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NCIS 'Tomorrows' 1/1

Title: Tomorrows
Author: Cindy
Pairing: Tate (Kate/Tony)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Vanished
Category: post episode 'Vanished', angst, alternate universe
Summary: In a heartbeat everything can change
Author's notes: I'm new to NCIS this little plot bunny stuck in my head after I saw the episode Vanished. Unfortunately I no longer have the episode on tape so the secondary character names are from memory so I think I mixed up Newell and Barnett's names so if anyone can clarify I'd appreciate it :)

A split second.

That was all it took for Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo's world to be turned upside down.
A simple apartment search. He'd done it thousands of times. Kate had been out of his sight for half a minute tops.
How the hell was he supposed to have known the guy was in the shower?
Should've and could have beens weren't going to help anything now.

Tony slumped down on the hard hospital bench in the hallway and lowered his head into his hands. It was only then that he noticed he still had Kate's blood on his hands.

Her blood.......God, it'd been everywhere.

"What the hell happened?"Leroy Jethro Gibbs asked as he stood in front of DiNozzo.

Tony raised his head and met his boss's worried gaze. "I hesitated."

"I gathered as much. And?"

"Newell got her gun away from her."Tony replied his voice strained. "He had her in a headlock. I could've easily taken him out."

"But you let your emotions get in the way."Gibbs finished as he sat next to the younger man.

Tony looked down again at the blood on his skin. "It was Kate.....I couldn't risk......."

"What are the doctors saying?"

Tony sighed. "Bullet hit her spleen. Might have some other internal injuries. They wouldn't know until they got her into surgery. Said they odds were sixty/forty."

"Damn."Gibbs replied quietly. "She'll make it, Tony."

"God, I hope so."

"She will. She still has to make you pay for not hanging up your clothes in her closet."

Tony blinked in surprise and turned. "How long did you....."

Gibbs grinned. "Did you two actually think I wouldn't know?"

"Boss, we were trying to give you....."

"Deniability."Gibbs finished. "It's alright, Tony. You two are good for each other. Whether Kate admits that or not."

"I just want to spend tomorrow with her, Boss."DiNozzo stated softly. "And all the tomorrows after."

"You will."Gibbs assured him. "Kate's too stubborn to go anywhere."

Tony looked down the hallway to the right as a red haired nurse in surgical scrubs rapidly approached them.

"Agent DiNozzo?"The nurse asked.

"Yes."Tony replied as he stood. "This is my boss Agent Gibbs. How's Kate?"

"The doctor wanted me to give you an update. The first half of the surgery is going very well. They're expecting to be done in another hour or so providing there aren't any complications."

Tony swallowed hard. "Do they think there's going to be complications?"

The nurse shook her head. "When you're dealing with the spleen there's always a chance. But the doctor doesn't see anything less than a full recovery for Agent Todd. She was very lucky."

Tony felt his eyes drift close as relief washed over him. "Thank you."

"I'll let you know when she's in recovery."The nurse replied as she turned and walked away.

Gibbs placed a supportive hand on Tony's left shoulder. "I'm going to head back to the office and update McGee before he wears a hole in my floor. You okay here by yourself? I can send Abby...."

Tony shook his head. "Thanks Boss, but no. I'll be fine as long as I know she's okay."

Gibbs nodded before he turned and walked toward the exit.