FK "Knights of Toronto"
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Forever Knight
“Knight’s of Toronto”

A tall figure ducked into the shadows surrounding 101 Gateway road. The Spaniard still didn’t quite know what had drawn him here. It had taken him several weeks to fully recover from Divia’s poison.
Javier had tried to locate Tracy Vetter but had no luck. Perhaps that’s why he was at her partner’s loft.

Shaking off the questions Vachon flew to the roof of the warehouse where he easily slipped in through the open skylight.
Landing in the living room he thought the loft was empty. No vampires, no mortals to be seen.
He had seen the apartment in better shape. Furniture was overturned, bookcases toppled.
Then Javier heard it. A very faint mortal heartbeat.

Straining his senses,Vachon moved slowly around the darkened loft. After several minutes he thought he had imagined the heartbeat. He still wasn’t a hundred percent after his encounter with LaCroix’s ‘daughter from hell’.
As he moved around the overturned couch Javier finally saw her.
Natalie Lambert lay sprawled on her back next to the dwindling embers of the fire.
Javier knelt next to the dark haired woman looking for signs as to what had occured here. He had only met Knight’s lady love once during the ‘fever’ incident,but it was definitely her.
What had happened here?
More importantly where the hell was Knight? If he cared for her as much as she thought he did where was he? Or was she just another mortal to him after all?

Javier Vachon shook his head sadly as he noticed the two distinct bite marks on Natalie Lambert’s neck. Looked like someone had tried to bring her across and failed.
Vachon tenderly turned her head to face him. Her heartbeat was fading. There was no time to dwell on the decision he was about to make. She wouldn’t make it to the nearest hospital no matter how fast he flew.
As his fangs sank into her neck,Javier could only pray that she didn’t resent him like Urs did.
If Knight ever had the courage to show his face back here again he’d deal with the great detective then.

Former Toronto Homicide Detective Nicholas Knight awoke in a plush hotel room with a splitting headache.
With a groan Nick slowly forced his eyes open. Once the fog cleared he realized he wasn’t in his loft.
Lucien LaCroix stood behind the small oak desk walking toward his son with a wide smile,”Welcome back to the land of the living,such as it is.”
Nick struggled into a sitting position. A little too fast,as it turned out.His head started to swim,the darkness in the room grew. He shook his head slowly clearing it as he glared at his master.
“Where am I?”
“Rome.”LaCroix replied as he walked back to the small desk picking up a glass of his favorite drink. Blood splashed with a touch of white wine.
Nick glanced at the heavily draped windows,sunlight was trying to come in,”How long was I out?”
LaCroix took a sip,”Almost four days.”
/Natalie/ An insistent voice kept whispering at the back of his mind.
“Natalie?”He asked in a choked whisper. Nick couldn’t quite remember the events of the past week. It was all a jumble of intense emotions and blury images.
LaCroix almost grinned as he sat back down behind the desk,”Search your heart,Nicholas. You already know the answer.”

If his cold heart could still break Nick knew it did at that very moment.
His beloved Natalie. Sweet,vulerable,mortal Natalie.
“I took too much.”Nick managed to reply as he struggled to stand,”I couldn’t stop.”
“Yes,my dear boy,once again you botched the job,so to speak.”
Nick buried his face in his hands for a moment before straightening to face his master.
“Is she dead?”Nick whispered,not noticing that a single blood tear had escaped his left eye and was making a trail down his cheek.
LaCroix at least had the dignity not to smile,”Yes,Nicholas. I’m afraid the good doctor has met her maker.”
“I don’t believe you.”Nick replied angerily as he walked over to the window. Not caring if he avoided the sun’s blistering rays or not.
“Believe what you will,Nicholas.”LaCroix replied turning his attention back to the paperwork before him.
Nick whirled on his master,”I’m going back to Toronto! She’s not dead.”

LaCroix glanced up at him,”Need I remind you the mess Nicholas Knight left in Toronto? The Commisoner wants your head on a plater for his baby girl’s death. Not to mention your disappearing act.”
Nick started to get dressed,”I don’t care what consequences I have to face. Tracy shouldn’t have died,neithier should Schank or Cohen. Not the way they did. Not that violently.”
LaCroix smiled,”Mortals die,Nicholas. Does it really matter how or when?”
Nick angerily snatched up his leather jacket,which for some odd reason was still in one piece,”To me it does! Natalie is not dead,I will find her and we will be together.”He vowed as he opened the door.
His master chuckled gesturing toward the sunlight streaming into the room,”Need I remind you Nicholas,that the sun is still up?”
Nick glared at his master stepping out into the hallway,”I’d rather take my chances with the sun than stay a minute longer with you!”
LaCroix calmly crossed over to the now closed door and picked up a picture that had fallen during his son’s angry exit.
“Childern.”Lucien muttered as he rehung the picture.

For the past ninety six hours Javier Vachon had kept a vigil next to his newest fledgling’s bed.
Natalie hadn’t woken once since he had brought her to the church. He had continuously fed her blood. He knew she’d be horrified later that it was human,but it was the only kind he had the quickest access too. Though if he had been thinking he would’ve raided Knight’s stash of cow blood and brought that with.

Javier sighed as he stood and began to pace the main room of the church. If nothing else to get the kinks out of his neck. He had caught maybe an hours sleep since he had brought Natalie across.
He picked up a nearly empty bottle of blood and sat wearily down on the front entry way.
Though her pulse had steadily become stronger,or at least more vampireic. The longer she was asleep worried Vachon. He had only brought two people across in his five hundred years. And none of them had already been attempted by other vampires.

Vachon stood and walked back over to Natalie’s still form. He had placed her on the old couch trying to make her as comfortable as possible. From the blood transference he had learned that it had been Knight who had failed to bring her across.
If he was even trying to bring her across Vachon thought shaking his head slightly.
What he had learned from Natalie’s blood was that she had asked Knight to bring her across. That she had wanted to be with him no matter what the risk.
Whether Knight felt the same way was another matter all together.

Vachon’s gaze drifted to a cellular phone on a nearby table. Picking it up he realized Tracy must have left it here that night Divia attacked. That night he thought he had finally bought the big one.
The name brought only sadness now. Through Natalie’s blood he had also learned of Tracy Vetter’s death.
In the line of duty of course.
Vachon gently set the phone back on the table. He hoped her father was proud of her now.
Tracy deserved that much.

A moan from the couch drew Vachon’s thoughts back to the present.
He quickly knelt next to Natalie gently brushing a stray brown hair away from her face.
“Natalie?”Javier asked softly,”Can you hear me?”
She stirred but didn’t open her eyes.
He tried a different approach,”Doctor Lambert? Can you hear me?”

Somewhere Natalie Lambert floated. Her body felt like it was resting on a puffy white cloud on a spring day. As if from far away she heard a voice calling her. A male voice. One she didn’t recognize.
Struggling Natalie finally forced her eyelids open. Even though they felt like a bowling ball was resting on each one.
Panic started to wash over her.
It was dark all around. Only a yellow glow penetrated the darkness.
“Where am I?”She asked in a weak voice,trying to sit up.
Was she dead? Was that why it was so dark?
A strong but gentle hand forced her back onto the couch,”Take it easy.”
Natalie turned in the sound of the male voice but she still couldn’t see anything,”Why is it dark? Why can’t I see anything?”Paniac slowly crept into her voice. Even the doctor part of her couldn’t quite grip what was happening to her.

Vachon kept his hand on her shoulder as he struggled to come up with the right words,”Doctor Lambert,Natalie. I don’t know if you remember me but you helped a friend of mine a few months back. A sick friend who I couldn’t exactly take to the hospital.”
Some conscience thought returned to Natalie,”Vachon.”She replied quietly,”Nick’s friend.”
A smirk crossed Javier’s handsome face,”Knight and I aren’t exactly friends.”

Nick Knight wasn’t surprised to find yellow police tape quarantining the Loft. With a swipe of his hand he easily broke the thin strand and stepped into the elevator.
Facing what happened here was the first step. As they say,Nick thought wryily as he walked into the apartment,the first step is always the hardest.

Nick shrugged out of his leather jacket and threw it on the sofa. He took two steps into the living room and heard a mortal heartbeat. Two steps more found him staring down the barrel of a gun.
“Joe.”Nick said calmly as he raised his hands above his hands.
Captain Joe Reese’s dark gaze narrowed as he shook his head,”That’s Captain Reese to you Knight. Shall we start with where the hell have you been?!”
Nick took a tenative step forward,”Cap,I can explain......”
“Yes,you will.”Reese replied as he took a pair of handcuffs out of his jacket pocket and started to bind Nick’s wrists,”Down at the station.”
Nick sighed as he tried to turn around,”Joe,Captain is that really necessary?”
“Yes.”Joe said as he started to push Knight in the direction of the elevator.
Nick stopped,”Joe,you know me.”
Reese shook his head,”I don’t know anything about anyone any more. Not after this week.”He said sadly,”You could of at least shown up for your partner’s funeral.”
At the mention of Tracy,Nick’s shoulder’s slumped,”I couldn’t. After Schank,I just couldn’t. Not again.”
The elavtor door opened and the duo stepped inside,”There are a lot of people who want to talk to you.”
“Joe,have you talked to Natalie lately?”Nick asked keeping his gaze straight ahead,”How is she doing?”
Reese swallowed hard before repling,”That’s another thing people want to talk to you about Nick.”
Fear began to wash over him. What had he done?
“Is she hurt? Did something happen?”Nick asked fighting the control his voice.
Reese opened the outside door and started walking toward the squad car.
“Captain,is she alright?”Nick repeated anxiously.
Joe opened the back door of the squad car,”We don’t know where Natalie is.”
Nick whirled on him,”What do you mean you don’t know where she is?!”
“Nobody’s seen her since Tracy was shot. Her desk is packed up but she never came to pick them up.”Reese sighed as he leaned against the door frame,”When you didn’t show up at Tracy’s funeral the Commissioner ordered a search of your apartment.”
Nick blinked,”Search? Why?”
Reese shrugged,”Vetter was on a rampage after Tracy died. Wanting to blame everyone who ever had any contact with his little girl. You unfortunately were on the top of the list.Nick,forensics found Natalie’s blood on the floor of your apartment.”
Knight closed his eyes briefly,”But you didn’t find her?”
Reese shook his head,”No,not yet.”

“Why can’t I see?”Natalie asked as she struggled into a sitting position.
Vachon smiled,”Your eyes are getting used to the changes. It should wear off shortly.”
Natalie turned to the sound of his voice,”Changes? What changes?”
Then a massive feeling of hunger washed over her,nearly forcing her weakened body back onto the sofa.
“I-I’m so hungry. I don’t understand what’s happening.”Natalie said softly.
Javier didn’t reply instead he pressed a full bottle of blood into her hands.
Instincts took over and Natalie downed the whole bottle before she realized what she was doing.
As the blood quenched the first hunger for the moment memories started to return for Natalie.
Tracy’s death/Nick/The Loft
With shaking hands Natalie reached for the right side of her neck. Her fears were confirmed when she found two small holes.

“Oh my God.”Natalie said a hand flying to her mouth,”He actually did it.Nick brought me across.”
/If that’s true./A insistent voice at the back of her mind said,/Why isn’t he here?/
Vachon stiffled a sigh. He had been dreading this moment. He just wished he had some answers for her.
“Natalie,”He said gently,”Knight didn’t bring you across. I did.”
Her eyesight finally returning Natalie stared dumbfounded at Vachon,”What?!”
Javier adverted his eyes for a moment struggling to find the right words,”I don’t know what happened with Knight. When I got to the loft I found you lying near the fireplace,dying. Natalie there was no time to get you to the hospital. It looked like someone had tried to bring you across and failed.”

Javier easily ducked the empty bottle.It sailed past crashing loudly against the far wall. Natalie hadn’t realized her new found strength yet.
“Where’s Nick?”Natalie asked her voice barely above a whisper.
Javier shook his head,”I don’t know.”
“Why did you do this? You don’t even know me.”Natalie asked drawing her knees to her chest.
Vachon gently took her right hand in his.She angerily snatched it away,”I owed you for what you did to try to save Screed. I couldn’t stand there and watch you die.
Natalie blinked as that thought registered.She stared at Vachon as if seeing him for the first time,”Nick said you were dead.”
Javier grinned,”Let’s just say the rumors of my death were greatly exagerated.”He gently pushed her back down onto the sofa,”Get some rest. We have plenty of time to sort this out.”

Nick Knight tried to ignore the shocked stares that greeted him as he entered the squad room. It wasn’t working, gradually every officer stopped what they were doing to watch the duo walk to the interrogation room.
Reese placed a hand on Nick’s shoulder forcing him to stop next to the water cooler.Joe turned to face his officers,”Don’t you people have work to do? I’m sure there are plenty of dead bodies out there somewhere!”
Nick hid a grin as the usual din of conversation and computer noises returned.
Apparently he hadn’t hid the grin as well as he thought as Joe Reese roughly shoved him down the hallway,”You find something humorous about this situation,Knight? I certainly don’t. Need I remind you that your partner is dead?!”
A shadow of pain flickered across Nick’s blue eyes as he shook his head,”No,Captain.You don’t need to remind me. I miss Tracy just as much as you do.”
“Well,well,well.”A sarcastic voice said from the interrogation room interrupting any reply Reese was going to make,”If it isn’t the infamous Nick Knight. Back from the dead,are we?”
Nick suppressed the urge to laugh at the young red haired woman’s sarcastic remark.
Reese stifled a sigh as he urged Nick into the small room,”Nick Knight let me introduce Peg Timerson,chief investigator for IA.”
Nick studied the woman for a moment wondering why she was familiar to him. Her short curly red hair was shoulder length cut in a simple style. She was thin about 5’5,5’6. Piercing hazel eyes looked out from behind gold wire rim glasses. She wore a light tan business suit,only jewerly was a simple gold tennis bracelet on her right wrist.
“We’ve met.”Nick replied as he settled into the room’s solitary chair.
Reese blinked moving to lean against the right wall,”You have?”
Nick nodded meeting the woman’s gaze,”Yes,Ms. Timerson supervised the investigation into the parade warehouse shooting.”
The woman nodded briskly as she began to sift through several files,”Yes we did meet briefly. Shall we get started? We have a lot of ground to cover *Mr.* Knight.”

After faking sleep Vachon finally left her alone. Struggling into a sitting position Natalie spotted a small transistor radio perched on a wooden end table.
Flipping it on Natalie settled back to listen. Hoping for a small slice of normalcy so she could some how try to comprehend what had happened.

“Welcome,Gentle listeners. The Nightcrawler is once again back among you after a short absence.”
Natalie winced at the familiar voice of Nick’s master.Gold flickered in her blue eyes as she glared at the radio.
“You probably set this all up. I can just see you somewhere laughing.”Natalie commented angrily. She had no memory of LaCroix being in the loft that night but that didn’t mean he hadn’t been there.
“Tonight’s topic is life. Yes that’s right children. Tonight we will talk about the joys of living. Don’t be afraid to tell me your favorites. Is it walking in the park on a spring afternoon? Feeling the sun warm your skin as the birds sing merrily......”

Natalie got a small glint of satisfaction as the small radio crashed against the stair’s railing,splintering into a million pieces.
“So who was it?”Vachon asked softly as he came up from the basement carrying two bottles of blood.
Natalie jumped as she felt the link,bond,whatever it was intensify between them. She didn’t think she’d ever get used to that kind of intimacy.
Javier grinned as he sat down in an overstuffed gray chair,”Don’t worry Natalie. You’ll get used to that.”
Natalie Lambert sprang up off the sofa angrily pacing the small space in front of the coffee table,”I don’t want to get used to it!“
Vachon calmly set the two bottles on the small table,then leaned back in the chair,”You never did answer my question.”
Natalie whirled on him,”What?!”She shouted nearly taking flight as the fury inside her caused her to bounce with each step.Not knowing her new strength each bounce got her that much closer to flying.
“The radio. You never said who’s image was on that radio when you smashed it to smithereens.”
Natalie sighed as her hands flew to her temples trying to massage the migraine that was slowly forming. The anger quickly drained as fast as it had come.
Can vampires even get migraines?Natalie wondered as she stopped pacing and looked at Vachon.
“LaCroix.”Natalie replied finally returning to her seat on the couch,”I was lucky enough to tune into his first show since he came back.”
Javier nodded as he poured some of the contents of one bottle into a wine glass,”I heard what the topic was.One could never accuse LaCroix of being insensitive.”
“Its high time someone did.”Natalie grumbled as she rested her chin on her left hand,”Wait.How did you hear the broadcast?”
Javier grinned as he handed her the glass,”We vampires have good hearing remember?”
Natalie nodded looking down at the blood.Absently she titled the glass back and forth allowing the liquid to swirl,”Is this human?”Though part of her already knew the answer.
Vachon took a sip of his bottle,”You know the answer to that.”
Natalie angrily set the glass down,”I can’t drink it.I won’t!”
Javier gently took her hand in his,”Natalie,you have no choice.Its how we survive.”
Natalie shook her head,”Nick lives by other options.So can I.”
Vachon grasped her shoulders gently forcing her to face him,”Knight is an exception.With all the decades he’s tried to become mortal his body has become used to the cow’s blood.It has adapted to it. New vampires especially fledglings need the human blood to build strength.Its that simple.”
Natalie broke away from him,”Nothing in this mess is that simple!”

Then the beast as she had heard Nick call the vampire so many times won the battle. A wave of hunger more fierce than the first one nearly overwhelmed her.
Natalie drained the glass Vachon had given her in one gulp. Her gold eyes spotted both bottles sitting on the table and she grabbed both by the necks.
She emptied both in less than the time it took her horrified mind to register what was happening.
Javier sat down on the couch next to her. Gently drawing her into an embrace,”Its the first hunger,Natalie.”
Blood tears glistened in her eyes as she relaxed in his arms,”I couldn’t stop.”Natalie whispered,”It was like I had no control.”
Vachon tenderly stroked her hair.Brushing a stray brown hair away from her face,”Ssssssh,it will get easier. I promise you that. It does get easier.”

Nick sighed as the IA inspector continued her barrage of questions. All he wanted to do was go out and look for Natalie. Make sure she was alright.
He’d never forgive himself if anything happened to her and he was the cause of it.
Peg Timerson leaned on the table so she was eye level with Knight,”*Mr.* Knight,did you understand my last question or should I say it more slowly?!”
Nick blinked,then glared at the woman,”Its *Detective* Knight, Ms. Timerson.”
“You’re on suspension.”
“That doesn’t mean I loose my rank.”Nick replied firmly.
“You’ll loose more than your rank if I find you have anything to do with Doctor Lambert’s ‘disappearance’!”

“I care about Natalie. She’s a good friend.”Nick replied calmly.
“Then why was her blood found in your demolished apartment?!”
“I don’t know.”Nick replied softly,”Maybe she walked in on a robbery.”
“When was the last time you saw Doctor Lambert?”Timerson asked as she walked away from the table.
“She came by the loft earlier that night to tell me about Tracy’s death.”
Timerson stopped pacing for a moment to look at the blond man,”If she had been there earlier why would she come back?”
Nick shrugged,”I don’t know. Maybe she left something behind. She was very upset. She had just lost a close friend to sucide and then to loose Tracy.”
Peg Timerson folded her arms across her chest,”You were upset as well that night. You had just learned you had lost your second partner in less than a year. Perhaps you couldn’t control......”
“I would *never* physically hurt Natalie if that’s what you’re inplying, Inspector!”Nick snapped glancing at Reese.
Joe nodded moving away from his spot by the door,”Nick and Natalie were as close as two people could be. Denise and I had often wondered why the two of you never got together. But I can assure you Inspector, Nick would never lay a hand on Natalie.”
Timerson glared at Reese,”I appreciate your opinion,Captain. But I allowed you into this interrogation only on your promise not to interfere. In one phone call I can have you banned from this interrogation and this case,is that understood Captain?”
Reese glared at the young woman but held his tounge,”Yes.”He replied bitterly as he reluctantly moved back to his postion near the closed door.

“...............and that gentle listeners concludes our broadcast for this evening.”LaCroix said with a smile as he looked out of his recording booth at the bustling nightclub,”The night is still very young. So go out and play,dear childern,that is what life is all about after all.”
Lucien absently hit the right buttons to shut down the broadcasting equipment. He had felt her presence since she had entered the club from its rear door but didn’t acknowledge it untill now.
“The night is certainly full of surprises.”LaCroix began softly as he turned the chair around.
His daughter smiled as she leaned against the doorframe,”Especially this night.”Janette folded her arms across her chest,”When were you going to tell me that you had left Rome?”
LaCroix stood walking out of the booth and went behind the bar,”You know how Nicholas is, he made a rather rash decision.”
Janette DuCharme chuckled softly as she leaned against the bar,”Does Nichola know you are back?”
LaCroix poured them each a glass of the house special,”As I’m sure you’re aware my dear, Nicholas has enough problems of his own right now.”
Janette took a long sip of the red liquid before asking,”Yes, Doctor Lambert. How is she doing, Mon Cher?”
LaCroix smiled but said nothing as he focused his attention on the crowd of dancers.

After eight hours of the same questions Nick Knight was growing very,very tired of hearing them. He was also getting very weary of Inspector Timerson’s accusations.
Nick was also begining to wonder if Ms. Timerson was part vampire herself. She hadn’t left the room once during the eight hour session.
Nick leaned forward,”Look,Inspector. I know you’re only doing your job. But if you’re not going to charge me with anything I’d like to go home before sunrise.”
Peg Timerson nearly chuckled,”Oh that’s right you have an allergy. What was it again,*Detective*? A skin condition?”She crossed the space to the table,”So tell me what happens if you’re out in the sun too long? Do you go poof and disappear in a cloud of smoke?”
Nick fought the urge to glare at the woman.She was having far too much fun with this,”Not quite,but its something you don’t want to see. Now if you’re not going to charge me with anything?”

The Cheshire cat would have faded with shame at the smile that crossed Peg Timeson’s face at that moment.
“You might as well get comfortable,*Detective* Knight. Untill we ethier find Doctor Lambert or another person confessing to killing her. You’re the only suspect we have so you get to enjoy our glorious accommodations.”
Nick stood fear racing up his spine,”So you are treating Natalie’s disappearance as a possible homicide instead of a kidnapping?”
Nick thought he saw compassion flicker across her hazel eyes,”Yes.”She replied briskly as she turned to the uniformed officer,”Guard escort Mr. Knight to booking.”
The young brown haired man nodded,”Yes Ma’am.”
Joe Reese walked over to Nick ignoring Timerson’s glare,”Don’t worry Nick I’ll get one of the department’s lawyer’s to represent you.”
Nick grinned,”I thought you didn’t know me,Captain?”
“I don’t know anybody anymore and that includes you Knight. But I don’t think you’d ever harm Natalie so untill we find out the truth I will try to help in any way I can.”
“Thanks Captain,”Nick replied as the guard led him out of the room,”I appreciate that.”

When Natalie awoke the next night she was disoriented to say the least. Fear suddenly gripped her as she stared into the darkness. Nothing was familiar.
She wasn’t in her apartment.
She wasn’t in her bed.

“I thought you’d be more comfortable in the bed then on that lumpy sofa.”A voice commented from the doorway.
Natalie jumped then glared at Vachon,”Don’t you people every knock?”She groused as she got up off the bed.
Javier grinned as he walked into the room,”You’re one of us now.”
Natalie glared at him,”Don’t remind me.”
“Oh my God!”Natalie exclaimed straightening.
Vachon was instantly at her side a concerned look in his brown eyes,”What? What is it?”
“Syndey.”Natalie replied softly sitting back on the bed.
Vachon blinked,”Who?”
“What day is it?”Natalie asked struggling to remember the last time she had fed her cat. Poor Sydney must have demolished her apartment by now.
Javier could feel her fear but couldn’t pick up on her thoughts quite yet,”You’ve been here for almost four days.Why? Who’s Syndey?”
Natalie sighed,”My cat. The last time I fed him was before I left for work the day Tracy died.”
Vachon smiled tenderly lifting her chin so she was looking at him,”I’ll swing by your place and check on him. I’m sure he’s fine.”
“I want to go with.”Natalie replied standing.
Vachon grabbed her arm,”No,Natalie.Its too soon.”
Natalie shook him off,”I can handle it. I’m tired of being cooped up in here.”
Javier gently grasped her shoulders,”Trust me.You may think you can control the hunger but its a whole different story when you’re around Mortals.”
“Vachon,I’m the only one in that building who works the night shift. Nobody will be.......”
Vachon tenderly tucked a stray brown hair behind her right ear,”Trust me Nat.”He said softly,”Besides it’ll be faster if I go alone. Who knows maybe I’ll hear some scuttlebutt about Knight’s whereabouts.”
At the mention of Nick,Natalie took a step toward the door,”Vachon, I...”
Javier kissed her gently on the top of her head,”Don’t worry.I’ll be back before you can say Led Zipplen.”
Before Natalie could reply he was gone.

Detective Nick Knight sighed tiredly as he sat down on the small gray cot. As he stared out the cell door he still wondered how it had come to this.
Nick leaned back against the brick wall struggling to remember what had occurred that night.
Try as he might the memories still came in snatches. Nick remembered Natalie being upset at Tracy’s death and his decision to move on. He vaguely recalled her asking him to do something for her but for the life of him he couldn’t remember what.
God what if he had done something to her?
“Knight,you have a visitor!”A guard called snapping Nick back to the present.

“Close your mouth,Knight.”Javier Vachon said with a grin as he leaned against the cell door,”Never know what kind of insect might fly in.”
Nick’s jaw instantly snapped shut.He didn’t know why he was surprised but Javier Vachon was the last person he had expected to see.
Anger grabbed hold of Nick with a vengenance,”What did you do,Vachon? Fake your death so you wouldn’t have the responsibility of Tracy to deal with anymore?!”
Vachon took a step back in an effort to keep a reign on his temper,”That’s not true and you know it.”
“Tracy’s dead.”Nick replied bitterly as he walked toward the back of the cell.
“I know.”Vachon said softly.
“So you are up on current events.”Nick snapped as he walked back toward the younger vampire,”What are you doing here anyway? Came to post my bail?”
Javier grinned,”There’s no bail,I checked.”His grin vanished as he remembered Natalie,”I came to see if you needed any help. I know Tracy would’ve wanted me to do that.”
Nick’s blue eyes turned the color of ice,”How touching.”He replied sarcasticly,”Well you can leave now with a clear conscience,Vachon. I don’t need or want your help.”
Vachon turned to walk away,”I don’t know what the Doctor ever saw in you Knight.”

“Leave Natalie out of this!”Nick growled loud enough to get a warning glare from the guard.
Vachon whirled on him,”That’s kinda hard to do Knight considering she’s the reason your here! Or did you forget?”
“No,I did not forget!”Nick replied forcing himself to calm down,”This is about your responsibility to Tracy or lack there of.”
Vachon threw his arms out in exsparation,”Why don’t you just say what you want to say,Knight!”
Nick gripped the metal bars,”You had a responsibility to protect Tracy.”
Vachon sighed,”Look Knight.I’m sorry she’s dead,I really am. If there had been any way I could have prevented it I would have,but she was your partner. It was your responsibility to protect her at work.”
Nick’s shoulders slumped as he stepped away from the cell door,”I tried.”He whispered,”I didn’t know she was there untill it was too late.”
Vachon nodded at the guard who opened the outside door,”You might try to remember that Knight before you start blaming others for your mistakes.”