"A typical day" pt.2
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"A typical Day"

Ray shoved Brody forward,”Fraser decided to make jaywalking a capital offense.”
Welsh stood just outside his office door and waved Fraser over.
Fraser glanced at Ray who shrugged before shoving Brody over to his desk so he could take the kid’s statement.

“You wanted to see me,Lieutenant?””Benton asked as he came to stand next to Welsh.
The older man nodded as he placed a hand on Fraser’s right
shoulder,”Fraser, am I correct that a few weeks ago we had a talk about a little thing called jail over crowding?”
Fraser nodded,”Yes you did.”
Welsh placed an arm around Fraser’s shoulders and led him over to the windows,”What do you see down there,Fraser?”
Fraser studied the street below for a moment before
Welsh shook his head,”Not just people,Fraser,tax payers. They may not pay your salary but they pay mine, Vecchico’s and every other officer’s in this city. And they do not take well to having to build new jails because of little things like jay walkers. Do we understand each other?”
Fraser nodded as he turned away from the window,”Yes.”
Welsh smiled,”Good. So write the kid a ticket and we can go back to chasing the real bad guys.”

Fraser shook his head,”I’m afraid I can’t do that.”
Welsh sighed fighting the urge to bang his head against the wall,”And why not?”
“He committed a crime,Sir.”Fraser replied.
“No,”Welsh corrected,”He committed a misdemanor. A misdemanor barely
worth the paper to issue a ticket let alone the metal for handcuffs.”

“Name?”Ray Vecchico asked he pulled up the correct software for filing a report.
Green eyes glared back at him.
Ray sighed inwardly,this was going to be a very long day,”Name?”He asked again hoping the tone of his voice convinced the kid to give up the wise-ass routine.
“Doe,”The teenager replied as he folded his arms across his chest,”John Doe.”
Ray rolled his eyes,”Very funny,I’ll tell my cousin Mario to book you at the Improv. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is you cooperate tell me what I want to know and you can go home before your Mommy notices you’re gone. Or the hard way which is I take
your fingerprints run them through the system. From them I find out your name and I call your parents to come and drag you home. Now which would you like?”
The kid squirmed for a moment but finally relented,”Brody, Matt Brody.”

“Finally.”Ray replied sarcasticly as he returned his attention to his computer screen,”Address?”
“2302 Dearborn, apartment number four.”
“Age?”Ray asked as he absently swatted Diefenbaker away from the jelly doughnut on his desk.
The wolf glared at him briefly before walking over to meet the precient’s newest visitor.
Brody straightened in his chair slightly,”Twenty-two.”
Ray chuckled,”There’s that sense of humor again.Age?”
The teenager sighed,”Sixteen.”

Gary stepped past the desk sergant and into the squad room. A low growl caught his attention causing him to look down.
Hobson took a tentative step back from the animal keeping his hands visible,”I don’t have anything. I swear.”
Diefenbaker studied him closely for a moment before turning and walking over to Fraser.

Gary saw the mountie but didn’t see the suspect they had brought in. As he passed the first desk he heard the name the paper had said was the hostage taker. Brody.
Gary back peddled to the first desk and saw the Mountie’s partner taking information from the teenager they had brought in earlier.
/A kid,great./Hobson thought bleakly,stiffling a sigh he approached the detective.

“Excuse me.”
Ray didnt’ look up from the screen,”I’m a little busy here.”
Gary glanced at the teenager before turning his attention back to the police officer,”That’s what I need to talk to you about. You can’t arrest this kid.”
That got Ray’s full attention,”You’re the guy from before, the one Dief tackled.”
Gary nodded,”Yes.”
“What are you his father?”Ray asked hitting the correct keys to get the report to print.
Gary saw the kid smirk but ignored it as he shook his head,”No.”
“His lawyer?”Ray asked as he stood and moved over to the printer.
Hobson leaned against the desk,”No,I’m not a lawyer.”

Vecchico glanced at him,”Then what concern is it of yours if we arrest him?”
Gary sighed getting people to believe him was one of the toughest aspects of having the paper,”I know this is a little strange, but you’re going to have to trust me. You can’t arrest him.”
Ray nodded,”We’re not, at least not for jay walking.”
Gary blinked in surprise,”Jay walking?”
Vecchico gestured toward Fraser,”Apparently its a capital offense in Canada.”He replied absently as he read Brody’s record,”Sorry kid we are going to have to book you.”
“For what?”Gary asked watching the teenager warily.
“Seems there’s a warrent out for your arrest.”Ray replied as he looked up from the printout,”Resisting arrest,violating parole. You’ve been a busy boy.”

to be continued......