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"Second Star to the Right...." A ST:Voyager,ST:NG,and DS9 crossover

Ever since the Borg attacked at wolf three-five-nine Jake Sisko had developed a special bond with his father. The teen wasn’t sure if it was telepathic or what but he could tell whenever his father was hurting or in some kind of trouble. Forcing away memories of his mother dying on the Saratoga Jake walked quickly through the promenande. Jake stopped at Odo’s office and backtracked to Quark’s bar in surprise. There was his father sitting at one of the corner tables,a tall purple glass in his hand. At three in the afternoon this was the last place he had expected to find his father. “Dad?”Jake asked hestiantly as he sat down across from the elder Sisko,”Are you alright?” Jarred from his thoughts Benjamin Sisko smiled at his son,”Fine. What are you doing here Jake?” Jake smiled,”Looking for you. You missed our weekly game of Quazar.” Startled Sisko looked at the chronometer behind Quark’s bar,”I’m sorry Jake I completely forgot.” “Its alrlight.”Jake assured him,his curiousity finally winning out,”So did they really find Voyager?” Sisko glanced at the teen sharply,”How’d you hear that?” “I got an email from Nog a few minutes ago.”Jake explained as he folded his hands on the table,”He’s back at Starfleet headquarters for one of his final exams. Anyway whenever he gets really excited about something he slips into native feringi so most of the message was greek to me. But I managed to pick out a few key words here and there. If I decphiered it right Nog could see Voyager from his dorm window.” “That’s impossible Jake,you can’t see a ship from that distance with the naked eye.” Jake nodded,”Knowing Nog he probably hacked his way into the central computer and projected the image onto.....” /Kira to Sisko./ Benjamin slapped his combadge,”Go ahead,Major.” “Just got an interesting message from a friend of O’Brien’s back at Starfleet headquarters that you might want to take a look at.” Sisko glanced at his son,”Let me guess it says that Voyager’s orbiting Earth.” He could almost see the Bajoran’s eyebrow’s lift,”How’d you know?” “I’ll fill you in when I get up there.”Sisko replied with a grin,”Sisko out.” ************************************************************** Kathryn Janeway was concentrating so hard on fighting the urge to pace the width of the sickbay she barely noticed Tuvok’s precense. “How is he?”The vulcan asked with his usual outward calm. Janeway jumped slightly turning to face her old friend,”How’d you know.....”She waved a hand absently,”Never mind of course you’d be alerted.” “The chief of security is normally alerted when an alien presence is detected.”Tuvok replied dryily as he turned to face her,”Did Q attack the commander?” Janeway shook her head as she walked a few feet away from the security chief,”Right species,wrong alien.” Tuvok blinked,”His spouse attacked the commander?” Janeway nodded as she folded her arms across her chest,”Chakotay was playing hero,Tuvok. She had a hypodermic needle and came at me. Chakotay being typical Chakotay threw himself in front of the needle.” The vulcan nodded,”A noble but foolish gesture.” Kathryn finally met his gaze,”He saved my life,Tuvok.”She said softly,”I just hope I get a chance to thank him.” “Do you have any idea what was in the needle?”Tuvok asked as he came to stand next to her. Janeway shook her head,”She wouldn’t say anything more than that it was the same drug that she had used to kill B’Elanna.” The vulcan’s eyebrow’s went up at that statement,”Did she offer any proof of B’Elanna’s death?” “She’s not dead,Captain!”Tom Paris protested as he and Harry entered sickbay. Janeway turned to face him,”Tom,we have to start to face certain facts.....” Tom shook his head firecly,”She’s not dead,Captain. I know it sounds exteremly corny but I would feel it if she died.” ******************************************************** “We don’t need your kind of help,Q.”Picard said firmly as he moved to stand toe to toe with the alien. Q leaned against the back of the chair,”Did we wake up on the wrong side of the bed,Jean-Luc? Or did you just not get your daily dose of caffine?” “You have two seconds to explain why you’re really here before I call security.”Picard snapped as he folded his arms across his chest. Q pushed himself away from the chair making a mock attempt to walk out the door,”Alright Jean-Luc if that’s how you want it. Then you’ll never know how Voyager got home.” Picard sighed,he could feel a migraine coming on,”Alright Q I’ll bite. How do you know how Voyager got home?” Q grinned,”Voyager got here the same way the enterprise first encountered the Borg,Jean-Luc.” ************************************************************* Janeway jumped slightly as the medical emergancy hologram suddenly appeared at her left shoulder,”Doctor,how is he?” The doctor’s expression softened as he looked at the crew members that were assembled in the small waiting area,”I’m afraid it doesn’t look very good,Captain. I’ve tried every identification program at my disposal and there were no matches.” The hologram met Tom Paris’s gaze,”If the female Q injected Lieutenat Torres with the same kind of drug....”He shook his head,”I wouldn’t want to guess on her chances,being somewhere without proper medical treatment. With all the technology the federation has to offer I’m afraid Commander Chakotay’s chances are very slim. I’d guess he has forty eight hours,tops.” Kathryn inhaled sharply at the doctor’s report. There had to be something they could do. It couldn’t be that hopeless. “Try to keep him as comfortable as possible,Doctor.”Janeway ordered as she met the hologram’s gaze,”Can I see him for a few minutes?” The doctor nodded,”Yes,but keep it brief. He’s very weak.” /Seven-of-nine to Captain Janeway./ Kathryn hit her combadge,”Go ahead,Seven.” /Captain,there’s a galaxy class starship coming along side Voyager. Looks like they’re preparing to rendevous.” Janeway glanced at Paris,”Whoever they are,they can wait a few minutes,Seven.” /Captain,its the Enterprise./ ******************************************************* Major Kira Nerysis glanced up from the ops console as Benjamin Sisko strode onto the bridge followed close behind by Jake. “So can we confirm any of this?”Sisko asked as he came to stand at her left. Kira shrugged,”Who knows. This whole thing is just too weird. First out of nowhere we get this woman claiming to be the engineer of Voyager. Then within a week same said ghost ship suddenly appears in Earth’s orbit but with no communication to Earth.” Sisko glanced out at the wormhole,”I wouldn’t classify Voyager as a ghostship just yet,Major.” The Bajorian followed Sisko’s gaze,”Maybe its a bad choice of words,but she’s been gone for over four years. Starfleet had classified the crew as dead. Where have they been?” Sisko turned to meet his son’s gaze,”That’s what I intend to find out. Where’s O’Brien?” “On the Definant. He mumbled something about getting clearer reception from starfleet with starfleet equipment.” Benjamin nodded,”Good. I’ll be in Sickbay with our lost engineer. Jake go to the Definiant,see what you can do to assist the Chief.” With an enthustic smile that almost dwarfed the glow from the wormhole Jake nodded,”Yes,Sir!”He replied quickly bounding into the turbolift. ********************************************************************* A frown crossed Commander William T. Riker’s face as he leaned forward in the Captain’s chair.His brown eyes fixated on the ceiling to floor viewscreen at the front of the bridge. “Data,anything? She looks like she has a heck of a lot of battle scarring.” The android swiveled his chair around,tilting his head slightly to the left,”All of Voyager’s systems are functioning at normal. One hundred fifty two life forms aboard. No response to hails.” “Thankyou,Data.”Riker replied leaning back and turning to the dark haired woman next to him. “Deanna?”The brown haired man in his middle thirties asked with slight trepidation. He didn’t want to think that the Borg,Dominion,Romulans or some unknown alien race had killed Voyager’s crew and taken over the ship. But it was a possiblity they had to face. The telepath shook her head turning to meet his questioning gaze,”I don’t sense any alien precense,Will.” Riker nodded turning his attention once again to the viewscreen,”So the million dollar question is why the hell aren’t they responding?”He stood walking to Data’s right. “You’re finally home,Kathryn Janeway so why aren’t you saying hello?”Riker asked softly. ************************************************************* Janeway saw Tom’s eyebrows arch almost to his hairline as Seven’s announcement slowly sank in. Having the legendary Enterprise so close by was bringing the reality of the last twenty four hours crashing down around them. They were home. They were finally home. “Don’t acknowledge them,Seven.”Janeway ordered recieving several surprised looks from the group gathered in Sickbay. /Captain....../The former borg protested. “That’s an order.”Katherine snapped,”We’ve been gone for over four years waiting fifteen more minutes won’t kill them.” /As you wish,Captain./Seven replied terminating the coversation. “Tom,I need you,Harry and Tuvok to report to the bridge.”Janeway ordered,”I’ll join you in a few minutes.” ******************************************************* Picard firmly slammed shut the door in this mind that had threatened to open. The door that held all his memories of the most painful time of his life. The time the borg had assimlated him into the collective. The time he had watched helplessly as the Borg slaughted countless federation lives at the battle of Wolf three five nine. “Here’s the data on the scans,Jean-Luc.”Amanda Halloway commented as she entered the room not looking up from the small datapadd,”Sorry it took me so long.Damn computers, sometimes I think they’re more trouble then they’re worth.” The admiral stopped halfway into the room her gaze fixated on the alien staring smugly back at her,”Who let you in here?!” Picard smiled grimly,”I think that’s the least of our problems right now,Admiral. Q has offered his help in dealing with Voyager and I suggest we take it.” At Q’s triumphent smile Picard added,”With a large grain of caution.” *********************************************************** “Ouch!”Chief of operations Miles O’Brien swore softly as he wacked his head against the definat’s communcations console. Jake Sisko’s jublant expression instantly turned sheepish as he offered his right hand to the blond haired man,”Sorry Chief,I thought you heard me come in.” Miles rose to his feet carefully avoiding the consol as he smiled ruefully at the teenager,”No,I was trying to boost the power to the communcations stream.” Jake practicly bounced over to the captain’s chair,”Dad sent me down to help.” O’Brien rubbed the back of his head as he turned to face the teen,”Any news on our mystery patient?”He asked not wanting to tell Jake there really wasn’t anything for him to do. The young black man shook his head sadly,”No.Last I heard she was still unconscience.Dax and Bashir were trying to find a cure but even they admitted it was like looking for a needle in an extremely large haystack.” “With those two working on it she has a chance.”O’Brien met the teen’s gaze,”What’s your opinion,Jake. Do you believe she’s who she says she is?” Jake leaned against the back of the Captain’s chair,resting his chin in his right palm,”Wasn’t there a Macquis ship reported missing the same time as Voyager?” O’Brien thought for a moment,then nodded,”Yes,I believe so.Why?” Jake walked toward the older man,”What if the maquis ship and Voyager got caught in this temporal rift? What if for some reason Janeway had to beam the Macquis crew aboard to save them? What would the macquis do for four years without a ship of their own?” O’Brien caught onto Jake’s train of throught,”The two crews would be forced to work together. Especially if Voyager lost part of her crew during this *trip* to the Delta quardent.” Jake nodded,”Anyway we can get a list of the Macquis crew?” O’Brien was already moving toward the communications console setting up a link with starfleet,”Might take some digging but if it could prove her story............Pull up a chair Jake,this could take awhile.”