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"Second Star to the Right"

By Cindy Brewer
A ST:Voyager,ST:NG and DS9 crossover story This is a sequel to "Forget-Q-Not"

Captain Kathryn Janeway smiled as she walked down the corridor toward Holodeck2. For once crew morale was high and even seven of nine seemed to be fitting into the Voyager family. Janeway paused outside the door to straighten her dress uniform. Today was a special day for the Voyager family. As Captain she was about to preform one of her more pleasureable duties. She glanced up as her second in command joined her,”Chakotay.” The former Macqui grinned as he awkwardly adjusted the stiff collar of his dress uniform,”Ready,Kathryn?” She returned his smile,”After you,Commander.” Chakotay placed an arm around her waist and together they walked into the holodeck. *********************************************************** Ensign Harry Kim had to quickly supress a laugh as he watched his friend practicly bounce off the walls of his quarters. “Go ahead and laugh.”Tom Paris snapped as he started pacing again. From the door,to the sofa,to the coffee table and back again. Not being able to surpress it any longer Harry Kim did just that. “I’m sorry Tom.”Harry said when he finally regained his composure. Paris glared at him,”No you’re not.” Kim nodded,”Yes,I am. Its your day I shouldn’t have laughed.” Tom sighed as he sank down onto the couch,”Its alright Harry, if I were in your place I’d probably be laughing at me too.”He sprang to his feet and started pacing,”This waiting is killing me.” Harry grinned,”You’re only getting married,Tom,not fighting the Borg single handed.” Tom glared at him,”We’ll see who’s grinning when its your turn.” “Janeway to Kim.” Harry hit his combadge,”Go ahead,Captain.” “We’re ready here. How’s Tom holding up?” Harry’s grin turned into a smile,”He’s bouncing off the walls,Captain.” Laughter crept into Janeway’s voice,”Sounds normal,Harry. Try to get him to the holodeck in one piece.” Paris glowered as Harry replied,”Yes Ma’am. We’re on our way.” After a final check in the mirror Tom paused in the doorway,”One word about B’Elanna and I being an old married couple and I’ll tell Seven about what happened to you on your fourth birthday.” Harry blanched as he followed Paris into the corridor,”You wouldn’t!” For the first time all day a grin crossed Tom’s face,”Try me.” ***************************************************************** “Ouch!”B’Elanna Torres shouted as she whirled on her maid of honor,”You’re supposed to be sewing the dress not assimilating me!” Seven-of-nine gracefully hid a smile as she paused from making the final adjustments on B’Elanna’s wedding gown. “I apoligize.”The young blonde woman replied as she returned to her task,”But I am new at this. I still do not understand why you did not replicate a gown that was the proper size.” The half klingon woman whirled around nearly knocking the former Borg over in the process,”For the last time,I tried to but Tuvok being a typical Vulcan picked this week of all weeks to shut the replicators down for diagnostic!” Seven straghtened returning to her previous postion needle in hand,”That diagnostic has been scheduled for months. As Chief Engineer you would have had to approve the work crews.” B’Elanna turned sheepish as she absently smoothed the white folds of her dress,”I apoligize. You’re right I did know about the diagnostics I’ve just been a little preoccupied the last few months.” “I hadn’t noticed.” A soft door chime interupted the women’s bantering. “Who’s there?”B’Elanna called as she tried to step off the stool but Seven-of-nine held her firmly in place as she tried to finish off a stich. Chakotay smiled as he walked into the room,”Only me.”He replied as he walked over to the nervous bride to be,”How are you holding up?” Torres tried to smile but failed,”I can’t believe I’m this nervous about a stupid cermony. Tom and I have talked about this for months, made plans for months. So why do I feel like I have elephants playing basketball in my stomach?” Chakotay laughed,”Because relaity’s starting to sink in.,”he glanced down at the former Borg,” How are you holding up Seven?” The blonde woman smiled as she stood,”Better than the bride,”She replied looking down at the needle in her hand,”Or the dress at the moment.” Chakotay looked at Torres,”It looks beautifal to me.”The former macqui replied as he helped B’Elanna down off the stool,”*You* look beautifal.” B’Elanna blushed,”Thankyou.”She replied then turned to the mirror to adjust her veil. Chakotay glanced at the chronometer on the replicator,”Its almost time. You ready?” Torres smiled as she turned to face him,”As I’ll ever be.” Chakotay placed an arm around her shoulders as he walked them to the door.Seven followed keeping a respectful distance. “You do realize *who* you’re about to marry,don’t you?”Chakotay asked with a grin. B’Elanna returned the smile,”Yes.” Chakotay gently touched her left cheek with concern when he saw her smile falter,”What is it? Has Paris said something to hurt you?” B’Elanna shook her head as she took a step back from him,”No, Tom’s been wonderful. I was just wishing someone could be here to share this day with us.” “Hunter.”Chakotay confirmed as he remembered Tom and B’Elanna’s ‘son’. B’Elanna angerily swiped at a tear that had escaped,”But we both know that thanks to Q that can’t happen so there’s no point on dwelling on it.” She glanced at her matron of honor,”You ready for your first wedding,Seven?” Seven cocked her head to the right in a completely borg like manner,”Of course.” Torres chuckled as she turned back to Chakotay,”Let’s get this over with.” ************************************************** The holodeck was designed to show a typical late twentith century catholic church. Beautifal woodwork,stained glass,raised ceilings,the whole nine yards. At the moment though Tom Paris noticed none of it. As Voyager’s young helsman stood at the altar next to Janeway his stomach was completly in knots. His head pounded with more rythm than a Rolling Stones record. His hands felt clamy and he just knew sweat was pouring off him in a river. Tom jumped three feet as a hand clamped down on his left shoulder. Kathryn Janeway laughed,”Tom will you please calm down? I’ve seen androids that were more relaxed.” Paris glared at her slightly but a smile finally crossed his face,”Sorry Captain. I don’t know why I’m so nervous. B’Elanna’s the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.” Janeway patted his arm reassuringly,”Perfectly normal reaction to becoming a husband.” Tom started,”Husband?”he paused shaking his head in amazement,”Guess I better get used to that. Which reminds me Captain,I’ve been meaning to thankyou.” Now it was Kathryn’s turn to be surprised,”Thank me? For what?” “For what my life is,for what its about to become.”Tom replied seriously,”If you hadn’t dragged me out of that prison camp I never would have met B’Elanna....”his expression turned bitter sweet as a memory caught him,”Or had those precious weeks with Hunter.” “Or gotten stuck in the Delta quadrent thousands of lightyears from home with no hope of rescue.”Janeway replied with a grin as she squeezed his hand,”You’re very welcome Tom. Its been an honor serving with you. You’re a tremendous assest to this crew and a good friend.” “Any more statements like that Captain and I’ll have to preform an operation to shrink his head.”The Doctor commented with his ususal brand of sarcasm. “Very funny Doc,very funny.”Tom replied as the hologram approached. With a sheepish expression Harry tapped Paris on the shoulder,”Uh Tom......” Tom waved him off,”Just a minute Harry.......” “I can’t find the ring.”Kim interjected gaining everyone’s attention. Paris whirled around advancing on his best man,”What do you *mean* you can’t find the ring?!” Harry took a step back as he continued to hunt through his uniform,”Take it easy Tom I’m sure its here somewhere.” “Mr. Kim you only have two pockets.”The doctor pointed out,”How far could a small circular object have gotten?” “Maybe its back in your quarters.......”Harry suggested not meeting Paris’s gaze. “You better hope so.”Tom replied as he took a few more steps toward the ensign fist clenched. Janeway placed a restraining hand on Tom’s shoulder as she said calmly,”Harry,what’s that around your neck?” Kim looked at his commanding officer blankly,”Around my neck?” The doctor rolled his eyes,”Yes,Mr. Kim,the gold metalitc object with several small links in it. More commonly known as a chain.” Harry glared at the hologram before almost literally slapping himself on the forehead,”Oh that’s right! I placed the ring on a chain so I wouldn’t have any chance of loosing it.” The group watched as Kim triuphently prouduced the small gold band encrested with a single diamond. Relief washed over Tom’s face as he clamped his friend on the shoulder,”Harry,are you *trying* to give me a heart attack?” Before Harry could reply the wedding march began to play. Janeway smiled,”I think that’s our cue. Everyone in their places.” ********************************************************** In the Continium....... Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or so the saying goes. The former wife of Q watched the human wedding ceramony with amusement. She wasn’t scorned. She didn’t care if Q turned into the atom particle he deserved to be. Her so called mate had left,taken her son to parts unknown after the unfortunate event on Voyager. Hanging around those humans had given Q morales. She stood and began to pace the small room. He said she had gone over the line using the Q childern the way she had. He had said they were innocent beings not ready for the kind of emotional manipulation she had put them through when sending them to Voyager. Innocent? Ha. They were childern of the Q after all. She smiled as she came to a stop a plan had started to form. A deliteful way to have some fun with those morality filled humans her mate held so dear. ************************************************************ “Do you Thomas Eugene Paris take B’Elanna Gertrude Torres to be your lawfully wedded wife?” Tom did a double take at the woman standing in front of him,”Gertrude?”He repeated with a grin that earned a slap on the arm from his bride to be. “It was my grandmother’s name.”B’Elanna hissed. “We’ve known each other for how long and you never told me your middle name?”Tom asked his smile getting wider. He knew it was their wedding day but he just couldn’t resist teasing her. Just a little. Torres glared at him,”You never asked.” Kathryn Janeway cleared her throat and repeated her question,”Do you Thomas Eugene Paris take B’Elanna Torres to be your lawfully wedded wife?” Tom’s face instantly turned serious as he met B’Elanna’s gaze,”I do, with all my heart.” Janeway smiled catching Chakotay’s gaze in the first row before turning her attention back to the ceremony,”Do you B’Elanna Torres take Thomas Paris to be your lawfully wedded husband?” B’Elanna smiled the rest of the world seeming to drop away as she met Tom’s gaze,”I do.” “Good.”Janeway said as she turned to the best mam and the matron of honor,”Harry,Seven,the rings?” “Tom,slip the ring on B’Elanna’s finger and repeat after me.”Janeway ordered as she took the ring from Harry and handed it to the groom. “I think I can handle that.”Tom replied willing his hands not to shake as he slipped the gold ring on B’Elanna’s left hand. “I Tom......” “I Tom,”Paris repeated. “Take you B’Elanna......” “Take you B’Elanna.” “To be my lawfully wedded wife.......” “To be my lawfully wedded wife.” “I promise to love,honor and cherish......” Tom squeezed her hand tightly,”I promise to love,honor and cherish.” “For richer for poorer......” “For richer for poorer.” “In sickness and in health.......” “In sickness and in health.” “For long as we both shall live......” Tom smiled,”For as long as we both shall live.” Janeway handed B’Elanna Tom’s ring,”Now B’Elanna,place the ring on Tom’s hand and repeat after me.” B’Elanna slipped the matching ring on Tom’s left hand. “I B’Elanna take you Tom......” “I B’Elanna take you Tom.” “To be my lawfully wedded husband.......” “To be my lawfully wedded husband.” “To love,honor and cherish......” “To love honor and cherish.” “For richer and for poorer......” “For richer and for poorer.” “In sickness and in health......” “In sickness and in health.” “For as long as we both shall live......” B’Elanna squeezed Tom’s hand as she repeated the last vow,”For as long as we both shall live.” “I now pronounce you man and wife.”Janeway announced with a smile,”Tom you may kiss your bride.” Cheers went up as Mr. and Mrs. Tom Paris kissed for the first time as husband and wife. As B’Elanna and Tom turned to face their friends Janeway said,”Ladies and gentleman may I present,Mr. and Mrs. Tom Paris.” Torres took the lead as they headed back down the isle. Tom grinned as rice rained down on the couple. ************************************************** “Alone at last.”Tom said as they escaped into the turbolift. B’Elanna encirled her husband’s neck with her arms as she moved closer to him,”Finally.” “Destination?”The turbolift prompted. Tom glared at the computer slightly for the interuption,”Mess hall.” Paris leaned down and kissed his new wife passionately,”Any regrets, Mrs. Paris?”He asked when they finally came up for air. B’Elanna smiled as she tenderly brushed a stray dark blond bang away from his forehead,”None,Mr. Paris.” /Mother,help me./ B’Elanna nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Hunter’s voice. Tom caught the look in her eyes as his hand gently carassed her cheek,”B’Elanna,what is it?” Torres forced a smile as she moved closer trying to shake off the cold feeling that suddenly grasped her heart,”Its nothing.” Tom could tell something was bothering her,”Remember our promise? No secrets?” “I’m fine,Tom.”B’Elanna assured him just as the turbolift came to a halt,”Honest,I couldn’t be happier.” “Alright.”Tom replied placing a gentle kiss on her forehead as they walked out of the lift toward the mess hall,”I love you,Mrs. Paris.” B’Elanna smiled softly,”I love you too,Tom.” “Come on,”Tom said breaking the mood with a smile,”I heard Chakotay promised to do the chicken dance.....I want that on video.” B’Elanna laughed and followed her new husband into the mess hall. ***************************************************************** “Well,Kathryn it looks like everyone is having a great time.”Chakotay commented as he sat down next to her at a far table. Janeway smiled as she watched the crew dance,”Yes,its about time Voyager had something to celebrate.” “Ever seen a Borg dance?”He asked with a grin. Janeway looked at her second in command,”What?” Chakotay gestured to the dance floor with his champagne glass,”Harry just dragged Seven out onto the dance floor.” Kathryn smothered a laugh as she watched Seven of nine trying to do a waltz without stomping on Harry’s feet or tripping over her own. “If anyone can master it quickly Seven can.”Janeway replied as she took a sip of champagne. Chakotay took her hand in his,”I haven’t seen you out on the dance floor yet.” Janeway set her glass down,”This is the first slow song they’ve played I don’t dance to fast one’s very well.” Chakotay grinned as the next song came on,a fast paced dance mix,”No time like the present to learn.”He said as he stood offering her his hand,”Kathryn,may I have this dance?” Janeway giggled,”Yes,my lord.”She replied as she accepted his hand and together they made their way out onto the crowded dance floor. ******************************************************* /Mother,help me,please./ B’Elanna blinked. Hearing Hunter’s voice in her head was unnerving to say the least. Why was this happening? Today of all days? Shaking off the voice B’Elanna buried herself deeper into Tom’s arms as they danced to a slow Celine Dion song. Nerves,that’s all it was. As Chakotay had said earlier,it was reality sinking in,nothing more. Hunter was fine,playing happily in the Q continum where he belonged. With others of his kind. After all he wasn’t her son. She hadn’t given birth to him. But she had loved him just the same. “You’re thinking about Hunter,aren’t you?”Tom’s soft voice asked. B’Elanna jumped as she pulled back to look at him,”I tried not to, but he was such a big part of why we are here today.” Tom nodded and B’Elanna could clearly see her own pain mirrored in his blue eyes,”Its alright,our son has been on my mind most of the day as well.” Torres felt something tug at her heart strings as Tom said the phrase ‘our son’,”I just wish he could be here to share this day with us.” Tom nodded as he tightened his arms around her waist. He would never forget the pain he felt when the doctor told him he would have to choose. Save the love of his life or save Hunter. He placed his hand over her heart,”He is here,in our hearts,our memories.” “Sorry to interupt you two lovebirds,”Voyager’s morale officer interjected as he approached the couple,”But its time to cut the cake.” Tom grinned at the talaxon,”We’ll be right there,Neelix.” Neelix nodded,”Of course.” /Mother,please.It hurts so much./ After Neelix disappeared into the crowd B’Elanna pulled away from Paris,”Tom you go ahead,I’ll catch up with you in a few minutes.” Tom’s blue eyes darkend with concern,”You alright?” Torres forced a smile,”I’m fine,just have to freshen up my makeup.” Tom squeezed her shoulder,”Okay,don’t be too long.” B’Elanna nodded and quickly made her way to the door of the mess hall. *********************************************************** Once outside the mess hall B’Elanna stopped not quite sure where she was headed. /Get a grip,Torres./She chidded herself,/Its only your wedding day, not exam day at the academy./ Just as she turned to go back inside she spotted something at the far end of the corridor. “Oh my God.”B’Elanna said as she gathered her dress and ran toward the still form. It was Hunter. “Hunter?”She asked as she fell to her knees next to the boy,struggling to keep the fear out of her voice. The boy appeared to be about ten,with Tom’s red hair and blue eyes and her klingon ridge. His eyes were closed tightly and he was curled into a fetal postion. Gently she smothed back his hair,”Hunter? Can you hear me?” Fear grabbed her heart in a vicegrip when he didn’t respond. Automaticly B’Elanna reached up to slap her combadge before remembering that she wasn’t wearing it. Standing Torres raced to the nearest com unit halfway down the corridor,”Torres to Sickbay!” In the messhall the doctor raised a surprised eyebrow,”Lieutenat? I’m at your wedding reception,where are you?” “Out in the corridor I need.......” Before B’Elanna could finish her sentance both mother and son vanished in a brilliant flash of white light. ********************************************************* Quickly setting down his glass of champgne the doctor moved through the crowd trying to locate the new groom. Finally spotting Tom near the galley the doctor picked up his pace. “Mr. Paris.......” Tom glanced up at the hologram an ear to ear grin on his face,”Doc! Glad you could make it. Neelix here is giving me tips on the right way to cut a cake.” The doctor grabbed Paris’s arm yanking him away from the cake,”I just got a medical summons from your bride.”He reported in a whisper. Tom nearly dropped the knife,instead he quickly set in on the table,”She’s hurt?!”He asked fear in his voice,”Where?” The doctor was already moving,”Hallway. The conversation was terminated before I could determine what was wrong.” Tom swallowed hard,”Terminated?” Catching Tom’s expression Tuvok met them at the door,”Is something wrong,Lieutenant?” Tom ignored him as he pushed his way into the hallway. “B’Elanna?!”Tom called as the trio found the hallway deserted. “Are you sure she said this corridor?”The vulcan security officer asked calmly. The hologram scanned the hallway,”Well the mess hall was loud,but I am postive she said this hallway.” “So where is she?!”Tom demanded whirling on them his fear for B’Elanna growing by the minute. She’d never leave,not today. She’d never leave unless something was really wrong. Damn,he knew she was bothered by something he should have pressed the matter. If anything had happened to her....... “What is that?”The doctor’s question drew Paris from his thoughts. “What?”Tom demanded following the hologram’s gaze. “There’s something at the far end of the corridor.”Tuvok confirmed starting toward the object. But Tom was already moving,with the combination of fear and adrenline he reached the end of the corridor in seconds. “Oh God.”Tom said softly as he knelt next to the object. It was B’Elanna’s wedding bouquet. All her favorite flowers....orchids, daiseys,yellow roses. In an almost un-vulcan move Tuvok placed a reassuring hand on Paris’s right shoulder,”I’ll start a search immeaditely.” Paris barely acknowledged him as the vulcan left. His blue gaze focused on the flowers in his hand. As if they could tell him what had happened to his wife. “Tom,what’s going on?”Janeway asked with concern as she joined Tom at the end of the hallway,”Where’s B’Elanna?” Some how he found the voice to answer her,”She’s missing.” Janeway blinked,”Missing? How?” The doctor picked up the story,”A few minutes ago I recieved a somewhat frantic call from B’Elanna. She said she needed medical assistance and was in this hallway. By the time I found Mr. Paris and alerted him to the situation the hallway was empty.” “All we found was this.”Tom said in a choked voice as he held up the flowers. A frown crossed Kathryn’s face.This situation had an all too familar ring to it.She placed a reassuring arm around Tom’s shoulder,”Don’t worry Tom,we’ll find her.I promise you that,we will find her.” *************************************************************** B’Elanna Torres--Paris awoke with a groan. Her head felt like it was three sizes to big. One thought worked its way into her conscienceness. /Hunter./ With a start B’Elanna sat straight up as the memories returned full force. As the world swam before her she realized she had sat up just a little too fast. After a few minutes she opened her eyes again,this time everything was in focus. However there was no sign of her son. Or anyone else for that matter. The space she was in was no bigger than the averge jefferies tube. The walls were a deep blue color.The ceiling the same color was only a few inches above her head. As she stood,careful of the low ceiling,B’Elanna realized she was no longer wearing her white wedding dress. In its place was a simple one piece red dress with short sleeves. The dress came to just below her knees. Fury weld up inside the engineer as she started toward what lookedlike the front of the room,but there was no door. “Show yourselves!”B’Elanna yelled as she slammed her fist against the wall,”I demand to know why I’ve been taken here!” When only silence answered her Torres kicked the wall in frusteration. Pain soared through her right foot as she hobbled around leaning her back against the wall. She slid down to the floor drawing her knees to her chest. B’Elanna’s thought’s drifted to Tom,her new husband of less than two hours. God what he must be thinking. Hell,he might not even know she was missing yet. She could only hope he knew in his heart that she would never leave. Torres rested her head on her knees,/Some wedding day this had turned out to be./ ******************************************************************* For the hundredth time in the last hour Kathryn Janeway comtimplated putting Tom Paris in the brig untill they had more information on what had happened to B’Elanna. There’d be less damage to the ship that way. Not that she blammed him,she could feel his pain,the whole crew could. B’Elanna was not just his wife.She was their friend,part of their family. In the last thirty minutes Janeway had lost count of how many dishes had smashed against the walls of the mess hall. Now she sat next to Tom on one of the tables close to the windows. One arm around his shoulders as he stared down at his hands. The rest of the hall was deserted. “I’m sorry Captain,I can’t believe I lost it like that.”Tom said in a voice barely above a whisper. “Its perfectly understandable,”Janeway replied,”Tuvok did say the long rang sensor reports were preliminary.” Tom nodded as he raised his head to look out at the stars,”I’ll pay for the dishes.” “Don’t worry about that now.”Janeway soothed,”Why don’t you try to get some rest? I’m sure the doctor can prescribe a sedative......” Tom lept up off the chair jesturing toward the starscene behind,”Sleep?! Captain,there’s no way I could sleep.”He paused forcing himself to calm down. “Let me in on the search,Captain.”Tom pleaded,”Tuvok said there were no ships in the area,but that doesn’t mean they aren’t using some kind of cloaking device we can’t detect.” Janeway hesitated.He was right they could certainly use his help but Tom was far too emotionally involved,”Tom,I.......” “If its about my actions earlier,I apoligize.”Tom replied,”Hell if it’ll make a difference I’ll do kitchen duty for Neelix for the rest of the way home. Please Cap,don’t make me sit on my hands and do nothing while God knows what is happening to B’Elanna........” Janeway sighed inwardly,”Alright Tom.” Tom’s face lit up,”Thankyou,Captain I promise you won’t regret it.” Whatever Kathryn’s reply was it was interupted by Chakotay’s call. “Bridge to Janeway.” “What have you found Commander?”Janeway asked standing. Chakotay’s voice was neutral,”I think you better come see for yourself.” She glanced at Tom before repling,”We’re on our way.” ************************************************************ “I should’ve known you were behind this.”B’Elanna said angerily to the woman standing a few feet away. The brown haired woman merely smiled,”Now isn’t that a quaint human saying.” Torres glared at Q’s mate as she stood,”Where is Hunter?” “All in good time,Lieutenant.” B’Elanna advanced on her captor eyes flashing,”No! You’re going to tell me where he is!” “My,my,we must think of one’s self very highly to think you can make such demands.” B’Elanna was having a hard time keeping a reign on her infamous klingon temper,”You’re the one who started this whole thing by bringing those childern onto Voyager! What did we ever do to you?!” “You exsisted.”Was the woman’s only reply before disappearing in a brilliant flash of white light. ************************************************************** It took a full security team to restrain Tom Paris. All eyes of the bridge crew were focused in front of the captain’s chair. Q had center stage,just how he liked it. “Kathy,can’t you control your boyscout any better?”Q asked with a smug smile,”He’s far too high strung for my tastes.” “High strung?!”Tom repeated before Janeway could open her mouth. A warning glare from Tuvok kept Tom in his place. Janeway however didn’t have much more paitentce for Q than Tom. “You have less than two seconds to get off my ship.” Geniune suprise showed on the alien’s face,”Kathy,is that anyway to greet a friend?” “Friend?”Tom spat breaking free momentarily of the security team,”No friend would maniuplate our lives the way you have! To you and your wife we’re all just chess pieces!” “One more word out of you Mr. Paris and I’ll retract my earlier offer.”Captain Janeway said quietly without turning around. Tom opened his mouth to protest,but quickly shut it. As much as he wanted to throttle Q for the pain he had brought on this ship now was not the time or the place. For all he knew Q was his only chance at getting B’Elanna back alive. “Would you like me to escort Mr. Paris to his quarters?”Tuvok asked calmly. Janeway shook her head,”That won’t be necassary,Tuvok.Tom and I have come to an agreement.”She turned her full attention on the being standing in front of her,”You’re still here,Q.” Genuine confusion met her stern gaze,”Kathy,you’ve hurt my feelings.”Q began as he started to pace the small area in front of the view screen,”I came here out of friendship.” “What’d she do Q?”Tom asked forgetting Janeway’s warning earlier,”Did she kick you out and take your son to parts unknown?” Q blinked,”Kathy,Commander Wilderness,what is he babbling about?” Tom began to walk down the small ramp toward the command chair,”Is that why she’s kidnapped my wife?!” “Tom.....”Janeway said warningly. Paris stopped a few feet from his commanding officer.He looked from Q to Janeway and back again before taking off his combadge,”Don’t worry Captain,I’m through here.”He threw the combadge into the captain’s chair. “Tom.”Chakotay began taking a step toward the helsman,”This isn’t....” Paris threw up his arms,”Look at us,Chakotay! We’re all standing here making small talk with the very type of being that could have killed B’Elanna!!” “Tom,we don’t know that.”Janeway replied quietly turning to face the young man.

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