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"Shattered" pt. 1 By Cindy

The A-team

Author's Notes: This story is set approximately two months after the episode "Mind Games" but before the next episode. Also for purposes of this story Murdock's first name is Henry.
Also I've just started watching the show again the last month or so with TVland airing the reruns.:) So plotline and a characters may be a little foggy in places since this is my first attempt at an A-team fanfic.:)

If I keep hanging around Murdock I'm going to go
insane. Lieutenant Templeton Peck thought wryly as he
leaned against a car outside a two-bit hotel in
greater Los Angeles. The man in question, Captain H.M.
"Howling Mad" Murdock had just emerged from a hotel
room wearing a George Washington costume complete with
white wig.

"Henry."Colleen Brown called with a shake of her head
as she came to stand next to Peck."You're going to get
us spotted in that outfit."

Murdock smiled at his childhood friend as he crossed
the space between them."Not at all, my darlin'.
Besides who would ever suspect the father of our

Face glanced from their latest client to Murdock and
back again with a shake of his head. He should be used
to Murdock's delusions by now, he really should.

Murdock glanced at Peck before he scanned the parking
lot and surrounding streets. "We should get her in the
car, Faceman, before the British come."

"Right."Peck replied as he opened the back passenger
door for the reporter before walking around and
getting into the driver's seat. The British that
Murdock was worried about was really Los Angeles's
uppermost crime family. Apparently Colleen had gone to
one of their charity events to interview the oldest
son, Ben Curso about his generous donations to
charity. On the way out of the interview she had
witnessed the murder of Ben Curso and after receiving
threats at her newspaper and home she had sought out
the help of the A-team. And it had only been a happy
coincidence that she and Murdock knew each
other....even though Colleen hadn't seen Murdock since
they were twelve.

"Do I get to know where we're going this time?"Colleen
asked as she leaned on the back of the front seat. In
the week and a half that she had known the A-team she
had begun to learn the method to their madness.

Peck grinned at her via the rearview mirror. "What's
the matter? I thought all girls liked surprises."

The brown haired woman returned his smile. "Most of the time I do.Just not when my life's on the line."

Peck's expression sobered. "You're safe with us. I
promise you that."

Brown nodded and settled back into the seat turning
to stare out the side window.

Face sighed inwardly as he watched the sad expression
cross her face. He had known a lot of women in his
time, but some how he and Colleen had just had this
instant connection. Even though Face had only known
her a short week he could tell that there would be
something special between them. If Murdock would only
stop playing the 'big brother' routine.

As the car sped along the Los Angeles highway Colleen
glanced at her old friend. When she had first met the
A-team she had barely recognized Henry. His
experiences in 'Nam had aged him beyond his
thirty-seven years. And his bouts with delusions
saddened her. Colleen knew it was his mind's way of
dealing with the realities of war and the team's
current situation with the law. But on the other hand
H.M. Murdock was still a lot like the sweet boy she
had grown up with. And she looked forward to getting
to know him again.

"Hannibal's going to meet us at Valley Forge."Murdock
stated as he twirled a plastic toy ax in his hand.

"It'll be interesting to see what great plan
Hannibal's come up with this time."Peck replied with a
shake of his head.

"We're headed to Santa Monica?"Colleen asked in
disbelief as Face pulled the car onto an off ramp.

"That's where the Colonel told me to go."Face replied
as he concentrated on merging with the late afternoon
rush hour traffic.

"But that's where this whole mess started."The
reporter replied anxiously. "If I go back there
somebody in the Terlli organization is bound to spot

Murdock turned around in the seat so he was facing
her. He flashed her a reassuring smile as he patted
her left shoulder gently. "Don't worry with Paul
Revere and I as lookouts the British will never stand
a chance getting buy us."

"Paul Revere?"Face repeated with a grin. "I hope you
don't intend to get me into a wig."

Despite everything Colleen laughed as she reached up
to touch Peck's shoulder. "I don't know, Face, I think
you'd look good in a wig."

Templton sighed as he pulled the car into a small
marina. "For you, I might consider it."


Hannibal stepped out of a spacious yacht to meet the
rest of his team as they got out of the car.

Face did a double take at the boat. In his wildest
dreams he hoped to own something like this someday. It
was huge at least two hundred feet and had what looked
to be a small swimming pool on the aft deck.

Peck finally jerked his attention back to his
commanding officer who was lighting a fresh cigar.
"Colonel dare I ask how you acquired this lovely
vessel for our use?"

Hannibal glanced at B.A. who had just walked down the
gangplank to join them. "The neighbors told us that
the owner was in Chicago for a week on business."

Colleen shook her head as she folded her arms across
her chest. "Forget it guys, I can't let you break and
enter on my account."

"We do it all the time."B.A. replied with a smile as
he turned and headed toward the black van parked a few
feet away.

"B.A.'s right."Hannibal stated as he placed a
reassuring arm around the reporter's shoulders. "Just
think of this as a mini-vacation. Enjoy the boat.
Lieutenant you're going to stand watch tonight."

Peck nodded as he moved to stand next to Colleen. "And
where are you off to?"

"To check out Curso's nightclub."Smith replied as he
turned his attention to Murdock."Murdock, you might
want to change. I don't think that outfit will pass
their dress code."

The pilot shook his head firmly. The more the Colonel
talked about this plan the worse the feeling in his
gut got.
Murdock took off his hat and wig. "Colonel, with all
due respect to the Faceman I think his duties could be
better served with you."

Smith frowned. When Murdock got serious and 'sober' it
was something to listen to and respect. "I appreciate
your concern, Murdock. But Face can handle things
tonight. I need your special talents on this job."

"Yes, Sir."Murdock replied with a sigh before turning
back toward the car where he had stashed a small
duffel bag.

Colleen caught his arm just as he reached the car.
"I'll be okay, Henry."She assured him quietly her
hazel gaze searching his face.

Murdock pulled the bag out of the back seat and turned
to face his old friend. He quickly gathered her in a
hug. Being an only child Colleen had been the closest
thing he had to a sister growing up. Now that he had
her back in his life he didn't want anything to ruin

"Watch your back, kid."Murdock whispered in her left
ear as he pulled away.

"You too."Brown replied softly as she moved back
toward Peck.

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