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"A Typical Day" A Due South/Eary Edition crossover

Ray started to stand but Welsh quickly pushed him back down.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"Welsh demanded.

"Helping my partner before he breaks his neck."Vecchico replied as he broke free of his commanding officer's grasp and pulled himself to his feet.

"You're not going anywhere."Welsh ordered as he motioned Huey to come forward. "You were just shot in case that slipped your mind."

"I've cut myself worse shaving."Ray replied a little more sharply than he had intended. "Look, Lieutenant, you've been around Fraiser as long as I have. What does he do in these situations?"

Welsh glanced at Huey who was looking past him toward the windows.

"Ray, he's done some crazy things in the past but do you seriously think he'd go this far?"Harding replied as he looked back at the detective.

Ray leaned against his desk struggling to ignore the wave of dizziness that washed over him. "He's a Mountie. They always get their man no matter what stupid ass move they have to use to do it."

Welsh sighed feeling a migraine starting to form. "Alright, Vecchico do whatever it is that you think is best."

"Yes,Sir."Ray replied as he caught Elaine's attention.


Gary sat on the corner of Welsh's desk watching the teen warily. The youth hadn't said a word since they had moved to Welsh's office.
The cat had moved from the desk to the windowsill seemingly watching something with great interest.

/Probably a flock of pigeons./Gary thought with a shake of his head as he glanced at the teen. Brody was now sitting in a chair that he had pulled into the far corner of the office.

"There's a phone here."Gary began quietly. "You can call your parents tell them you're okay. Or I'd be happy to do it."

The teen leapt to his feet slamming the gun into Gary's chest as he cocked the trigger. "Shutup!! How many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to talk to anyone! Especially my parents!"

Gary gulped, this wasn't the first time he'd been held at gunpoint but he still wasn't able to pry his gaze away from the barrel of the gun.

Gary held his hands up in a defensive position. "Okay, okay. We don't have to talk at all. I promise I won't say another word. We'll just sit here quietly."

"I have to think."Brody replied just as the window behind them shattered into a million pieces.

Despite the gun that was pointed at him Gary was still able to protect his head with his hands. But he was in time to see the Mountie literally swing into the room and knock Brody off his feet.


Detective Paul Armstrong reached the roof just in time to see the Mountie's Tarzan routine.

Not being able to do anything more from the roof Armstrong turned on his heel and headed toward the stairs.


With Ray Vecchico in the lead all the officers raced toward Welsh's office at once with gun's drawn.

Gary struggled to get out of the way as the teen fought a loosing battle with the Mountie.

"Get the gun."Ray snapped instantly getting Hobson's attention.

Gary nodded and quickly moved toward the left corner of the desk where the gun had slid to.

"You okay, Benny?"Ray asked keeping his gun trained on Brody.

"Never better, Ray."Frasier replied as he stood dragging the protesting teenager to his feet.

"You have them lower the guns now, Ray."Fraiser commented as he came to stand next to Hobson.

"Right."Ray replied sheepishly as he lowered his weapon and motioned for the rest to do the same.

"Are you alright, Mr. Hobson?"Benton asked as he handed Brody over to Huey who took him out of the office.

"Fine, I think."Gary replied quietly as he glanced back toward the window to see the cat had left. "Nice Tarzan move, by the way."

"Tarzan?"Frasier repeated just as Welsh stepped into his office.

"Fraiser."Welsh commented wearily as he faced the Mountie. "Didn't we have a discussion earlier about taxpayers?"

"Yes, Sir."Fraiser replied as he glanced at Ray.

"Hobson!"Armstrong yelled as he pushed his way into the office cutting off the Welsh's reply.

Gary did a double take. "Armstrong? What are you doing here? I didn't think this was your prescient."

"It's not."Welsh replied as he turned to face his old friend. "Not that I'm not glad to see you, Paul, but this is out of your neck of the woods."

"Ask him."Paul replied as he gestured toward Gary. "Why is it Hobson that whenever something happens in this town you're right in the middle of it?"

Gary started toward the door. "I can explain this."

"That's what you always say."Armstrong replied as he followed the bar owner out the door. "This time I want an explanation. A real one."


"You should be at the hospital."Benton stated after Hobson and Armstrong left.

"Me?"Vecchico replied with a grin. "You're the one who swung from the roof into a window."

"I'm fine, Ray."Fraiser replied as he glanced at Welsh. "You're the one who was shot."

"It's a graze."Ray stated firmly. "You're hat was shot worse than this. A few bandages and an aspirin and I'll be good as new."

"The hat was a painful experience, Ray."Fraiser replied quietly.

"Both of you, out of my office!"Welsh ordered as he motioned toward the door. "I don't want to see either of you again until tomorrow."

"Yes, Sir."Vecchico replied as he followed Fraiser out of the office.

Welsh sighed as he sat down on his desk and looked around at the damage. He could still here Vecchico and Fraiser as they walked through the squad room.

"Fraiser, when you do stuff like that you don't let me execute my plan."Ray commented.

"You have plans, Ray?"Fraiser replied as he picked up Vecchico's coat from his desk.

Ray glared at him. "Yes, Fraiser, I have plans, well this time I had one."

"I'm sorry you didn't get to carry it out, Ray."Fraiser replied. "I'm sure it was brilliant."

"Forget it."Ray commented as they stepped into the hallway. "Just try not to jump off any more buildings, okay?"

"Whatever you say, Ray."Fraiser replied as they walked toward the main door.


"So how'd it go?"Marissa asked as Gary returned to McGinty's.

Gary sat wearily down at the bar. "Oh you know, the usual."

"Gary."Marissa replied in a warning tone.

Gary grinned. "It was typical day, Marissa. Saved a Mountie, prevented a car wreck or two."


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