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"Second Star to the Right......" A ST:Voyager,ST:NG and DS9 crossover pt.6

"Okay,the others have left.”Kathryn Janeway said softly as she turned to face the hologram,”Level with me,will he make it through the night?” “No.”The doctor replied a little more bluntly then he had intended as he heard Janeway’s sharp intake of air,”I’m sorry Captain,but I have no idea what I’m dealing with here. Maybe if we had B’Elanna here as well I could do a cross match maybe find something there.” Kathryn swallowed hard struggling to keep the emotions off her face as she turned to face the emergancy medical hologram,”Could you give me a few minutes alone with him?” The doctor nodded moving back toward his office,”Of course,Captain. You know where I am if there’s anything ethier one of you need.” ******************************************************* Admiral Amanda Halloway was really begining to wish she could find a isolated tropical island somewhere and just lock herself in a hut on a beach and never come out. She walked over to her desk and slowly placed the data padd down before turning to face the alien. “After all the trouble and countless federation deaths you’ve caused over the years why should starfleet trust you?” Q blinked in surprise,”Deaths? What deaths? I’ve never killed anyone.” Halloway folded her arms across her chest as she leaned back against the desk,”No,not directly. If you hadn’t taken control of the Enterprise and introduced them to the Borg,the battle at wolf three five nine never would have happened.” Q shook his head as he took a few steps forward,”Oh it would have happened,Admiral,maybe not then but it would have happened. Perhaps not with the Borg,but with the Romulans or the Dominon or whatever other alien race you humans annoyed because you think your supieor to them.” Halloway looked past Q to Picard,”Jean-Luc,I’m still waiting to hear why you think we should take his help.” “He says he knows what occured on Voyager and what brought her here.” *********************************************************** “I think I’m seeing double.”Doctor Julian Bashir said wearily as he pushed his chair away from his desk. Jadzia Dax turned from her computer console about ten meters away,”Julian why don’t you rest for a little while?” Julian rubbed a hand over his face as he stood walking over to the biobed where B’Elanna lay,”I can’t Dax,not untill we solve this mystery.” Jadzia came to stand across from the young doctor,”Julian,I can understand your need to be the one to find the clue for this patient. But you won’t be any good to her, or yourself if you don’t get some sleep.” Bashir sighed as he rubbed one hand over the back of his neck,”I know. I just hate being in the dark. We have no idea who she is,how she got on Deep space nine. Whoever injected her with the drug or drugs used something that’s not on any database that the Federation has access to.” “Tom......”A soft voice murmured startling both Dax and Bashir. “Is she coming around?”Jadizia asked as Bashir instantly ran a tricorder over the young woman. Bashir’s gaze didn’t move from the information coming across the small screen,”I’m not sure.....” B’Elanna shifted her head from the left to the right as she fazed in and out of conscienceness,”Hunter.......” “We’re losing her!”Julian exclaimed as he lept into action,”She’s going into cardiac arrest. Help me stablize her.” ******************************************************** “Data,anyway we can beam through their shields?”Commander William Riker asked as he stood next to the android’s chair. “It could be possible,Sir.”Data replied as his fingers flew over the helm consol,”When Voyager was lost four years ago her shields were considered state of the art. However Starfleet has made several advances since then that might enable us to beam one or two people over.” “Good.”Riker replied returning to the captain’s chair,”I want to keep the team small. Who knows what they’ve been through in four years. Beaming on board with a full security team may do more harm than good.” Data nodded,”I should have news for you shortly.” “Will,”Deanna called,”We just got a message from starfleet. The Captain left about ten minutes ago in a shuttle craft and should be rendevousing with us in a few minutes.” ********************************************************************* With her hand slightly shaking Kathryn Janeway took Chakotay’s cold hand in hers. “I’m speaking as your Captain,”Janeway said softly as she struggled to keep her voice from breaking,”And I’m ordering you not to go anywhere.” Gently she brushed a stray dark hair away from his forehead,”As usual I waited too long to deal with my feelings. There was always some crisis that needed my attention. Some personel problem that had to be handled at just that moment. I have to confess that four years ago I didn’t think the Macqui and federation crew would be able to put aside their differences long enough to work together. But they did and that’s mainly do to your efforts, Chakotay. I could not have gotten through this without you. You are one of the best friends I’ve ever had...........” “Well,isn’t this touching?”Mrs. Q asked with a smug smile as she materialized a few feet from Janeway,”Really pulls at my heart strings. Excuse me while I get a hankerchief.” Kathryn shot to her feet eyes flashing with anger,”Why are you here now?! What possible more pain could you cause us?! First you take our daughter away and now this?!” “You’re a smart girl,Kathryn.”Elizabeth replied as she walked toward the biobed,”I think you can figure it out.” Janeway quickly blocked her path,”You said you attacked him to help me. How could his dying possibly help me?!” In a flash the female Q disappeared,then reappeared by Chakotay’s left shoulder,”It put your priorities in order,didn’t it?” “This was all about the decision to stay or go,wasn’t it?”Kathryn asked shaking her head slightly,”You thought if Chakotay was dying and the only way to save him was to stay then I would.” Elizabeth carassed Chakotay’s cheek as she met Janeway’s gaze,”There that’s all I wanted. Just a decison. A simple yes or no and now I have it.” Janeway shook her head,”I never made any decison.....B’Elanna’s life is just as important as......” It was too late the female Q had already disappeared in a flash of white light. Leaving Janeway to wonder what else could possibly go wrong. ***************************************************************** That was it. Tom Paris couldn’t sit still one minute longer. His wife was hurt somewhere,she needed him. If Kathryn Janeway didn’t want to mount a rescue then it was up to him. “Harry,you have the bridge.”Tom ordered as he exited the helm and headed for the turbolift. The young ensign blinked in surprise,”Where are you going? The Captain ordered us to stay here.” Tom shook his head as he paused by the ops station,”I’m sorry Harry I can’t stay here. I keep seeing Hunter’s face,hearing his voice as he tells me that his mother could be dying somewhere..........” The familiar hum of a transporter beam interupted Tom’s sentance. “I’m Commander William T. Riker of the Enterprise.”The tall dark haired man said as he materialized in front of Tom,”Its good to see all of you in one piece.” “How’d you get through the shields?”Harry asked. Riker smiled,”Starfleet’s made a lot of technical advances since Voyager’s been gone.” “Where is Captain Janeway?”Data asked as his gold eyes surveyed the bridge. “I have a better question,Data.”Riker said as he turned to face Tom,”Why hasn’t Voyager responded to Starfleet’s hails?” “Captain Janeway ordered us not to.”Seven of nine replied as she came next to stand next to Paris. ************************************************************* “She’s stablized.”Julian Bashir reported quietly as he put away a hypospray. “How long does she have?”Jadzia asked softly as she came to stand next to the young doctor. “I don’t know,Dax.”Bashir replied frusteration clearly in his dark eyes,”I just don’t know. Could be hours,could be weeks.” The trill placed a supportive hand on his shoulder,”Then we better get back to it.” “Right.”Bashir replied absently as he returned to the small computer on his desk There had to be an answer somewhere. ************************************************** “Got it!”Jake Sisko exclaimed as he hit several computer screens. O’Brien whistled softly as he read the information on the screen,”I don’t want to know how you learned to hack into starfleet security records.” Jake grinned,”Just don’t tell my Dad he’ll ground me for life.” “The name of the Macqui ship was The Falcon. Disappeared in the badlands two days before Voyager.”O’Brien read outloud,”Guess that shoots your theory out of the water.” “Not really,”Jake replied as he hit a computer key,”According to this one of the crew members of The Falcon was an undercover starfleet security officer.” “Tuvok.”O’Brien replied as he matched the name with the list of Voyager crew members,”Janeway’s chief of security.” Jake nodded,”If she knew that his ship was in trouble......” “She would have gone after them.”O’Brien finished clasping the young man on the shoulder,”Good work Jake. Let’s take this new info up to your Dad and see if it fits any of the puzzle.” **************************************************************** Admiral Amanda Halloway sighed wearily as she leaned against her desk watching the moonlight bounce off the golden gate bridge. She absently sipped a luke warm mug of cappichino as she thought of the evenings events. Amanda could still see the alien’s face when she had refused Q’s offer of ‘help’. Had that been regret that had crossed his all too human features? She shook her head as she turned to face the desk gently placing the mug down next to the computer. She knew she had made the right decision. Starfleet,the federation and Earth herself had gone through quite a lot of heartache since Voyager had disappeared. Halloway could still remember all the phone calls she had received that first year from worried family members. Amanda told the computer to shut off the lights as she grabbed her coat, she had made the right decision. Voyager was finally home. Admiral Amanda Halloway was going to make sure they stayed where they belonged. *********************************************************** Commander William Riker had nearly forgotten about the young security officer that had made up the third part of their away team. Had almost forgotten untill he had spotted a phaser being raised. Riker’s hand shot out grasping the blond haired man’s wrist forcing the weapon down,”Did I give an order to fire,Ensign?” The security guard blanched but stood his ground,his hazel eyes never leaving Seven’s face,”She’s a *borg*,Sir!” “I can see that,Ensign.”Riker replied briskly,”And I’m sure if you give the lady a moment she might be able to explain her presence here.” Data took a step toward Seven,”She appears to be like Hugh,Sir.” Seven tilted her head almost mirroring Data’s movements,”What is a Hugh?” Riker grinned,”Hugh’s not a what,he’s a who. Its a long story that we can catch up on later. Right now I want to know where your Captain is.” “She’s in Sick......”Tom started to say but was interupted by the familiar sound of the turbolift coming to a halt. “Sorry I’m late Commander,”Kathryn Janeway replied as she strode onto the bridge,”Its good to see you again.” ************************************************************ “Counsler,”Captain Jean-Luc Picard greeted as he stepped onto the bridge,”How goes everything on Voyager?” Troi turned to face him,”They just beamed through their shields.We’re still waiting for a report.” Picard nodded as he sat down,”I hope that no news is good news.” ************************************************ “So what do we have?”Captain Benjamin Sisko asked as he stood at the head of the conference table,”Have we gotten any closer to proving the women’s identity?” Dax shook her head,”Unfortunately no,but I belive the Chief has gotten us a step closer.” Miles O’Brien shook his head,”Actually Jake stumbled across this new information and put the pieces together.” Benjamin glanced at his son,”Jake?”He prompted as he sat down. “As I was talking with the Chief I remembered hearing that a Maquis ship had disappeared about the same time Voyager did.”Jake began as he hit a few keys on the small data padd,”After some digging the Chief and I discovered that a federation undercover security officer had been assigned to that ship.” “It gets better.”O’Brien replied at Sisko’s raised eyebrow,”Guess what ship that said undercover security officer was supposed to report to for duty?” “Voyager.”Kira replied softly as she looked out the window watching as the worm hole opened to allow a ship through. ******************************************************* “Why didn’t you answer Starfleet’s hails?”Riker asked. “Its a long story,Commander.”Kathryn replied with a weary smile,”First things first I have a first officer in sickbay who needs immeadite medical attention.” Riker nodded,”What does your doctor say his condition is?” Janeway had to fight to keep her emotions hidden,”The doctor doesn’t hold out much hope that he’ll make it through the night.” Riker nodded then did a double take,”*The* doctor? Your chief medical officer doesn’t have a name?” Tom Paris grinned,”Our chief medical officer was killed in the explosin four years ago,we’ve been running with an EMH ever since.” Riker stared at the young man,”A starship of this size and stuck in an unknown quaderant of space thousands of lightyears from home with the only medical resource being a hologram?!” “If I may Commander,”Data cut in,”The EMH program has been highly successful for starfleet. They are installed in all federation ships. In fact their have been numerous documented cases where the EMH was quite helpful in situations that would have been harmful to the humanoid doc.....” “Thankyou,Data.”Riker replied firmly before turning his attention back to Janeway,”Let me rephrase that what did your EMH program say caused his illness?” “He’s more than a program.”Harry Kim interupted. Riker spared the ensign a glance,”I’m sure he is.” “Let’s just say that’s another long story that I’ll explain later.”Janeway replied as she looked at her helsman. Riker nodded as he slapped his combadge,”Riker to Enterprise.” “Go ahead,number one.”Jean-Luc Picard’s soft french accent filtered back through the com link,”What’s the status on Voyager?” Riker smiled at Janeway as he said,”All Voyager crew are present and accounted for.” Relief could clearly be heard in Picard’s voice,”That’s wonderful news. Can we be of any assistance?” “Yes,”Riker replied,”Their first officer is gravely ill and needs immeadite medical attention.” “Understood,I’ll have Doctor Crusher been him directly to our Sickbay.” “Thankyou.”Janeway replied softly her gaze focused on the main view screen and the familiar blue planet rotating below. “You’re quite welcome Kathryn.”Jean-Luc replied warmly,”Its wonderful to have Voyager back.” “Its been a long journey home,Jean-Luc,”Janeway replied softly,”A long journey home.” Only Harry Kim noticed that Tom Paris had quietly left the bridge. ******************************************************** A dark haired woman sat atop the saucer section of the Enterprise-E. The woman watched the activity on the bridge of Voyager with a disapointed expression. “This won’t do at all,”Elizabeth Q announced as she gently stroked the back and white earth cat that was curled in her lap,”Happy endings do not exsist. In any dimension.” *********************************************************** Captain Benjamin Sisko sighed wearily as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. The Bajorian peace negoations with the Cardassians were looking simpler than piecing together what happened to Voyager. “Okay,what do we have?”Sisko began as he stood walking toward the window,”We have a theory that Janeway went after a Macquis ship that had her security officer on board. Said MacQuis ship somehow got caught in the Badlands dragging Voyager with her. Something occured to send both ships hundreds of lightyears away to the Delta quadernant. Now we have this mystery woman who suddenly appears on DS9 with no record of her arrival on any ship within the last month. She claims to be the chief engineer of Voyager but her name is not the name listed in Voyager’s crew register.” “Could have been a last minute crew change.”Miles suggested as he leaned forward,”Happens all the time.” “Perhaps,but starfleet records indicate that this woman never even completed the academy.”Sisko replied as he turned his attention to DS9’s chief medical officer,”Julian I would like to talk with this young woman again. Is it possible to wake her?” Julian Bashir shifted in his seat before meeting his commanding officer’s gaze,”I would not recommend it,Sir. If she goes into cardiac arrest again I’m not sure if I can bring her back. Her body is very weak from whatever this poison is.” Sisko raised an eyebrow,”You haven’t been able to track it down yet?” Dax shook her head as she exchanged a glance with Bashir,”We’ve tried every database we could think of,Benjimen. There’s just nothing remotely close to it documented anywhere.” ******************************************************* Counsler Deanna Troi jumped slightly as Q suddenly materialzed on her lap. “Good day,Counsler.”Q said with a wide smile before turning his attention to the captain of the enterprise. “Voyager’s back and all’s right with the world.”Q commented as he placed his right arm around Deanna’s shoulders drawing her close. Troi pushed him away as Jean-Luc folded his arms across his chest,”What are you doing here Q? Are things that boring in the rest of the universe that you need to dirty our doorstep?” “Still on that tired old line are we Jean-luc?”Q replied as he rose to his feet,”And after everything I’ve done to help you and your precious starfleet understand what happened on Voyager.” “Captain,”Geordi LaForge spoke up from above the Captain’s chair,”We have a shuttle leaving Voyager.” Q forgotten for the moment Picard whirled to face the viewscreen,”Open a channel.” “Shuttle craft,this is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise. Please state your destination?” ******************************************************************* Lieutenant Tom Paris forced himself not to jump three feet when the female Q suddenly materialzed on the shuttle’s dashboard. She was only about four feet tall and perched on the edge of the consol like it was a throne. “Leaving the homecoming so soon?”Elizabeth asked as she gently stroked the black and white earth cat that was curled in her lap. Tom glared at the alien as his fingers continuted to fly over the keys,”That’s a funny question coming from you.” Q’s estranged wife raised an eyebrow,”You will accomplish nothing by this foolish jesture. Your pety mortal life will long since be over before you even come close to reaching the sector of space where your precious wife is.” Tom fought the rage that was building up inside of him like a volcano. This ‘woman’ had caused so much grief over the last several months. Bringing the Q childern to Voyager and then snatching them away just as the trio of couples had grown to love them as their own. She had kidnapped B’Elanna and done God knows what to her. Then for some unknown reason she whisked Voyager home only to put Chakotay in sickbay near death. Tom wished there was a way to kill them....... “I have to try.”Paris replied quietly as he looked away from her to the blue and white planet below. Elizabeth stood and walked across the console till she was standing directly in front of Voyager’s piolt. The brown haired woman shook her head,”I will never understand you humans. You are noble to the point of stupidity. Risking your own pathetic lives for any cause. What if I could show you your wife?” Tom froze as he glanced down at the wedding band on his left hand,”How do I know what you’ll show me is real?” Elizabeth Q smiled,”You’ll just have to trust me.” ***************************************************** “Captain,”Tuvok called gaining everyone’s attention,”We have an unauthorized shuttle leaving Voyager.” Kathryn glanced around at the familiar faces and a cold knot started to form in the pit of her stomach when she realized they were short one person. “Harry?”Janeway prompted as she watched the shuttle make a wide circle. “I had no idea,Captain.I just realized he was gone myself.” Riker looked from Janeway to Kim and back again,”Could someone please explain what’s going on?” “Tuvok prepare the tractor beam. Harry open a channel,Tom has to know this is not the way to go about this.” Riker stiffled a sigh as he glanced at Data,”Wrong way to go about *what*?” “Lieutenant Paris is preparing to take the shuttle back to the Delta quadrent.” William Riker stared at the vulcan,”Why? After four years you’re finally home what possible reason could he have for trying to go back?” “His wife.”Seven-of-Nine replied quietly from the helm,”We lost her in the delta quadrent when we encountered the Q.” ***************************************************** “Shuttlecraft this is Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise. Please state your........” Tom blinked in surprise as Picard’s voice suddenly disappeared along with the rest of the shuttle craft. The voyager piolt glanced to his right and saw that the female Q was now at her full height. They were standing in a small room somewhere, no bigger than Neelix’s pantry. Then with a wave of her hand Elizabeth illuminated the room and the sight before Tom literally took his breath away. “B’Elanna!”Tom cried as he raced toward the small bio bed. He barely recognized his wife. She was curled on her right side in a fetus postion, her face extremely pale. Her breathing shallow. For a brief milisecond,and Elizabeth stressed the brief part. She felt a twang of guilt for showing the human this alternate realty. If she were human and had a consicience she would tell the young man that this wasn’t his wife. But of course she wasn’t human,she was Q. And this was far too much fun to put an end to now. She took a step back and enjoyed watching Tom suffer. With shaking hands Tom tenderly brushed B’Elanna’s hair away from her face. He nearly drew back his hand in shock, her skin was ice cold. Paris knelt next to the bed taking her hand in his squeezing it gently. “B’Elanna,luv,”Tom whispered as he continued to stroke her face,”Please hang on. Don’t give up. We’ve just barely had a chance to start our lives together,please let that life have a chance.” Tom’s voice quivered and broke. He cleared his throat before starting again,”I never gave up on you and I know you haven’t given up on yourself. You’re the strongest woman I’ve ever met.” “Please darling, hang in there just a little while longer.”Tom pleaded, he could feel the tears starting to flow and blinked then back,”I’m close to finding a way to bring you home. Voyager’s finally home and I’ll be damned if you’re not on it. Besides you still owe me a sking trip. A real one this time, no holosnow.” “Father.” Tom blinked at the small voice before turning around. His blue eyes scanned the room for the source but could find nothing except Elizabeth Q. “Father,do not believe what you see.”Hunter warned softly. Tom finally saw the sillouette of his son on the wall behind B’Elanna’s bed,”Hunter? I can barely see you.” “You’re eyes can decieve you,don’t trust them.”The Q child replied his watchful gaze never leaving the elder Q. Tom stood still holding his wife’s hand,”I don’t understand,son. What are you trying to warn us about?” “All is not what it” “Enough!”Elizabeth Q roared jerking her right hand into the air palm forward. Before Tom could react a white bolt of energy shot from her palm hitting Hunter square in the chest. The child flew backwards threw the wall of the room and out of that relm of exsitence. Smoke very nearly coming out of his ears Tom Paris whirled to face his enemy. “What have you done to him?!”Tom demanded as he took several steps forward fists clenched,”He is only a child!” Elizabeth smirked,”He is a Q child who has disobeyed one of our commandments. And as with all childern who misbehave he has been punished.” “Show him to me!”Tom shouted risking a glance back at B’Elanna,”Now!” The female Q shook her head as she grasped his shoulder firmly,”I’ve been more than generous with you. I’ve fulfilled my promise now all of you puny, irratating humans are going back where you belong.” Before Tom could protest or even turn to say good bye to B’Elanna the room marshmellowed out of existence and he was back in his shuttlecraft. ********************************************************** Odo cocked his head to the right,”What do we know about this Macquis ship?” O’Brien picked up the data padd and keyed through several screens of information before he found what he wanted,”The name of the ship was the Falcon. It was headed by another starfleet acadamey dropout by the name of Chakotay. The list of warrants out for Torres and Chakotay alone could fill a small room.” “Serious charges?”Bashir asked softly. O’Brien shook his head,”Well,nobody was killed in their raids. At least none that were ever connected back to Chakotay and Torres. They’ve done mostly petty stuff, interupting starfleet aid shipments, estroying a generator or two, highjacking a ship.” “Nothing concerning the MacQuis is ever black and white,Chief.”Sisko replied softly as he sat back down. “So what’s the plan?”Kira asked as she leaned forward. Sisko looked at the group,”I’m open to suggestions.” ****************************************************** Captain Jean-Luc Picard blinked in surprise before turning to face his chief engineer,”Geordi did you see that?” The young black man nodded as his fingers flew over the consol,”Yes, Sir. It was almost as if the space around the shuttlecraft flickered for a moment.” “Exactly,”Picard replied turning his attention to Q who was floating a few feet from Troi,”As if he had been out of our realm of existence for a few moments.” Q shrugged,”Don’t look at me, mon capitain. I had absoultely nothing to do with it.” “Why do I find that hard to believe.”Picard said before turning back to the viewscreen,”Geordi,is the channel to the shuttle still open?” LaForge nodded,”Yes,it is.” “Enterprise to shuttlecraft,we dectected a flicker of sorts in the space around you,are you alright?” “I think so,”Tom Paris’s disembodied voice replied back through the static,”All systems appear to be functioning normally.” *********************************************************** “Harry did you get a lock?”Janeway asked as she moved to stand in the center of the bridge, Riker close on her heels. Kim shook his head in frusteration,”Not yet,Captain. There seems to be some kind of distortion around the shuttlecraft.” Kathryn frowned,”Harry get a transporter lock as well. I don’t want to loose another crew memeber.” Harry nodded as his fingers flew over the computer keys,”Working on it.” “How about giving me the digest verison?”William Riker asked as he came to stand at Janeway’s left,”Maybe I can help.” Janeway nodded,”Two days ago, Tom and B’Elanna were married. Before the reception even got fully under way there was trouble. For some reason, I still don’t have the full story, B’Elanna was out in the corridor. The doctor who was in the mess hall enjoying the festivities recieved an urgent call from B’Elanna asking for medical assistance.” Riker crossed his arms over his chest,”Let me guess by the time everyone got to the hallway she had vanished.” “Exactly.”Janeway replied,”Roughly an hour later Q showed up on the bridge with a wild tale of his wife having gone off the deep end and kidnapping B’Elanna. Q’s wife gave me the impossible choice of finding out what had happened to my chief engineer or full filling the crew’s greatest wish of coming home. So here we are.” Riker shook his head,”Amazing.” “Captain,”Harry called not looking up from the information displayed on his consol,”I still can’t get ethier a transporter lock or a tractor beam on the shuttle. Its almost as if something’s blocking us.” Riker glanced at the android,”Data,see if you can give him a hand. I’ll see if the Enterprise can help us out.” “Riker to Enterprise?” “Go ahead,number one.”Picard replied. “We’re having trouble getting a lock on the shuttlecraft. Can you try to reel him in from your end?” “We’ll do what we can. I’ll keep you posted. Picard out.” ************************************************************** In the continium......... Elizabeth Q paced angerily,”So the great Katherine Janeway thinks she can destroy my family and not suffer any consequences? She thinks her precious little toy ship can protect her from anything?” Q’s estranged wife chuckled,”Toys can be broken. Naughty childern will be punished.” *******************************************************

Counsler Deanna Troi flinched as a wave of coldness overtook her. The dark haired woman turned toward Picard but it took her several moments before she could get the words out. “Captain,”She began in a shakey voice,”Something’s happening. We have to warn the away team.” Picard sat next to her,”What,Deanna? What are you seeing?” Troi wrapped her arms around herself,”Its just cold. So very, very cold.” **********************************************************