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Lost Future 2 "Bermuda Lost" pt. 2/2

SeaQuest DSV
Lost Future Series
"Bermuda Lost"

By Cindy Brewer


Katie Hitchcock shivered,more from fear than the cold as she eased herself up against the cold metal wall of the sub.More than anything she hated being alone in the dark and the cold.
The last time she had seen Colin Webster he was being dragged off by a pair of Japanese men in beige military uniforms.
Katie swallowed hard as she felt bile rise in her throat.Her blue eyes closed,wondering what was wrong.She hadn't been seasick since her early days at the Acadmey.It just wasn't like her.Even back on the Clinton during the Hurricane she hadn't experienced any motion sickness.So what was this?
Probably just hypothermia,fear,lack of food,being trapped in the Triangle......

Katie hugged she thought of her husband and what he must be feeling.
Oh,Jonathan she thought as she stared at the cold gray walls,please get me out of here.


They had no sooner arrived at Melbourne when Miguel Ortiz's alarmed shout demanded Nathan's attention.

"Captain!Enemy bogey off the port bow!"Ortiz's Cuban accent clipped with tension.

Nathan did a double take as he came up behind his sensor officer,"Enemy bogy off the Port bow?"He repeated with a slight grin.

Ortiz's expression instantly became sheepish,"Sorry Captain.Too many late night's watching old moives."

Nathan laughed,"Okay,now Mr.Ortiz why don't you tell me about our friend."

The lights shimmered as the floor shook sending serval people to the floor.Red alert sirens began to scream.

Ortiz hung onto his consol as he heaved himself up into his chair,"He's defiently not our friend,Captain."Ortiz paused for a long moment as he tried to get bearings on the sub,"Its an older model Japanese sub.Markings Horace-Ray-Charlie 4578901."

Jonathan quickly entered the ID number into his computer,"Captain!The Japanese say that sub haven't been in service since 1941."

Nathan was about to reply when another torpedo rocked Seaquest.

O'Neil righted himself in his seat,straighting his headset,"Captain!They're hailing us!"

Nathan steadied himself on the armrest,"On screen,Mr.O'Neil."

Tim shook his head,"Audio only."

Ben Krieg took that moment to stagger onto the bridge,"What's going on?"He asked Lucas who was nearest to the lift.

Lucas shook his head.

"On speakers."Bridger orders.

Tim's fingers flew as he carried out the command.
A harsh cold Japanese voice filled Ford's ears.

"Americans,listen carefully.We have American prisoners on board,we will kill them if fired apon.You have one hour to send your terms of surrender."

The communication ended with a harsh click before Nathan could even open his mouth.

Jim Brody came up behind Bridger,"Did I miss something?They have the prisoners and they want us to surrender?"
Jonathan's black eyes showed his fear and worry,"They have Katie."

Nathan nodded absently trying to figure out his next move.
Nathan had a flash of insight,some might call it an idea.He whirled on Oritz.

"Mr.Oritz,flood torpedo tubes 1 and three."

Jonathan ford stared at his commanding officer in complete shock,"Captain!"He hissed,his eyes narrowed.

"Trust me,Jonathan."Nathan turned back to his Sensor chief,"Mr.Ortiz fire off their bow."


"Let's give them our answer."


Following Miguel Ortiz's command two torpedoes streaked away from the Seaquest's underbelly.
The Bridge crew braced themselves as shock waves rocked the submarine.

Tim O'Neil whirled around,"Captain,they're hailing us!"
Nathan smiled slightly,"I thought that would get their attention.Give me a link."


Nathan cleared his throat,"I'd like to make you gentlemen aware that you have just fired apon a UEO flagship,not American.And the prisoners you have are UEO officers.If they are not returned unharmed within the next hour you will suffer serious consequences."

Several long tense moments ticked by and Jonathan Ford could picture them executing Katie.

Finally the man's broken English boomed over the speakers,"My apologies Captain,we seem to have made a terrible mistake.The prisoners are unharmed and will be returned to you shortly."




Six and a half months later Jonathan Ford smiled as he leaned against the doorframe of his old bedroom.
He felt an overwhelming feeling of love as he stared at his new family.
He had a son.
Jonathan still couldn't quite believe it.
He glanced at Katie asleep on the single bed with week old Joshua Ford asleep on his mother's stomach.
He crossed over to the bed and gently picked up his new son.As he stared down at Joshua's small face,he couldn't help but feel humble.Seven months ago he thought he had lost everything,now.......

Katie stirred and her eyes opened.,she smiled at the sight that met them,"Hi."

Jonathan shifted Joshua in his arms so he could pull a chair over to her bedside,"Hi."After sitting,he leaned over and kissed her deeply.

"How are you feeling?"Jonathan asked with concern.He knew the birth had been difficult for her.

Katie winced as she eased herself up into a sitting postion,"Very sore,but happy."She gently touched Jonathan's face,"More happy than I ever thought I could be."

Jonathan took her hand,"When I thought I lost you,"He paused as he looked at their son,"And then I found out you were pregnant.I thought my world had ended."

"Oh,Jonathan.I'm sorry,I kept wishing there was some way to contact you....."

Jonathan gently rested a finger on her lips,"I never ever want to go through that kind of pain again.I want you to promise me that you will never put yourself in unnessary danger."

Katie's blue eyes started to flare,"Jonathan...."

Jonathan smiled and shook his head,"Before you get all tense,I'm not pulling a Ben number on you.I'm not asking you to give up your career.I know how much it means to you.I just want you to be careful."

Katie relaxed a little,"I always am."Katie let her son grasp her fore finger,"That goes for you too,Commander.I don't want this little guy to grow up without a father because his Dad decided to play hero."

Jonathan's gaze drifted down to Joshua,"I'll be twice as careful now that I have a family to come home too."
He glanced lovingly at his wife,"Can you picture someone calling us Mom and Dad?"

Katie laughed,"Its scary isn't it?We have a lot to talk about,Jonathan."

Jonathan nodded as he gently handed Joshua to his mother,"I know,Katie but lets take this one day at a time,okay?"

Katie nodded looking sleepy,"Okay."

Jonathan gently kissed his wife on the forehead as she quickly drifted off to sleep.He took Joshua and pulled the comforters up around Katie.

Jonathan Ford smiled as he placed his son in the nearby crib.He was terrified that this happiness he and Katie had would vanish as soon as he woke up the next morning. But so far it hadn't.
Jonathan smiled softly knowing that with Joshua their future was secure and happy no matter what adventures life through at them.