Warrior Child pt.2
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The Sentinel
"Warrior Child"
pt. 2/?

Six hours later a very frustrated James Ellison slammed a
roadmap of Cascade down onto his desk.
As he sank wearily down into his chair he couldn’t figure
out how everything had gone so wrong.

With all of the state of the art technology.
The cooperation of the Cascade PD,washington state police
and the FBI.
A detailed sketch of the remaining robbery suspect.
They still couldn’t find one twenty nine year old
anthropology student.

“Any news?”Casey Wells asked quietly as she cautiously
approached the detective.
Jim didn’t look up from the map as he circled out a twelve
block area around the coffee house,”Nothing that’s good. The
press has gotten wind of this which has the brass up in
arms. Tilson’s out for my head and there’s still no sign of
“Anything I can do to help?”Casey asked as she leaned
against his desk.
Jim almost refused but then realized a fresh insight might
do some good,”Pull up a chair maybe you can see something I
don’t. I keep thinking I’m missing something right under my
Casey pulled a small chair over,”We’ll find him,Jim.”She
promised softly as she took the file from the detective.
Jim only nodded as he glanced at the clock on the wall,
almost eleven thirty.
Six hours with no ransom that worried Jim more than

Blair Sandburg made himself as small as possible in the
backseat of the red lexus as the robber drove aimlessly
through the city.
The first few hours Blair had tried several different ways
to escape.
First of course had been the doors, but the locks were
controlled by the driver.
Then he had grabbed the kid around the neck and tried to
wreck the car.
No luck there ethier, the kid had elbowed Blair in the left
eye regaining control just before the car went off the side
of the road.
Blair had even thought of ripping away the back seat
cushions and trying to get into the trunk and get out that
But then he realized that wouldn’t work ethier.

So now six hours after the robbery Blair studied his captor.
The robber was no more than twenty five, red hair pulled
back into a short pony tail. The expensive clothes led Blair
to believe the Lexus wasn’t stolen.
Blair glanced up at the dashboard and saw the needle on the
gas gauge was near empty,”You’re going to have to stop for
gas soon.”He stated calmly.
The kid glared back at him instantly bringing the gun
up,”Shut up!”
“Its not too late, you know. You haven’t killed anyone yet.
I can tell the D.A. that you cooperated, that’ll give you a
lighter sentence.”

It was then Blair realized just how unhinged the young man
was. Too late he realized that trying to talk the kid down
might have been a bad idea.
As the teen raized the gun Blair dove for the opposite side
of the seat futilely attempting to break the window.
The next instant everything went to hell as the gun went

Casey Wells was the first to notice the slightly heavyset
Hispanic man standing just inside the squad room.
“Can I help you?”The red haired woman asked as she set the
file down.
The fortish man ignored her as he continued toward Jim’s
desk,”Jim Ellison?”
Jim didn’t glance up from the list of coffee’s that Rafe had
finally given him,”I don’t have time right now to trade
insults with the IA. Come back next week.”
Casey glanced from Jim to the older man and back
again,”How’d you know he was IA?”She whispered.
“I heard him slither out of the elevator.”Jim replied as he
met the man’s gaze,”What took you guys so long I figured
Tilson would have beamed you here if he could?”

The man glared at Ellison,”I would think you would have a
little respect for the dead.”
Jim slowly stood as he placed his hands on the desk’s
surface,”I would if I had the time. In case you forgot we
have a hostage situation that’s going into its seventh
The man stepped forward,”I am well aware of Blair Sandberg’s
plight. I am also well aware that his situation makes the
department liabel.”
Jim felt Casey place a warning hand on his shoulder but
ignored it,”We could have two dead people on our hands and
you’re department is worried about lawsuits?!”
“So now you’re remembering that you shot someone?”The IA
inspector asked sarcastically.
Casey could see her friend was at his breaking point so she
stepped around the desk physically placing herself between
the two,”Of course he’s aware of the tradegy that took place
this afternoon. We’re all just working really hard right now
to prevent another one. If you could just step into Captain
Bank’s office I’m sure he’ll be happy to arrange a better
time to question Detective Ellison.”
The inspector looked like he was about to protest but nodded
his head briskly before stalking over to Bank’s office.

Jim let out a slow breath in an effort to keep his temper in
check. He placed a hand on Casey’s shoulder as she turned to
follow the IA inspector,”Thankyou for watching my back.”
Casey smiled,”No problem. I have to get back to the morgue
but I’ll keep Blair in my prayers.”
Jim nodded tightly,”Thanks.”

The teenager pulled the red Lexus over to the side of the
highway trying to fight down the paniac.
He closed his eyes as he rested his head against the
steering wheel. It was then he realized the gun was still in
his hand. A faint whisp of smoke coming from the barrel.
The young man rolled down the driver side window and tossed
the gun as far as he could. It hit the cement midium and
skidded across finally coming to a rest in a sewer grate.

Taking a deep breath the teen turned around knowing he had
to face the hostage sometime.
The guy was sprawled across the back seat like a rag doll.
Blood seemed to be everywhere.
Fear grabbed hold of the teen as he fumbled with the door
handle. Once the driver’s door was open he ran as fast as he
could never looking back.

To be continued......