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"Love Conquers All" pt.5

"What does the report say?" Leo asked Alberts, who was looking at the file folder given to him.

"The fingerprint lifted from the house belongs to a Jake Roberts. He's got a criminal record, nothing too serious: petty larceny, harboring a concealed weapon..."

"Any contact information, any clue as to where they may have taken Donna?" The President asked.

"Not yet, we have Agents sifting through all his background
information- finding any personal links, links to Harry Boxton or the Black Moon. We did find that the house in West Virginia belonged to the parents of Alice Connolly, Harry's wife. There is a good chance that they've taken Donna
to another such location. We just have to narrow the possibilities.
Hopefully the Agents in Atlanta are getting somewhere with Boxton."


Boxton laughed as he replied. "Don't insult me with the good cop/bad cop routine. It won't get you or the President what you want. Miss Bartlet is in good hands.....she will be returned only when our demands are met. Its
up to the President whether she's alive or dead"

Campbell walked around the table to stand right in front of Boxton. "OK then. How about bad cop, worse cop." He grabbed Boxton by the collar and hauled him up out of the seat. "I don't think you realize the severity of the situation."

Boxton just gave him an amused look.

"The Secret Service will do anything to protect any member of the First Family." Campbell continued.

"Doesn't seem like they did enough, now does it?" Boxton asked sarcastically.

Campbell kicked the chair away and shoved Boxton up against the wall."Did you know that the Secret Service is the only branch of law enforcement that can shoot BEFORE identifying themselves?" he asked smugly. "And they will if they fear for Miss Bartlet's life."

Bowen got up and walked over to stand behind his partner. "What do you think will happen during this 'prisoner exchange' for lack of a better term?"he asked. "Do you really expect it to go smoothly? The Secret Service has
some of the best sharp shooters around, they could take you out and everyone else without even coming anywhere near Caitlin Bartlet. And if she is hurt by any of your accomplices, well then there is nothing stopping the Secret
Service from taking...extreme measures."

Boxton paled slightly, but said "Nice act."

"Is it? Are you willing to take that chance with your wife. What's her name?" Campbell asked. When Boxton didn't answer, Bowen picked up a folder and read from it.

"Alice" Bowen said.

"Yes, Alice." Campbell said. "Are you willing to take that chance with Alice's life. Willing to risk having a Secret Service bullet take her down."

"No" Boxton said, not answering the question but protesting the Agent's actions, struggling against Campbell's hold.

"It would be a real shame. She's a pretty woman." Bowen said holding up a picture from the folder. "It would definitely be a waste."

"No! Not Alice!" Boxton cried, struggling fiercely now.

Campbell once again shoved him against the wall and shouted into his face, "Then tell us what we want to know!"


After a few minutes Caitlin got Josh to lay back down and close his eyes. In seconds he was asleep....and it seemed to be more peaceful this time.

Abby appeared in the doorway just then and frowned seeing their anxious faces. "Is Josh all right?"

Caitlin stood and moved to stand next to Seaborn. "For the moment.....he had a horrible nightmare a few minutes ago. Shook him up pretty badly."

"And you too, from the looks of it." Abby replied quietly as she looked from her daughter to Sam and back again.

"I'm okay." Caitlin replied wearily as she rubbed a hand over the back of her neck.

The First Lady frowned. "When was the last time you ate?"

Caitlin tried to think back but it only made her head hurt. "The rehearsal
dinner." She replied with a weak smile.

"I'll have the cook send up something for the two of you and keep something
warm for Josh when he wakes." Abby stated just as Charlie Young appeared in
the doorway.

The young black man glanced at Josh's sleeping form before quietly stepping
into the room moving to stand next to the First Lady.

"Sorry to interrupt, Ma'am, but Mr. McGarry wanted me to get Sam and bring
him down to the Oval." Charlie said softly.

"Have they found Donna?" Caitlin asked anxiously as she took a step toward

Young shook his head grimly. "I wish I had more information for you, Caitlin.
All I know is that Mr. McGarry wants to see Sam."

Sam placed a hand on Caitlin's shoulder. "He probably just wants an update on

Caitlin shook her head as she glanced over to make sure Lyman was still
asleep. "He could've gotten that from a phone call, Sam. Something's going

"If there is you'll be the first to know." Seaborn promised gently as he
leaned forward to kiss Caitlin quickly. "Promise me you'll eat something
while I'm gone."

"Sam...."Caitlin protested.

"Josh needs you to stay at full strength." Sam replied quietly. "So does
Donna....and so do I."

"Okay." Caitlin assured him as she stepped away.

Sam touched her shoulder gently before turning to face the First Lady.
"Ma'am." He said quietly as he followed Charlie out of the room.


Alberts moved away from the din of conversation in the Oval Office as he
pressed the cellular phone closer to his ear. "What did you find out, Agent

"It took quiet a bit of persuasion but Boxton did finally give us a few
details." Campbell replied as he stood just outside the interrogation room.
"Unfortunately not enough to pin down a location."

"Figures." Alberts replied wearily glancing up as Sam Seaborn entered the
office. "Fax me what you did get. Maybe it'll connect some of the pieces we
have here."

"Hope so." Campbell replied grimly. "Boxton was legitimately concerned for
his wife. Perhaps you guys can use that as leverage."

Sam sat down next to Leo on the sofa as he glanced over at Alberts. "What's
going on?"

"They got a few hits on the fingerprints from the house." McGarry replied
grimly. "Agents in Atlanta are questioning Boxton now."

"So this might finally be over soon?" Sam asked quietly as he watched Alberts
wrap up his phone conversation.

"Looks that way." Leo replied as he turned slightly to face Seaborn. "How's

"Asleep." Sam commented as he folded his hands in front of him.

"Good." McGarry replied with relief. "That's exactly what he needs."

Alberts moved to stand in front of McGarry and Seaborn just as the President
reentered the room from the side door.

"Mr. President." The FBI agent began carefully. "We have promising news from
the agents in Atlanta but I'm just not sure if it's enough for us to find Ms.
Moss within the six hours that we have left."

Bartlet's eyes narrowed sharply. "We've seen nations be born and die within
six hours, Agent Alberts. That's more time than it seems.....we will do
whatever it takes to bring Donna home."


"Cait?" Zoey's voice came softly from the doorway. Caitlin turned from Josh's sleeping form to
her sister. Zoey stood just inside the room carrying a tray of food.

"Isn't it past your bedtime?" Caitlin asked jokingly.

"Mom had the cook make this for you. She's really worried about you." Zoey said coming into the
room and setting the tray on a small table. She sat down in one of the chairs beside it and
motioned for Caitlin to take the other seat.

Caitlin moved to the chair and picked at some grapes on the tray as she sat down. "I'm not the
one being held captive, I'm not the one in agony because the person I love is in danger...."

"No" Zoey interrupted, "But you could've been. I know what you are feeling right now. When the
shooting happened in Rosslyn, it was because of my relationship with Charlie. Josh was shot
because of me." Zoey paused taking a breath, getting her emotions in check. "When you were
held hostage in that bank, that guy from the Naval Academy....."

"Tommy" Caitlin supplied softly, looking down at her food.

"Tommy was killed" Zoey continued "and you blamed yourself. And now you blame yourself for
the pain that Josh and Donna are going through."

Caitlin didn't say anything. She forced herself to take a bite of the sandwich even though she
felt as if there was a lump lodged in her throat.

"Do you ever wish Dad weren't President?" Zoey asked.

Caitlin looked at her sister for a long moment, "Sometimes. Sometimes when I don't feel like
my life is my own, when I feel so confined, but mostly at times like this." Caitlin looked over
at Josh, "when people are hurt because Dad is President and because of who we are as a result
of his position."

Zoey nodded, tears in her eyes.

"But." Caitlin continued reaching over and taking Zoey's hand, "we have enjoyed a great honor
and privilege by being First Daughters. Our father is making a difference in this world, and the
inconvenience and even the pain is worth it." Caitlin paused. "When it all works out in the end."
Caitlin's stopped, tears began to fall steadily from her eyes and her body became wracked with
sobs. "Dear God, please let them find Donna. Let her be OK." Caitlin cried and Zoey quickly came
over and wrapped her arms around her big sister, allowing Caitlin to finally release all of her

"Based on the leads the Agents in Atlanta got out of Boxton and from the fingerprints found in
Baltimore, we have been able to come up with three solid possible locations for where Ms. Moss
is being held." Agent Alberts said as he looked through a file folder.

Sam, Leo and the President stood watching him closely, hoping for a miracle and a happy ending
to this fiasco.

"What are the locations?" Leo asked.

"All three are residences, owned or affiliated with members of the Black Moon. One is in Dover,
Delaware. The next is in Charlottesville, Virginia. And the third is in Cleveland, Ohio. Since we
have not had contact with the kidnappers for some time, they could be at any of these locations
or on their way to any of these locations." Alberts finished, putting down the folders.

"So what do we do?" Sam asked.

"The Agency will send teams to each of the locations to covertly determine whether Ms. Moss
is located there. If she is found in one, we will begin to entertain plans for negotiation and
rescue. If she is not at one of the locations we will leave the teams there in case they arrive
but we will be back at the proverbial drawing board." Alberts answered.

"When do the teams leave?" Leo asked.

"They are on their way as we speak."

"As soon as Donna's location is determined, I want the Mosses and Josh in on every step of the
plan." The President said, speaking up for the first time.

"Sir, with all due respect, the emotions these people are feeling right now..." Alberts began.

"Is completely justified and I will not keep them in the dark about things as important as Donna's rescue. They have a right to know what is going on." The President said forcibly.

"I understand sir. However, first we need to find out what is going on." Alberts said, picking up
the phone.

Sam leaned toward Leo. "I'm going to go fill Caitlin in." He said softly.

McGarry nodded. "If Josh is awake tell him too. I'm sure he'd want to be here when the good news comes in."

Sam stood and headed toward the door.


Caitlin pulled away from Zoey reaching for something to dry her tears with. Zoey instantly handed her one of the cloth napkins from the tray.

"Thanks." Caitlin commented between sniffles.

"Any time." Her younger sister replied just as Sam walked into the room.

Seaborn was instantly at Caitlin's side seeing the tear stains on her cheeks. "You okay?"

Caitlin nodded. "Yeah." Bartlet paused not sure she wanted to ask her next question. "Is there

Seaborn glanced over at Josh who was starting to stir. "Help me wake Josh. I'd rather tell you
both at once than have him wake up half way through."

Caitlin stood fear racing through her as she glanced at Sam. "Is she.....did they find...."

Sam quickly touched her shoulder in reassurance. "No, not yet but they have made some progress."

"Thank God." Caitlin whispered as they reached the bed. Caitlin was grateful that she had some
good news to tell Josh....he'd been so afraid when he'd finally fallen asleep.

"Hey Josh?" Sam called as he shook his friend's shoulder lightly.

Lyman jerked awake at the touch. Icy fear raced up his spine when he saw Sam and Caitlin standing over him. Something had happened......

Josh swallowed hard as he struggled into a sitting position. "W-what is it?"

Caitlin instantly placed a hand on his shoulder. "It's okay, Josh. It's not bad news."

For some reason Josh didn't quite believe her. "Sam......"

"She's right's good news." Seaborn replied quietly." They've narrowed down three places
where they could be holding Donna."

Josh leapt off the bed nearly knocking Caitlin over in the process. "Could be?" He repeated angrily

"Josh, it's better than what we had before." Caitlin replied quietly.


The closer it got to morning the more Jake's anxiety level rose. Something about this whole job from the beginning had been rotten. Alice sat calmly in a chair in the living room, a paper back mystery in her hands. She glanced over at the younger man.

"Jake, will you relax? Everything is under control." Alice commented before going back to her reading.

Jake glanced at the room where Bartlet was to Alice and back again. "Under control? Did you forget we had to move her here because we had the Feds on our tail?"

Alice glared at him. "That was a mistake on my part that will not happen again. We have their
attention's up to them what happens next."


Donna lay awake staring at the ceiling. She knew she should sleep but the conversation between Jake and Alice had driven any thoughts of sleep away.
Donna swallowed hard to keep the tears at bay. Afraid that any sound from her would bring Jake in. She raised a shaky hand to the gash on her forehead. It had stopped bleeding but the area around it still throbbed.

Moss lowered her hand and shut her eyes wondering not for the first time what Josh was going through. Donna frowned she didn't even know if everyone was all right. She had seen her kidnappers knock Caitlin out but she didn't know
if they had injured anyone else at the wedding in order to get to where she and Caitlin were getting ready.

Donna could only hope and pray that Josh and her family and friends were unharmed. She couldn't bear it if anything happened to them.
As Donna thought of her almost wedding she couldn't help but think of her bachlorette party. Had it really only been two days before?


'Hey Donna!' Caitlin Bartlet called as she opened the front door to their apartment. 'You ready for one last blast of fun before you become an old married woman?'

'I don't mind being an old married woman.' Donna replied from her bedroom where she was finishing packing for the honeymoon.

Caitlin laughed as she entered the small room. 'So you don't want your stripper then?'

Donna giggled as she sat down on her bed. 'I never said that.'

"Well then let's go. I'm sure everyone is already there and we want to enjoy our girls only time before we meet up with the guys party at 10 o'clock." Caitlin said pulling the clothes out of Donna's hands and pushing her towards the doors.

"Do you think there will be strippers at Josh's party?" Donna asked a little hesitantly.

"Are a pig's eyes blue?" Caitlin asked.

Donna stopped in her tracks and looked at her.

"Something Sam's Mom says." Caitlin replied picking up her purse as they left the apartment and headed for Georgetown.


"So when is this stripper coming Caitlin?" Kathy asked over the noises coming from the front of the bar. For the party, Caitlin had rented out the back room of one of Georgetown's finest bars. It was a Secret Service nightmare, but this was for Donna so Caitlin wanted to go all out.

"I don't know, he should have been here a half hour ago." Caitlin said, getting up and walking over to the phone.

Just then the lights dimmed and Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff" started to play. Caitlin quickly ran back to her seat next to Donna, who had consumed a tad too much alcohol.

Two men in dressed as cowboys sauntered out onto the dance floor. The men were fully clothed in chaps and flannel shirts They wore big cowboy hats that covered their heads and bandannas almost completely covering their faces.

"I guess we get two for the price of one since they were late." Margaret said taking a last swig of her drink then putting it down the concentrate on the show.

The two strippers began to dance, rather awkwardly, and began to take off their clothes.

Caitlin stared at the two men for a moment. Something wasn't right....
She turned to Donna to say something but Donna was in her own little world.

"Oh yeah. Take it off! Yippe Kay Yea boys. I wanna ride your pony." Donna yelled, swaying to the beat of the music, downing another drink.

One of the strippers, the taller of the two hesitated for a moment looking in Donna's direction then continued to dance.

Caitlin looked from her inebriated friend to the two men now down to only their pants, preparing to remove those. Suddenly Caitlin put a hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh. She leaned over to Donna and whispered in her ear. Donna looked back at her "I know" she whispered
back to Caitlin. "Let's have some fun."

By this time the strippers were wearing nothing but their boots, briefs, hats and bandannas. The song stopped and Caitlin and Donna jumped up applauding, whistling, making a big spectacle They then walked over to the two men.

"Oh my." Donna said as she walked over to the shorter of the two and ran her hand up his chest. "Aren't you a hot one? Don't you think Cait."

Caitlin, who had walked over to the taller of the two, ran her hand down his butt. "I kinda like this one myself Don. The other one is a little two scrawny for me, no offense" She said looking at the other man.

The two men stood stock still, not saying a word.

"I don't think so. Besides your guy is too gangly. Not that gangly is bad." Donna said going real close to her guy and resting her head on his shoulder.

"No it isn't" Caitlin replied rubbing against the stripper she claimed as her own.

"Umm, girls what exactly are you doing?" CJ asked as everyone watched Caitlin and Donna unabashedly flirt with the two strippers.

Caitlin and Donna ignored the murmurs. "So what are you boys doing tonight?" Caitlin asked suggestively.

"Yeah, I'm getting married in two days and I could use one last night of fun." Donna added wrapping her arms around her guy.

"That's it!" Caitlin's guy exclaimed as he yanked off his hat and bandanna to reveal....Josh!

The other "stripper" quickly did the same to reveal Donna hanging all over Sam.

Josh and Sam looked at both the girls, who had quickly backed away from the guys.

"One last night of fun!" Josh cried at Donna.

"Scrawny!" Sam cried to Caitlin.

Suddenly Caitlin and Donna burst out laughing so hard that they had to hold on to each other to keep standing.

"I don't think it's funny." Sam said.

Caitlin just looked at Sam and burst out laughing again.

"DONATELLA!" Josh yelled.

Donna stopped laughing and stood up straight, "Oh calm down we knew it was you two" she said.

"You did." Josh and Sam asked together.

Caitlin walked over to Sam, she ran her hands up his chest and locked them behind his neck. She pulled him real close and whispered "I would know you anywhere."

Sam looked down in her loving face and kissed her very gently.

Donna began to walk towards Josh. He smiled at her sexily, expecting the same greeting. When Donna was right up next to him she punched him in the arm.

"Ow!" Josh cried. "What was that for?"

"For ruining my bachelorette party! What you are allowed to have a stripper but I'm not. Really Joshua, it is the 21st. century."

"Umm Donna." Caitlin interrupted.

Donna looked at her.

"If they are here, I'd say that means they are missing their own stripper." Caitlin said looking to Sam for affirmation. He nodded slightly, smiling, pulling Caitlin close.

"Really?" Donna asked Josh. "You gave up seeing your stripper to be here, being mine."

"Why would I want to see a naked woman when I could be beat up by my fiancee." Josh asked rubbing his arm.

"Oh honey." Donna said throwing her arms around him and kissing him passionately. She pulled away slightly, "I can't believe your missing out on your own party and stripper." She said.

"I don't need anyone or anything else but you Donnatella." He said softly kissing her once again.

Suddenly a collective "Awwwwww" came from the room. For the first time the guys noticed just who was there: Kathy, Margaret, Ginger, Bonnie, Donna's college roommates, some women they didn't recognize, Zoey, CJ, and....

"Oh God." Josh said.

"This is bad." Sam added.

"Well boys," the First Lady said walking over to them. "I must say that my husband doesn't utilize HALF of your talent or potential."

Sam and Josh just stared at Mrs. Bartlet at a complete loss for words, their faces, and bodies, growing a deep red.///


Caitlin chuckled softly to herself at the memory of that night. It seemed so long ago and they had been so happy, like nothing bad could ever happen. They never would have guessed how wrong they would be.

Caitlin reached over and took Sam's hand, who was sitting next to her on the couch in the Oval Office. He looked at with a questioning glance.
She just shook her head slightly and laid it on his shoulder. She looked across to Josh who was sitting there unmoving, next to the Mosses as everyone waited to hear of the FBI's plans.


Josh impatiently glanced at his watch and then at Alberts who was talking quietly with Leo and the President by Bartlet's desk. It had been nearly an hour since the FBI agent had reported that there was no sign of Donna or Boxton's group at the Cleveland, Ohio location. They were still waiting to hear from the other two teams.

Josh swallowed hard and tried his best not to think of the nightmare he had earlier. When Alberts had told him one of the locations was in Virginia Josh had nearly been overwhelmed with fear it was too close to the West Virginia location in his dream. It had taken all of his
remaining will power not to order Alberts to recall that team.

Josh looked over at Donna's brother and noticed that the younger man appeared to have as rough a night as he had.

"We'll get her back, Tom." Josh said quietly. "I promise."

Moss glared at him. "Oh we will, Lyman." Tom shot back as he stood and moved to the end of the sofa. "And when we do I have half a mind to keep her as far away from you as possible."

Julie Moss reached over and lightly touched Tom's left arm. "Thomas, this isn't Josh's fault."

Toby stood in the doorway watching Donna's brother warily. "Think Josh needs backup?"

C.J. shook her head as she touched his arm lightly. "No." She replied quietly.

Tom threw up his hands. "Then whose fault is it, Mom?" He looked over to where Caitlin sat. "It's not her fault and it's not his fault. My sister is hurt and scared somewhere because somebody messed up!"

Just then Albert's cellular phone rang instantly drawing everyone's attention to the FBI agent.

"Alberts?" The Agent greeted as he moved across the room and stepped past Toby and C.J. into the hallway.

The President started to follow Alberts but Leo placed a hand on his shoulder.

"He'll fill us in when he knows something." Leo reminded him gently.

Bartlet nodded. "I know......I just hate having my hands tied. If I were still Governor I could order the National Guard in."

Alberts returned to the room. As he looked at the anxious faces he was beginning to wonder why he became a FBI agent.

"Mr. President, we just heard back from the last two teams." The Agent began as he stopped in front of Leo." They had good news and bad news to report."

Josh swallowed hard and moved to stand next to Bartlet Hoping he had the strength to hear whatever the bad news was.

"Bad news first." Bartlet ordered quietly as he glanced over at Josh.

"Both teams came up empty." Alberts replied grimly.

"And there's good news in this where?" Toby asked sharply as he moved away from the wall.

Caitlin squeezed Sam's hand as she swallowed hard. The three locations had been there best hope since this whole ordeal started. If Donna wasn't in any of them where was she?

Sam placed an arm around Caitlin's shoulders and drew her close.

"The members of Black Moon that we rounded up in Virginia told us that Boxton's wife had some property in West Virginia." Alberts continued ignoring Toby's question. "The problem with the West Virginia property is the house is very remote. The area around it is heavily wooded. Anyone
in the house could easily detect our approach."

"Wonderful." Toby replied as he glanced at Leo and the President. "So what are we going to do? Send in The A-team?"

Everyone in the room turned to Toby in a moment of bewilderment.

Toby glanced at all the eyes staring at him, "It was a decent 80's show, it...what's the plan?"Toby asked sharply, frustrated.

"It's 6am now." Alberts said. "We will send our best teams into the area. Half of them will disperse into the wooded area around the house and take up the most strategic positions for a rescue attempt. The other half will be on hand to come out in the open, when needed to distract
the people inside."

"How will they 'distract' the people inside?" Thomas asked.

"At eight o'clock, Mrs. Boxton will be calling back. We will keep all of them on the phone, tell them we know of their location and have arranged the exchange. Then we will have the overt team come forward with Boxton. While the exchange is going down, we will get Miss Moss into our safety and then the team in the woods will come out of their positions and take the house."

"Can you guarantee Donna's safety?" Josh asked quietly.

"Mr. Lyman we will do everything..." Alberts began.

"Can you guarantee Donna's safety?" Josh asked again, harshly.

"We will not make a move unless we are sure we can get her out of there in the safest way possible."

"Are there any other options?" Bartlet asked, not liking the sound of this.

"Not really sir. We have had our best criminal psychologists going over these people. There will be no negotiating with them. Our best bet is to give them Boxton, get Miss Moss and then go after them once she is out of the way."

"I want constant updates of your men's positions. And make sure they don't move too quickly..."Bartlet began.

"I assure you Mr. President that we are putting our best trained people on this. They are professionals, with experience in areas like this that are unmatched. They will not take any chances." Alberts said "If you'll excuse me, I will see to the arrangements." Alberts made his
way out of the office.

A silence fell over the room as they watched Alberts leave, each person wondering if everything would go as smoothly as Alberts was predicting, if this nightmare would finally be

"The A-Team?" Bartlet asked looking up at Toby, uneasily breaking the silence.

Toby just glared at the President.

Josh felt the walls closing in on him again......and he took a few calming breaths. At least now they knew where Donna was being held. Snippets of his nightmare came flooding back to Josh as he stood next to the President. Oh God....Donna was in West Virginia....the same place where the
house had....

Josh walked quickly toward the door when three Secret Service agents blocked his way. Each of them clearly remembering Josh's attack on Alberts earlier.

"I'm sorry Mr. Lyman but you can't leave." One agent stated firmly.

Sam caught up to his friend them placing a gentle hand on Josh's shoulder. "Josh.....I know you want to know exactly what Alberts is doing, but hovering over his shoulder isn't going to help Donna."

Josh threw up his hands in exasperation. "I'm not going to leave the precious that what you all want to hear?!" He pulled out his wallet and keys from his back pants pocket and tossed them at the agents' feet. "Does that make you believe me more?"

Bartlet approached the agents and motioned for them to move. "Let him go." The President ordered softly.

"Mr. President....."The agent to the left of Josh protested.

"That's an order." Bartlet countered sharply.

The agents reluctantly parted and Josh flashed his boss a grateful look before quickly walking past them.


A phone ringing in the next room startled Donna awake. She quietly crawled off the bed and walked over to the closed bedroom door and pressed her ear against it.
A phone call at this late hour could not be a good thing and no matter what Donna needed to know what was going on.
So she could protect herself.

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