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On September 12,1993 a submarine show staring Roy Schiender debuted on NBC. During its three year run which ended on June 16,1996 seaQuest DSV underwent many changes going from the science fact/exporlation of the ocean to the science fiction aspect of seaQuest 2032.

"In the Blink of an Eye" takes a little explaination.(G) This story is a round Robin written by myself,Shalee Stewart and Anna Addams.
It all started from a conversation of what would happen if Nathan woke up and discoverd the second and third season had all been a drea (a'la Newhart).(G)

Lost Future series:Katie Hitchock/Jonathan Ford romance

Lost Future series #2 "Bermuda Lost"

Lost Future series #3 "Court Martial"

Lost Future series #4 "Vacation"

Playing in the Sun pt.1 Katie and Jonathan run into each other on vacation. Set between seasons one and two.
Playing in the Sun pt.2:

New link! In the Blink of an Eye: Please note this story is not yet complete. :-)

Ghosts from the Past : When Nathan investigates Kristen's disappearence it leads the seaQuest and her crew back to The George.

Fall of the UEO: Ford fakes his death in order to investigate the hostile takeover of the UEO by an old enemy. Set ten years after the first season of seaQuest

Stranded: Lucas, Katie, Ben, and Kristen get a chance to visit the space station. Meanwhile Bridger receives a message from an old enemy

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