Angel "Reflections"
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In his two hundred plus year existence in darkness Angel had never let anyone get too close.
Especially mortals.....there had never been time or reason to build friendships. He was always on the move.....never in one place for very long.
Then Whistler had introduced him to Buffy and his solo act was history.
Even after the chaos that had ensued when he lost his soul the teenagers in Sunnydale had slowly begun to trust him again.
Even after he had killed someone close to them.

Angel shook his head in amazement as he stood on the roof of the building that housed his detective agency
The last couple years were just full of irony. He was sure that somewhere some PTB was having a good laugh at his expense.
Somehow in a crazy turn of events he had his soul back, Buffy was actually willing to at least listen to him, Cordelia of all people was working for him, and he had a half demon as a best friend.

As he thought of Doyle a shadow of pain crossed the vampire’s face. In the space of a few short months Doyle had made an impact on both Cordelia and himself. Doyle had quickly saw through Cordelia’s self-absorbed front to the lonely hurt woman behind. He had made it his mission to become Cordelia’s friend. Though Angel had suspected that Doyle wanted more than friendship from Cordelia and close to the end it looked as if Doyle had started to make some headway.

Angel sighed as he thought of the young woman in the office below. Even with everything Cordelia had been through in the past year she had bounced back. Angel was worried that she wouldn’t bounce back as well this time. She put up a brave front but he knew she was crumbling inside.

Angel took a last look at the moon before turning and heading for the stairs. He’d be here when she needed him. He owed Doyle that much.
Rest in peace my friend,Angel thought as he descended the stairs, you’ve earned it.