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Arturo and Rembrandt were still walking along the street as they heard a
strange noise behind them.  They turned and saw a silver man walking
towards them.
The man actually looked like a metallic skeleton and its glowing red
eyes were focused directly on the two of them.
"Uh, Professor?  You said everything here is make-believe, right?  That
means that Terminator robot can't hurt us, right?"
"Yes, Mr. Rembrandt, that robot should walk right by us."

As it neared, the robot raised its arm.  It reached out and grabbed
Rembrandt by the shoulder,"You are loitering, humans.  You will
accompany me to Termination headquarters, where we will be evaluating
your usefulness before terminating you."
 "Excuse me... er...  Mr. Robot, sir."Arturo reached behind the robot
and flicked a switch.
The robot's red eyes slowly faded and turned off as the robot shut down. 
Rembrandt slipped out of the robot's grasp and moved away.  The robot
collapsed to the ground, shattering into thousands of pieces as it did.
"I thought you said it couldn't hurt us."
Arturo paused for a second,"Perhaps there are dangerous aspects to this
world. We should get Ms. Wells and Mr. Mallory and get to safety."
"We have no idea where to start looking."
There was a humming noise and the robot's red eyes began glowing again.

“Perhaps we should take this discussion elsewhere."Arturo sprinted away.
Rembrandt looked over to the robot as it slowly stood up and then he
took off running, quickly gaining on Arturo and passing him.

About four blocks away Rembrandt stopped in the middle of the street to
catch his breath and allow the Professor to catch up. 
Arturo paused on the sidewalk, breathing heavily,"I think I'm going to
have a heart attack if we don't find one of them soon.  Let's go."
Rembrandt nodded and started to follow the Professor when the older man
stopped, faintly hearing the sound of squealing tires.  Arturo glanced
back, seeing  Rembrandt still in the street walking toward him.  He
glanced behind the black man to see a sleek looking sports car racing
toward them. 
The black transam screeched around Rembrandt blocking his path.  A well
built white man with curly black hair wearing a black leather jacket
jumped out of the car and slammed Rembrandt against the
car's hood.

"Hey, man.  Relax," Rembrandt said trying to get up.
Michael Knight shook his head. "You're under arrest for the murder of
Cathy Williams."
Arturo was about to reply when the car interrupted.  
"Michael, that's not Terrance Faxton."
The man glared at the car,"Now you tell me this?"
"I tried to tell you while you were exceeding the speed limit a few
blocks ago."
Rembrandt quickly joined Arturo on the sidewalk as the man got in the
car and did a U-turn.  Speeding back in the direction it had come.  

"Well, that was quite rude," Arturo said watching the car's retreating
tail lights.
"Yeah," Rembrandt agreed, brushing dust off his bright colored suit
"But fascinating.  A talking car."Arturo shook his head,"What will they
come up with next?"
Rembrandt stared at him,"You mean to tell me you never watched Knight
Arturo nodded.  "I believe I did.... Was that the one about the
Rembrandt sighed as the two began walking again,"Professor, remind me
when we get back to introduce you to a thing called pop culture."

Wade was following Wade(2), Arturo(2) and Rembrandt(2) up in the
elevator when she realized she had been there before.  She looked around
the elevator,trying to figure out where she was.  It all looked familiar
but she could not remember even seeing this building before.
The door opened and they moved into an open door.  Arturo(2) was keeping
a close eye on Wade as they entered and Wade could only get glimpses of
the apartment she knew she had seen before.

When Nick entered the room, Wade realized what was going on. 
"Forever Knight!" she called out.
"You've seen my show?" Nick asked,"It's a good cover to hide the fact
that I am in the resistance.  It's a syndicated show, which means none
of the major networks are involved with it, and I am also in the police
force, which means I can keep an eye on everyone while I'm working."  He
smiled, his yellow eyes almost glowing in the light and his sharp fangs
showing between cracked lips. "And who might you be..."  His voice was
low and seemed to pierce into Wade's mind.
Wade's eyes glossed over.  "I am Wade Wells," she replied.
"How did you get here?" he asked in the same low pulsing tone.
She was emotionless, answering as if being controlled,"My friends and I
are searching for a way home...  We are sliding from dimension to
dimension to try and find our original dimension."

"Ask her which network is funding her show," Wade(2) said.
"Who are you working for?" Nick asked.
"I am not working for anyone right now," she told him,"We are just
trying to save Quinn and leave this dimension for the next one..."
"Could she be lying?" Arturo(2) asked.
Nick turned to him, his eyes returning to normal,"She would have to have
the strongest will I've ever encountered."  He looked Wade over as she
came out of her trance,"This truly is a Wade from another dimension."
"Then she is telling the truth about Mallory Quinn?  He really did
invent the Slider machine?" Rembrandt(2) said,"Then we have to get to
his set and confront him."
"I think we should get under..."  Arturo(2) was in the middle of telling
them, when the familiar blue energy lit up his body and he vanished,
smoke pouring out of the hole left behind him.
"I really hate it when one of you do that," Nick told Wade(2).

After his captives left, Quinn glanced at the handcuffs that tied him to
the bedpost. 
He scanned the room, looking for something... anything.  Finally he
spotted a hairpin on the night stand.  Within a few seconds he was free.
Rubbing his wrists to restore the circulation Quinn walked out of the
room,and was hit by color shock.  The hallway was completely devoid of
color.  It was almost gray. 
Quinn took a right and followed the gray hallway until he reached a set
of stairs.  He started down them, when he suddenly remembered the timer. 
With relief he found in his left pant's pocket.  They had just under
four days left to regroup and slide out of this place. 

He started down the stairs again, finding himself in a radio station. 
CERK 640 am's logo was proudly displayed on the wall, underneath written
in jagged letters was:'Home of the Nightcrawler.'
Quinn shrugged and walked the rest of the way down to the street.  Once
there he decided to retrace his steps and go back to the Raven, hoping
the others would too.  
Quinn felt like he had been walking for miles when he saw the sun
finally begin to creep over the horizon. Captivated by the view he
didn't realize he'd made a wrong turn until he noticed
there was gravel under his feet instead of cement.

He glanced up to see a set of an old western town. Complete with horses
and extras walking around.  A loud sound whizzed by his right ear
causing Quinn to automatically hit the dirt.
"What the......." he muttered, as he scooted behind a pile of barrels.
"You should know better than to walk into the middle of a gunfight."  A
young man with brown hair and eyes said from behind, "You almost got
your head blown off."
Quinn turned slowly to look at the young man who was leveling a rifle at
the street, "I took a wrong turn."  He did a double take at his new
companion, "Do I know you?"
The young man shook his head,"I don't think so.  Name's Kid.  I work for
the Pony Express."
A memory surfaced as Quinn said, "The Young Riders."

Kid nodded.  "Yeah, we're all trying to lay low since our show is in
reruns now." 
He motioned to the street,"I'm trying to give Jimmy some back up.  He
never realizes that the bad guy in these gun fights always has somebody
ready to take him out."
Quinn nodded remembering seeing this particular episode,"The guy's on
the roof."
"I see him, Kid," a native American said from a few feet away.
He raised his pistol and got off a few shots.  The man grabbed his chest
before tumbling off the roof crashing through the balcony of the hotel.
"Got him."
"Good work, Buck," Kid said watching the two men on the street,"Think
Jimmy will listen to us this time?"
Buck grinned,"Does he ever?"

Quinn turned to Kid, "I gotta ask you this.  Since they ended the series
before we ever found out.  What is your real name?"
Kid grinned shaking his head,"Sorry.  Wish I could tell you but the
writers swore us to secrecy."  He placed a hand on Quinn's shoulder. 
"Why don't you join us for breakfast?  I'm sure Teaspoon could help you
Quinn smiled,"Thanks. I think I will."

Wade, Wade(2), Rembrandt(2) and Nick Knight were walking along the
streets that were used as the Toronto, Ontario, Canada set, when Arturo
and Rembrandt ran around the corner.
Rembrandt(2) almost fell back,"Professor?" he asked.  "Me?"
"Rembrandt.  Professor," Wade called out as she greeted them,"Have you
found Quinn, yet?"
"Regrettably, no," Arturo replied,"We have found a place to spend the
next four days but..."
"Four days?" Wade asked,"But we've only been here one afternoon.  We
still have seven days left."
 "We've seen the sun rise and set three times in our search," Arturo
told her.
"Quinn said we had eight days here.  That leaves only four left."
"But the days are different here," Wade(2) told them,"Because of all the
shootings, they control the time around the planet so that they can have
time to shoot.  It may have been only one afternoon for you but two
weeks could have passed for someone else."
"But if that's true, then Quinn could have already missed the slide." 
Wade looked around.  "How do they control the time around the planet?"
"There are certain studios who can do it," Rembrandt(2) replied. 
"That's why they can shoot shows in the future and broadcast them in the

"Like seaQuest," Wade added,"But couldn't we find Quinn, get back the
slider control and find a show that is filming when the slider control
would bea ctivated?"
"That's a little complicated."  Wade(2) shook her head.  "There are
things going on that most people don't want to be in.  Some shows, like
the Love Boat reunion and..."She began to glow and vanished in a cloud
of smoke.
"There's another Love Boat reunion?"Rembrandt asked,"God, this place
must be terrible during sweeps week."
As they discussed what to do, two men stepped out from each end of the

They rushed forward, swords almost appearing out of nowhere as they ran.
Meeting in the center of the alley, the two men began fighting, swords
clashing and clanging as they battled.
Nick pushed the group out of the alley to avoid being caught up in the
"Highlander series," he told them,"They fight more and more these days,
with the Gathering approaching and all."
"Where are we going to fight Quinn?" Wade asked.
Then she turned to Nick,"I should have put this together sooner. 
Jeanette took him.  I recognize her now that I think about it."
"Jeanette?  She's been trying to get in touch with me for the past few
days but I've been a little busy."  He looked up.  "The sun'll be up
"But it just set."
"I've only got an hour show," Nick replied,"I'll take you to the Raven. 
If Jeanette took him, he'll be there."
 "I do hope he is.  There is no telling how much time is left until we
slide,"Arturo said.

Once the smoke from the gunfight had cleared the townspeople went back
to their daily routines.  Kid stood from behind the barrels and walked
out into the street followed by Buck and Quinn.
A tall man with shoulder length brownish blond hair strode angrily over
to Kid,two ivory handled colts in his hands.

"Kid!  How many times have I told you to stay out of this!"
Kid didn't back away,"And how many times are you going to get yourself
killed? There's no prize for being an idiot!"
"Guys...." Buck started to say but stopped realizing no one would listen
to him.
Jimmy Hickock put his guns in his holsters and placed his hands on his
hips,"Who says I'm an idiot?!"
"I do."

As the staring battle continued a man about fifty with scraggly white
hair, a marshal's badge and a slight limp walked over to the group.
"Teaspoon, maybe you can talk some sense into them," Buck Cross
Teaspoon Hunter sighed,"I doubt it."He looked at Hickcock,"Jimmy, I
hear you got yourself in another gunfight today.  That's the fourth this
Jimmy finally looked at him,"Its not my fault Teaspoon.They called me
Teaspoon shook his head,"I know, I know." He seemed to notice Quinn for
the first time,"Who's your friend here?"
Kid smiled,"Teaspoon Hunter this is...  I'm sorry I never caught your
Quinn smiled, extending his hand,"Its Quinn.  Quinn Mallory."
Teaspoon  grinned,"Good to meet you, Quinn Quinn Mallory.  What brings
you to Rock Creek?"
"I took a wrong turn," Quinn replied.
"Why don't you come back to the station for breakfast? Maybe we can help
you find your way back."
Quinn nodded.  "Thanks, I think I will."

As Nick led the group toward the Raven it became less crowded.  Sets
were spread farther apart now, dark buildings lined the streets.
"We're almost there," Nick said,"The Raven is only a few blocks away."
Wade nodded,"Good.  My feet are... hey!"  She protested as a rough hand
shoved her out of the way causing her to loose her balance.
"Miss?  Are you all right?" A polite male voice asked offering her a
hand up.
Wade did a double take at the brown haired Mountie that stood before
Complete with hat and wolf.
"Yeah, I think so," Wade said getting to her feet.
"I apologize for the inconvenience.  By the way did you happen to see a
dark-haired man about twenty dark hair and eyes pass this way?"
Wade blinked and pointed,"Yes, he went that way."
The Mountie tipped his hat,"Thank you kindly."
Wade watched in amazement as the mountie and wolf took off running in
the direction the man had gone.
"Don't mind him," a new voice said.  She turned to see a flashy dressed
Italian cop. 
"He's Canadian."The man finished before following the mountie and the

The Raven was just like Wade remembered it from the show.  She stared
into the darkness.
"It's incredible," Wade said,"To think that this is just a set in
my world."
"It could have been better that way," a deep voice said from behind her.
She turned to see LaCroix standing behind her.
"To what can I owe this visit?" he asked.
"My name is Maximilian Arturo, these are my associates, Rembrandt Brown
and Wade..."
"Wells, yes, I know.  I have met all of you before, although you do
appear a little different now."

"Where'd Nick go?" Wade asked, hoping he would come rescue them.
"He had to return home," LaCroix told her,"He will be back later. 
Please,have a seat."
"Where's Jeanette?" Wade asked.
"She has left the area.  Her character was no longer written into the
"Jeanette is gone?" Wade asked.  "But why?  her character was great."
"You are allowing this world to draw you in, Ms. Wells," Arturo
interrupted her. 
"This is all part of a television show, remember?"
"Some shows are more real than others."

Wade(2) and Rembrandt(2) walked up carrying some drinks.  As they took
their seats next to Wade, Arturo and Rembrandt, LaCroix gave them odd
"This is getting intriguing."
"LaCroix, a young man was seen with a vampire earlier today," Wade(2)
told him. 
"We need to find him."She handed a drink to Wade and Rembrandt.
"Jeanette was with someone new earlier but he recently left," LaCroix
told them. 
"Perhaps we could discuss your search efforts over the drinks."  He
snapped his fingers to call a waiter over.
“We have drinks," Wade(2) held up her drink.
"Then perhaps you could find the young man on your own.  Searching alone
in the night could prove disastrous, though.  There are many things in
the night that are unseen during the day."
"It's day right now, LaCroix," Wade(2) snapped,"Don't try to creep us
out with your Nightcrawler talk."
"I would never think of it."  LaCroix smiled as he took a sip of the
deep red liquid the waiter handed him.

Wade smiled as she looked up and saw a familiar face enter the Raven. 
He was walking towards the bar and was almost next to their table when
Wade stood up and rushed over to him and wrapped her arms around him. 
"Quinn, don't ever do that again." 
She kissed him, then broke off the kiss.
"Sorry, miss, I don't know you," the man told her,"My name used to be
Mallory Quinn but I think I would remember you.  And it's Andrew now, by
the way."
"It's Mallory Quinn!" Wade(2) jumped to her feet,"If my counterpart is
right then you're the cause of our problem."
Andrew looked confused,"There's two of you?  I don't understand."
There was a bright light, the air in the room became stale and Arturo(2)
"You've used my slider machine!" Andrew called out,"Don't you realize
how dangerous that is?  Doctor J and I weren't finished with it."
"Doctor J?  oh, right.  You live out that show, My Secret Identity. 
Doctor J must be your assistant on the show," Wade said.
"He's my mentor," Andrew told them,"When I joined the show, he was the
inventor who gave me the powers and abilities I have today."  Andrew
lifted into the air,hovering above the rest of them.
"You've got to help us stop this slider effect," Wade(2)insisted,"We
can't control it.  It takes us at any time and forces us into other
dimensions at its whim."
"I told you.  Doctor J hadn't finished it."
"But in my dimension, you were the one who built the slider machine,"
Rembrandt stood up,"Man, you have to be able to fix it.  You're the one
who got all of us into this."

"We could go to Doctor J's house and check into it," Andrew told them. 
"But I can't promise anything."
"But what about our Quinn?" Wade asked.
"Yes, we should find Mr. Mallory.  He may be able to assist you in
repairing your slider machine," Arturo added.
"I believe there's no need for a search."  LaCroix pointed to a new face
walking in the Raven.
It was Quinn.

Wade immediately rushed over to the young Physic's student and threw her
arms around his neck.
"Quinn! Where have you been?"
Quinn Mallory held her close for a moment then pulled back smiling at
"Only on this world could I be kidnapped by a vampire one minute then
have breakfast with the Pony Express the next."
Wade returned his smile, her right hand gently touching a bruise
starting to form around his left eye,"Are you sure you're all right? She
didn't hurt you?"
Quinn pushed her hand away gently,"I'm fine."  He assured her.
"Great to see you Q-ball," Rembrandt said coming up to the twosome. 
"How much time do we have left?"
Quinn felt around for the timer, panicked for a minute when he didn't
find it in his right pocket.  He relaxed when he pulled the remote
control sized mechanism out of his left jacket pocket.  A frown crossed
his handsome features as he read the display.
“Only a half hour," Quinn replied.
 Rembrandt shook his head,"Why do we always have to cut these things so
damn close."
"We'll be fine," Quinn assured him as he approached their doubles. 
"What's going on here?"

Wade pointed to Andrew,"Quinn, this is Mallory Quinn he has a Slider
machine. It could get us home."
Mallory Quinn shook his head,"I don't have it...  They..." he said
gesturing to Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo(2), "have it and have been using
it without my permission."
Arturo(2) shook his head,"We don't have the Slider machine, young man. 
We only have the timer.  The machine is still your basement."
"You have a Slider machine?" Quinn repeated moving to stand in front of
his counterpart,"This is terrific.  We could use it to finally get
Andrew shook his head,"I haven't been down in that basement for years. 
I have no idea what shape the machine is in.  It would more than likely
take more than..."  He peered at the slider's timer,"Twenty five minutes
to fix it."
"I'm willing to take that risk," Wade said excitement clearly in her
brown eyes.  
"I wouldn't get your hopes up just yet, Ms. Wells," Arturo commented,
moving to stand next to Quinn,"If we try to fix Andrew's slider machine
we would miss the slide.
There's no guarantee that we could get it working."

They gathered in Andrew's basement, looking over the pieces of what was
once the slider machine.  Andrew glared at Arturo(2), Rembrandt(2) and
Wade(2) as he examined the damage.
"We had no way of knowing what would happen.  We were just trying to
repair it so that we could stop," Arturo(2) insisted.
"Stop?" Quinn asked.
As if on cue, Rembrandt(2) began to glow brightly and finally he
"This is what we have been going through.  The whole sliders experience
is unwanted, Mr. Mallory Quinn.  Once we were all in one spot for long
enough, we came down to this basement and tried to stop this machine of
"All we succeeded in doing was damaging it," Wade(2) replied.
"Then why did you try?" Wade asked, "Why didn't you find out who built
it and get his help?"
 "Why not tell them, Mr. Quinn," Arturo(2) glared at Andrew.
"This house isn't registered in any name," Andrew replied,"I had to keep
my experiments hidden from everyone."

"Is there any chance we can repair this slider machine, Mr. Mallory?"
Arturo asked Quinn.
"I'm not sure," Quinn replied,"It's in pieces.  We'd have to work fast
if we're to make it before it's time for us to slide."
"Listen, Q-ball, we have to slide.  We don't want to miss it and be
trapped here."
"Rembrandt, we might be able to get home," Wade told him.
"And we might get stuck here," Rembrandt reminded her.
"Let's just get busy."  Quinn knelt down by the pieces and picked up a
circuit board.

Five minutes until they were to slide Quinn Mallory managed to get the
slider machine in working order. At least he hoped it was.
"Okay, Rembrandt," Quinn said, handing him the timer,"Hold this and
we'll see if this works."
"Quinn, we've got less than three minutes," Rembrandt protested.
"This will only take a minute, Rembrandt.  Relax," Quinn replied as he
walked over to the slider machine and hit the main switch.
A red glow came from the machine as power surged.  The lights in the
basement dimmed and went out.  It seemed to be working until Wade(2) and
Arcturo(2) were surrounded by a blue light and disappeared.

"Well so much for that," Arcturo commented taking the timer from
Rembrandt and pointing it at the wall.
Quinn had one of the panels off the machine and was lying on his back.
"Just give me two minutes, Professor," Quinn replied in a muffled voice. 
"I think I know what's wrong."
"Unfortunately we don't have two minutes." Arturo replied sadly as hit a
button on the timer causing the blue well to appear.
Mallory Quinn helped the physic's student to his feet,"I'll keep working
on it,Quinn.  If I can't help you and you're friends then perhaps I can
keep the others from sliding without notice."
Wade walked over and kissed Andrew on the cheek."For luck," she said
before following Rembrandt into the blue well.
Quinn sighed in frustration.  "If only I had more time."
Mallory Quinn clasped him on the shoulder,"I'll figure it out.  We have
nothing but time here when our shows are canceled or in reruns."

"Mr. Mallory," Arturo called holding up the timer, "we have to go now or
we really will be stuck here."
"Coming," Quinn replied watching the Professor jump into the void.  He
turned back to his double,"Good luck."
"Same to you," Mallory Quinn replied.
Quinn took a last look at the basement before jumping into the blue well
and disappearing.

The End

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