M7 "Spooky"
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The Magnificent Seven
An ATF alternate universe story
By Cindy Brewer

Inez's bar, "The Saloon", was standing room only on
Halloween night. People were pressed to the walls
dressed in everything from Superman to Judge Judy.

ATF Agent Buck Wilmington took off the hat from his
Zorro costume as he leaned back against the wall.
JD was late.....nearly two hours late.
Buck glanced at the door and frowned. Something was
wrong, he could feel it.
The kid was rarely late especially for a party.
And Buck knew how excited JD had been about this
costume party.

Chris absently straightened the collar of his Sherlock
Holmes cloak as he came to stand next to Wilmington.
"Have you tried callin' him?"Chris asked as his blue
eyes scanned the crowd.
Buck nodded as he raised his voice to be heard over
the music,"I tried the office and the apartment.
Casey's out of town but I tried there anyway. On top
of that he's not answering his cell phone."
Larabee nodded,"I'll find the others and we'll start a
Chris had just stepped away when he heard a cellular
phone ring. The blond agent turned in time to see Buck
answer his phone.

"Wilmington?"Buck answered as he flipped open the
Buck frowned as he placed his left hand over his ear
in a futile attempt to block out the music,"JD? Where
the hell are you?!"
Chris came to stand next to his old friend as he
waited to hear of the younger agent's whereabouts.
"Slow down,son,"Buck replied,"I can barely hear you.
You got arrested for what?"
Chris frowned at the word arrest...this didn't sound
"Didn't you tell them it was a TV show?"Buck asked as
he motioned Larabee over.
"Alright,son,alright,"Buck stated as he and Chris
walked toward the door,"We'll be there in twenty
minutes to bail you out."

"Well?"Chris prompted as Buck ended the conversation.
Buck grinned as they stepped outside,"He was arrested
for impersonating a FBI agent."
Chris blinked,"I thought JD was coming as Bat
"Changed his mind at the last minute."Buck replied as
they reached Chris's car.
Chris shook his head in amazement,"Let me guess the
next costume choice was Mulder?"
Buck nodded,"Apparently the cops who arrested him
don't watch much TV. And because of JD's age they
didn't believe he was an ATF agent."
Chris sighed as he opened the driver's door,"How much
is the bail?"He held up his hand as Wilmington started
to reply,"No don't tell me....I'd rather not know."