M7 "Snowbound" pt.2
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The Magnificent Seven

If it was one thing Buck hated it was being helpless.
The snow had covered any kind of track that JD might have left.
Without tracks Buck only had his gut to rely on.
It was telling him to think like the kid.
JD would have done everything in his power to get back home.
The question was how far did he get before he had to find shelter.

Buck sighed thatís the other thing that worried him. As far as he could see and remember from the times they had rode to Blue Creek there wasnít any kind of shelter between here and Four Corners.
If the kid had gotten turned around in the storm and without any kind of warm clothes.....
Wilmington shook his head as if that movement would banish the whirlwind of thoughts.

As Buck looked back at the trail he realized the sun had broken through
the clouds. Or at least he thought it had since it was still snowing.
But the snow was brighter some how.
Buck squinted as he studied the area ahead the snow flakes seemed to blur together.

Then out of nowhere a searing pain started at the back of his skull and spread forward till it reached his eyes exploding in a swirl of black dots.
No matter how many times Buck blinked to try to clear his vision nothing worked.
Something had made him go blind.

A small patch of sunlight wafted through the rotten wood of the small shack that had provided JD shelter during the storm.
Unfortunately the youth didnít see it.
He didnít see or feel anything but the cold.
JD huddled in the farthest corner of the small building curled up into the tightest ball he could manage.
But it was no use.
No matter where he moved the cold wind seemed to find him.

God he was tired.
To JD it seemed like every nerve ending in his body ached.
His hazel eyes drifted closed....he would just take a small nap.

Against his better judgment Chris had agreed with Vinís suggestion that the group split up.
But Chris had insisted that they only go fifty feet from each other.
Even though the snow was slowing there was no telling when the storm
would stop.
Could be a few hours.........could be days.

Ezra and Vin headed south while Josiah,Nathan and Chris headed toward the west.
They would circle back and regroup in an hour hopefully with good news.
Chris would do everything in his power to prevent having to tell his
oldest friend that they hadnít found the kid.
Larabee sighed as he pulled his coat tighter around him.....he could only hope they hadnít lost Buck as well.

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