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"One Toe Over the Line"
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Dean’s brain strained to keep him on his feet as the taller man dragged him up and away from the bar. An ugly sneer curled on the man’s lips as the man suddenly slammed Dean’s unprepared body into the bar, knocking a stool over and the breath from his lungs

Attempting to suppress the scream of pain that was threatening to escape his throat Dean grunted as sharp pain shot up his spine where it had connected with the bar. The pain,however, was a mixed blessing as it cleared the rest of the alcoholic fog from his mind. Allowing the pain to melt quickly into anger, Dean’s fist collided solidly with the large man’s jaw, catching him slightly off guard.

The few other patrons in the bar, mainly tourists, hastily grabbed up their coats and other belongings, and edging around the brawling group exited the small bar.

From the corner the jukebox changed cd’s and Johnny Cash’s ‘I Walk the line’ blasted from the speakers.


Red and blue lights flashed across the mustang dragging Sam’s attention back to the bar across the street. Three police cars had screeched to a stop.

Dread began to form a cold ball in the pit of Sam’s stomach as he watched the officer’s get out of the cars and enter the building.

“What’s going on?”Sam asked anxiously as he leaned forward.

Duncan straightened up in his seat. “We’ll find out in a minute.”

Sam’s hand went to the door handle. “Dean’s in trouble.”

Duncan placed a hand on Sam’s shoulder. “We don’t know that.”

“I know my brother.”Sam replied as he opened the door.

“Sam, do you think one of those cops won’t recognize you?”

Frustrated, Sam slammed the door shut with such force that the car shook.


Even though Dean had sobered a bit from the adrenaline of the fight common sense had not completely returned by the time the cops showed up.

It took five officers to break up the fight.

One of the officers moved Dean away from the other men and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. As soon as Dean felt the cold metal around his left wrist, he swung his body around and nailed the officer with a nasty right hook.

The officer staggered back a half step shaking the stars from his vision.

Anger fueling him the officer gripped the empty cuff dangling from Dean’s left wrist tighter as he yanked it backwards with an audible grunt. With a harsh click, the officer locked the empty cuff around Dean right wrist, giving the arm a harder than necessary squeeze as he spun Dean hard into the officer coming to assist him.

“That just cost you a couple more nights in jail.,bub”The officer gritted as he and the other officer guided Dean toward the door.


chapter six