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Michael Hayes
"All the Way home"
A Michael Hayes,Law&Order and Homicide Life on the street crossover

After storming out of Catlin’s house, Michael sat in his car for a few
moments. He rested his head against the steering wheel.
For his nephew’s sake he *had* to pull himself together. Danny Jr.
needed a US Attorney to do whatever it took to find him.
Not a basket case Uncle who had just lost one of the most important
people in his life.

With renewed determination, Michael sat up and started the engine. He
was just about to throw it into drive when his cellular phone rang.
“Hayes?”Michael answered a little more harshly than he had intended.
“Mike? Its Eddie,”Diez replied after some hesitation,”Look, I need you
to come back to the office.......”
Mike sighed as he leaned his elbow against the door,”I already know,

“Damn,”Eddie swore softly,”I was hoping to catch you before......did the
cops call you? Nobody informed us.”
Mike shook his head,”No,I heard it on the news.”
Eddie shook his head sadly,”What were they waiting for an ingraved
Mike watched as hte black corenor’s van screamed past him,”Listen Eddie,
I need you to put an APB out on my brother. I need him found,

Eddie scribbled a note and handed it to Joan,”Already on it,Mike.”The
investagator paused as what Hayes was telling him slowly began to sink
in,”You don’t think that he........Mike I know Danny’s slime but hurt
“He has my nephew,Eddie.”Mike replied softly,”If he’s unhinged enough to
have done this to Catlin what’s to keep him from hurting his son?”
Eddie motioned John over,”We’ll get him back,Mike. I promise you that.”
Mike straightened in his seat,throwing the car into drive,”I’ll be there
in twenty minutes. Have everyone assembled in my office.”