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"Second Star to the Right....." A ST:Voyager,ST:NG and DS9 crossover pt.4

Kathryn linked her arms around Chakotay’s neck as he drew her close. “Would you be able to forgive me if I decided to stay?” “As I said before Kathryn,I’m behind whatever decision you make.” Janeway shook her head,”I’m not asking ‘Commander Chakotay of Voyager’. I’m asking Chakotay,the gentle man who has become much more to me than just a trusted advisor and friend.” “Yes.”Chakotay replied without hesitation. “You seem awfully certain,Chakotay.”Kathryn replied softly as she pulled away from him,”You knew B’Elanna well before you knew me. She was a member of your crew and a close friend.” /....and I’ve always suspected a little more than a close friend./Janeway thought grimly. Chakotay caught up with her by the window,”I think the question here is can you forgive yourself?”He asked softly as encirled her waist with his arms drawing her back to lean against his chest. Kathryn closed her eyes finally allowing herself to feel the emotions the current situation was beseiging her with. “I promised to bring every one of them home,Chakotay.”Janeway replied softly,”How can I enjoy being back on Earth without having closure to this mission? Without knowing what happened to a friend. Without knowing if I did everything in my power that I possibly could have.” A flash of brilliant white light broke the the comforting silence of the ready room. Chakotay and Janeway both turned to glare at the intruder but it wasn’t the one they were expecting. “Q?”Kathryn Janeway asked in surprise. Back in a federation command uniform Q crossed the short space to her a grim expression on his face,”Kathy,I know I’m the last person you want to see right now......” “Cut to the chase,Q.”Chakotay ordered as he moved to stand almost protectively next to Janeway. Q ignored him taking Janeway’s hand and pulling her out from behind the former macquis,”I came to warn so called signifigant other has finally,oh what’s the human term? ‘Gone off the deep end’?” Janeway nodded,”That’s one of them.”She exchanged a concerned glance with Chakotay,”Do you know what she has planned?” Q shook his head,”Unfortunately no,but I can promise you whatever she is planning it isn’t good.” ***************************************************************** “Starfleet knows we’re here.”Harry Kim said softly breaking the awkward silence that had descened onto the holodeck. Tom did a doubletake at his best friend,”Really? Why the delay? I would have thought Voyager would have their very own ticker tape parade going on by now.” Kim shook his head,”The Captain ordered me not to respond. I think her exact words were,’If they want to know if we’re here they can send a shuttle around to this side of the planet and see for themselves.’.” In spite of the circumstances Tom chuckled,”Sounds like our Captain. You ever wonder what kind of homecoming we would recieve,Harry?”Paris asked as he stood and walked out to the isle of the church. Kim stared at him shaking his head,”No,not really. After a while thinking of coming home was just too painful.” Tom nodded,”That’s what the difference is between you and I Harry and always will be. You have the loving supportive family,budding career in starfleet and what do I have?” Harry rose to his feet leaning on the back of the pew,”Tom.....” Paris waved him off,”You were lucky Harry,don’t ever forget that.”Tom said softly as he started to pace,”I can just see the delight in my father’s eyes as he tosses me back in that prison camp Janeway dragged me out of. He’ll toss away the key while recieting my long list of failures.” “Tom,people can change a lot in four years.”Harry protested,”You don’t know how your disapperence affected your father.” Tom snorted in disbelief as he paused to look at the altar where only a few days ago he and B’Elanna had become husband and wife. “Yeah,sure Harry.I bet he was just crushed.”Paris replied softly,”Now that I think about it he probably didn’t even know I was on Voyager. He’d really love to hear about my latest failure.”Tom shook his head sadly,”I can just hear him too,’Tom you can’t even protect your own wife. What kind of man do you hope to become if you can’t even achieve that?’.” Tom walked back to where Harry was standing,”He’d be right,Harry. If I can’t even protect what I love most in this world what can I expect to do on Earth?” Kim placed a comforting hand on his friend’s shoulder,”Tom, you had no way of knowing what would happen to B’Elanna. She loves you. The Tom Paris you became here on Voyager,not the one you left behind on earth. Not the one your father knows.” Tom sighed as he sank down onto the pew across the isle,”I apoligize Harry I was just feeling sorry for myself.”He looked at his friend with a brief smile,”You’re right as always. What did you come in here for anyway?” Kim smiled,”Was looking for you.Thought you could use a friend.” Tom stood clasping the younger man on the shoulder,”Thanks Harry I appreciate the support. I really do. I’ll never forget this.” Harry nodded,”When was the last time you ate anything?” “Wait,don’t tell me Neelix has several varities of apple pie waiting in the mess hall?” Kim blinked in surprise as they walked out into the corridor,”How’d you know?” Tom shook his head in bemusement,”Oh,just a lucky guess.” Tahiti Captain Jean-Luc Picard groaned as he rolled over in his sleep. His mind was trying to ignore the insistent ringing sound. It was a lost battle however as the small vidscreen next to his bed sprang to life. Picard blinked as he struggled to focus on the image,”Admiral,do you have any idea what time it is?” “Sorry to interrupt your vacation,Jean-Luc,”Admiral Amanda Halloway began with a weary smile,”But you know I wouldn’t call unless it was really important.” “This had better be good,Amanda.”Picard replied with a weak smile as he eased himself up on his right elbow. Halloway nodded,”Voyager’s home,Jean-Luc.”She said softly,”Voyager’s finaly come home.” ******************************************************** “Julian,why don’t you get some rest?”Jadzia Dax offered as she placed a hand on the young man’s shoulder,”I’ll alert you the minute anything changes.” Bashir flashed her a small smile but shook his head as he turned his attention back to the computer screen,”Thanks Dax,but no thanks.”He turned slightly to glance over the shoulder at his patient,”Besides my mind wouldn’t let me sleep anyway. It would keep going over and over ways to help her.” The young brown haired woman followed her friend’s gaze,”Julian you and I both know that you can’t help everyone. Sometimes the odds are just to great.” “I have to try,”Julian replied softly,”Whether or not starfleet records show it she is married,might have a family somewhere. If nothing else I have to be able to tell them I did everything I could to help her.” Dax placed a supportive hand on his shoulder,”Alright Julian,what have you gotten so far?” Julian flashed the trill a grateful smile as he whirled the chair back around,”Unfortunately not much.Whatever drug she was injected with nobody has heard of it. And I mean nobody,I ran it through every database I had access to and there was nothing even close to a match.” Dax hit a few keys bringing up the most recent blood work on B’Elanna,”Well it can’t have come from nothing. Somebody somewhere had to mix the right amount of chemicals. There has to be a clue somewhere.” ********************************************************* After Q flashed back to whereever it was he came from Chakotay turned to face the Captain of Voyager. “Kathryn,you’re going to have to address the crew.”Chakotay said softly bringing up a topic they both had avoided,”Even if you haven’t made your decision yet you have to tell them something. They have to be wondering why they’re not with their families. When we’re so close.” Janeway stiffled a sigh as she nodded,”You’re right and I have been trying to think of the right words to tell them what’s going on.” Elizabeth however took that exact moment to appear, an ear to ear grin on her face as she handed Janeway an old fashioned quill pen. “Would this help?” Kathryn glared at the alien,”You gave us twelve hours.Its not even half that time.” The female Q shrugged,”So I lied,Captain. It is a woman’s progative to change her mind.” Janeway turned to look at the blue and white globe spinning below them,”I haven’t reached a decision yet.” Elizabeth nodded as the quill pen disappeared replaced with a hypodermic needle,”I thought you might say that so I brought something to help you reach that goal.” Before ethier starfleet officer could react Elizabeth moved toward Janeway,needle ready to strike. Then like a white knight riding to her rescue Chakotay threw himself in front of her,the needle plunging deep into his right forearm. “Chakotay!”Kathryn cried out catching the commander as he collasped to the floor. “Human males are so predictable.”Elizabeth stated smugly as she held the empty needle up to the light for closer examination. “The needle was ment for him all along,wasn’t it?”Janeway snapped as she cradled Chakotay in her arms,”You never had any intention of injecting me with it?!” “Very good Captain,you can go to the head of the class.” “Kathryn.....”Chakotay called out weakly as his left hand clutched hers. Janeway looked down at him,”Don’t talk Chakotay. You’re going to be alright. The doctor will fix you up good as new.”She hoped her voice didn’t sound as shaky to him as it did to her own ears. “If the hologram has that knowledge.”Elizabeth commented folding her arms across her chest. “Of course he does.”Janeway replied a little too quickly,”Janeway to Sickbay: Doctor prepare for an emergancy beam in.” “Can I ask who,Captain?”The hologram’s disembodied voice replied. Janeway shook her head,”I’ll explain when we get there,Doctor. Janeway out.” Kathryn glanced up at the female Q,”What did you inject him with?!” Elizabeth laughed,”The same thing I injected your precious engineer with before she met a tragic end.” Janeway slapped her combadge trying to ignore the whirlwind of emotions that threatened to overwhelm her,”Janeway to transporter room: lock on to my signal and beam two directly to sickbay.” “Yes,Captain.” Elizabeth’s cold laughter was the last thing she heard before she and Chakotay rematerialized in Sickbay. ***************************************************************** It was nearly seven in the morning California time before the Captain of the enterpirse stepped off the transport in front of Starfleet headquarters. “So what proof do you have that Voyager’s back?”Picard asked the moment he stepped into Halloway’s office on the third floor. Amanda Halloway smiled briefly at Picard’s ‘straight to busniess’ approach to the matter. “We have Voyager herself.”The admiral replied as she turned a small computer screen around so Picard could see the image,”This is live feed from one of our shuttles.” Picard sat down in one of the leather winged chairs so he could get a closer look,”This could all be an illusion by the Dominon or the Romulans. Did you get verifcation codes?” Halloway shook her head as she sat down behind the desk,”Not yet. We sent a request but there was no response.” Picard rested his chin on the open palm of his right hand,”So the million dollar question is why aren’t they responding?” Halloway nodded,”We’ve done everything short of beaming aboard.”She stood and began to pace the small area between the desk and the window,”From what we can tell Voyager has some battle scarring but its not recent. Warp and impulse engines seem to be functioning normally.” “Lifesigns?”Picard asked recalling the enterpirse C. He knew a ship could cross a big section of territory unmanned. “Unless every starfleet computer on earth is malfunctioning Voyager definetely has lifesigns aboard.” “The question is are they human?”Picard asked softly leaning back in the chair,”They’ve been gone for four years Amanda, encountering God knows what.” Halloway shook her head,”They’re human,Jean-Luc.We ran several scans. I’ll go get the data.” “About time they pulled you in on this,Jean-Luc.”A familiar voice said from behind Picard’s chair. Picard jumped to his feet whirling to face the alien,”Q?! I should have known you had some hand in this.” Dressed in a starfleet command uniform Q placed a hand over his heart,”Jean-Luc,I’m hurt that you would think such a thing. Especially since I’m offering my help.” ************************************************************* “Earth to Harry? Hello?”Tom Paris asked with a smile as he waved a hand in front of his friend’s gaze. Kim blinked as he tore his eyes away from the cafeteria window,”Huh? Sorry Tom what where you saying?” Paris shook his head as he halfheartedly took another bite of Neelix’s apple pie,”Wasn’t important,Harry.”He looked at his friend,”Are you okay?” Kim nodded,”Its just starting to sink in,that’s all. I didn’t realize how much I missed my mother’s famous cimmon rolls until now. I hope I get a chance to at least talk to her.” “You will Harry.”Tom assured him as he set the fork down,”You will. In fact I want you to promise me that you’ll bring a plate of those famous rolls to me while I waste away in prison.” Kim glared at his friend,”Tom......” “Sorry to interupt,gentlemen.”Neelix said as he walked up to the table,”But I thought you’d like to know. Commander Chakotay was just rushed to sickbay. From what I’ve heard it doesn’t look good.”