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John Manning the third to arrive at Michael Hayes’s office slid into one
of the leather chairs.
He had barely sat down when his boss stormed into the room moving to
stand behind his desk.

John watched Hayes with concern. His boss had been through a lot in the
past year. He wasn’t sure how much more the man could take.
Manning straightened in his seat as he turned to face Hayes,”Michael,
I--no we just want you to know how sorry we are about Catlin.”
Eddie Diez watched the scene from his postion in the right corner. He
saw his friend’s shoulder’s stiffen but that was the only outward
reaction Michael gave. And having worked with Mike as long as Eddie had
he knew he wouldn’t break down untill they had Danny jr. back safe and
the case was offically closed.

Michael turned away from the window his right hand resting on the desk
surface,”Thankyou,John. Thankyou all for your support,but right now what
I need most from you is answers.”Hayes sat heavily down into his desk
chair as he looked at the four familiar faces,”Somebody give me an
Eddie cleared his throat as he pushed away from the wall walking toward
the center of the room,”Between Joan and I, Danny and Danny Jr’s
pictures cover every police station,private investagator,post office and
libary wall from here to California. I also called in a few favors to
friends in Interpol in case Danny’s left the country.”
Michael nodded,”Thanks Eddie. John I want you and Lindsay to work with
the NYPD. The detectives on Catlin’ are a Detective Briscoe
The brown haired woman stood,”Detective Curtis.”She finished with a weak
smile,”I asked the NYPD for the file before you arrived.”
John rose,”We’ll find out who did this.”He promised softly.
Michael nodded as the two attornies left the office.

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