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“Exactly my point,Captain.”Tom stated his blue eyes throwing a glare at Q as he turned to leave,”Its been nearly three hours and with all our technology we still have no idea what’s happened to her. No idea if she’s alive or dead!” Chakotay placed a supportive hand on Paris’s right shoulder,”We’re doing our best,Tom.” Tom shook him off as he approached Q stopping just inches from the alien,”If she’s dead,I’ll kill you.” Q smiled slightly,”Is that a threat,boyscout?” “No,”Tom replied quietly,”Its a promise. I will kill you even if I have to chase you to the ends of the galaxy to do it.” *********************************************************** “Mother!” B’Elanna jumped at hearing her son’s familiar voice outloud. She whirled around to see Hunter standing at the far end of the room,his arms outstreched. Torres ran toward him delighted to see him unhurt,”Hunter! Are you alright?” Before the boy could reply he vanished in a familiar flash of white light. “Damn.”B’Elanna swore softly as she hit the wall with her fist. “You demanded to see the boy now you have.”Mrs. Q stated as she materialized a few feet from the engineer. Anger flared in B’Elanna’s eyes as she advanced on the other woman,”You have no right to do this!” The female Q chuckled as she elevated herself several feet into the air,”No right? My dear I have every right.”She spread her arms wide,”I am a part of the all powerful Q after all. And we can do whatever our heart desires.” “I didn’t think you had a heart.”B’Elanna replied bitterly. Mrs. Q’s only reply was cold laughter as she disappeared leaving B’Elanna alone once again. ****************************************************************** “Mr. Tuvok.”Captain Kathryn Janeway ordered her focus completely on the alien being in front of her. To keep the upper hand in this situation she needed full control. The vulcan had already antcipated her order and had a firm grip on Tom Paris’s right arm,”Lieutenant Paris.” Tom jerked his arm away from the security chief his blue eyes sending a pleading glance at Janeway,”Captain......” Janeway turned slightly to face him,”Tom,go with Tuvok.” “Captain,please........” Kathryn moved to the helsman’s side,”Tom,”She began placing a supportive hand on his shoulder,”I need you to go with Tuvok right now. I promise you I will alert you the minute we find anything.” Tom glared at Q,”Sure Captain,whatever.” Tuvok placed a hand on Paris’s shoulder to urge him forward but Tom shook him off angerily. “I think I can find my quarters by myself,Tuvok!”Tom shouted as he stalked off the bridge. **************************************************************** “Commander,let’s move this little gathering to the ward room, shall we?”Janeway ordered as she moved toward the turbolift. Chakotay nodded,”Agreed.Harry you have the bridge.” The ensign nodded,”Yes,Sir.” *************************************************** Once in the corridor Tom ducked around a corner. /Only one security guard,Tuvok?/Paris thought wrily,/Its nice to be trusted./ The young black haired man never saw what hit him. “Why do I feel like I’m in a bad spy movie?”Tom muttered as he dragged the security guard’s unconsicience form to an unused storage room a few feet away. ****************************************************************** “Didn’t you just leave?”B’Elanna asked sarcasticly as she was mometarily blinded by a familiar flash of white light. Mrs. Q smiled coldly and with a snap of her fingers produced a hypodermic needle filled with a pink liquid. “I’ve grown tired of your constant sarcastic remarks.”The female Q announced as she walked toward the engineer. B’Elanna swallowed hard as she saw the needle but she was determined not to let the witch see her fear,”Well there’s one sure way to end it. Send me back.” Q shook her head,”I can think of one other way.”She replied as she lowered the needle. Torres tried not to wince as the needle pricked her skin. As the liquid flooded into her veins darkness quickly overcame her. B’Elanna’s last thoughts were of her voyager family. ************************************************************* Kathryn Janeway willed herself not to jump as Q suddenly materialized in a sitting postion on the table before her,”Q!” Q grinned,”I would have come through the door,Kathy,but this way is so much more fun,don’t you think?” Kathryn stiffled a sigh as she looked past Q to the nearly empty conference room. Only two of the other chairs were filled. Janeway sat down in the chair so she was eye level with Q,”We have a small crisis on our hands here,Q so if you’re not here to help you know where the door is.” Q merely smiled as he elevated himself a few feet,”You know I’d do anything for you,Kathy.” Chakotay leaned over to his commanding officer,”Captian,I hate to say it but I’m begining to agree with Tom. This isn’t getting us anywhere.” Chakotay blinked in surprise as Q was suddenly in his face,”Commander Wilderness I’m deeply hurt that you would not even consider my olive branch.” Chakotay glared at the alien,”You’ve hardly been trustworthy in the past Q.” Q ignored him as he turned his attention back to the Captain of Voyager,”Now Kathy from what I gathered from the boyscout’s ouburst is that my signifigant other has caused a wee bit of trouble?” “That I believe is an understatement.”Tuvok replied drily. Janeway hid a smile,”Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres had just gotten married earlier this afternoon.” Q pushed himself back several feet a hand covering his heart,”A wedding? Kathy you had a wedding and didn’t invite moi? You know how much I love weddings.”He replied as in a flash his attire became a full tuxedo complete with top hat. Chakotay lept to his feet brown eyes flashing with anger,”I’ve had enough of your light shows Q! Your wife or whatever she’s calling herself now has kidnapped a member of our crew! You have less than five minutes to reveal her location!” Q’s smile vanished,”Or you’ll *what*,Commander?Shoot me?”The godling chuckled as he floated near the security chief,”Besides what makes you think my mate confides anything of importance in me?” “Ensign Wilochez to Tuvok?” Tuvok instantly hit his combadge frowning as he recognized the voice,”Go ahead Ensign.” “I’m sorry Sir,I don’t know what happened.”The young man’s words gained speed as he tried to explain what had occured,”One minute Paris is in front of me and the next I wake up in one of the cargo lockers with a headache the size of fort knox.” Tuvok met Janeway’s gaze before repling,”Understood Ensign. Have the doctor check you out.” “Yes Sir.”The young man’s defeated voice answered before the com link went silent. ************************************************************** In the Alpha quaderant /Beep/ “Chief,the replicators on decks 7-15 are down again.”Major Kira Nerius’s annoyed voice drifted down through the com channel. Miles O’Brien sighed inwardly,”Its on my list,Major.”The Irish man replied with what he hoped was a non-sarcastic tone,”Anything else?” A smile almost crept into the Bajorian’s voice,”Not at the moment, Chief. There is a senior staff meeting at 17:00.” “I’ll be there.”O’Brien replied ending the conversation as he crossed through Quark’s bar and into one of the less traveled smaller corridors of the space station. Miles nearly tripped over the still form of a starfleet officer. The woman started to come around as the chief of operations turned her over. O’Brien went on the defensive when he didn’t recognize the face before him. “Who are you?”O’Brien demanded chidding himself for not bringing a phaser with him,”You’re wearing a starfleet uniform but there are no ships in the docking ring at the moment.” The Klingon woman only stared blankly at him as she struggled to orienent herself. O’Brien studied the young woman before him,”You have an engineering signia but you’re not part of my crew so where the hell did you come from?” As if coming out of quicksand B’Elanna struggled to focus on the man’s voice. He was demanding something. No asking. Asking who she was. Fighting back the effects of whatever drug Lady Q had given her Torres struggled into a sitting postion her voice coming out a dry croak. “I-I’m Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres. Chief Engineer of the federation starship Voyager.” O’Brien blinked at the familiar name,”Voyager? That’s impossible. Voyager disappeared nearly four years ago in the badlands,all crew presumed dead.” B’Elanna shook her head firecly as she struggled to stand,”No! Not dead. Only lost--trying to find way home.” Miles quickly caught the young woman as she collasped. He gently lowered her to the ground before hitting his combadge. “O’Brian to Sickbay.” Bashir’s slightly accented voice broke the silence of the corridor,”Go ahead,Chief.” “I’m doing an emergancy transport to sickbay.Found a woman in one of the access corridors unconscience.She appears to be half klingon/half human.” “We’ll be ready.”Julian Bashir replied. O’Brian nodded,”Have Sisko meet us there.” “Will do,Bashir out.” *************************************************************** “Well,well,well isn’t this a cozy little group.” Q whirled around at the familar voice and in a flash he was standing toe to toe with his former spouse. “Elizabeth,”Q began in his sternest voice,”I hear you’ve been having a little fun at their expense?” Janeway blinked in surprise and exchanged a glance with Chakotay who grinned. “Elizabeth?”Kathryn repeated. The other woman glared at the Captain,”The Q have no need for names. However after our last encounter with your species *he* talked me into picking out one.” Q cleared his throat,”My love,you still haven’t answered my question.” The female Q whirled on him,”So what if I have? It was a little boring since you took our son and left to parts unknown!” Janeway walked around the left side of the table stopping just behind Tuvok,”Elizabeth,where is Lieutenant Torres?” “Isn’t this what your crew really wants,Captain?”Elizabeth replied and snapped her fingers. “Kathryn,look.”Chakotay ordered in a hushed voice as he walked toward the huge windows. Janeway followed the former Macqui not believing what she saw. Earth. Home. Kathryn swallowed hard fighting back tears. She never thought she would see the beautifal blue sphere again. “It can’t be.”Janeway whispered. “I assure you what you see is real,Captain.”Elizabeth replied with a smug smile.