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Stargate and Stargate Atlantis fanfiction

Stargate Atlantis

(11/2/8) SGA "Family and Home"

Sheppard/Keller. Hitting the year mark John and Jennifer find their marriage tested. This is a work in progress.

(11/2/8)SGA "Vigil"

Sheppard/Keller missing scene for Inquistion.

(11/2/8)SGA "Romance"

Sheppard/Keller. The Sheppards find time for themselves.

(11/2/8) "Simple Things"

S/K, L/K friendship. Married just under a month Jennfier's off world bad luck strikes again. Can Lorne get them out or will John come to the rescue in time?

(11/2/8) SGA "Little Things"
Sheppard/Keller. Angsty fluff. John has to figure out why Jen's mad.

(11/2/8) SGA "Just Another Day"

Sheppard/Keller. John and Jen celebrate her birthday....Sheppard style.

SGA "Comfort"

Sheppard/Keller. Missing scene for "The Shrine"

(11/2/8)SGA "Down Time"

Sheppard/Keller. A quiet infirmary and Bon Jovi can Jen get John to dance?

(11/2/8) SGA "Two Souls"

Sheppard/Keller. John and Jennifer's wedding day arrives.

SGA "Ironic"

Summary: Sheppard/Keller. Tag to The Seed.

SGA "Only one Us"

Summary: Sheppard/Keller. Tag to Daedalus Variations. John takes a step toward his future.

SGA "Nobody ever said forever"

Summary: Sheppard/Keller. J&J's first fight.Jealousy and trust are not always easily resolved

SGA "Promises Kept"

Summary: Sheppard/Keller fluff. John has a promise to keep.

Complete! SGA "Tethered"

Summary: AU after Kindred pt. 1. Keller/Lorne friendship, Keller/Ronon pre-ship.
When another team member disappears will it push Major Evan Lorne to the breaking point?

SGA "Routine"

Summary: Sheppard/Keller pre-ship. Off world and seperated from the others John and Jennifer get to know each other better.

SGA "Heal"

Warning! This story contains sexual content.

Summary: Sheppard/Keller. Tag to season five episode "Search and Rescue"


Warning! This story contains sexual content.

Summary: Sheppard/Keller. Tag to Broken Ties. Jennifer thinks John deserves some tlc.

SGA "Nine Lives"

Heavy spoilers for Season five. One shot. Lorne/Keller friendship. Episode tag.

StarGate Atlantis "Perturbo"

Summary: Sheppard/Keller. Rewrite of the episode Trio. What if Rodney hadn't been strong enough?
Sheppard, McKay emotional whumpage.

Stargate Fanfiction

(11/2/8)SG-1 "Moment"

Sam/Cam. Cameron knows he can't get her to stay....not that he hasn't tried.

StarGate "Starlight,Starbright"

Summary: With Jack presumed dead how will SG-1 cope? Jack/Sam. Set early in the series.