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"One Toe Over the Line" chapter eight
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Sam tossed and turned as a vision worked it’s way into his much needed sleep. His breathing became labored as the images registered.The images came in disorientated flashes as they always did.
Sam’s head turned to the right as the first flash came.

/A tombstone with Sam’s name./

Sam clutched the comforter beneath him tighter as the next flashes came.

/Dean on his knees by a grave./

/Dean laying in a dark wood coffin./

Sam sat up in bed so fast that he lost his balance and landed roughly on the floor.

“Sam, you alright?”Duncan asked having been awaken by the noise. He reached over and turned the light on.

As light flooded the room Duncan was startled by Sam’s disheveled and distressed appearance.

“Sam?”Duncan repeated as he swung his legs over the side of the bed.

Sam didn’t reply he was still trying to regulate his breathing. The images from the vision all too fresh as he pulled his knees up to his chest.

Disturbed by the silence Duncan knelt in front of his new student. “Sam, what is it? Nightmare?”

Struggling to compose himself Sam stood shakily and sat back on the bed. “It was nothing, don’t worry about it.”

Duncan stood and sat on his bed so he was across from the youth. “It was clearly something, Sam. You’re shaking.”

Sam swallowed hard as the image of Dean in a coffin returned. If he was going to keep that image from coming true he was going to need MacLeod’s help.

Sam met MacLeod’s concerned gaze as he began. “Over the last few weeks I started having these dreams. Brief flashes of things, people that needed help.”

“Need help?”Duncan repeated. “With hauntings?”

Sam nodded. “Yeah, and they come true.”

“So you’re saying you have visions?”Duncan asked wondering if this was the reason Joe wanted him to take Sam.


“What was this one?”

Sam drew in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “I’ve only had two personal visions. One I ignored and my girlfriend….Jess…..died. The other sent my brother and I home to Kansas. All of them come true.”

“This was personal?”Duncan asked not liking where this was going. But by the expression on Sam’s face he had no reason to doubt the youth that these visions were real.

“Dean.”Sam choked on the words. “He’s going to die.”


From the clock on the wall above the guard’s head by the entrance Dean saw it was nearing ten o’clock. There had been no movement in the cell block since Reise had left. All the dockhands in the other cells were still passed out.

Dean was sitting on the cot using the wall to support his back, his feet stretched out in front. The pounding in his head had diminished a bit but any movement he made caused dizziness and nausea.
So Dean sat, head back, eyes closed.
Not that he had anything else to do.

Despite Mark’s earnestness Dean wasn’t holding out much hope that Reise could get him released. Small town or not when you hit a cop, you’re stuck.

Hopefully, if Reise returned and Dean wasn’t released Reise could still help him get Sam home.

At the thought of the funeral Dean’s right hand balled into a fist and he slammed it against the cot.


That small movement caused a harsh wave of dizziness to return forcing Dean to retreat to his previous position. Damn it.

He couldn't even move let alone fulfill the final act of what was left of his responsibility.

Maybe Sam had been right after all.
The Winchesters were cursed.


For Sam it’d been an agonizing two hours waiting for the town’s library to open. That had been the only source of public internet access he had found . Duncan had been reluctant to let him go some place so public but Sam hadn’t listened.

The only way he could save his brother right now was to do research.
He needed to know the name of the officer who arrested Dean.
Needed to know the charges pending.
Needed to know what the bail was if it’d been set yet.
Plus he needed to know what was the most logical route Dean would be taking home.

Duncan trailed after Sam as the two maneuvered through the central room of the library to the three computer stations at the left side.

“You know forever’s a long time to be racking up favors this early, Sam.”Duncan stated as he turned a small wooden chair backwards and sat down leaning his arms against the back. “I’m keeping track.”

“Go ahead.”Sam replied not glancing up from the computer screen as he went through the steps to access the internet.

“Your girlfriend died in a fire?”Duncan asked trying to piece together what Sam had told him and what Joe had told him of Sam’s background.

“Yes.”Sam replied in a clipped tone.

“And you’re saying you saw this before it happened?”

Sam settled back in his chair and waited for the dial up connection to kick in. The last thing he wanted to do was talk about Jessica and how he failed her. But if it was the only way to convince MacLeod that Dean was in danger he’d do it.

“Sam.”Duncan prompted at Sam’s silence.

Sam sighed. “I didn’t want to believe what I saw. I didn’t want to believe that she’d be taken the same way my mother was.”

Intrigued despite himself Duncan leaned forward. “The causes of both fires were supernatural?”

Sam nodded and rested his hands back on the keyboard as the internet connection solidified. “Yeah, my father’s been chasing it for the past twenty years.”

“You know what it is?”

Sam shook his head as he typed in a location for an internet search site. “No. Last we heard from my father he said he was close, but he wouldn’t tell us any details.”