JAG "Eternity"
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With the pain medication Bud Roberts had been asleep as soon as the
plane wheels left the runway. Harmon Rabb wished he could be that lucky.

Harm couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Even if Sarah Mackenzie was
sitting two rows up and half a plane away. His mind was still reeling
from the bombshell that Admiral Chedwiggen had dropped at the gate. He
still couldn't believe that she was considering marrying Brumby of all

Not that he hadn't seen this coming. Harm thought as he took a sip of
his drink and settled back in his chair. Mic Brumby had been after Sarah
ever since he had stepped foot on American soil.

Harm sighed and turned to look out the window. Not that he blamed the
man. Maybe that's why he had wanted to punch Brumby's face in every time
he saw him. Brumby was doing something that he couldn't. That he never
could if he wanted to keep his career.

Harm's thoughts went back to the other night on the ferry. He had been
so close to kissing her. It would have been so easy....no one would know.
If no one knew regulations wouldn't be broken. Mac didn't realize how close he had
come to breaking that night.

The ring was on her right finger. Mac had made a point of that which
meant she hadn't given Brumby an answer yet. He still had a chance to
make her change her mind.

That last thought made Harm sit up straight. Even if he got her to turn
Brumby down what could he possibly offer her in return? Regulations were
regulations they were that way for a reason and couldn't be broken. Harm
shook his head....it was an impossible situation. She wouldn't give up
her career and neither would he.
So that was the end of it....if she could be happy with Brumby he should
be happy for her.
Then why was he having such a hard time convincing himself of that?


Colonel Sarah Mackenzie smiled at Harriet and little AJ as they waited
for Bud but she didn't stop to say hello. Her mind was still reeling.
She had went to Australia for a little warm weather and came back with a
marriage proposal.
Sarah sighed as she shifted the weight of her suitcase to her other hand
and stepped out into the cold Washington air.
Mic Brumby was certainly everything a woman could ask for....charming,
sexy and willing to make sacrifices. Something Harm had clearly said he
wasn't or would never be willing to do.
So why hadn't she said yes immediately to Mic's proposal?


As he raced through customs and past Harriet and AJ, Harm thought he had
missed her. He had done nothing but think the long flight back and he'd
come to one conclusion.
That no matter what else happened he couldn't picture his life without
her in it. Harm was willing to do whatever it took to convince her of

As he stepped outside he saw her about ten feet away hailing a cab.
"Mac!"Harm called as he dropped his suitcase near the door and started
toward her at a jog.

As the cab pulled up Sarah heard someone call her name. She recognized
Harm's voice and choose not to acknowledge him. Between the jet lag and
her whirling thoughts and conflicting emotions she couldn't deal with
Harmon Rabb right now. The driver got out and put her suitcase in the
trunk. Sarah opened the door and was about to get in when a hand grabbed
her elbow.

"Sarah,"Harm called as he grabbed her arm forcing her to look at him,"We
have to talk."

Mac shook her head as she broke free of his grasp. "Not right now, Harm,
its been a long flight."

Harm touched her right shoulder lightly. "Please, Mac, you're
considering giving Brumby the rest of your life, at least give me five

Sarah glanced at the cab driver who was glaring at them impatiently. She
gestured for him to take her luggage out of the trunk and gave him a
five for his inconvenience.
"Okay, five minutes."Sarah stated as she allowed him to usher then over
to the wall away from the bustle of tourists and business travelers.

"Do you love him?"Harm asked in a tight voice.

Sarah avoided his gaze as she looked down at the diamond ring on her
right hand. "Harm...."

Harm gently placed his hand under her chin forcing her to look at him.
"Mac, you ether love him or you don't. It's that simple."

Sarah glared at him. "Nothing about this is simple, Harm!"

Rabb blanched slightly as he lowered his hand. "So you do love him."

The brown haired woman shook her head as she leaned against the wall. "I
don't know."

Harm tenderly tucked a piece of wind blown hair behind her right ear. "I thought about this the whole flight back. I love you, Sarah, I have for years but wouldn't allow myself to admit it."His voice trembled and threatened to break forcing Harm to pause for a moment."You know how much the Navy means to me, Sarah, its my life. But I can't picture that life without you in it. I'm willing to quit the Navy to make this work, whatever it takes."

"I love you,Harm."Sarah Mackenzie whispered as she linked her arms
around his neck,"I always have."

As Harm leaned down to kiss her the world seemed to drop away. Nothing
else mattered...he had found the other half of his soul.