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				Xena: Warrior Princess
				“Family reunion”

Gabrielle paused in her task of gathering firewood. Dawn had just
started to color the sky when she heard a painfully familiar off key
voice filter through the trees.

“Joxer the Mighty.Roams through the countryside......”

Frowning Gabrielle shifted the armload of wood as she started to walk up
the path following the singing.

“He never needs a place to hide,With Gabby as his sidekick.
Fighting with her little stick........”

Half a mile up the path the young blond woman found the source of the

“Righting wrongs and singing songs. Being mighty all day long
He's Joxer...he's Joxer the Mighty.”

Somehow she wasn’t suprised to see the warrior wannabe tied from head to
foot to a tree.
“He's Joxer the Mighty,”The skinny brown haired young man sang,”He's
really tidy.Everybody likes him.....”

The smart retort that was on the tip of the amazon princess’s tounge
faded immeaditely when Gabrille noticed Joxer’s eyes were closed. His
face was pale and drawn. She didn’t want to imagine how long he had been
tied up.
“'Cause he's got a funny grin. He's Joxer...Joxer the Mighty!”The young
man’s voice had dropped to a mumbled whisper.
“Joxer,what did you get yourself into this time?”Gabrille muttered as
she tossed the wood on the ground and removed a small knife from her

As soon as the coarse ropes fell away Gabrielle was nearly toppled by
Joxer as he collasped to the ground.
Gabriele dropped to her knees next to him,slapping his face lightly. She
felt for a pulse and discovered a weak one.
“Don’t you die on me,idoit!”Gabrielle admonished him as she took a small
flask from her belt.
The amazon gently pushed Joxer into a sitting postion against the tree.
She pressed the flask against his lips,”Come on Joxer,have some nice
cool water.Make you feel better.”

Before Gabrille knew what was happening the flask was slapped roughly
out of her hand sending water everywhere. 
In a flash she was facing the oppisite way,a male arm wrapped around her
“Joxer! What are you doing?!”Gabrille protested,”This is not funny!”
“I warned my brother he should have kept a better eye on you.”
Gabrielle’s struggling instantly stopped as she recognized the
voice,”Jet,how did you escape?”
Jet started ushering her down the path,oppisite from the camp she shared
with Xena,”That’s a facinating story.One I’ll be happy to share with my
lovely golden amazon when we’re tucked away in our own little secert
“I am not going anywhere with you!”Gabrille shouted as she began to
struggle wishing she had her staf with her.
Jet chuckled a sound that chilled Gabrille’s heart,”If you value your
friend Xena’s life you will come with me quietly. I’m sure our mutual
friend ‘the king of thieves’ has told you about my talents. I can kill a
squirel on the highest branch,just as he thinks he’s the safest.”
Jet tightened his grip on Gabrielle’s wrists,”Now what do you think I
can do to a human?”He dropped a kiss on the nape of her neck before
whispering in her ear,”Even the mighty warrior princess has a weak spot

Gabrielle flinched at the kiss but didn’t struggle. Her mind on her
friend sleeping at the campsite a few meters away. She knew Xena could
handle anything,but Jet was different a wildcard.
The world needed a warrior princess much more than they needed an amazon
“You win,”Gabrielle said defeatedly as her body relaxed against her
captor,”I’ll go with you.”
“Wise choice,my princess.”Jet whispered as he tenderly brushed
Gabriele’s blond hair away from her neck,”Very wise choice.”
With her own knife pressed against the small of her back Gabriele had no
choice but to lead the way down the forrest path.

Iolaus groaned as he suddenly found himself flat on his back next to the
dead embers of a camp fire.
“Xena,”The blond man replied as he slowly pushed himself into a sitting
position,”Get up on the wrong side of the campfire this morning?”
Xena helped the shorter man to his feet,”I wasn’t expecting company.”
Iolaus rubbed a soar spot on the back of his neck,”Obviously.”
Hercules’s closest friend noticed that during their whole conversation
Xena’s eyes never really met his. The warrior princess seemed nervous,
worried maybe. If something was wrong enough to worry Xena that worried
Iolaus,a lot.

The warrior princess didn’t answer him,dark eyes scanning the surroundng
woods. Looking for any clue.
The tall brown haired woman moved faster than Iolaus could react. She
moved stealthly through the brush on the left side of the path.
Iolaus hurried to catch up leaves and branches crashing noisely beneath
his sandled feet.
“Xena,”Iolaus called in a hushed whisper,”Will you please tell me what’s
going on?”
She stoppped so suddenly that Iolaus nearly slammed into her,”Gabriele’s
in trouble.”
Concern for the young blonde woman who had quickly become a close friend 
of his brought Iolaus’s senses on high alert.
“Where is she?”He asked in a tight whisper crouching next to Xena.
“She wasn’t there when I woke up,”Xena explained her voice carefully
controlled,”So she probably went in search of firewood.”

Long trained instincts from his years as a hunter brought Iolaus out of
their hiding postion. His senses were telling him that whoever or
whatever had taken Gabrielle were long gone.
“Looks like an ambush.”Iolaus commented softly as he knelt by the tree
Gabriele had freed ‘Joxer’ from a few minutes eariler.
Xena nodded as she picked up the rope,”She was taken by someone she
Iolaus cocked his head to the right as he looked down at the rope,”How
can you be so sure?”
Xena showed him one end of the coarse material,”Its been cut as if she
was trying to free someone tied to this tree.”
“Which would be typical Gabrielle.”Iolaus said softly trying to hide his
Xena stood tossing the rope angerily to the ground,”Where’s Hercules?”
“He’s in Methious.”Iolaus replied as they started to walk back to
camp,”Salmonous was in over his head again with some ‘predicting the
future’ con and Herc went to bail him out. Should be here in a couple
days we were supposed to meet for the Wine festival in Carpathia.”
In spite of the circumstances Xena smirked as she gathered her
supplies,”You didn’t have too much luck at the last wine festival you
went to.”
“That wasn’t my fault!”Iolaus protested as he recalled a time a
particularly festive female festival goer had dunked him in the grape
smashing tank.
Xena turned tossing him both bed rolls,”I’m sure you looked very cute in
that shade of purple.”She replied with a grin,”Tie those to Argo and
lets make some time. Its almost a six hour ride to Methious.”
Iolaus nodded as he moved toward the tan palimino,”Hopefully Herc will
meet us half way. I don’t want to think that Gabrielle might not have
that much time.”
“Forutnes,forecasts,lucky stars!”Salmonous or as he was calling himself
in this particular villiage,Salmon the Great,said to the gathering
crowd,”That’s right folks the great Salmon can tell your future for the
low,low,low price of fifteen denars.”

From his position under the overhang of the village tavern Hercules
shook his head in amusement. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t
make him drink. Or in this case you can lead a con man to the straight
line but you can’t make him follow it.
Despite all the headaches and hassles the dark haired man had given the
son of Zeus, Hercules still considered him a friend.
It appeared that the demiGod had arrived in town just in time to get
Salmonous out of yet another con gone bad. From the looks of the three
drunken soliders who had just left the tavern,this was about to turn

“Predictions not your cup of tea?”Salmon the great continued as he
walked up and down the length of the small hut he had rented,”Seiances
are another speciality of the house. That’s right folks for only twenty
denars you can converse with a long dead family member or even beloved
family pet.”

“Beloved pet,huh?”A tall burly red haired soilder said loudly to his
buddy who was equally or more drunk than he was,”Say didn’t you just
loose your dog in a tragic accident?”
The blond soilder grinned as he folded his arms across his chest looking
at their third companion a thin black man,”Yea,real tragic.”He looked at
Salmonous,”Hey Salmon,think you can conjur the spirit of Spot?”
The con man swallowed hard seeing the eight inch knife in the solider’s
hand,”Of course the great Salmon can conjor any spirit.”
The blond solider moved quickly placing Salmonous in a vice grip the
knife pressed close to the con man’s adam’s apple,”I suggest you start
praying for your own spirit,con man.”

Hercules sighed inwardly as he pushed his way through the crowd reaching
the first two soilders in a matter of seconds. He picked up the black
soilder and used him as a weapon to knock his friend unconscience then
tossed both to the ground as if they were nothing more than sacks of
Salmonous’s eyes lit up as he saw his friend coming to his
aide,”Hercules, so nice to see you. Can I interest you in a palm
reading? Or a seiance perhaps?”
“Not right now Salmonous.”Hercules replied as he focused his full
attention on the soilder,”Word of advice,friend. Knifes that size tend
to have loose handles.One wrong move and you loose a hand.”
The solider smirked,”You don’t scare me,Hercules. I am Darmon’s right
Hercules laughed,”Darmon is nothing more than a frightened little
soilder trying to be a warlord.”
That got the exact reaction Hercules was hoping for. Defending his
friend and his own honor the soilder threw Salmonous roughly to the left
sending him sprawling into a table.
“That was a mistake,son of Zeus.”The soilder snarled as he barrled
toward Hercules knife held like a battle ax.
Hercules easily sidestepped him grabbing the man’s outstretched arm as
he went by twisting it back toward him.
In the same move Hercules sent a swift kick to the back of the man’s
knees causing them to buckle.
As the soilder slammed into the ground Hercules stood over him,”Don’t
you know that playing with knifes is dangerous?”He asked with a grin.
Seconds later his right fist slammed into the man’s face knocking him

Stepping over the soilder Hercules quickly moved to his friend’s side.
Salmonous was struggling out of the debris that had once been his
display table.
“You alright?”Hercules asked with concern as he grasped the older man’s
right arm easily lifting him to his feet.
Salmonous nodded shaking off the wave of dizziness that hit him,”Fine,
thanks to you.”
Hercules glanced up noticing for the first time the crowd was still
gathered,”Go home. There’s nothing more to see here.”
Grumbling the crowd slowly dispersed.


“Gunzuntite.”Xena commented absently as she led Argo down the path.
Iolaus looked at her,”Wasn’t me.”
Taking several steps forward Xena came to a small clearing, Iolaus close
Xena sighed inwardly as she spotted the familar suit of mix matched
“Joxer!”Xena called as she and Iolaus walked farther into the small
Startled the warrior wannabe fell backward from his perch on a small
The young brown haired man absently straightened the over sized hat
before turning to face the warrior princess,”Xena? What are you doing
Xena knelt next to the roaring fire,”Joxer? Its the middle of summer and
you’re sitting here with a blazing fire.”
Joxer smiled ruefully as he raised a small tan cloth,”I have a
slight.....”He broke off as a sneeze wracked his thin frame,”Cold.”
“We can see that.”Iolaus replied with a smile.
Joxer seemed to notice him for the first time,”Ah,Folus good to see you
Iolaus fought the urge to roll his eyes,”Its Iolaus.”He corrected.

Joxer nodded absently as he wiped his nose with the cloth,”Where’s
Xena adverted her gaze as she took some herbs from a small pouch around
her belt,”Mix these with some boiling water. You’ll start feeling better
in a day or so.”
Joxer caught the fear in her eyes,”What’s happened?”
Xena rose and walked back to Argo absently petting the horse’s
nose,”She’s missing.”
Joxer stood,”How?”
Iolaus shook his head sadly,”We don’t know yet. We think she walked into
an ambush.”

“Get your hands off me!”Gabrielle ordered as Jet continued to usher her
through the dense woods.
Her captor laughed as his grip tightened on her shoulders,”Nice try
Gabrielle shook him off anyway,heedless of the danger. Ever since
Calisto had killed her husband, Perdicas,no man had touched her.
“You’ll never get away with this.”Gabrielle vowed as they neared a small
cave,”Someone is bound to notice I’m missing.”

Jet roughly shoved her into the dark interior of the cave,”If you’re
expecting the mighty Xena to ride in one a white horse and rescue you,
forget it!”
Gabrielle sat down leaning against the right wall,”Its tan.”She
corrected automaticly.
Jet looked at her blankly,”What?”
“Xena’s horse is tan,not white.”Gabrielle replied not looking at Joxer’s
The amazon let out a small scream as Jet’s right hand clamped down
painfully on her right forearm jerking it upright.
”Do not mock me,princess!”Jet warned as he moved his face so it was only
inches from hers,”I’ve been told I have a very bad temper.”

Hercules turned down the offer of ale Salmonous set before him on the
small table.
The con man shrugged as he took the same glass and filled it to the brim
with alcahol.
Not wanting to show the son of Zeus that the run-in with the soilders
had taken a lot out of him Salmonous took a sip of the ale.
“So,what brings you to this neck of the woods?”Salmonous asked as he set
the mug down.
“You.”Hercules replied simply as he leaned foward on the table,”A little
bird warned me that you might need some help.”
Salmonous’s eyes lit up as he lept from the chair,”A talking bird? Do
you have a way to contact it? If we could trap it and somehow reproduce
it we could make more denars than Zeus himself has!”
Hercules sighed as he tried to get the older man’s

Salmounous waved him off as he moved around the small hutt gathering his
belongings,”You’re right,Zeus doesn’t need money. But we do,or at least
I do. I can just smell the denars....a talking bird......amazing!”
Hercules walked around the table and grasped his friend firmly by the
shoulders,”Salmounous! It was just an expression!”
The gold lust started to dim,”Birds can’t talk?”
Hercules shook his head,”Not that I know of.”
Salmonous broke free of Hercules grasp retreating to the far side of the
room,”Wouldn’t have brought in any money,anyway. Animal acts are
“So where to?”Salmonous asked eagerily as he adjusted the strap of the
small canvas bag.
Hercules walked out the small building,”Well I’m supposed to meet Iolaus
in two days in Capathia.”
“Great!”Salmounos replied,”I know there’s a woman in Carpathia who just
lost a precious family pet.”
Hercules rolled his eyes as he started walking toward the edge of
town,”And how would you know that?”
With an ear to ear grin Salmonous slapped his friend on the
shoulder,”I’m psychic,remember?” 

Joxer stood up a little too fast loosing his balance and ended up
tripping over his own feet. Only Iolaus’s quick reflex’s kept the
warrior wannabe from crashing to the ground.
“Let me help in the search.”Joxer pleaded nodding silent thanks to
Iolaus for his help.
Xena shook her head as she walked away from the young man,”Its too
Joxer straightened to his full height,”Xena,danger’s my middle name,
remember? I can handle it.”
Xena finally faced him,”Its the enemies I’m worried about.”

“Level with me,Xena.”Joxer began as he grasped her arm forcing her to
look at him,”The real reason you don’t want me along is because you
think Jet took her.”
Iolaus blinked,”Who’s Jet?”
Xena didn’t look at him,”Joxer’s evil twin.”
Iolaus moved closer to the duo,”Evil twin?”He repeated not following
this conversation at all.
“Jet is my twin brother who’s an assassian by trade.”
“Nice family you got there,Joxer.”Iolaus replied with a grim smile.

Xena shook Joxer’s hand off as she retreated to stand a few feet from
Argo,”The point here is all this is just a theory. Anybody from Aries to
the local wood monstor could have Gabrielle!”
“Where is Jet now?”Iolaus asked watching both friends carefully.
“In jail.”Joxer replied,”Or he better still be in jail.”
“Its a long story,Iolaus.”Xena replied.
Iolaus nodded,”Okay how about the digest verison?”
Joxer sighed as he went to stand next to the fire,”Well it all started
with a chicken......”

Salmonous and Hercules stopped for the night in a small village called
Thadduos was about two and a half to three miles from Garthon and about
half that distance from Methious where they were going to meet up with

“I think classfying this as a villiage is a little generous.”Salmonous
commented as the two friends walked down the center of the village.
Hercules nodded as he glanced around,”I agree,it is a little small.”
Salmonous stared at him,”Small?”He repeated with a smile,”I’ve seen ant
hills bigger than this.”
Garthon had a total of three small thatch hutts which were barely more
than one room.One cart was separte from the houses which must have been
the villiage’s market area. And laughter could be heard coming from the
sole two story building straight ahead of them.
“At least it has a tavern,”Salmounous groused as he shifted the weight
of his shoulder bag,”I’m starving.”
Hercules laughed,”It’ll do for tonight,Salmounus. We meet up with Iolaus
tommorrow at midday.”

The con man nodded as the neared the tavern’s entrance,”Looks like this
is the villiage’s only source of entertainment. I have a few ideas to
change that.”
Hercules placed a restraining hand on Salmonous’s left shoulder as they
entered the inn,”I don’t think that’s a very good idea.”
Salmonous sighed,”Okay,son of Zeus what else are we going to do tonight?
I thought you wanted to help people?”
Hercules grinned,”These people don’t need your kind of help.”He paused
as voices from the back of the bar grew louder,”Besides it sounds like
we’re just in time for the entertainment.”

“Now look,friend I don’t want any trouble. I only borrowed the jewels.
Kept them safe while you were away.”
Hercules sighed inwardly as he recongized the voice. Why couldn’t he
just have a nice,quiet meal for once? Was that so much to ask?
Salmonous noticed his expression,”Do you know him?”
Hercules nodded,”Unfortunately. Get us a table I’ll ask our ‘friend’ to
join us.”
“Right.”Salmonous replied before disappearing toward the left of the
small bar.

The self proclaimed ‘King of Thieves’ flinched as a hand clamped down
hard on his left shoulder.
“Autolycus,”Hercules began as he turned the younger man around,”What are
you up to this time?”

Xena didn’t pause in her brisk hike up the thin trail as Iolaus’s hand
suddenly appeared on her left shoulder.
“Xena,I think we better stop for the night.”
Xena glanced at him,”Why? You tired?”
Iolaus shook his head,”No.......”
“Ouch!”Joxer exclaimed from several feet back,”They put too many trees
on this path! Achoo......ow!”
“I just think their will be more trees left for future generations if we
make camp.”Iolaus said in a soft voice gesturing back to the warrior
“Good point.”Xena replied.

Twenty minutes later the trio was gathered around a campfire quietly
eating a dinner of venasian.
“So let me get this straight.”Iolaus began as he set down the piece of
deer meat,”Your brother was hired to kill Cleopatra?”
Joxer nodded most of the food on his plate untouched,”Yes,Jet never does
small things.”
Xena picked up the story,”After they managed to sneak into the castle
things got a little out of hand.”
Joxer set the tin plate on the ground,”The guards who hired Jet to kill
Cleopatra thought I was Jet so Gabby’s plan was working.”
Xena shook her head,”I still don’t understand why the three of you took
it apon yourselves to try this rescue attempt. Gabrielle put all of your
lives in danger.”
“She was only doing what she thought was right.”Joxer replied softly
staring at the flames,”What she thought you would do.”
Xena sighed,”I know.”
The warrior princess sprang to her feet picking up the three dishes,”You
guys get some sleep I’ll take the first watch. We’ll leave at first

“Why do you hate him?”
Jet glanced at his prisoner with surprise,”Hate who?”He asked as he put
another branch on the small fire.
Gabrielle drew her knees to her chest as she leaned against the cold
cave wall,”Your brother.”
Jet kept his gaze on the fire,”I don’t hate him.”
“Why are you doing this then if its not about hate?”The amazon princess
asked softly.

“I would think you of all people would understand revenge,princess.”Jet
replied,”I heard Calisto did quite a number on your beloved husband.”
“I did want her dead.”Gabrielle agreeed quietly,”But in the end I
couldn’t do it.”
“That’s the difference between you and I.”Jet replied as he placed a
dish of soup in front of her.
The self proclaimed king of thieves slowly turned around to face the
demiGod. He placed his hands on his hips as he met Hercules’s
threatening gaze.
“Hercules,I’m hurt that you think I could be up to something shady.
Something under the table,something unlawful,something.....”
“Alright,”Autolycus replied as he ushered Hercules over to the wall
behind the bar,”I’m here helping my nephew.”
Hercules raised an eyebrow,”Nephew? You never mentioned a nephew.”
Autoclycus shrugged absently brushing his mustache,”Well he’s not really
a blood relative. More of a family friend. His father worked with my Dad
in the mines. I taught him everything he knows.”
A memory worked its way into Hercules’s conscienceness,”His name
wouldn’t be Clepto would it?”
The dark haired man’s head jerked up in surprise,”Yeah,how’d you know?”
Hercules smiled as he clamped a hand on the younger man’s shoulder,”Its
a long story.Which Iolaus is better at telling anyway.....”

“I thought you said you could bring people back from the dead!”
“I said I could bring their spirts back to talk not the whole person!”

“What’s that all about?”Autolycus asked as they both looked toward the
front of the tavern.
Hercules sighed,”You haven’t met Salmonous have you?”
“No,friend of yours?”
“Something like that.”Hercules replied shaking his head,”Come on we’ll
find out what Salmounous has gotten himself into and then we’ll sort out
your nephew’s mess.”
“After you.”

Iolaus had to do some fancy footwork to keep from landing flat on his
back for the second time that day.
“You know you really ought to look before you pulverize somebody.”Iolaus
replied with a wary smile as he sat next to the warrior princess.
Xena flashed him a rueful smile,”Sorry,reflex.”She replied as she knelt
to throw another branch on the campfire.
“Its my turn for watch.”Iolaus reminded her as he placed a gentle hand
on her shoulder,”Get some sleep.”

Xena shook her head as she stood,”Thanks,but I don’t think I could sleep
if I wanted too.”
Iolaus sat down on one of the logs,”Xena,Gabrilelle’s kidnapping is not
your fault.”
Xena whirled on the blond man,”Then who’s is it,Iolaus? Besides my
mother she’s the only thing I have to call family.”
“You can’t be on alert twenty four hours a day,Xena.”Iolaus replied
softly,”Gabrielle knew the risks when she decided to ride with you.”
Xena sat down next to him,”She also thought she could count on me to
protect her. I let her down.”

“Gabrielle needs you to be at full strength tommorrow.”Iolaus reminded
her his blue gaze sympathic,”Why don’t you try to get some rest. Or at
least see what you can do about Joxer’s snoring.”
Inspite of the circumstances Xena smiled,”Alright.Thanks for coming
along Iolaus.”
Iolaus returned her smile,”Anytime.”

From his postion by the fire Jett watched the blonde girl sleep. He
could see what Joxer saw in her. Besides the fact that she was pretty
she had an inner strength that Jett had never seen before.

He shook his head as he felt sleep trying to take him. His plan
depeneded on him staying focused.
The Amazon princess and his never-do-well brother were only pawns.
As the best Assassian in all of Greece he had to remember that.
Letting yourself feel was the first step in getting caught.

“Rise and shine,Joxer!”
Joxer blinked startled as a piece of hot bacon landed on his face just
below his nose.
His bleary eyes focused on the warrior princess as she stood over him
with a frying pan in her right hand.
“Breakfast is served.”Xena announced as she set the pan down and started
the task of packing up camp.
Joxer slowly sat up as he gingerly took the piece of fried meat and took
a bite,”Any news on Gabrielle?”

Xena paused next to Argo and Joxer saw the worry pass across her
eyes,”Not yet. So get a move on it Joxer. We’re only half a day’s ride
from meeting Hercules,then we can figure out our next move.”
Iolaus walked back into camp three waterskins in his hand,”Water’s ready
to go,are we?”
Xena nodded,”Yep,everything’s packed. Just waiting on sleepyhead here.”
In an instant Joxer was on his feet,”Don’t hold back on my account.
Let’s get this show on the road,danger waits for no man!”

Xena exchanged a glance with Iolaus as Joxer promptly tripped over a log
landing flat on his face in the dirt.
Xena sighed as she effortlessly yanked Joxer to his feet by the back of
his shirt,”Come on Dangerboy, Methious is *this* way.”

Gabrielle was literally yanked awake as Jett roughly pulled her to her
“Come on princess,daylight’s wastin’.”The assassian stated as he stomped
out the fire embers.
Blearily Gabrielle looked out the cave’s entrance at the dark sky,”I
don’t see any daylight.”She replied,the memories of the day before not
fully registering quite yet.
Jett shoved her out into the cool dawn,”What did I tell you about back
talking? If I say its daylight,its daylight. Let’s move,I can’t wait to
see my brother’s face when he realizes what’s going on.”
Now fully awake Gabrielle glared at Jett before leading the way down the
trail. She had been with Xena long enough to know when to fight and when
not too.
Jett had a weak point somewhere it was just a matter of finding it.

“Remind me,”Hercules said with a weary smile as the guard opened the
cell door,”Next time I get within a hundred yards of you two to tell me
to go the other way.”
“Hey,how was I to know I had a warrent out on my head in this pitiful
excuse for a town,”The king of thieves replied pausing as the guard
glared at him,”No offense.”
“None taken.”The burly man replied as Autocyls quickly moved past.
Salmonous snorted,”With a title like the king of thieves you probably
have a warrent in every villiage.”
Autocylus glared at the older man,”You’re one to talk,con man.”
“Hey,that’s entrepanuer to you.”

“Enough!”Hercules shouted causing both men to turn,”Let’s just call this
whole unfortunate incident a bar fight and leave it at that.”
“Yeah,a barfight with ghosts.”Autocylus muttered under his breath.
Salmonous glared at him,”I never promised that they would see anything.
Only that they could talk to their deceased loved ones.”
Once outside the demigod whirled to face his friends one hand raised in
midair,”Look,because of you two I’m already late meeting Iolaus. So if
you’re coming quit bickering and let’s go. If not I’m sure the nice
townspeople would be more than happy to entertain you.”

As Hercules turned and started walking toward the inn where he had left
his belongs the night before Salmonous and Autocylus noticed the growing
An angry growing crowd.
A crowd of armed men and a few woman with frying pans.
The two men looked at Hercules,back at the mob,then at each other.
“I hear Methoius is very nice this time of year.”Autocylus commented as
he took a step forward.
Salmonous nodded,”Yes it is,very nice. Lovely villiage.”
The two men quickly moved forward to join Hercules.

To be continued.....

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