Midnight Tide
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"Midnight tide”
A ST:Voyager/SeaQuest DSV crossover

Captain Kathryn Janeway hummed softly to herself as she rode the turbolift up to the bridge. She had allowed most of the crew to sleep in this morning since many were still recovering from Neelix’s special punch at the beach party the night before.

It had been nice to see everyone smiling and having a good time. It had been far too long since Voyager had any R&R.
Voyager was orbiting a M class planet they had discovered the day before.
She had ordered Tom to go on a much needed supply run this morning.
Janeway checked the chronometer near the door and realized Tom must be going through his final pre-flight checklist right about now.

“Harry,is Tom ready to go?”Janeway asked as soon as the turbolift doors hissed open.
The young ensign nodded,”He just left,should be able to see the shuttle on the viewscreen in a few minutes.”
“Good.”Kathryn replied as she sat down in the captain’s chair.

All remamints of sleep vanished from Tom Paris’s mind as he guided the shuttle craft out of the bay doors and into open space.
No matter how routine the flight he always got a rush when he felt the warp engines kick in.

“Paris to Janeway.”
“Go ahead,Tom.”
Tom smiled as he maneuvered the shuttle away from Voyager,”All systems are go,anything special you want me to pick up at the store?”
Janeway grinned,”Just get what’s on the list,Tom. I expect you home by lunch.”
“Yes,Ma’am.”Tom replied as he moved the spacecraft into the planet’s orbit,”Entering the planet’s atmosphere now.”
Janeway glanced up as Chakotay entered the bridge,”Morning,Commander.”
Chakotay flashed her a sheepish smile as he slid into the seat next to her.He was over ten minutes late for his shift,”Good morning. Have I missed anything of interest?”
Janeway motioned toward the front viewscreen,”Tom just left on the supply run.”
Chakotay nodded in acknowledgement,”One that is much needed. If I have to try one more of Neelix’s ‘experiments’ I think my tastebuds will jump ship.”

Tom was only a few hundred miles from the surface when alarms started to scream.
“What the hell.....”Paris muttered as his blue eyes scanned the console looking for any clue.
None of his navigation controls were responding.
Absently he hit one of the displays with the back of his hand hoping physics would work where technology didn’t.
No such luck,the readouts remained the same.
It was almost like the Bermuda triangle stories he had heard as a child.
But that didn’t make any sense he wasn’t over any body of water.
The computer’s voice sent a chill racing up his spine,”Warp core breach in three minutes.”

On Voyager, Harry Kim blinked in surprise as several lights on his console started to glow red.
“Captain!”Harry shouted as he began to analyze the data,”Tom’s got trouble.”
Janeway instantly rose to her feet,”What’s wrong?”
“There’s a breach in the shuttle’s warp core.”Harry reported forcing his voice to remain calm,”Its going to blow in three, no two minutes.”
“Get him out of there.”Kathryn ordered her gaze fixed on the viewscreen.
Harry shook his head,”I’ve been trying,there’s some kind of distortion around the shuttle.”

“Paris to Voyager.”
“We’re aware of your situation,Tom.”Janeway replied,”We’re working on a way to beam you out.”
Tom’s gaze flickered to the ground rapidly rushing toward him,”Tell Harry to hurry up. I got caught in some kind of weird plasma storm. All systems are off line,I can’t even eject the warp core.”
“Hang in there,Tom. We’ll get you out.”Janeway promised as she turned to face her operations officer,”Harry?”
Kim didn’t meet his commanding officer’s gaze as his fingers flew over the keyboard,”I still can’t get a lock,Captain. Its almost as if something’s blocking us.”
Tom heard Harry’s report over the open comlink and winced inwardly,/and this had started out as such a good day./
“Captain,hang on a second maybe I can do something from my end.”Tom suggested as he fought to get the navigation controls back online,”I almost have thruster manuverablity,maybe I can get enough juice to get
her out of this area and Harry can get a lock.”

Janeway nodded,”See what you can do,Tom.”She turned back to the young ensign,”Harry,can you get the shuttle on the screen? Show us what Tom’s seeing?”
Harry nodded and in a few seconds the planet disappeared off the viewscreen replaced with the ground rushing toward the shuttle craft.
/Come on Tom,/Harry pleaded silently,/Pull her up.Just a little./

Just when Tom finally got control back of the shuttle the ground seemed to disappear from his view.
“Warp core breach in forty five seconds, forty four.....”The computer reported in its monotone voice.

“Come on baby,”Tom whispered to the shuttle,”Just hang in there a little longer.”
The thrusters finally kicked in allowing Tom to move the shuttle to the right a few meters.
The viewscreen was still blocked by this strange gold glow so Tom had no idea what his position is.
“Paris to Janeway? Did that help any?”
Tom frowned when only silence answered him.
“Great,com’s out too.”Paris muttered as he hit the consol in front of him in pure frusteration,”Come on Harry,help me out here.”

The next second the shuttle went into a steep spin throwing Tom hard against the left wall.
Tom thought he saw a speck of blue appear in the center of the gold haze.
Then everything went black.

Reykjanes Ridge
Off the southern coast of Iceland

“If you find any sunken treasure,Katie I get first dibs.”

Lieutenant Commander Kathriene Hitchcock grinned at her ex-husband’s comment as she maneuvered the launch through the icy water.
“The Seawind was a research ship,Ben. Not a treasure ship.”The dark haired woman replied.
Seaquest’s supply and morale officer shook his head,”Still they could have run across some pirate treasure and not had any time to report it before they went down.”
Katie turned the launch to the right steering it down a small trench,”I’m beginning to think somebody gave the UEO bogus information.
We’ve covered almost ninety percent of this area and still haven’t found any trace of a wrec.........”

On board the seaQuest Lieutenant Ben Krieg jerked to attention when Katie’s sentence was cut off. He pressed the headset tighter around his ears,”Katie?”
Frowning Ben reached over and fiddled with a knob on the computer consol,”Katie? Can you hear me?”
Nothing but static.

“I’m beginning to think somebody gave the UEO bogus information. We’ve covered almost ninety percent of this area and still haven’t found any trace of a wrec.........”
Katie broke off as the launch shuddered violently.

As she fought to remain in control of the vehicle almost missed seeing a small submergence vehicle scream past her.
“Where the hell did he come from?”Katie muttered to herself as she touched a button on her headset,”Ben?”
The only response she received was static.
/Damn,/Katie thought as she changed course to follow the other vehicle/When he clipped me he must have knocked out the com unit./

With no other choice Katie focused her attention on the craft in front of her,”Well Mr. X you have my full attention. The question is why did you knock and not call first?”

Ben Kreig spun his chair around as he faced seaQuest’s communication officer,”Tim,try raising the launch.”
Lieutenant Tim O’Neil glared at the dark haired man before cupping a hand over his left ear,”I’m a little busy here,Ben. In case you forget we’re expecting a whole slew of diplomats and scientist anxious to analyze every scrap we recover from the Seawind. Try another headset if that one’s not working.”

Ben took off his headset and walked over to the communication station,”Just humor me,Tim. Katie was cut off in the middle of a sentence. I’m hoping just her com unit is off line.”
Concern crept into Tim’s dark eyes as he hit a few buttons switching channels,”Seaquest to MR-9 please respond.”
O’Neil frowned as he hit another key adjusting the band,”Seaquest to MR-9 please respond.”

“Well?”Ben demanded impatiently.
Tim placed the headset around his neck before replying,”The first time I tried I got static,the next time nothing. I wasn’t able to pick up her distress beacon ethier.”
O’Neil turned to his right,”Ortiz?”
Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz turned in his chair to face his friend,”Yeah,Tim?”
“We can’t raise Katie on audio and I can’t locate her distress signal,”Tim replied grimly,”Have the WSKR’s picked up anything?”
Miguel’s Hispanic features instantly darkened with concern,”Give me a minute. I’ll send junior out for a looksee.”

Ben leaned closer to Tim while his brown gaze remained fixed on the viewscreen,”I think its time we brought Bridger up to speed.”
Tim nodded as he replaced his headset,”Right.”

“This is seaQuest launch MR-9 to unknown vessel. Identify yourself or prepare to be boarded.”

When only static greeted her, Katie tossed the headset down in frustration. Katie sighed as she stopped the injured launch a few feet from the strange vessel.
Procedure told her to wait for backup. But with the current situation Katie knew seaQuest didn’t know her exact location.

Someone could be severely injured on that vessel which left Katie only one choice.
She wasn’t sure if the launch had enough power to dock and get them back to seaQuest.
But Katie knew if she didn’t at least try to rescue the person or persons on board she could never live with herself.

As soon as he was in the safety of his bridge Nathan Bridger tossed his dress coat on the command chair.
He absoultely hated getting into that thing and Noyce knew it.
Nathan sighed as he ran a hand through his short gray hair. At least now without that damned starched collar choking him he could concentrate on the matter at hand.

“Mr. Ortiz?”Nathan asked as he and Jonathan Ford walked to the center of the bridge,”What did Junior find out?”
Turning to face his commanding officer the young Cuban placed his headset around his neck,”Nothing much. There’s a storm on the surface that’s causing a heck of a mud cloud. Its blocking the WSKR’s cameras.
I’ve been trying to find Katie’s distress beacon by using Sonar only.”
“Anything?”Commander Jonathan Ford asked in a tight voice. He and Katie had been best friends since they’re early days at UEO academy.

Ortiz shook his head in frusteration,”Not yet. I have sent all three WSKR’s out to her last known coordinates. Hopefully we’ll get a bite.”

“Captain,I’m no longer have the shuttle’s signal.”Ensign Harry Kim reported struggling to keep his voice calm.
Janeway whirled to face her security chief,”Tuvok,any signs of a warp core breach?”
The Vulcan shook his head,”No,but something in the atmosphere is blocking our sensors.”
Janeway sighed inwardly,”Do your best to work around it,Tuvok.”

A loud jarring noise against the shuttle’s hull brought Tom Paris back to the land of the living.
At least he hoped it was the land of the living.

His head throbbed and he was pretty sure his left leg was broken.
Tom opened his eyes and instantly regretted the movement as the world swam before him.
Taking a deep breath,Tom opened his eyes once more. This time the familiar setting of the shuttle craft came into focus.

Tom’s blue eyes widened at the damage. It was a miracle he was still in one piece. Hell,it was a miracle the shuttle’s hull was still intact.
With a groan Tom hobbled to his feet,blinking against the emergency lights.
Tom leaned heavily against the co-piolt’s chair as he glanced out the front window.
His eyes widened in surprise as Tom realized the shuttle had landed in water.
Deep water from the looks of it.
“Great,”Paris muttered darkly,”Just great,and me without my sunscreen.”

“Put your hands on your head,”A female voice demanded from behind,”Turn around slowly.”

“Harry,can we beam an away team to the surface?”Janeway asked her gaze fixed on the viewscreen.
Kim shook his head,”No,unfortunately whatever’s blocking the sensors is blocking the transporters as well. We can’t get a lock.....”
Janeway turned to face the young ensign,”Harry you and Tuvok get down to engineering. Tell B’Elanna what’s going on. I don’t want to risk sending another shuttle down there untill we know what exactly is in that atmosphere.”
“Yes Ma’am.”Harry replied quietly as he stepped into the turbolift.

Stiffling a sigh Tom Paris slowly turned around his hands raised high above his head,”Look lady,I’m sorry if I ruined your afternoon but as you can see its not really my fault. So if you can just tow me to the nearest port I’ll get repaired and be out of your.....

“That’s *Commander* Hitchcock to you,”Katie replied icely as she kept her gun steady on the red haired man,”And the only place you’re going is back to seaQuest.”
Tom blinked,”Where’s seaQuest? And could you point that thing somewhere else you’re making me nervous.”
“SeaQuest isn’t a where its a what,”Katie took a few steps foreward waving the weapon slightly,”Let’s move.”

Doctor Kristen Westphalen stepped onto the bridge and stopped next to Jonathan Ford.
“I just heard,”Kristen said softly as she followed Ford’s gaze to the front viewscreen,”Any news?”
Jonathan’s dark gaze never left the sea floor,”Nothing that’s good. A storms kicking up a mud cloud that’s making it difficult for the WSKR’s to do a complete search.”
“No news is good news,Jonathan,”Westphalen reminded her friend as she placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder,”She’ll be fine.”

“I hope so.”Ford whispered as he shoved his feelings aside. Turning he started walking toward his commanding office,”Captian,since the WSKR’s
are out why don’t I take another launch out. We have Commander Hitchcock’s last known coordinates.
Bridger glanced at O’Neil who was quietly speaking into his headset,”Mr.O’Neil?”
Tim absently pushed his wire rim glasses back up his nose before replying,”According to satellite feed its going to be at least three hours before the storm moves out of our vicinity.”
Nathan nodded,”Get me Noyce on the uplink I want to apprise him of what’s going on.”
O’Neil nodded,”Yes sir.”
Bridger turned back to his second in command,”Go ahead,Commander. Take Lucas with you.”
Ford started moving toward the clam doors,”Thankyou Sir.”
“Jonathan,have an open com channel with O’Neil at all times. This could be more than a rival salvage operation we’re dealing with.”
Jonathan nodded,”Will do.”
Ben Krieg quietly approached Bridger moving to stand at the captain’s right,”Captain,permisson to join the search team?”
Nathan studied the young man for a moment before nodding,”Granted.”
“Thankyou,Sir.”Ben replied before catching up with Ford.

As the young man moved around Katie to enter the launch,she noticed for the first time the numerous cuts and bruises.
She took out the first aide kit from the small bag,”Sit down.”She ordered as she stepped into the launch and hit a button to break the seal that connected them to his ship.
Tom looked at her warily but sat down next to the far wall. His blue eyes scanned the interior of the launch,something was familiar about this ship but he just couldn’t place it.

“Watch it,that stings!”Tom exclaimed as antiseptic seeped through a cut on his forehead.
Katie gingerly removed the cottonball,”Sorry,”She replied quietly as she got a piece of gauze out of the first aide kit,”What’s your name?”
Paris opened his mouth and quickly shut it. He had just been about to speal the whole name,rank and serial number bit when he realized this society might not know about space travel.
“My name is Paris,Tom Paris.”
Katie nodded as she taped the bandage over the cut,”So tell me Mr. Paris what exactly were you doing out here before you clipped me?”

The word ricocheted around the Jeffries tube as Chief Engineer B’Elanna Torres shook the pain out of her right hand.
Several Klingon swear words came to mind as she stared at the fried computer circuit.
With a sigh B’Ellanna got a firm grip on her temper and set back to work.
Tom needed her to keep a cool head.

“B’Ellana you alright?”Harry Kim’s concerned voice drifted around the corner.
“Fine.”Torres called back as she pried another computer panel from its housing.
/Just once I’d like a normal day./

Lucas Wolenczach kept a watchful eye on the small computer screen in front of him as the launch pulled away from seaQuest.
The teen knew the launch’s sensors were perfectly capable of picking up Katie’s distress signal but he had come up with this new program he wanted to try.
“Has Darwin picked up anything yet Lucas?”Ben asked turning slightly in his seat.
The blond haired young man shook his head,”Not yet.....wait....go left Commander.”
Jonathan glanced back at him,”Lucas that’s about as far from Katie’s last known location as we can get.”
Wolenczak met his gaze,”Just trust me for once.”
Ford glanced at Krieg.
Ben shrugged,”Not like we have anything better to go on. That storm is still blocking our sensors and the WSKR readouts.”
Jonathan reluctantly turned the wheel,”Fine,we’ll go left.”

“You’ll live.”Katie pronounced as she put the first aide kit away.
Tom glared at her as he struggled to his feet,”Thanks for the opinion Doc.”
Katie put her gun away but kept it close enough in case she needed it,”You never did answer my question.”
Tom glanced around the woman’s small ship. Something was familiar about it but he just couldn’t put his finger on it. He startled realizing the woman had been talking to him.
“I’m sorry what did you say?”Tom asked as he moved toward the pilot’s seat of the launch.
Katie’s eyes narrowed,”I was asking you what you were doing out here when you ran into me?”
“I um had engine problems which is why I lost control.”Tom replied as he turned to face her,”Sorry I ran into you hope I didn’t do too much damage.”
Katie sighed,”Engines are fine but navigation’s out. Same with communications. I activated the distress buoy but with that storm on the surface who knows if seaQuest has picked up the signal or not.”

That name jogged a memory that was just out of Tom’s reach. He just wished his head would stop throbbing long enough for him to figure out the significance.
Tom sat down in the pilot’s seat,”Well I know my way around a navigation panel maybe I can figure out what’s wrong with her.”
Katie sat down in the co-piolt’s seat,”I’ve tried everything I can think of. Most of the circuits are fried.”
“Sometimes there’s a trick or two one can use.”Tom replied with a grin.
“Why am I not surprised.”Katie muttered under her breath as she bent under the console.
“What was that?”Tom asked.
“Nothing.”Katie replied.

“I think I’ve figured out what........”Tom replied breaking off his sentence as a torpedo rocked the small craft,”Friends of yours?”
Katie shook her head as she pulled herself up into the co-piolt’s seat.
She glanced at the small green sub,”Damn vultures.”Katie muttered as she punched the correct keys to operate the launch’s small amount of weapons.
“Vultures?”Tom repeated as he gripped the panel for support.
“Salvagers.”Katie explained,”We must be closer to the Seawind then I thought.”

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