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Supernatural Fanfiction

(6/5/8)"Shadow Play"

Sequel to "Eternal". Picks up directly where Eternal left off. In a turnabout Dean finds himself fighting in the underworld for Sam's eternal soul. Not knowing any of this Sam and the Atlantis team struggle to find a way to save Dean's life. Will the brothers find a way back to each other or is it too late?


Missing scene for Mystery Spot.Digging through the Impalaís glove compartment Sam discovers something

Xover with Journeyman. Dan saves Sam from an angry spirit. Will this second brush with fate bring Samís destiny closer or push it farther away?

(1/21/8 Complete))Eternal--A Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural crossover--
Desperate to break the demon's deal Sam stumbles across an old text that leads them on a journey to another galaxy

Regrets--Tag to TKAA. Dean can't tell Sam his regrets

Twisted Justice--Alternate Universe--What if Sam had gone after the Yellow eyed Demon in Salvation?

Life--The Impala has a stowaway--fluff