones,"Katie,when Jonathan came up to Zulu and told me you were dead.All the old feelings came rushing back.I couldn't picture my life before you were in it."

Katie ran a tired hand over her face,"Ben,we settle all this back at Pearl.Why didn't you tell me all this then?"

"You were all set to marry Jonathan.And you were pregnant with Josh.I could see how happy you were."

"Ben,I am happy."Katie looked at her husband on the sofa
'Or I was.'She thought to herself.

Ben followed her gaze,"I don't want to complicate your life,Katie.I just had to say how I felt."

Katie felt a lump of tears rise in her throat,"Ben,I can't deal with this right now."

Ben watched as she quickly left the balcony and was back at her husband's side.
'You blew it again,Krieg.'Ben thought bitterly to himself as he pulled out a small com unit to check in with Carver.


Noah Carver circled Michael Wolenczak like a vulture waiting for its prey.He finally had Wolenczak where he wanted him.At his mercy.He was in control this time.
Michael Wolenczak finally regained consciencness.His black eyes double blinked as he tried to focus.

"Carver?"Wolenczak asked as he recognized the man,"What?"

Carver smiled at his hostage,"You're going to be my guest for a little while,Doctor."

Michael's memories came back,"Lucas?"

"They're fine,as long as you cooperate."


In the silhouette of the sunrise Lucas spotted Ben Krieg out on the white sand.

"Ben,why did they take my father?"

Ben Krieg sighed as he looked at the troubled teen,"I don't have any answers Lucas."

Lucas's blue eyes flared,"You don't have any answers?You're part of them.You have to know something."

Ben's brown eyes found the horizon,"I'm sorry,Lucas.I'm out of the loop.Carver wanted it on a need to know basis.And I wasn't a need to know."

Lucas frowned in concentration,"Carver?"

Ben turned to look at him,"Yea,Noah Carver.Why,you know him?"

Lucas shook his head,"No,the name's just familiar."

Katie leaned against the beige wall,hugging herself as she stared out the window.Ben's word's still echoing through her head.'I know this is the wrong time to say this,Katie,but I still love you.'

Katie glanced at Jonathan who seemed to be resting comfortably on the sofa.His bleeding had slowed,his fever down.
It still hurt when she remembered her conversation with Ben when he said he never had loved her.Why had he said that if he hadn't meant it.She knew what he had said at Pearl.That it had just slipped out.He hadn't meant it.
Part of Katie was thrilled.It was every girl's dream to have two handsome men fighting over her affections.She loved Jonathan dearly,she never would have married him,if she still had feelings for Ben Krieg.It wouldn't be fair to him,or their son.
So why was she standing here,feeling all jumbled if she had all her feelings straightened out?All her priorities in order?

She knew her place was with Jonathan and Joshua.She would always have feelings for Ben Krieg,the three of them knew it.But Ben was her past,Jonathan and Josh her future. Why couldn't Ben see that?Why did he have to keep complicating things?

Ben Krieg saw Katie as he and Lucas returned to the house.He knew he had put that troubled look on her beautifal face,and was sorry.He had never wanted to make her life more complicated then it already was.It was just something he had to say.To clear the air.

Ben sighed,he had thought he had been fine with Katie's decison to marry Ford.Somehow he had always known their realtionship had been deeper than friendship.He knew that his second chance with Katie had long since passed.So why when her husband is dying from a gunshot wound did he pick that moment to tell her how he felt?
Ben grinned slightly,well they say timing is everything.
Krieg started to go to Katie,then decided against it. Wondering if she ever wanted to see him again.

Lucas checked on Jonathan before heading upstairs.He could feel the tension between Katie and Ben and knew something new was going on.He had enough problems of his own,without dealing with Katie Hitchcock's love life.
Lucas sat down at his old desk,wondering if his computer was still there.He reached into the first drawer,yep there it was.

Somehow he wasn't surprised.He wondered if his father had even set foot in this room,after shipping him off to Bridger and Seaquest.
Lucas shook the bad memories away as he opened the outdated laptop computer.He knew it was old,but he hoped he could somehow hook up with the Seaquet's computer.
The teen's slim finger's flew over the keyboard,praying that if he even managed to get an S.O.S. through that O'Neil would be able to decode it.

Katie was relieved to see Jonathan on the road to recovery.She had been watching the Green Berets closely.After being their captive she kind of knew their routine.She knew there was a small boat about a hundred miles off the coast.

She saw Lucas come down the stairs,"Lucas,your father have a boat here?"

Lucas looked at her strangely,"Probably.Why?"

Katie looked down at her sleeping husband,"Just curious."

Jonathan Ford awoke to find the house had yet again fallen into darkness.His black eyes turned to find Lucas in Katie's place.

"How long have I been out?"Jonathan asked,snapping Lucas out of a light sleep.

"About a day.Give or take a few hours."Lucas replied with a yawn.

Jonathan glanced around the living room,"Where's Katie?"

Lucas looked awkward,"She made me promise not to tell."

Ford started to get a bad feeling,"Where is Katie?"

Lucas turned to look out the window,"She'd kill me."

Ford supported himself with his left arm,"Lucas,I'll kill you if you don't tell me where my wife is!"

Lucas remained silent.

Ford's fear was turning into a cold knot in the pit of his stomach,"Lucas!"

"She went after them."The teen replied quietly.

Jonathan sat bolt upright,despite the intense pain,"I don't think I heard you right."

Lucas turned to face Ford,his blue eyes worried,"She went after them."

Jonathan sank back down onto the cushions,"Where's Krieg?"

Lucas glanced around the room,"He's still here,somewhere."

"Go get him."

Lucas hesitated,"Jonathan......."

"That's an order,Lucas."

Lucas stifled a sigh.Even though Ford didn't have any power over him,the teen went in search of Ben Krieg.

Ben Krieg jumped three feet as a hand rousted him awake.He shot up out of the chair.

"I'm awake.I'm awake."

Lucas smiled,"Ben,relax its me."

Ben visible relaxed,"Lucas,you know better than to sneak up on me."He saw the look on the teen's face,"What's up?"

Lucas sighed,"Jonathan wants to talk to you."

"About what?"

Lucas glanced down the winding staircase,"About Katie."

Krieg picked up a chair from the dining room and straddled it so he was facing Jonathan.His arms resting on the back of the chair.

"I hear you want to talk to me."

Jonathan struggled into a sitting postion,"You have to stop her,Ben.Before she gets herself killed."

Ben's face turned serious,"What's she done now?"

Ford grimaced as a new wave of pain shot through him,"She took Wolenczak's boat."

Krieg felt his face pale slightly,"She didn't."

Jonathan nodded,"She did.Go get her,Ben."

"I'm sorry,Jonathan.I can't."

Ford stared at Krieg,dumfounded,"What do you mean you can't?"

"I'll blow my cover."

Ford stifled a sigh,Krieg always had a knack for setting off his temper,"The hell with your cover,Ben.This is Katie!"

"I love her too,Jonathan.But if I go racing to her rescue I'll blow my cover and get us all killed."

Ford's eyes widened at Ben's statement,"Ben,I thought the three of settled this back at Pearl."

Ben shook his head,"No,the two of you settled it."

Jonathan's black eyes held anger as he glared at Ben,"Krieg,I would be very careful about your choice of words."

Ben stood and looked out the French doors,"What the hell.I already told Katie,I might as well tell you."

Jonathan didn't like where this conversation was going,"Tell me what?"

Ben turned to face him,his brown eyes calm,"That I was still in love with your wife."

Ford stared at the man,knowing that if he had the strength he would've decked Krieg.


Just after dinner,Katie had taken the luxurious speed boat,that undoubtedly Wolenczak thought of as a row boat. With all her emotions jumbled up,she was relying on her training. But none of her training,or her year aboard Seaquest could have prepared her for going at a boat,full of heavily armed EcoTerriorists.Alone.
'What did you do on your summer vacation?'Katie thought with a laugh.
With the lights of the coastline fading behind her,she spotted a small boat,almost as big as a whailing ship.
Forcing her thoughts aside,Katie pushed the throttle all the way down feeling the boat leap forward.

As soon as she knew she was within earshot of the boat,Katie killed the engine,and coasted in.She maneuvered the speedboat toward the anchor.
She gunned her own engine just a little.Enough to send it adrift and back toward Wolenczak's dock. Katie jumped onto the iron chain,that held down the anchor.
Using all her strenghth she inched her way up. When her blue eyes looked over the railing,they widened in surprise.
A man in green fatigues was standing there and Katie found herself staring down the barrel of an assault rifle.

"Welcome aboard,Captain.We've been expecting you."


Lucas Wolenczak walked along the wooden dock.He couldn't sleep and the salt air always seemed to clear his head. He sat down on the dock,letting his bare feet dangle in the dark water. He never should have told Katie where the boat was.

Lucas laughed slightly,She would've found it anyway.Her mind was made up.And not even a speeding train could stop Katie Hitchcock when she made up her mind to do something.
He sighed and was about to head back to the house and try to get some sleep when he spotted a single headlight coming toward him.
A boat.

As it came closer Lucas saw it was his father's speed boat. The one Katie had taken out earlier.
Lucas reached out and pulled the boat into the dock. It didn't surprise him to find it empty.
Lucas leaped into the boat and shut off the roaring engine. He secured the boat to the dock and was about to go tell the others when something sparkled in the fluorescent lights. Lucas reached down and plucked the diamond up off the leather seats.
He clutched Katie's wedding ring in his hand as he ran for the house.

Jonathan Ford jerked out of a light sleep,by Lucas's alarmed shout.

He struggled into a sitting postion,"What's wrong,Lucas?"

The teen had to take a minute to catch his breath,"Boat."

Jonathan stared at him,"What about it?"

Lucas's mouth opened and closed as he tried to get some air to his lungs,"Came.....back."

Jonathan leaned forward,"Katie?"

Lucas shook his head,"Empty."

Ford's fist slammed against the armrest,"Damn!"

"Commander."Lucas said,using an old habit to get Ford's attention.He shoved Katie's ring at him.

Jonathan felt his face pale,as he gently picked up Katie's diamond wedding band,from Lucas's palm.

"This doesn't necessarily mean anything."Ben said softly.

Lucas glared at Krieg,"I think it means you're out of the loop."

Ben shook his head,"No."

"He's right,Ben."Jonathan agreed,"Think about it.When was the last time they contacted you?"

"Yesterday morning."Ben replied,looking at Katie's ring.

Ford held up the ring,"Ben,they've been playing you,ever since you came on board.You were a means to an end."

Lucas had finally caught his breath,"My father."

Jonathan turned to face the teen,"Lucas,do you have any idea at all why they might have taken him?"

Lucas laughed,"With my father's personality?"

Jonathan glared at the teen slightly,"Lucas,go into your father's lab.See what you can find out.

"What do you need me to do?"Ben asked,hating the feeling of not being in control.

Ford settled back into the couch,adjusting his badages,"I want you to tell me everything you can about the Green Berets."

Ben nodded and sat down in a chair and began to tell the story of his honeymoon.


Michael Wolenczak felt the boat begin to move.His black eyes glanced at Katie Ford's still form on the floor next to him.

He glared up at Carver,"Why don't you just let her go?You don't need her."

Noah Carver laughed softly,twilering his gun,"On the contary Doctor.I need Captain Hitchcock for extra insurance."

Michael licked his dry lips,tasting blood,"Why make them pay for my past mistakes?"

Carver's smile turned cold,"Why not?Isn't that what you did to my brother?"


Lieutenant Tim O'Neil removed his wire rim glasses off and tiredly rubbed the bridge of his nose.He had already pulled a six hour shift and it looked like with Wolenczak's distress call,he was going into extra innings.
Tim yawned and replaced his glases as he noticed something strange on his computer.
Tim leaned closer to the small screen trying to make out the wording.It looked lie it was from an ancient IBM word processer.
He realized in an instant that the coded message was from Lucas.

Tim spun his chair around,"Captian!"

Nathan Bridger glanced up from the engineering station,"Yes,Mr.O'Neil?"

"I just recieved a message from Lucas."

Bridger's blue eyes immediately lit up,"On screen."

Tim shook his head,"I don't know what computer he had to dig up to send it on,but there's not even audio."

Nathan nodded and crossed the bridge,with Security chief Jim Brody in tow.

Nathan's blue eyes narrowed in concentration,"Am I reading that right? Is that only one phrase?"

Tim nodded as he peered at the screen,"Yes,it says Green Beret."

Jim leaned over Tim's shoulder,"He sent us an S.O.S. just because he forgot a hat?"

Nathan shook his head,"No,Jim.Not a hat.The Green Berets are an Ecoterrorist group."

Tim leaned back in his chair slightly,"I thought they were forced to disband after the incident at Atlantis 2."

Jim frowned,"Atlantis 2?I think I need to bone up on my UEO history."

Nathan smiled,"Check your recent history.Atlantis 2 was a hotel complex off the Bahammas.A few years ago it was host to a UEO conference.Well,the Berets showed up fully armed and tried to take the place.At the same time a young Lieutenant fresh out of the Academy had just gotten married.Ben Krieg decided that this brand new hotel complex would be the best place to spend his honeymoon."
Tim smothered a laugh as he tried to picture Ben and Katie as husband and wife without killing each other.
Nathan smiled at Tim's reaction,"Yes,its hard to picture those two being civil to one anthor.Anyway,when Ben and Katie stepped off the launch they walked smack dab into a hostage situation.In a way they saved the world leaders,but at a high price.Katie was taken hostage and of course the great leaders of the world didn't want to risk a conflict by riding to her rescue."

"So what happened?"Brody demanded.

Tim smiled,"Well,if you let Ben tell it he came to Katie's rescue."

Nathan laughed,"In reality Katie freed herself with one of the Berets who turned against the leader."

Jim nodded letting the story sink in,"So,why did those two get divorced anyway?"

Nathan and Tim exchanged an amused glance.

"You have to know Ben Krieg."The both replied in unison.


"Hey!"Lucas Wolenczak exclaimed as he saw Jonathan Ford trying to stand.The teen quickly crossed the room as he saw the commander teeter on unsteady legs.

"You're going to do more harm than good if you try heal to quickly.Trust me,I know."

Jonathan grimaced as pain ripped through his shoulder.He glanced down and saw blood spreading through the white bandage,"Damn."

Lucas eased Ford back down onto the couch and scurried to get a towel and clean bandages.When he returned,Jonathan was bleeding heavily,the wound had torn open.

"I'm sorry,Lucas."Ford apologized wincing as Lucas removed the old bandage,"I'll replace the couch."

Lucas didn't look up from his nursing duties,"Forget the couch.My father's never uses this house anyway.He probably wouldn't notice."Lucas wrapped the white bandage around and around Ford's ribs as he said,"Where were you headed anyway?"

Jonathan felt himself inhale sharply as the tape cut into his ribs,"I had to do something.I was going crazy sitting here worrying while Katie's going through God know's what."

"You won't do her any good if you bleed to death.Now sit still."Lucas ordered as he tore off a piece of tape.

"Yes,Nurse."Ford replied with a wide smile.

Ben Krieg found himself pacing the lavish deck patio,he hated this feeling of helplessness.It was the same feeling he had on their honeymoon nearly five years ago.When he didn't know if he was ever going to see her alive again.
This whole mess had a weird feeling of Deja Vu.
Ben knew Katie could take care of herself,that's what worried him.He saw what had happened to Ford when she tried to defend herself,and this time he wasn't here to jump in front of the gun.


Katie Hitchcock Ford was becoming concerned about Michael Wolenczak.She wondered how many bruises she couldn't see. Katie knew Lucas put on a good act,but she didn't want to think of how he'd react if something happened to his father. She had seen him,when Wolenczak's underwater power station had collapsed and the station exploded.Leaving everyone to assume Wolenczak was dead.

Poor Lucas,he has,had such a hard life and she was going to do her best to make sure it didn't get any harder.
She had managed to untie her hands hours ago,but the door was bolted from the outside.There was no way she could break it. Instead she turned her attention to Lucas's father.

The dark haired man in his middle forties was tightly bond to a straight back wooden chair.His right eye was beginning to turn black and there was dried blood around his mouth.
Michael started to come around.His head moving from side to side.

"Doctor? Michael?Are you alright?"Katie asked kneeling next to the chair,"I know that's a silly question."

"Its a valid question."Michael replied with a grimace as he sat up,"I'm still in one piece.At least I think so."

Katie grinned,"That's good.Your sense of humor is intact."She sat Indian style on the cold floor,"Doctor,why are the Berets after you?"

Michael winced as he turned to face her,"I'm still trying to figure that out.How's your husband?"

Worry flickered through Katie's blue eyes,"Last time I saw him he seemed to be on the road to recovery."

Relief was in Michael's voice as his gaze returned to the door,"That's good.I'm sorry I got you involved in this mess."

Katie nodded,her blue eyes studying the room,"Let's just figure a way out.Do you have any idea where we're headed?"

Michael nodded,"I heard one of them mention the Canary Islands."

Katie did a double take,"Canary Islands?"She repeated,"What is it with these guys and the Canary Islands?"

Michael stared at her,"I didn't realize you had past history with this group?"

Katie laughed,"Oh yes,it seems like another lifetime. My first honeymoon turned into quite adventure when they took me hostage."

Michael recalling the news reports.He was begining to wonder what waited for them at the Canary


Lieutenant Jim Brody and his security teams were the first to arrive at Wolenczak's mansion. It was all too quiet for Brody's tastes.No guards,no movement at all.

Gun drawn Brody and two of his best men crept in the french doors from the beach. He was about to enter the dining room when he saw something in fatigues walk through the door.
Jim didn't think,he just squeezed the trigger.The brown haired man cried out in pain as the energy wave surged through him.His body crumpled to the floor.
Brody moved forward to check the man's pulse,and was relieved to see the stun setting sill worked.

"Lieutenant!!"One of his men,Brooks,called out,demanding his attention.

Brody quickly ran to the living room and saw Jonathan Ford's still form on the white sofa.
'Oh,no.'Brody thought to himself,he and Ford had become pretty good friends in the past few months.

"Is he alive?"He demanded.

"Alive enough to beat you at handball any day of the week."Jonathan replied with a smile,struggling into a sitting position.

"In your dreams."Jim said with a relieved laugh as he pulled out his com unit,"Med-Bay,this is Brody we have a gunshot victim here that needs some attention."

Doctor Wendy Smith's concerned voice filtered back,"On my way,Lieutenant."

Brody shut off the PAL unit and returned it to his pocket,"Jonathan,are there any more guards?I took out one on the way in."

Jonathan stared at his friend,"You didn't.Brody,he was on our side.The guy you just stunned is Ben Krieg."

Brody did a double take back at Ben's still form,"That's Ben Krieg?"

Ford could only laugh at the expression on Jim's face.


Nathan Bridger was on his way back to the Bridge when he almost collided with Wendy Smith in her rush to get to the launch bay.

Nathan steadied her,"Where are you off to?"

Wendy's brown eyes stared at him,"I thought you would have heard by now.Brody called in.He said there was a gunshot victim."

Nathan's blue eyes paled,his first thoughts flying to Lucas,"Did he say who?"

Wendy shook her head,"No."

Nathan felt his fear grow as he turned and headed for the launch bay,"Let's go."

Wendy sighed and scurried after the Captain.


Lucas Wolenczak poked his head out of his father's lab to find a gun pointed in his face.His hands automatically went above his head,"Hey guys,relax.Its just me."

The security men relaxed and dropped their guns.

"Well,that's two."Jim said as Lucas stepped out of the lab.
Brody turned to Ford who seemed to be drifting in and out.Brody slapped his face lightly,"Hey,Jonathan stay with us here.Where's Katie?Where's your wife?"

That seemed to bring Ford back around,"She tried to rescue Wolenczak and got caught.There should be a boat about a hundred miles off the coast."

Brody shook his head,"There wasn't any boat."

Ford sat straight up,"There has to be."

Jim frowned in concern,"Unless it's cloaked,no boats showed up on radar."

"Where would they take them?"Lucas wondered out loud,trying not to show he was worried.

"Take who?"Nathan Bridger asked,taking that moment to appear on the scene.

Wendy quickly moved to examine Jonathan's wound.

Nathan hugged Lucas briefly,relieved to see he was unhurt,"Are you alright?"

Lucas nodded,his blue eyes betraying his fear,"Cap,they took my father."

"And Katie."Jim added,wincing as Ford cried out in pain as
Smith moved him onto a stretcher.

Bridger glanced with concern at Ford as Smith ushered her medteam out of the mansion.

"Anybody else?"He asked Lucas.

"Just Ben."

Nathan's eyes widened,"Ben Krieg?What's he doing here?"

Lucas smiled,"Would you believe Noyce assigned him undercover duty."

Nathan stared at the teen,"Bill Noyce?"

Lucas's smile only widened.


Ben Krieg groaned as conscienceness returned.It felt like every single nerve ending was on fire. He forced his brown eyes open,wincing at the bright fluorescent light of Med-Bay.
Ben glanced to his right to see Ford sitting up in the next bed.

Jonathan grinned at his reaction,"Packs quite a wallop doesn't it?"

Ben only groaned catching Doctor Smith's attention.

"Welcome back,Mr.Krieg."Wendy said with a warm smile,"The pain should go away in a few minutes."

Ben nodded easing himself into a sitting positon,"Good to see you again,Doc."

Wendy only smiled moving toward her other patients.

Ford laughed,"Forget it Ben."

Ben stared at him,"Forget what?"

"She's way out of your league."


As soon as Wendy gave the okay,Bridger called a meeting in the conference room to see what they could do about getting Katie and Wolenczak back.
A few minutes before the meeting started,Nathan found Lucas Wolenczak staring out the viewport.His blue eyes held a far away look.

Nathan gently placed a hand on the teens shoulder,"Its okay to be worried about him."

Lucas let out a long sigh,"I don't know why I am,Cap.I know he wouldn't give me a second thought."

"Unfortunately we can't pick our parents Lucas,but that doesn't mean you stop loving them.Even when they're at their worst."

"Is this a private meeting or can anybody join?"Ben Krieg said from the doorway,a wide smile on his face.

Nathan turned around,"You,I have a few questions for."

Ben eased himself into the first chair,still sore from the stun,"Shoot."He said,then grimaced at the expression.

Nathan leaned on the table,"Ben,no offense but how on Earth did you convince Bill Noyce to let you go undercover?"

Ben unconsciencelessly put up his right hand,"Don't look at me?Noyce called me.I was happily lying on a beach in the Caribean.I guess Noyce remembered Katie and I's ill fated honeymoon."

Nathan nodded,"It makes sense it was all over the news."

Lucas had regained his composure by them and turned to face Ben,"I thought the UEO made the Green Berets disband after they tried to take everybody hostage?"

Ben nodded,"He did,but after five years time was running out so Noyce asked me to go undercover to find out what they were up to and hopefully prevent it."A shadow passed over his eyes,"I guess I didn't do a very good job."

Lucas placed his hands against the table,"Why my father?"

Ben shook his head,"I'm sorry Lucas.I never got enough trust with them to find that out."He paused for a moment remembering,"Lucas,didn't you say the name Noah Carver sounded familar to you?"

"Yeah,but do you realize how many times a year I talk to my father?I could've heard Carver's name anywhere."

Nathan glanced up as the rest of the bridge crew came in,"Keep at it,Lucas.It might be our only hope of finding them."


Both Wolenczak and Katie jumped as Noah Carver slammed the door in.

"The stakes just got raised."

Katie's blue eyes narrowed,"Why?What happened?"

Noah glared at Michael,"It seems that son of yours is too smart for his own good.He sent a distress call and the calvary's after us."

Good work Lucas,Michael thought with a smile,Maybe we'll survive this vacation.
Carver waved the gun and yanked Katie to her feet.

"We're moving.The Canaries are getting too hot."

Michael's legs collapsed under him not having stood for so long.

With Carver's attention diverted Katie took a silver necklace out of her pocket and dropped it on the floor.
Hoping that when Jonathan arrived he would find it and know they were still alive.


Nathan Bridger jumped slightly as his comscreen came to life.He had been just about to leave for the Bridge.

"Hello,Bill."Nathan said without turning around.

Noyce laughed softly,"Nathan,there's something you should know before you arrive at the Canary's."

Nathan sighed,"There always is."

"Wolenczak has to be recovered at all costs."

Nathan's blue eyes narrowed,"Why?"

Noyce looked uncomfortable,"Wolenczak was working on a project for the UEO."

Nathan felt cold fear grip him,"Nuclear?"

Noyce shook his head,"No,worse.Biological."

Nathan sat down quickly,"My God,Bill.Didn't we learn anything from the Wars?"

Noyce looked just as shaken,"I know,Nathan.Believe me if I'd known about it......"

Nathan nodded and shut off the comscreen.


Jonathan Ford glanced up from his bed in Med-Bay as Nathan came in.

"The stakes just got raised."

Ford struggled into a sitting postion,"How?"Then fear gripped him,"Did you find Katie?"

Nathan shook his head,"NOt yet.Noyce just called.Turnes out Wolenczak was working for the UEO."

Jonathan froze,"On what?"

"Biological weapons."

Jonathan started to get out of bed,"If the Berets get a hold of those...."

Nathan nodded,"I know.Why don't you get dressed we're coming up on the Canary Islands."


Katie caught Michael as he tripped over a loose board in the dock.
He smiled his thanks as Martinez and two other Berets roughly shoved them toward an ancient looking warehouse.


Jonathan Ford still very tender from his gunshot wound gingerly followed Jim Brody onto the Green Hornet.

"Looks like nobody's home."Miguel Ortiz said from Ford's right.

"Or that's what they want us to think."Brody replied reaching a huge iron door.

Brody told them to stand back as he kicked the door open.
Ford raced in,half expecting to find Katie and Wolenczak dead.
The room was empty.

"They've cleared out."Brody said lowering his gun.

Miguel saw something glitter in the fading sun.He crossed the room.

"Jonathan."Ortiz called out,"You might want to take a look at this.

Jonathan walked over to him,"What did you find?"

Ortiz held up his hand,"This."

Ford felt his face pale as he took the tiny sea turtle attached to a silver chain,"She was here."

Jim looked at him with empathy,"The question is,where did they go?"


"Lucas,how many possible destinations are there from the Canaries?"Nathan Bridger asked as he paced the bridge.

Lucas's fingers tapped away at his keyboard,"Well,there's too many if's.If they had a ship simallar to the Green Hornet they could easily have gone to Africa."Lucas stared at his screen,shaking his head in exsperation,"Cap,they could've gone anywhere.They could've gone south to Austrlia and New Zealand or they could've headed north to Mexico."

A flash of memory skirted through Nathan's mind,"Mexico?"He repeated.

Lucas's blue eyes lit up,"Cap,the Beret's have no love lost with Mexico."

Nathan nodded,"Try to pick out possible destinations.I have this feeling we're running out of time."

Bridger turned to Henderson,"Ensign,set a course for Mexico."

Loni nodded,"Aye,Sir."


Noah Carver was getting anxious and angery as he glared at Michael Wolenczak,"I grow tired of asking this,Doctor. What is the computer access code?"

Wolenczak remained silent,his black eyes the color of coal.

Katie leaned against the wooden wall of the warehouse,"You know,if I'm going to die I'd like to know what for.Something my husband can tell my son when he's old enough to ask what happened to his mother."

Michael winced,but remained silent.He never should have taken this job with the UEO.

Noah stared at her for a long moment,"Very well,Captain. You have a point.I don't think you'll consider Wolenczak a friend after you hear the story."

Katie just looked at him,her blue eyes waiting for him to continue.If only she could stall him untill Jonathan arrived with help.

"Wolenczak here is working on designs for a new breed of biological weapons."

Katie stared at Michael,"How could you?Don't you remember how many people died in the Wars?How many people were disfigured for life?"

Michael only hung his head.

Carver laughed slightly at Wolenczak's reaction,"That's right Doctor.Show your remorse now.You didn't show any when you left my brother to die."

Michael's head snapped up,"Your brother?"He repeated.

"Yes,my brother.Peter Carver remember him?He was so excited to be able to work on your ilfated power station.He couldn't believe that he had been lucky enough to work under the great Michael Wolenczak."

Katie closed her eyes remembering that day.The underwater power lines collapsing causing a chain reaction explosion at the power station.Which opened up a river of lava in the ocean floor which was heating the water.Melting the polar icecaps.Bridger having to sacrifice the first Seaquest to 'plug' the hole.

Michael felt his mouth go dry,"I'm sorry about your brother.He was a brilliant scientist."

Carver glared at him,fury on his face,"Save your condolences."

Michael had to convince him,"I didn't have any choice. Noah,your brother was already dead when the Seaquest arrived.He was killed when the first explosion hit.He died instantly."

Carver shook his head,"That's a lie!"

"No,its not."Katie protested,"I was on the Seaquest when we arrived at the station.The place was in shambles and sinking fast.Crocker barely got the survivors out.It wasn't Michael's fault."

Carver advanced on her so full of grief and anger.He slapped Katie full across the face,"When are you going to wake up,Captain!Of course its his fault.It was his idea,his great scientific achievement of the 21st century!"

Katie raised her head to face him.Feeling the pain in her jaw,but refusing to let him see he had caused her pain,"You wouldn't have tried that if I wasn't in handcuffs."

Carver laughed,"Oh,tough woman are we?"

Michael looked at her with admiration,"Yes she is Carver.I wouldn't turn you back on her for long."


"Captain,I think I've narrowed it down."Lucas called out not glancing up from his computer screen,"Ethier Acapulco or Baha."

Nathan shook his head,"Acopulco is too public.Good work,Lucas."

Bridger turned at the sound of the Clam doors opening,"Should you be out of bed?"

"I'm fine,Captain."Ford replied firmly making it clear that he wasn't being kept out of this.

Nathan nodded turning once again to Loni Henderson,"Ensign lay in a course for Baha."

Loni smiled glancing at Jonathan,"Aye,Sir."


Miguel Martinez ran a nervous hand through his curly black hair as he slipped into he warehouse.

Carver pulled him over to the wall,"You still have the C4 on the boat?"

Martinez's black eyes narrowed,"Yea,its down in the cargo hold.Why?"

Carver cast a glance at Wolenczak and Katie who were asleep,"I want you to spread it around the foundation.If the Seaquest crew tries to come to their rescue,I want this place to blow sky high."

Martinez grinned evily,"I always liked fireworks."


Jonathan Ford fought the urge to pace as he watched Jim Brody and his security team check their weapons.

Jim glanced at Jonathan,"Are you sure you're up to this?"

Ford nodded fingering the silver sea turtle in his pocket.

Brody put his equipment away and motioned for his men to board the launches.He placed a supportive hand on Ford's shoulder,"We'll get her back,Jon.I promise."

Seaquest launches MR-1,MR-6,and MR-9 docked on the dark beach.
Jim Brody,Jonathan Ford and Miguel Ortiz led the group ducking under the cover of a white rock wall.

Jim Brody was in his element as he took out his Personal Audio Link or PAL for short and began barking orders,"Brooks,take your team and go around the back of that warehouse.That's probably where they're holed up.Peters take your guys and go by that group of palm trees."

"Aye,Sir."Two voices replied then one said hesitantly,"What are you going to do?"

Brody smiled,"Take the front door of course."

Jim glanced at the group of six men behind them,"You guys ready?"

A murmur of 'Yes,Sir's' came from the group.

"Let's go."

Jim Brody and his men had barely gotten ten feet from the warehouse when the dark beach was suddenly and violently flooded with light.

Ford and Ortiz stumbled to a halt.

Carver's voice boomed from hidden speakers,"If you take one more step I'll blow this warehouse to smitherings.Taking your precious Captain with me."

Ford desperately glanced at Ortiz,"Is he bluffing?"

Miguel shook his head,"No,he's not bluffing."He looked up from his handheld computer,"Sorry,Commander there's enough C4 on that thing to take out this entire beach and maybe Baha too."

Brody stifled a sigh,this was not going to be as easy as he thought.He clicked on his PAL,"Guys,lets regroup on the beach.This thing has to have a weakness."


Katie Ford awoke with a start,recongizing the sharp sound of gunfire.She quickly moved to Wolenczak's side,knowing the calvary had arrived.

"Michael."Katie whispered prodding the scienctist,"Seaquest's here."

"Finally." Michael whispered in relief.

They both jumped at the sound of Carver's voice,then Katie realized he wasn't in the room.

Katie felt her blood freeze at Carver's threat to explode the warehouse if the Seaquest crew came any closer.

"We've got to get out of here."Katie whispered,"He's going to kill us anyway."

Michael didn't respond his black eyes fixated on the far wall of the warehouse.

Katie's blue eyes were concerned,"Michael?Are you alright?"
Wolenczak smiled,"Never better.Katie,I think I just found our escape route.

Feeling completely frustrated and helpless Jonathan Ford snatched the portable microphone from Jim Brody's hand and started toward the warehouse.

Brody tensed,"Jonathan.Get back here."

Ford ignored him deciding to try a move he had seen a dozen times over in old television cop shows,"Carver,we have the place surrounded.There's no way you can escape.Let the hostages go,and you won't get hurt."


Inside the warehouse Katie studied the loose floorboard Michael had spotted.She pried it open to find a tiny passage way.

"Looks like something drug smugglers built as an escape route."Katie said turning back to him,"Can you walk?"

Michael laughed for the first time in weeks,"Can I walk?I could run out of this place.Let's go."

Katie waited until Wolenczak eased himself down into the cement passageway then she lowered herself.


Jim Brody crept up behind Jonathan Ford hoping to do some damage control.But it was too late.The harsh light once again illuminated the beach.

Noah Carver's crazed voice vibrated through the night,"You are in no position to make demands Commander Ford.I will take great pleasure in knowing that you will feel responsible for your wife's death for the rest of your life!"

Jim Brody tackled Jonathan to the soft beach knowing what was coming.He felt the ground rock from a huge explosion as a huge orange fireball lit up the Mexican sky.

"Katie!!"Jonathan heard himself call out as he watched the warehouse burn.His black eyes wide with horror.He tried to get up,but Brody forced him back down.

"I'm sorry,Jonathan.There's no way anybody could have survived that."


The explosion on the surface was so great that the Seaquest felt the shock waves.
Lucas Wolenczak felt his face pale as he hit a few keys,calling up a picture of what was happening on the surface.

"Oh,no."Lucas whispered as he saw the huge fireball where the warehouse had been,"Dad."


As debris from the warehouse rained down on them,Jim Brody heard the faint beep of his PAL unit.He yanked it out,"Brody?"

Kevin Brooks worried voice came back,"Lieutenant,are you alright?"

"Yeah,everybody else all in one piece?"

"Yeah,we're all okay."Brooks paused and Brody could hear him talking to someone,"Lieutenant,one of my men just found Hitchcock and Wolenczak behind the warehouse.They're alive."

Brody closed his blue eyes as relief flooded over him,"Good, get them to Med-Bay.Any sign of Carver?"

"No,but he could've been anywhere when the warehouse went up.We did round up the rest of The Green Berets though."

Jim nodded starting to get to his feet,"Good.Let's get everybody back to the Seaquest."





A week later Lucas Wolenczak stood next to his father at the UEO's private resort trying not to show how happy he was that his father was alive.
Out of gratitude Noyce had given everyone two weeks paid vacation at Peral's most prestigious resort

Katie,Jonathan and Nathan Bridger walked over to the Wolenczak's.

Lucas glanced around the room,"Where's Ben?"

Katie laughed as she moved closer to Jonathan,"On some get rich quick scheme in Antarctica."

Micahel turned to Katie,"Katie,how can I repay you?"
Katie shook her head,"Its really not necessary."

A wide smile crossed Michael's face,"How about an all expense paid vacation?"

Katie and Jonathan looked at each other with mock horror,"Thanks,but no thanks Doc.I think working is a lot safer."Jonathan replied laughing softly.