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"Midnight Tide" A SeaQuest/ST:Voyager crossover

"Midnight Tide"
A seaQuest DSV/ST: Voyager crossover
timeline: 1st season seaquest, current season Voyager

By Cindy

Shortly after Tom had eaten what passed for dinner in this century Katie appeared in Medbay's doorway.

Tom grinned. "Does this mean I get my tour?"

Katie leaned against the doorframe. "Depends, did you get the ok from Doctor Westphalen?"

"Yes he did."Kristen interjected as she stepped into the room. "Just don't over do it. That leg will take awhile to heal properly."

"Yes, Ma'am."Tom replied with a wide smile as he pushed the food tray aside and gingerly stepped out of bed.

Katie moved forward offering her weight as support. "I warn you I'm not a tour guide."
Tom flashed her a grateful smile for the offer of help but hobbled back. His leg for the moment at least didn't hurt as much as it had. "I'm sure you're better than you think."

Katie grinned as she headed for the door. "Just don't blame me if you get bored."

"Oh I doubt that I'll be bored."Tom replied as he matched her step.

In the hallway Katie stopped so suddenly that Tom nearly plowed into her. "You haven't met Darwin yet have you?"

Tom shook his head. "Darwin?"


Chakotay clasped his hands behind his back as he stood in front of the main view screen. They had been successful in pulling the damaged S'olk cargo ship from the star's orbit.
Be'llanna and her engineering team were aboard the alien ship seeing what they could do patchwork wise to get them back to their home world.

However Chakotay's thoughts were three light years back the other way. Back with Harry and Seven and Tom. He quelled the urge to turn to Tuvok and ask if Harry had made any progress. Chakotay could've sworn the Vulcan had glared at him the last time he'd asked for a status report on the shuttle.

"We should be away in an hour or so."Janeway reported as she came to stand next to her second in command.

Chakotay nodded. "Kathryn, I can't shake this feeling that Tom's running out of time."

"I know."Janeway replied quietly as she glanced out at the star scene. "I made a promise to bring us home, Chakotay and that means every single one of us. We'll find Tom and I'm sure he'll have a story to tell."


"It's a dolphin."Tom stated in amazement as he leaned against the short wall of the large pool.

Katie laughed as Darwin swam up to them. "Very good, Tom. I'm glad you know what one looks like."

Tom glared at her slightly. "And you say it talks?"

"All dolphin's talk, Tom."Katie replied as she reached forward to stroke Darwin's nose. "Lucas just developed a computer program that allowed dolphin talk to be translated into English."
Tom shook his head as he watched the bottlenosed dolphin move away from Katie and swim over to him. "And Lucas is how old?"

"Seventeen which makes him a boy genius."Katie replied with a smile. "Just don't tell him I said so. The Captain's trying to keep Lucas's head a normal size."


Tom jumped back slightly as Darwin's magnified computerized voice boomed through the speakers.

Katie moved to stand next to Tom. "That's right, Darwin. Tom's visiting us for awhile."

Tom reached out and awkwardly patted the dolphin's head. "Nice to meet you, Darwin."

"Visitor.....stars."Darwin stated.

Tom forced himself not to glance at Katie right away. Besides how could a dolphin know he wasn't where he was supposed to be?

"That's odd."Katie observed as she moved away from the tank looking at Darwin strangely. "But then Lucas did say there wee still a few bugs in the system."

Tom shook the water from his hand as he moved to join her and he started to breathe again. Tom couldn't believe his current situation himself how could he expect the crew of seaQuest to?

Katie tapped his shoulder drawing Tom's attention away from Darwin. "Come on I'll show you the bridge."