"A typical day" An EE/DS crossover
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“A typical day”
An Early Edition/Due South crossover

“Its 6:30 Chicago and welcome to another beautifal day......”
That was the only reason Gary Hobson could think of as to why he still set the alarm on his clock radio.
For two years the former stockbroker had a heaven sent wake up call which should be arriving just about now......

Gary cracked one brown eye open,”Can’t you give me a half hour?I had a rough night at McGinty’s last night......”
The cat’s insistent scratching at his front door finally pulled himself out of the warm bed.
Of all the nights for Erica’s babysitter to call in sick and for Patrick to break his leg.
“I’m comin’,”Gary said wearily as he padded through his living room,”I”m comin’.”

Gary barely had the door open and inch before the orange cat zoomed past him making a bee line for his food bowl.
“Good morning to you too.”Gary muttered as he picked up the Sun Times and headed to the small kitchen to make a cup of coffee.
He placed the folded newspaper on the counter while he opened the kitchen cabniet.
The paper fell open as he reached for the bag of instant coffee on the top shelf.

Gary glanced at the headline then poured the coffee into the filter and hit brew before what he had read started to sink in. He snatched the paper off of the tile and reread the article.

A tall thin black woman in her early thirties stood behind the bar at McGinty’s waiting for the pot of coffee to stop brewing.
“Marissa?”Gary asked as he sat down at the bar the paper under one arm and a glazed doughnut in his right hand,”What do you know about Mounties?”
The blind woman heard the coffee machine finally click off and turned to pour the black liquid into a mug,”Why? Planning a trip to Canada?”
Gary shook his head,”No that was the headline in the paper this morning.”
Marissia placed the palm of her right hand on Hobson’s forehead as if checking for a fever,”Gary,there are no Mounties on the Chicago police force. Are you feeling alright?”

Gary gently grasped her wrist pulling her hand away,”I’m not delusional. According to the paper there is a mountie working as a liason with the chicago force. A Constable Benton Fraser.”
“So what does the article say?”Marissia asked as she took a sip of coffee.
Gary cleared his throat and began to read,”Details are still sketchy at this hour but a hostage situation at a chicago precient went horribly wrong ending in the death of RCMP officer Constable Benton Fraser.

The standoff between Chicago police officers and a Matthew Brody moved from the squad room to the roof of the 27th precient. While trying to talk Brody into releasing his hostage Fraser fell to his death.”
Marissa leaned against the bar,”What time did this happen?”
Gary scanned the article,”Eleven thirty.”He replied then glanced at the clock above the bar,”Great that means I have just about four hours to convince an entire police precient not to arrest this guy.”
Marissia smiled as she patted Gary’s right shoulder,”I have faith in you.”
Hobson glared at his friend,”Thanks.”He said sarcasticly as he hopped off of the stool.It was then he noticed a pink message slip sitting next to him.
Gary sighed as he read the message,”Patrick’s still out?”
Marissa nodded,”The doctors said it’d be at least two more days before he could put any weight on it.”
Gary looked at his friend,”What did he do anyway?”
“Tried to chase a squirrel off of his neighbor’s plant that was sitting on the front steps of his building. In the process he tripped over the plant and fell down the steps.”
Gary shook his head in amazment,”Can you watch the place untill Erica gets in?”
Marissa nodded,”Of course. Have a good day,Gary.”
Hobson nodded as he headed toward the door,”You too.”

Detective Ray Vecchico had a headache.
No make that a migraine.
He seemed to have gotten them more frequently ever since a Mountie had walked into his precient.
So why was he at eight in the morning dodging subway trains?
Because he was trying to catch up to Fraser who had chased a jaywalker of all things down into the subway system.
Only in Chicago subways didn’t stay underground and Ray could only pray that Fraser didn’t chase this guy above ground.
Ray was in no mood to be dangling from an el track.

Rounding a bend in the tunnel Ray heard Diefenbaker’s bark which ment he was finally catching up.
Twenty feet ahead he found Fraser pinning a brown haired teen up against a brick wall in one of the unfinished tunnels.
“Fraser,”Ray said as he leaned against the wall trying to catch his breath,”For the last time, jay walking is not a capital offense.”
“All crimes have to be punished Ray.”Benton replied softly as he glanced back at the detective,”Can I have your handcuffs please?”
Ray sighed,”Just issue the kid a ticket and lets get on with the rest of our day.”
Diefenbaker barked as he walked around Ray and Fraser just stood waiting paitently untill Vecchico finally gave in.
Ray threw up his hands,”Fine.”He replied tossing the hand cuffs to Fraser,”You want to add to the jail over crowding be my guest. Lets just get back out into the daylight.”

The teen looked at Ray,”He’s Canadian he can’t arrest me.”
Vecchico grabbed the teen by the collar of his shirt and hauled him forward,”He just did,so stop yacking and let’s move.”

Gary had decided to flag down a cab instead of dealing with Chicago rush hour traffic.
He gave the driver the address for the twenty seventh precient and settled back into the seat as the car pulled away from the curb.
The paper sat folded in half on his lap,flipping it over Gary noticed an article he hadn’t seen before.

“Oh no,”Gary whispered as he quickly read the article.He glanced at his watch and saw he had less than twenty minutes to prevent it.
Hobson leaned forward tapping the driver on the shoulder to get his attention,”How far are we from Carson?”
The driver glanced at him through the rear view mirror,”Its about two blocks over.”
Gary nodded,”Let me out here.”
The man stared at him then shrugged,”Its your nickel buddy.”
Gary shoved a fist of money at him and exited the cab hitting the sidewalk at a run.

A block and a half from the fast food resturant Gary just barely avoided a collison with a transit bus while crossing the street. He smiled apoligeticly at the angry driver as he reached the other side.
The resturant in sight now Gary scanned the surrounding intersection.
Mid morning traffic was at its peak. Glancing to the right Gary spotted a semi-truck starting to swerv going down the hill,clearly in trouble.

With no time left Gary burst through the doors of the resturant shouting warnings to the customers and empolyees as he ran behind the counter.
Ignoring the strange looks from startled employees he headed toward the back of the resturant where the drive-thru area was located.
“Thankyou,your total comes to $5.17 please pull around to the first window.”

Stepping into the small hallway Gary snagged the brown haired girl by the arm dragging her into the main part of the resturant.
“Who......”The young woman asked just as Gary risked a glance behind them.
His eyes widened slightly as he saw the front of the cemi truck careening toward the drive-thru window. The driver managed to leap free just before the vechicle collided with the brick building.
Gary shoved the woman in front of him shouting warnings to the remaining employees as they raced past the front counter.

Hobson dove behind the counter dragging the woman down with him covering her body with his as debris rained down around them.
The truck stopped just inches from the grill.

The driver of the truck raced into the resturant an anxious expression on his face,”Is everyone all right?!”
Gary slowly sat up looking at the young woman next to him with concern,”Are you okay?”
The brown haired woman in her early twenties nodded clearly shaken,”I-I think so....”She replied in a small voice.
A blonde woman wearing a manager’s uniform stepped forward from the group of twenty or so employees and customers.
“I don’t know how we can ever thank you Mr. ?”
Gary glanced up at the woman,”Hobson,Gary Hobson and no thankyous are necassary.”
The brown haired woman had regained some of her composure as she turned toward Gary,”How did you know?”
“I was crossing the street and saw the truck swerving down the hill. There was no time to call the police so I decided to come in and see what I could do to help.”
The manager placed a hand on Gary’s right shoulder,”Thank God you did Mr. Hobson.”

The truck driver stepped forward,”I second what the lady said. My breaks went out as I came over the hill. I did everything I could think of but
she wouldn’t slow down. I tried to stop it by hitting the ditch but she jumped the ditch and went flying toward the resturant......”
The young woman in his arms shuddered as she realized just how close a call it had been,”Thankyou Mr. Hobson.....”
Gary smiled,”Its Gary and you’re welcome.”
Sirens cutting through the air reminded Gary of his previous mission. He snatched the paper out of the inside pocket of his jacket. The article on the resturant had disappeared but it was replaced by another article on the hostage standoff.
“Mountie killed,one police officer seriously injured in police station standoff.”
Gary folded the paper and glanced at his watch just over an hour left,”I’m glad everyone’s okay.”He said as he stood,”I’m sorry but I have to go.”
Reaching the door Gary glanced back at the disfigured corpse of the cemi-truck before exiting the building.
/This was going to be a long day./Gary thought wearily as he scanned the busy intersection for a cab.

Gary was just heading up the front steps to the twenty seventh precient when something tripped him from behind sending him sprawling.
The something Gary found out as he turned around was a wolf.
A large wolf which was nose to nose with the former stockbroker.
Gary went stiff as a board as he forced a smile,”Nice doggy.”
“Do you have anything sweet on you?”A deep voice asked from Gary’s right.
Startled Hobson turned to his right and found himself staring up at a Mountie complete with a stetson,”What?”
Fraser smiled ruefully as he motioned to the wolf,”I’m afraid he has a bit of a sweet tooth.”
Gary looked from the mountie to the wolf and back again,”He? The *wolf* has a sweet tooth?”
“Don’t I know it.”Ray Vecchico muttered as he ushered Brody past Fraser and into the station.

Deifenbaker backed away from Gary convinced that Hobson didn’t have any junk food.
Gary quickly sat up moving several steps up from the wolf.
Fraser offered him a hand up,”He’s perfectly harmless I assure you.”
Hobson nodded as he warily stood up he turned toward the man standing next to him,”You’re a Mountie?”
Fraser smiled,”Last time I checked. Constable Benton Fraser, Royal Canadaian mounted police.”
“Gary Hobson.”Gary replied extending his hand in greeting.
Fraser shook his hand just as Vecchico stuck his head out the precient
door,”Hey Fraser,you comin’ in or what? We got cases to solve, bad guys to put away.”
The Mountie acknowledged his partner,”I’ll be right there,Ray.”
Vechico nodded and ducked back inside the police station.
“Nice meeting you.”Fraser commented before turning and following Diefenbaker into the station.
Before Gary could reply the door closed behind the Mountie.

Gary sighed as he walked up the steps and opened the door,/Just once I would like an easy one. Just once./

“Where have you two been?”Lieutenant Harding Walsh asked as he stepped out of his ofice,”You were supposed to be on duty an hour ago.”
Ray shoved Brody forward,”Fraser decided to make jaywalking a capital offense.”

To be continued.....