M7 "Snowbound' pt.3
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The Magnificent Seven

Approximately five minutes before they had to meet the others at the
rendezvous point Ezra spotted something.
Or at least he thought he had spotted something.

The gambler frowned as he squinted into the swirling snow....he had not been mistaken,there was something there.
But what was it? Ezra wondered as he urged his horse forward. The storm had strengthened in the time they had left Four Corners. It wouldn’t be long before they would be forced to call of the search or perish themselves.

Vin noticed the gambler’s movement and pulled his horse along side,”You spot somethin’?”
Ezra shrugged,”Perhaps,perhaps not. Might be an approiation or a tree.”
“Might as well check it out anyway.”Vin replied as he tugged on his horse’s reigns,”I don’t want to face Buck empty handed.”

Somehow JD found the strength to pry his eyes open.
He had to stay awake.

But the strength left him as quickly as it had come. His eyelids felt as heavy as boulders.
He couldn’t keep them open any longer.
Resting his head on his left forearm....JD drifted to sleep.

Forcing down panic Buck closed his eyes and counted to thirty.
When he opened them again his sight was the same as before...nothing.
This was not the time for this. JD needed him to be a hundred percent
right now.
Even without his sight Buck could feel the storm intensifying around
Somehow he had to find JD and get them both back home.

As they moved forward Vin could make out the outline of the object that Ezra had spotted.
It was too short and wide to be a tree.
Might be a hill.
“Its an establishment!”Ezra exclaimed as they came within ten feet of the small building.
“I don’t think its up to your fancy words,Ezra.”Vin replied with a
smile,”Its barely a few pieces of wood slapped together. I’m surprised its still standin’.”
Ezra dismounted his horse and started toward the small shack,”I do believe Mr. Tanner,this might be the beacon we were looking for.”

As the tracker neared the building he was begining to doubt the conman’s enthusiasm. Vin wasn’t sure that even JD could fit inside the shack which as far as Vin could see was no bigger than a closet.
Because of the drifting snow it took both of them to force the door
Once they stepped inside the tracker didn’t like what he saw.
As the two friends rushed forward Vin could only pray that the kid was just unconsicence.

“He’s alive.”Tanner said with relief as he found JD’s pulse.
Ezra silently handed Vin his burgundy jacket. Tanner nodded his thanks and wrapped the coat around JD’s shivering form.
Tanner took off his own coat and wrapped that around the youth as well before gently picking JD up in his arms and turning toward the door.

As they stepped outside Ezra frowned at the worsening weather
conditions. Not that he doubted Vin’s tracking abilities,on the contrary he held them in the highest regard.
But even Vin might not be able to find their way back in this kind of
“Shall we try to wait out Mother Nature?”Ezra suggested as Vin carefully placed JD on his horse before getting into the saddle himself.
Tanner shook his head as he glanced at JD,”I don’t think the kid will
last out here that long. We need to get him back to Nathan.”
Ezra nodded and quickly mounted his horse.

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