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"Second Star to the Right......" A ST:Voyager,ST:NG and DS9 crossover

Julian Bashir jumped involuntarily as his combadge beeped. Startled he glanced apolgeticly at Sisko before activating the channel. “Bashir?” “Sorry to interupt,Doctor,”His assistant Lieutenant Paula Krieg replied softly,”But there’s something weird about Jane Doe’s condition that I’d thought you’d want to be alerted to.” Bashir exchanged a concerned glance with Dax before replying,”Weird how,Paula?” Krieg sighed,”Weird is the only way I can describe it,Sir. You just have to see for yourself.” Julian frowned,”What are her vitals?” He could almost see the red haired woman shake her head,”They’re on the strange side too. I’m sorry Sir,I wish I could explain it better but its like nothing I’ve ever seen or read about before.” Bashir glanced at Sisko who nodded,”Its alright,Paula. I’ll be right there. Just try to keep her stable.” “Yes,Sir.” ***************************************************** In the Continium........ Elizabeth Q smiled as she sat on a black leather chair. In front of her were three white doors. “So many choices,”She said gleefully to the black and white cat curled in her lap,”So many different ways to have fun,my pet. Where do we start?” The cat turned on its side,gold eyes peering up at her. Q’s estranged wife smiled,”Wonderful idea! Yes that will do just fine.” Slowly she raised her right hand and snapped her fingers. *************************************************************** Captain Jean-Luc Picard quickly returned to the captain’s chair as he looked at Troi with concern. “Deanna?”He prompted gently,”What are you feeling?” Deanna’s dark eyes were wide with emotion as she seemed to withdraw farther into herself. “You said it was cold,Deanna?”Picard began trying another tatic,”What’s cold? From somewhere Deanna found the strength to pull herself back. Found the strength to put into words what her betazoid senses were telling her. “A cold heart.”Deanna replied swallowing hard as she forced herself to meet Picard’s gaze. Jean-Luc glanced to his right,”Q you wouldn’t perchance happen to know anything about this would you?” When silence answered him the Enterprise bridge crew realized the alien had disappeared without a word. For some reason that action worried Picard more than Deanna’s warning. Q never left the stage without a last word. Standing Jean-Luc nodded to LaForge who activated a com channel,”Picard to Riker.” “Go ahead,Captain.”William Riker replied. “We need to get Voyager and her crew to a safe haven.” Riker exchanged a surprised glance with Janeway before repling,”May I ask why,Sir?” “Once I get more details I’ll explain everything,Number one.”Picard replied grimly,”I’ll have Geordi reel our wayward shuttlecraft aboard. We need to move quickly.” “Yes,Sir.Riker out.” ************************************************************* Doctor Julian Bashir skidded to a stop so fast that Jadzia Dax collided with him. “Julian,what?”Dax asked as she peered around his right shoulder. It appeared that their Jane Doe,the woman who claimed to be B’Elanna Torres was fading. Almost blinking in and out of exsitence. A white glow surrounded her. Dax came to stand next to Bashir,”Julian,I think we’ve been looking at this all wrong.” Her voice seemed to spring the young doctor into action,”How so?”Bashir asked quietly as he scanned B’Elanna with the tricorder. “I think she might be a Traveler.” ********************************************************** Q really had to work on his timing. He had arrived in his estranged wife’s ‘living quarters’ just in time to see her reign of chaos begin. “What have you done?”Q demanded as he stalked into the ‘room’. Elizabeth turned to face him gently placing the cat on the floor,”Don’t you ever knock?” Q glared at her,”You haven’t answered my question!” The brown haired woman shrugged walking toward the oppisite side of the room,”What’s the point,darling? What’s done is done.” ************************************************************ For a brief second Geordi Laforge thought his visor was malfunctioning. No matter what he trick he tried he couldn’t get any kind of a lock on Voyager’s shuttle. Transporters were blocked. So was the tractor beam. “Captain,I’m having trouble getting a lock on the shuttle.”Laforge reported as his fingers flew over his consol. “Can we reel him in with the tractor beam?”Picard asked. Geordi shook his head,”I’ve tried,its like trying to get a foot hold on a slippery surface.” “Theories?”Picard replied as he turned to face his crew. “Its like nothing I’ve seen before,Captain,”Geordi said as he looked past Picard to Voyager,”Its almost like space itself is folding onto the shuttle. As if someone was boxing it in.” ************************************************************* “You have gone way over the line this time,Dearest.”Q said angerily as he stood toe to toe with the mother of his child. “By who’s standard’s,darling?”Elizabeth purred as she lightly ran a finger along his right shoulder,”You seem to have forgotten that we Q are far more supiror than your precious humans.” Q struggled to keep a reign on his temper,”I have learned more from the humans then the Continium has ever taught me. Humans value freedome,love and family above all else. They’ve earned my respect.” Elizabeth’s eyes flashed dangerously,”Something I never got,right darling?”She walked toward the front of the room,”Well,you’re just in time to witness the fate of your precious Voyager.” Q raised his hand to try to stop her but knew whatever he attempted he couldn’t do it fast enough. “Brace yourself,Kathy,”Q whispered,”A storm’s coming.” ************************************************************ Dax’s suggestion got Bashir’s full attention. “A Traveler?”Julian repeated in surprise,”I thought the one that helped the Enterprise was the last of his kind?” Dax nodded,”That’s what Picard’s log reports stated. But his species could have been so scattered he might not have known others existed.” Julian turned back to his patient,”It would explian her condition and how she got on board the station.” “That’s an interesting theory,old man,”Sisko commented as he entered sickbay,”Do you have any way to test it?” Jadzia shook her head sadly,”Unfortunately no. Picard and Crusher’s logs are all we know about their species.” **************************************************** Captain Kathryn Janeway gripped the arm of the command chair as Voyager was suddenly rocked. By what she wasn’t sure. Her first thoughts were of Tom and the shuttle craft. “Tuvok!”Janeway called over the scream of the red alert siren,”Was that the shuttle’s warp core?” The vulcan shook his head as he studied the data coming through his consol,”Negative,Captain. Mr. Paris is still with us.” “Could’ve been a cloaked ship,”Riker suggested as he tapped his combadge,”Riker to Enterprise.” “Go ahead,number one.” “Is Geordi picking up any cloaked ships in the area that could have caused that shock wave we just felt?” Picard glanced at Laforge who shook his head. “Sensor’s aren’t picking up anything,Commander.”Geordi replied,”But then again who knows what kind of technology the J’madar haven’t used on us yet.” ************************************************************** With a wide smile Elizabeth Q raised her right hand and snapped her fingers. Folding her arms across her chest the brown haired woman turned to face her estranged husband,clearly enjoying the expression on his face. Q stalked over to her,”You just wait untill I tell the high concil about your recent actions.” Elizabeth gently carassed his right cheek with her hand,”You know the rules,my love. One Q can’t interfere with another Q’s actions.” “*Where* are they?”Q demanded fighting to keep a reign on his temper. “Somewhere you’ll never find them.”Elizabeth replied as she stepped away,”You’ll never see your precious Captain Janeway again.” ************************************************************* Commander William Riker blinked in surprise as he and Data suddenly found themselves back on the bridge of the Enterprise. “Captain?” Picard’s gaze never waivered from the viewscreen,”She’s gone,Number one,”He replied softly,”Voyager is gone.” ************************************************ Q gripped her left shoulder violently spinning her around,”You just cost yourself your right to see your son!” Elizabeth shrugged him off,”You can’t hide him from me for all eternity.” Q’s eyes narrowed,”Watch me!” Somehow he had to find a way to undue the damage Elizabeth had done. He owed Katherine that much. “Watch your back,darling,”Q said as he prepared to leave,”The universe is full of dangers. Even for us Q.” With a flash he was gone. Elizabeth walked over to the front of the ‘room’ which held a view of the Enterprise-E orbiting Earth. The black and white cat jumped up into her arms. “Go ahead and try,Q.”Elizabeth said softly,”You will not rid of me that easily.” ************************************************************* “What if she’s a new kind of changling?”Sisko suggested as the trio moved to stand next to Bashir’s desk. Julian shook his head,”No I ran tests for that when she was brought in. She’s half human,half Klingon,nothing more.” Jadzia Dax glanced at the young woman before saying,”Julian,I think she’s coming around.” Bashir scurried over to the biobed,tricorder in hand,”B’Elanna? Its Doctor Bashir,can you hear me?” The woman groaned as she slowly opened her eyes,”W-Where?”She asked hoarsely. Julian glanced at Sisko before replying,”You’re safe. You’re on the Federation space station,Deep Space Nine.” B’Elanna Torres struggled to concentrate on the young man’s voice. She couldn’t remember anything. What little information she did recall came in splatches of images and sounds. One memory was stronger than the rest. “Tom......”She whispered as her eyes drifted close. Bashir ran a tricorder scan,not liking the readouts he was recieving at all. “Tom?”Julian repeated,”B’Elanna? Who is Tom? Is he someone we can contact? Is he your husband?” Before anyone could move, B’Elanna Torres’s body flickered once then disappeared. ************************************************************ Epilog Captain Jean-Luc Picard stood behind his desk watching the tropical fish swim in the small aquarium. He had heard Q’s arrival a few minutes before but hadn’t bothered to turn around. Ever since Voyager had mysterously vanished an hour before Starfleet had been up in arms. Demanding to know how Voyager could be so close to home, but never get there. “Are you going to tell me what happened,”Picard said softly his back still to the alien,”Or am I going to have to play twenty questions?” Q took a seat quietly in one of the chairs in front of the desk,”I tried to stop her,Picard,I honestly did.” Jean-Luc finally faced the godling,”Where is Voyager?” Q looked past Picard to the brightly colored fish,”Back where they started.” Picard slowly sank into his chair,”Good Lord,”He said softly as he ran a hand over his face,”She was so close......” Q moved closer to the desk,”With considerable risk to myself,I did mangage to alter they’re memories.” Picard blinked,”In what way?” “They won’t remember being home.”Q replied softly. “I suppose that’s a blessing,”Jean-Luc replied sadly,”Tommorrow or next week we’ll still remember they were here,won’t we?” Q nodded,”Yes.” Picard nodded,”Good. The last thing I want is for Katherine Janeway to become the next Amelia Earheart.” Q stood,”She will come home,Picard. I promise you that,Katherine Janeway will come home.” Then with a familiar flash of white light Q was gone. Leaving Picard alone with his thoughts and memories of Katherine Janeway. ***************************************************** Jadzia Dax found Julian Bashir on the upper level of the Promenade. The young doctor was seated in one of the far tables staring out one of the view ports. Dax quietly slid into the chair across from him,”Benjamin just got word that Voyager disapeared around the same time that our Jane Doe did.” Bashir met the science officer’s gaze,”That proves her story a little, doesn’t it?” Dax shook her head,”All it does is open up tons of more questions,Julian. Rumors are flying fast and furious,seems everyone has a theory on what happened to Voyager.” Julian nodded,”I believe she was who she said she was,Jadzia.” Dax glanced out the view port as the wormhole opened allowing a ship through,”If she was Voyager’s chief engineer how did she end up here? So far away from Earth?” Julian took a sip of his drink before replying,”Hopefully someday we’ll be able to ask her.”

Disclaimer: The song used in this section is "Because you Loved Me" By Celine Dion" copyright 1994 and 1996,no infridgment is intended.

Commander Chakotay tapped a spoon against his chamagne glass,”May I have everyone’s attention?” Slowly the mess hall grew silent as the Voyager crew turned to face their second in command standing near the wedding cake. “Thankyou,”Chakotay replied as he glanced at Tom and B’Elanna,”If everyone could please clear the dance floor its time for Tom and B’Elanna’s first dance as husband and wife.” A circle of friends quickly formed as Tom Paris drew his new bride onto the dance floor. “Ladies and Gentleman,”Chakotay announced,”Mr. and Mrs. Tom Paris.” Tom pulled B’Elanna close as soft music began to play. /For all those times you stood by me/ /For all the truth that you made me see/ /For all the joy you brought to my life/ /For all the wrong that you made right/ /For every dream you made come true/ /For all the love I found in you/ /I’ll be forever thankful baby/ /You’re the one who held me up,never let me fall/ /I’m everything I am,because you loved me/ B’Elanna gazed into Tom’s blue eyes,wondering how on earth they had got to this moment. She was the happiest she’d ever been in her life and she couldn’t quite let herself believe,not yet. /You were my strength when I was weak/ /You were my voice when I couldn’t speak/ /You were my eyes when I couldn’t see/ /You saw the best there was in me/ /Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach/ /You gave me faith ‘coz you believed/ /I’m everything I am,because you loved me/ Tom reached up and gently carassed her cheek with his right hand,”A penny for your thoughts,Mrs. Paris?” B’Elanna smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck,”I was just wondering how I got this lucky.” Tom grinned as he leaned forward to kiss her,”Funny,I was wondering the same thing.” /You gave me wings and made me fly/ /You touched my hand,I could touch the sky/ /I lost my faith you gave it back to me/ /You said no star was out of reach/ /You stood by me and I stood tall/ /I had your love I had it all/ /I’m grateful for each day you gave me/ /Maybe I don’t know that much,but I know this much is true/ /I was blessed because I was loved by you/ Tom cupped her face in his hands,”I love you,B’Elanna,”He whispered,”And I promise our life together will be nothing but smooth sailing.” B’Elanna grinned through the tears of happiness that were starting to flow,”Smooth sailing sounds boring,Mr. Paris.” Tom returned her smile,”Borning? Us? Never.” /You were always there for me/ /The tender wind that carried me/ /A light in the dark shining your love into my life/ /You’ve been my inspiration/ /Through the lies you were the truth/ /My world is a better place because of you/ B’Elanna caught his hand in hers,”I promise you Tom,I’ll do my very best to make you happy.” Tom gently wiped the tears away from her face,”You already have,my love. You already have.” /You were my strength when I was weak/ /You were my voice when I couldn’t speak/ /You were my eyes when I couldn’t see/ /You saw the best there was in me/ /Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach/ /You gave me faith ‘coz you believed/ /I’m everything I am,because you loved me./ As the music faded into a round of applause and cheers Tom and B’Elanna turned to face their friends. Neelix scurried forward grasping B’Elanna’s hand,”Forgive me Tom but I need to borrow your lovely bride.” Tom grinned,”Just don’t take her too far,Neelix.” Neelix smiled,”She’ll be in your sight the whole time,I promise.” B’Elanna laughed as the Taxalon started walking toward the pantry,”Where are you taking me,Neelix?” Neelix stopped,”That’s far enough.”He turned back to the crowd,”Alright ladies,everyone in the center of the room. That goes for you too Captain.” Janeway grinned,”I don’t think so,Neelix.” Chakotay nudged her with his elbow,”Oh go on,Katherine. I’ll be fun.” Relenting to the overwhelming odds Janeway laughed,”All right,all right I give.” Once all the female crew were gathered in the center of the dance floor B’Elanna turned her back gripping the boquet of flowers. “Everybody ready?”The chief engineer called exchanging a glance with her husband. “Ready!” B’Elanna tossed the flowers high into the air. On the top of their arch they boucned off the ceiling and started its decent. Right into Katherine Janeway’s arms. “Nice arm,honey,”Tom replied as he slipped an arm around his wife’s waist,”Remind me to sign you up for the Voyager softball team.” B’Elanna grinned,”We don’t have a soft ball team,Tom.” “We do now.”Tom replied dodging as B’Elanna reached to slap his shoulder playfully. “Congrats you two,”Harry Kim said happily as gave each of his friends a huge hug,”Tom,do you mind if I dance with your wife?” Tom grinned as he slapped his friend on the shoulder,”Just as long as all you do is dance,Harry.” B’Elanna laughed as she followed Kim out onto the dance floor which was rapidly filling with other couples. Chakotay slipped an arm around Janeway’s waist as they leaned against the wall,”So you caught the bouquet,you realize what that means don’t you?” Katherine elbowed him,”Its all just a bunch of superstions,Chakotay, nothing more.” Chakotay grinned as he pulled her out onto the dance floor,”If you say s,Katherine,but I believe the lady doth protest too much.” Janeway hit him gently,”Just shut up and dance,Commander.” “Yes Ma’am.” The End